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  1. Hi all, Hi all, I am currently in the process of replacing my rear spring plates with new sway away adjustables. In the process I have found that the holes in the trailing arm appear to be flogged out. I presume this is because the bolts have been lose at some point and the movement had flogged out the holes in both the spring plates and the trailing arms. I have also posted this to the pelican parts forum to seek opinions. You can see most on there are suggesting it needs to be replaced. So it looks like I may need a left rear trailing arm for an 86 911. Anyone have one or know where I can get one? https://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/1023472-help-rear-trailing-arm-bolt-holes-damaged.html
  2. Haha. But I think i will have sellers remorse regardless. Unless i can go and secure klassy.
  3. Hi guys. Thats my car. Phone has been running hot since these posts. Its a straight honest tidy car. Had a fair bit spent by previous owner as michel stated. 2.7 is fine if you dont let it get hot. 11 blade fan has been done to manage heat. They got a bad rap from USA where they had thermal reactors. This has had head studs retorqued etc. Sporto runs sweet and is a 4 speed. USA 3 speed sportos gives sportos a bad rap on the internet. I love it, lift and shift and has decent gearing with the 4 speed (it is a manual trans with a clutch that is operated off vacuum). Sportos are becoming rare and collectable. Cant believe it hasnt sold to be honest. trm.
  4. Retired ex porsche mechanic. Based on south coast of nsw. Mainly does work for the Canberra crew. Dont have his details to hand but from memory you can google Reg Percy Porsche and find him.
  5. trm


    I thought I read somewhere that the rake is related to the sill not the distance to the wheel arch. I think the rear of my sill is 10mm higher than the front of the sill from memory. Even though the rear wheel arch is lower. I could be wrong though I get a bit of bump steer but hardly noticeable.
  6. trm


    Re measured. 315 front 300 rear same as TK.
  7. trm


    So you know the car. Yes it is running great. Reg must have done a great job sorting it. Only problem at the moment is a time temperature switch that is not working which makes it a bit hard to cold start but other than that been a brilliant car so far. I have an oil cooler to fit but after that I will try and leave it alone. I will re measure the heights from centre of wheel and post tonight.
  8. trm


    Yes 16x6 205 and 16x7 225.
  9. trm


    JV911, yeah that looks perfect. If I can get the rear of my car to that height i will be happy. I have some spacers to put in the rear and then I will have another go at setting the torsion bars.
  10. trm


    Ground to top of arch: 623mm front 600m rear I want to raise the rear a bit. Maybe 10mm would be good. But it is a bit of a task and for me it was trial and error so I am avoiding doing it again for now.
  11. Has this been sold already? Gumtree link not working for me. Based on the other link posted for this car it looked like a good deal so wouldnt surprise me.
  12. 44k under the hammer. Getting up there I know but it looks like a quality car and I think thats where the market is if the buyers turn up.
  13. I'll be there. Looking forward to it.
  14. Not sure if this has already been posted but I just found this link to the sportomatic annex to the drivers manual. It is 8Mb so may take a minute to open. It has some interesting info on adjustment etc http://content.us.porsche-clubs.porsche.com/PorscheClubs/klassieke-porsche-911-en-912-club/files/Driving_with_SportomaticUSA.pdf

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