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  1. ha, no. There was a point 4 years ago (when they were a bit cheaper) but couldn't make it work.
  2. Genuine buyers are to make their best offer by 5pm Wednesday 17th July. Unconditional offers are to be emailed to alexsicari@gmail.com. Highest bid wins silent auction - in theory the price you see is reflective of where the offers are at
  3. Originally a ZAG car which was blue. From memory sold for about $110k about 3 years ago. Met the owner once. A lot of love has gone into the car since. Would have been finished less than a year ago. Has a singeresque quality. The interior is beautifully finished. Seats alone are something special. Could you build one for less than $230k? Maybe you’d be waiting two years though...
  4. Ask for RON at exclusive body Werks. Tell him I recommended him.
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2016/OAG-AD-17241463/?Cr=0
  6. 3 years old 270kms sad https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2016/OAG-AD-17241463/?Cr=0
  7. still haven't got her on a boat, but interior tweaks are done original basket weave doors cards and matching pockets matching basket weave dash and will be delivered with delivery miles only
  8. SOLD! The market has spoken. $70k for a US 68 912. No documents before 2014 (when engine rebuild was done). Paint/interior in fair condition. A good daily driver for me for the last year or so. First air cooled car I have lost money on, but whats $5k for nearly two years of ownership.
  9. chatter on facebook suggests it might not have been real and in generally poor condition. Buyer likely someone online who never saw it..
  10. Damon has moved on from Singer as you know. Last time we spoke they were only just pushing out 25 cars a year but were aiming to double that.
  11. in the flesh its interesting. Certainly a well crafted beast. Kind of preferred his sleeper 911 project though

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