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  1. Congratulations @Bluegus73. The car looks great! Funny about the red one. Everyone was saying at that price, you buy without a PPI. 2 weeks in the PPI looks to have turned up only minor issues and still hasn't sold. Seller tried to call me, but I didn't get back to him, no doubt to try and sell it to me. Had not heard from him since I asked for interior and engine bay pics that he never sent, but later uploaded to carsales. I think he might have been regretting turning back interstate buyers.
  2. Driving a manual 996 Turbo definitely through a spanner in the works of my SC and 3.2 search. I've been waiting for one to come up for sale, but there's nothing. I was set on either an SC or 3.2, but have taken a step back now after driving one and am just watching a few different models. See what comes up first! If you haven't driven one I'd suggest you do. I had a grin ear to ear.
  3. It would be very interesting to see how you compare them. Great value for money.
  4. Have you driven a 996 turbo @bear924? From what I can see, it's harder finding a 996 turbo as opposed to a G-series. Doesn't like they change hands too often.
  5. rminc

    WTB 911 SC or 911 3.2

    I don't really like the colour combo enough to jump on it. If the interior wasn't tan, I might have made a move. The right car will come up eventually.
  6. I've seen quite a few pics now with low km cars. You can definitely tell if they've been done. Although there is some slight variance, they're all consistent with the sealer and alignment. I've seen 4 cars now and the only one that is consistent and I'm confident that neither panel has been replaced is an example with 80,000kms.
  7. What are you going to replace this with @hugh?
  8. Dyson is the way to. Just put the small attachment on the cordless and it makes it quite easy.
  9. I drove a 996 turbo recently. Quite a bit different to air cooled, but I can certainly understand why they're so sought after at the moment. There really aren't many changing hands at the moment, so it's hard to compare between cars. After driving a 964 C2 and C4 I much prefer them to the SC's and 3.2's, but the gap at the moment is too big between them. At $120-125k as opposed to $100k, they're definitely worth the premium to me. I'd want a C2, but the lowest is one in decent nic is around $140k at the moment.
  10. That's true. Was there at all constancy though in the process? You'd expect that both sides would still be basically almost identical to the naked eye. I'm just trying to to determine if there is an easy way to figure out if the panel has been changed.
  11. On another note. $10k price drop! https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-1982/SSE-AD-4861814
  12. I didn't even get the email notification. Pretty annoying. Carsales doesn't update me until around an hour after the car comes up.
  13. Their cars look very tidy though. From the photos they're hard to fault.
  14. Hi everyone, Does anyone have a photo of how an unreplaced SC or 3.2 rear quarter panel is attached and glued. Both sections would be great (top and bottom of the side of the engine bay) Every car I've looked at has been quite different. I just thought that maybe they weren't all the same from Porsche as I've seen some really good ones while others were obvious. Then today I saw a car with under 80,000kms and both sides are identical so I'm guessing all the cars I looked at prior to this one would have had the panel replaced or a section done due to past accident history. That being said I saw an 84 model that looked a bit shonky, but both sides were identical at least.

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