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  1. picked up a car I had been having built (last 2 years) in LA. Headed up the Angels Crest Highway an onto Palm Springs. Met this bloke along the way (aswell as a couple of PFAers)
  2. THREAD REVIVAL Wasted alot of time last year working with a company called Modscape. Long story short - they could never get a handle on pricing and keeping to budget.. So over Xmas set about a redesign. Still sticking within the original DA, but looking at cheaper construction methods + no longer under the constraints of having to load your house in pieces on a truck. Works been crazy busy so the home project usually gets put to one side, but given myself a deadline to get this off to tender.
  3. Given the guys 4 weeks to go through my list. Then hopefully on a boat
  4. absolutely. Turns out its 1 of 5 Polo 912's in the world. There should be a whole lot more. Excellent engine. Amazing Benton setup
  5. Just got back to OZ, but I wish I was still in LA. POLO was bloody amazing. That engine + all the other Benton components which I have now confirmed as: Koni shocks and struts SC front Calipers Carmen Ghia - Rear Calipers Weltmeister Short Shifter Weltmeister front and rear sway bars and strut bar Around 800 mile test drive over a day and a half all over LA and surrounding hills/deserts. Last day got to see Dean one last time and drop the car back off to Benton for a couple of cosmetic changes largely getting some 73 interiors changes. Cant wait to get her back
  6. Wow - what a trip. an then I went for a drive
  7. Got a chance to check out POLO today at Benton. Showroom condition. Desperately wanted to drive it, but car is entered into luft6 tomorrow so didn’t want to risk it. Big drive planned for Sunday. turns out this is 1 of only 5 912 pole engine cars
  8. First stop Benton to see my finished POLO build. Back in a few hours for their party. This car will be at Luft thanks to Pat Long
  9. 4 sleeps.. anyone up for a drive on Sunday I heard a few people are joining this group on insta - @theprofessorrun. They seem to run regular trips up the ACH. Meeting point: https://www.google.com/maps/place/1919+Verdugo+Blvd,+Glendale,+CA+91208,+USA/@34.2067057,-118.2188937,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c2ea055d0b2941:0x724629ac34c2618f!8m2!3d34.2065008!4d-118.2170135

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