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  1. Shitloads to someone could mean many different things..... Head PCA mechanic told me failure rate of m96 engines was about 1%, I tend to believe that as Porsche would have figures on all dealer refits.
  2. A lot you say? What defines a lot?
  3. I tend to agree with @P-Kay Also is it confirmed that it is not the original engine, opening post a little vague... and are we talking a 20 year old 986 or something much newer, that to me would have a large impact on the outcome..... (older is less of an issue, for me anyway )
  4. I have both as well. I got a new set of used wheels recently and they had never been cleaned on the inner rim, came up like new with very little effort and the CT14. Amazing that some people will sell wheels in such a state!!
  5. Are 911 style Fuchs anodised like the 928 ones? If so any chemical cleaners will destroy the coating! If not continue on @Tips do you mean CT14? I use this on normal alloy wheels, but just mild detergent and water on my 928 Fuchs.
  6. ANF

    Battery load tester , multimeter

    I had one and it is now busted, so I would like a new good one too!! I think they will all pretty much do what you need, except for the load testing bit!
  7. ANF

    FLICKR about to limit photo storage.

    I pay $3.50 per month to have my own domain, with it comes multiple email address (where my info is never shared or onsold..) and photo page/ web page abilities. You use free photo hosting and email accounts at your own peril.... Although I hardly post pics here anymore as it is still a real PITA! Any update where this does not happen would be most welcome!
  8. The one thing I eternally struggle with in this whole rush to the turbo and electric era for Porsche is why are not the other supercar makers doing the same? Sure some are but most still guzzle at a high rate! From when I last looked into the CO2 figures, you can still produce cars that exceed the limits, you are just taxed higher, so the end user pays more - not sure if this is still the case or not?
  9. Front guards are different so an expensive exercise....
  10. ANF

    1974 price list

    With Porsche definitely so!! $6k odd for a PDK over the 7 speed manual... when the manual is just a modified PDK box..... hmmmm!! Bit of a side drift (well it is the PFA way...), my ML exhaust recently came loose, at $350 for one I fixed it, but I also found out how expensive Porsche ones are, about $1k for a set, just for the tips!! Or $1.9k on a new 911, FFS Porsche!!
  11. A good colour for you Nick? @Pork Chops Looks great!
  12. Quite a well worn path that one.....
  13. ANF

    1974 price list

    Some people are funny...… Autos are more expensive new and cheaper used, go figure..... no not trying to start 9or is that keep running....) the whole auto vs manual thing...…
  14. Well that explains a LOT!!