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  1. that was tough..but incredibly rewarding By the end of the weekend we had all covered over 1000kms (some great roads) , donated over 5 tonnes of food, water, animal feed and tools. We also shouted dinner and drink for around 250 locals on the Saturday and Breakfast the next day, with at least 2 hrs of hot laps for kids young and old around the surrounding countryside. Over all, we lifted spirits. Next trip will be longer with specific rebuilding tasks. Our group was amazing. Would be great to see more PFAers on board next time. POLO didnt miss a beat the crew was amazing took my 7 year old, Toby - 6 kids in total came with us 5 tonnes of food/water/equipment donated and delivered back packs, tents sleeping bags and all the gear for 4 scouts that has lost their houses destruction everywhere hot laps for kids feeding wildlife a big weekend. we'll be back
  2. 16 porsches signed up 22 total vehicles 34 people (6 kids included) initiatives to date We are taking with us and have pre-ordered for pick up along the route approximately $4000 worth of food and other requested item by the Cobargo Relief Centre We have organised approximately $6000 worth of free animal feed to be picked up by customers from Braidwood Rural as they wish We will be buying needed tools from Braidwood Rural to be donated back into this community and Cobargo 30 people will be making it to Cobargo and back, spending as they go , and have pre-booked accommodation within local businesses 6 donated Kayaks will be transported to the Scouts of Cobargo 4 camping kits (tents, sleeping bags, mats, cooking equipment, and accessories) will be bought and donated to 4 Cobargo Scouts that lost everything in the Fires On Saturday Night we 'shout the locals' at the Cobargo Hotel. All food and drink is on us. $5000 has been set aside. More if needed. 2 bands have been booked and so far estimates of 120 people expected The road to Edan has just opened. Communities further south than Cobargo have received no relief to date as they have been cut off. We will be collating unused items at Cobargo and taking it onto Edan to date close to $20k has been raised on our Go Fund Me page - 'fire relief run' to buy equipment for future runs A very motivated team on there way soon to help out some fellow humans
  3. which car you bringing mate?
  4. Nerriga, Nowra, kangaroo valley and then home. We’ll be back no doubt
  5. we are about a week to go before we leave. lots of amazing initiatives already underway and glad a few PFAers are joining us on the run Exeter breakfast location booked in lunch at Braidwood Royal Hotel were we also visit Braidwood Rural (rural farm suppliers) where we are financing free animal feed donations to locals - farm animals and rescued animals By 6 we aim to be at Cobargo where we have booked out the Cobargo Hotel and are shouting the locals. All food/drink is on us Saturday night Sun morning we help prepare breakfast and buy coffees for the locals at the Cobargo Relief centre that regularly serves up to 175 people a day longerterm initiatives underway design/build short term shipping container accommodation also always after more contributions so please visit the gofundme page - 'fire relief run' also still room for some more runners
  6. 12 cars signed up with nearly 20 folk coming. We leave on the 15th. First stop Exeter around 8.30am. Accomodation options also now sorted. Anyone else wanting to help just DM me thanks!
  7. Good to hear mate. Dates above. so far 6 cars confirmed, 7 passengers and 4 others cars a potential we also have an amazing Offer from Gavin from Cliff to Coast To give away some track and hot lap sessions to someone we meet on the trip. im away on business all next week but will give the maybes (and anyone else interested) a bit more time before I lock in accomodation follow ‘Oli coulthard’ and ‘Fire relief run’ on Instagram to see what the legends have been up to and how they are using funds collected to date. we need more though so please back sure friends and family know what you are up to so that they can get involved in the gofundme page ‘Fire relief run’ send me your number and email also
  8. good response so far guys - 8 cars confirmed in the first 12 hrs. Will be looking at accommodation options over the weekend so keen to bed down numbers soon would be good to see you and your car there!
  9. No exclusions mate. Would love to see you there 👌
  10. would love to see guys drive up from Melbourne to meet us
  11. Totally understand. The plan is basically to buy as we go in each town, but just bring in things we know they don't have. Along the way we also hope to organise a few 'shout the locals' events where we invite anyone interested to a local pub and buy them dinner and a beer - hopefully we can get some local firees along Speaking to my mate Oli, who has now done a few runs he mentioned several times that many people just need someone to talk to as they don't like to burden people they know. One incident in a pub a guy was telling Oli about how he had lost everything - house gone. Another guy came up behind him, punched him in the shoulder and said "why the fuck didn't you tell me!?" - turns out it was his best mate... - tough... Stories of orphanages being burnt down, single mother with a baby sleeping in a car... I think we're going to learn alot about how tough it really is out there
  12. Route sorted with Oli. Will pull something together a bit more official looking in the next few days. Keeping it to places he is familiar with so we can be more effective. Likely some great roads and just as likely devastating scenery. Was thinking we have 100% ‘tip policy.’ essentially pay double for everything we buy. More ‘great’ ideas to follow 😉 Anyone have a roof rack for a 912/early 911? https://www.google.com.au/amp/amp.abc.net.au/article/11854814 one of the places we will be visiting
  13. As we all know the world has been on fire and many are in a pretty shit state at the moment. Governments talk of billions in support but reality is there are many living in tents with no water. Got me thinking what could we do about this. I am thinking of organising a drive with the key objectives of: 2 day/1night drive leave in three weeks Meet up somewhere equal distance Melbourne/Sydney so more can join giving locals a break from the crap they are dealing with on a daily basis and see something new - want to keep this as not 'flashy' as we can however we fill the cars with stuff to donate - i will have a comprehensive list of what they actually need spend money - we target towns/individuals in need and look to book accommodation and eat/buy where it is needed most there is also a fund we are collecting towards on go fund me - 'fire relief run' which is looking at more long term solution. I have a good contact in a mate Oli Coulthard (also a great photographer) - at 23 he has already done an amazing job organising relief runs into towns - follow on Instagram - 'fire relief run'. he will be able to let us know exactly where to go and who will appreciate a visit. He can also record the trip so all will have some great shots of their cars as a bonus. thoughts? Anyone interested? Let me know tom
  14. barely know the guy but why let facts get in the way of a good trolling? 😐 if you read the ad the engine has been rebuilt, suspension upgraded, completely new interior and many more items way above a simple cosmetic job. I've seen it in person and its a quality job. Not a Singer...but not $1,000,000 either. The original ZAG car was rough. Yes a reasonable body, but they did zero mechanical work. No doubt built when you could do a back date for $50k and all the body parts came from Japan. I believe it also originally sold for $110k You'd be stupid to think you ever get your money back when you properly look after these cars and spend the money needed to get them to this kind of condition. But I guess you'd be stupid to think this was a $95k car aswell A little more respect for owners hardwork wouldn't go a miss on this site. Having recently, as you have alluded , played the global sales game, putting up with dickhead misinformed comments is a little tiresome...

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