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  1. Why are you discounting Shannons? Definitely have choice of repairer with them!
  2. Making, distributing and storing the Hydrogen is the issue, for either Hydrogen ICE or Fuel Cell cars..... EV plug in is unfortunately just too easy, even if we cannot provide enough clean of it.....
  3. The 993 was auctioned for charity, it's sell price was not what it cost. I imagine any old car made new in a different era would cost a very large amount of $$. Even the 4 GT2 RS that Porsche is remaking would cost way more and they are just out of production....
  4. Maybe for the North Island, but Tassie never follows the "trends" when it comes to Real estate. Our prices were ridiculously low for decades and then all of a sudden caught up (about 2005 +/-) and have continued to climb ever since, it is clearly a sellers market here right now, seriously tempted to sell and build again..... USA 718 Cayman in the $50s, in Aus over $120.... not much has changed......
  5. Back then you would not have been able to buy a single Porsche for your house value, now you could buy a few.... despite how it feels, cars are way more affordable now...... But then again real-estate prices have gone mental in the last few years (decade) in Tasmania!! And still climbing!!
  6. 1. The ranges they talk of are for normal driving, hammer it and watch it drop, especially at night time! 2. We still don't have the means to mass charge hundreds of thousands of cars! And I don't see changes being made to fix this... Other than that, great idea 🙄
  7. https://infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/imports/new.aspx "The Road Vehicle Standards legislation will commence on 10 December 2019. Please familiarise yourself with the legislation and the requirements under the new legislation. The commencement of the new legislation means that the import applications submitted for concessional approval need to meet the requirements set out in the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019." Looks like the "floodgates" will open on December 10!!
  8. Only one year of the GT is shown (were made from 89 to 91), maybe more came in? From PCA 116 928S were sold for my model year 1983, goes to show the large drop off in sales numbers later in the 928s life. From what I see it was the same all over the world.
  9. Nah, Tazzie just named the topic incorrectly...
  10. Is it permanent or each drive only?
  11. You have to wonder about the lifespan of the starter motor on cars with that feature....
  12. Why not metallic? You do realise that on such a large car it will get dirty just looking at it... 😂
  13. Carsales research feature, it lists Basalt Black and Black, depends if anyone actually ordered it..... https://www.carsales.com.au/car-research/details/Porsche-Cayenne-2008/SPOT-ITM-267123/?Cr=16
  14. You can turn most of them off, every single time you get in the car though..... 😤 Unfortunately the new 992 is the same style... well it does still have one real gauge….. tacho is real, the rest is one large LCD.....

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