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  1. Leaves for Benton this week. At least that’s what Dean said. He also told me he could build/install an engine within a year. That was two years ago...
  2. the waiting list (queue) . Miss a payment and you go to the back again
  3. in case there are any worthwhile tweaks. Benton knows these engines/cars probably more than anyone. Once its in OZ I'll have to deal with "wat ya do with the other two cylinders...?"
  4. finally done... Might ship to Benton for a second opinion though..
  5. had a private tour last year. The craftsmen ship in that place is incredible. Work ethic of Emory is second to none. Guy is a true gent - took us around his place for at least an hour the night before Luft. Was then up until 5am prepping his cars....
  6. It will be when I finally get a chance to organise yeah... 'what the receipt says'
  7. based on $30K car purchase (well that's what the receipt says...) Ocean freight/packing AUD 2105 (USD 1495 ) Export customs clearance AUD 150 Pre export asbestos testing AUD 425 (USD 300) Fumigation charges AUD 280 (Current Stink bug season in USA) Marine insurance 1.5% value AUD 450 Aust container pick up / unpack share AUD 990 Customs clearance charges AUD 250 Quarantine inspection fees AUD 160 Attendance quarantine inspection AUD 132 Import duty free (over 30 years old) Import gst 10% (value+frt+ins) AUD 3255 Customs electronic entry fee AUD 194 Cartage metro Sydney area AUD 300 (or you can pick up ) Vehicle import application AUD 220 Our handling management fee AUD 395 TOTAL COSTS AUD 9306 so far great response from the guys this would be great if it actually happens (USAto OZ took close to 6 months last time...) 2- 3 weeks for pre export asbestos testing / cleaning / loading / deliver to Long Beach port 4 weeks vessel sailing 1-2 weeks for pick up / unpack and quarantine inspections (normally 1 week but current delays with quarantine and booking times
  8. get a set of very nice black 80's sports seats..
  9. He Got back straight away. $5600 costs + the 10% for the government. Same as USAtoOZ.
  10. Tried USAtoOZ several times. Never again. someone else was recommended but can’t remember who they were. Any ideas?
  11. PM me if you have one for sale
  12. $70K ono Need to start planning for the new arrival.. yep 50% upfront down payment 25% 3 months later Final 25% 3 months after that then you get the keys and car

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