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  1. Buggered if I can figure out how to and what format to upload video in.....
  2. Truly amazing!! Best car I have been anywhere near!! The C63 was pretty bloody good too!! At low/ medium speeds it felt pretty docile, but when pushed hard it comes alive! I would have one in a heart beat!! A massive bonus was the sound track - glorious!!
  3. Just about the most fun I have ever had in a car!! AMG GT drive at Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands in the UK 😎
  4. At that price you should have no trouble moving it! Agree with Dave, a bit on the low side for pricing..... Wonderful looking car!!
  5. My 928 (CIS) had similar running problems you are talking about, it ran worse at idle the warmer it got. Would clear with mod to high rpm though - it ended up being the WUR pressure was all wrong, and it could not be adjusted back to within normal specs. I had a rebuilt one (changeover) put in and it ran perfectly. I had also replaced every vacuum hose I could find, plus leads, plugs, etc, etc.... my car was running lean, got pretty good economy!! Now (well did....) have power to burn! Check the fuel pressure and get your WUR checked. I got mine from here https://k-jet.biz/ I put a new green wire on mine when I bought, made no apparent improvement (or otherwise) in the running, but the old one did look crap. Very expensive to get one now though..... It can be a process of elimination, I happened to check the WUR last.... I replaced every gasket/ rubber seal/ rubber hose in the intake system plus put new injectors in it. It was all needed but was not the cause of the very bad running.....
  6. Easy fixed, "fuel" excise on electric coming soon..... (it is happening in the US) 🙄
  7. I do find it sad that the world has been conditioned to believe that airbags = a safe car.... I would rather put my son in the back of my 928 over just about any car, thankfully my wife sees and understands (and agrees with) my view. Go the older car every time 😎
  8. You guys hating/ not liking autos are missing one thing - TORQUE 😎 Rather coherent ramblings there @Jason E 😉
  9. too true, an auto is just as much fun as a manual!
  10. If you want an auto front engine Porsche it needs to be a 968 or a 928, but they are a stretch for your budget. Or as others above have said....
  11. If they are only nibblers why worry? Surely a serious person will see that it could be changed easily... Agree!
  12. Yep, also the grubment knew of the loophole to let in non special grey imports since the 90s but has done nothing... supposedly one of the big things the new laws are to get rid of.... It looks like Queensland has already approved the new laws? Well the part that let's supercars be left hand drive?

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