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  1. ANF

    Walter's view??

    The Centennial Light https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centennial_Light We really have dumbed ourselves down with cheap shit!!
  2. ANF

    Walter's view??

    Be up to your arm pits in shit... oh wait we are now from pollies!! Is there a way to mass produce so many batteries and the tech to go with it? Has anyone even looked into the way out there topic of using what we have for longer? We seem to now as a species want to/ need to replace everything every couple of years! If we just used and maintained what we had for longer it would be a massive relief on our resources. Not going to happen though as the human species is now conditioned to want, want, want and replace at the drop of a hat!! Rant over, continue to make millions of cars worldwide...
  3. ANF

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Just buy the real thing https://ruf-automobile.de/en/modell/ctr3-clubsport/
  4. That fire fighters got balls!! Still banging and popping and he is right next to it (and the fuel tank!) It does take a while to put a car fire out!!
  5. ANF

    All things insurance

    I have been with Shannons for a while now and had great service, easy to get quotes and the prices are very good (house and 3 cars on same policy) and they have been great on 2 recent claims. Others have different experiences, but for me I have a great experience with them. Also insured my cars for a very good agreed value price.
  6. ANF

    Walter's view??

    What did the Martians do to you to deserve that
  7. ANF

    All things insurance

    What I think is the case, having now seen lots of insurance threads, is that one persons circumstances and the price they pay through company "X" mostly has no direct comparison to you, unless they have the same driving history are the same age and live in the same street whilst driving the same car, etc, etc..... We can glean how they act come claim time but direct comparisons on price seem fruitless.....
  8. ANF

    Walter's view??

    Who's got the most land, just dig a deep hole....
  9. ANF

    Walter's view??

    One of the biggest impacts that has not been discussed by anybody is where do all the used batteries go? And the replacement cost of batteries will most likely make most cars redundant come replacement time.....
  10. ANF

    Walter's view??

    https://www.motoring.com.au/walter-rohrl-slams-electric-cars-112254/ Fake or real news? Would he openly slam Porsches unrelenting push into electrification....??
  11. ANF

    Texting whilst driving

    My ML was written off earlier this year by some tool driving into the front of me while on his phone. My wife saw him as did a witness, he even told me as much when we got out. Later changed his story (to he was unsure of the road rules!!) and witness recanted. Cops could not charge him with the phone offence just driving with undue care and attention! Thankfully was only low speed! Stupid is everywhere....
  12. Ok you give me $25k to rebuild a 928 engine boy I could do with some spare cash!! Someone I know pulled down 2 928 engines, one with 200k odd km and the other near 400k odd, both were put back together due to insufficient wear on the crank and bore with only head work done.... if they are looked after can go forever....
  13. There should be places that repair in Aus, check with who the big repair guys use? Otherwise https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod127498/ECU-Porsche-911-32L---1985--Exchange-91161811108--0261200051-/
  14. No idea, but there is no reason an engine (any engine) can go for that long or even more with proper care. The 928 became a cheap car to buy and some buyers therefore saw it as a cheap car to "maintain"..... Outside factors have damaged my engine and the bits that are not damaged (ie 7 x bores/ pistons and most of the crank bearings) are perfect!!