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  1. rminc

    Washing 911

    I've heard of puting a towel in the engine bay before a wash and removing it after. Not sure if you'd need to go to that extent. The whale tale kind of collects water if it were to be raining, so you'd think if it wasn't doing any damage in the rain, you'd be fine giving it a wash. I also use a garden hose. Not confident with the Gerni around the sunroof and whale tale vents.
  2. I've tried this and it just goes all over my front guard. I'll try twisting it next time and see how I go. With the fuel that's splashed on the guard. Will hosing it off with water be enough to clean it? Or should I use something else?
  3. Last time I filled up it was the same, but not as bad. I remeber reading about turning the pump 180 degrees like pictured, but wasn't sure if it was just my car, or the pump.
  4. Hey everyone Had a bit of a problem today at the service station. Went to get some fuel and as I normally put the pump in and pull the trigger, as I was pulling the trigger it would just click. It's as though the pump thought that the car was full, but it wasn't. I pulled the pump out slightly and it just made a mess with fuel on my front fender. Eventually I managed to get 20L in, but it took a while. Does anyone know what could cause this problem? Also, what's the best way to remove fuel from paint? A wash would be the best option, but in a situation like today I just hosed the panel down quickly with water.
  5. Thanks @MFX Decided to go for a Prototipo 370 or 380mm. Can't find any at the moment. Might just have to be patient.
  6. Thanks Lee. Been trying to find an all black one as pictured. Haven't been able to find many.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Definitely keep that in mind. What offset hub are you using? I'm thinking of a 370-380mm and I noticed another member mentioned Quick releases, which solves the problem of getting in and out. I think rothsport and rennline make decent units.
  8. Thanks guys. Keeping an eye out on their Facebook page. If anyone has anything else. Please message me.
  9. Thanks @OBRUT. What kind of wheel is that and what are you chasing? I want to grab a few. Maybe a 350mm and even a 370-380mm. I think the standard wheel is 370mm. Does anyone know what kind of quick release is pictured on this car (marine blue targa listed on carsales). I like the setup. Would like to do something similar.
  10. No worries. I really prefer something flat, with no dish. If anyone has something of interest.
  11. How much are you after?
  12. Hi all, As topic states, I'm after an aftermarket steering wheel. Something like a Momo prototipo, but also open to other options. Preferably vintage. If you have anything of interest, please send me a message. Thanks
  13. Hi all, Can't seem to make a WTB thread for some reason, so thought I'd try my luck here. If anyone's interested in selling an aftermarket steering wheel, please send me message. I've got a Nardi wheel, but with the adapter it comes out too much. Thanks.
  14. I'd think it would have to be 2, otherwise you'd have alot of resistance closing your doors. Should slide and contact right one the end of line 2. I don't know if you'd be able to hear or see this though to be honest? Someone else might know.

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