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  1. There is a fault with the ABS pump on these models, there are 2 plungers inside the ABS pump that seize up if the ABS is not used regularly. It seems common knowledge on overseas forums but I have not heard of it here in Oz https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/853080-964-abs-pump-cheap-repair.html
  2. Great day guys , congratulations to all involved And thanks to Andy73 for that shot of my guards red 964C4
  3. Hi All there is a happy ending to this story Tried all your suggestions without luck Unit could not be repaired with the fault code it displayed Very happy to recommend Paul Woods at Porsche Brighton He has managed to supply part at a great price , saved me from shopping overseas Also thanks to Adrian at Hartech for the time he spent making sure all the rest of brakes were ok Thanks to Darren at Autocoupe for plug in of his test abs unit before I ordered such an expensive part Give Porsche Brighton a chance at your spare parts I sure am happy with them
  4. Hi All Thanks for the reply's, looks like no one has used this website I have been down the second hand part way 2 years ago and LA dismantlers wanted $5k for a second hand unit!! I have had other second hand parts fail after a year so could not do it at that price, at least porsche are making the part again now.[They didn't 2 years ago] Have had my unit out with a tech guy who was repaired abs before but the bosch chip he needs to replace is not available Looks like Rose Passion will win the deal at $5497 inc VAT
  5. Has anybody used this website for parts? They appear to be in Cambodia I need a new ABS control unit for my 964C4, Porsche Melb. want $7300 [ouch] Genuine Newparts have it listed at $3062 I dont know anyone who has used this site and feeling a tad nervous! You know "if it sounds too good to be true........"

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