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  1. I already have a late model SC which is 205 Hp. The 84-85 model is my preference as they were the two years that had the 231hp engine and the later models 86-89 are too close to what i already have IMO. Not to say i wouldn't consider one but just my preference!
  2. Yes correct 84-85 was the 231hp engine. Probably not a noticeable difference unless you are a race driver! Not yet - No urgent hurry just waiting for the right car to become available
  3. Thanks for the heads up but yes after OZ delivered. Really appreciate your help! Cheers Rob
  4. Time has come to buy another car. Must be an 84-85 model and coupe only. Looking at only OZ delivered and below 160,000km's in excellent condition. If you have a car or know of someone selling i would be grateful for any leads!! Cheers - Rob
  5. I will be there and can provide some commentary - assuming i don't fall asleep during the number plate sales!
  6. Symsy you are hilarious! You are right - if i could be convinced the colour was copper bronze then maybe. However more off putting would be the fact that i would be forever ribbed by you guys for buying a car "the colour of a turd with glitter" irrespective of price! Do appreciate everyones input though and promise to update my lapsed financial membership!
  7. Been to look at this car three times now - Have tried really hard to like the colour but have decided i just couldn't live with a brown car! Its a pity as its a great car with excellent records and OZ delivered. My guess is the colour will hold it back so im going to say $170k
  8. its a 5% buyers premium. Still ridiculous when you consider the seller already pays which makes it a nice double dip!
  9. Cavaco motors are excellent. Old school Porsche specialist
  10. Very funny Symsy - Watches really not my thing unless a g-shock qualifies! Do have a nice pair of boots that need polishing though!
  11. Thanks Tom - Sort of in line with what i was thinking although would not be surprised to see a slide in theses prices throughout the year. Both housing market and economy at best is flat and i reckon that is having somewhat of an impact on the values of cars at the moment. Cant worry too much about this just gotta get out and drive! The 930 wont be too far away!
  12. Haven't driven one yet as i have only just started to become more serious in my intentions to purchase. Just always been my favourite of all of the AC cars.

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