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  1. ANF

    Niki Lauda passes

  2. ANF

    911 not going electric

    When the take-up and usability of EVs is much lower than everyone planned, I think car makers in general will re-think the push for full EVs. Now that real questions are being asked of how sustainable and useable battery cars are, I feel that the progress on them will slow, especially from a consumer point of view... I may be wrong, but it does not look like it.....
  3. If you were planning on keeping it a long time I would say go for it and enjoy, but as you say you may only keep it for 6 to 12 months, I have to agree with @WOKA In that case I would avoid it as you would find it hard to sell with what has been said above, people are in fear of higher km cars..... wait for something that you really want!
  4. You know me well! After all they have made over 1 million 911s, quite common really..... 🙄
  5. I thought that too, but I don't think so, looking over pics I too there...
  6. Why is it ridiculous, just because it's not a 911!! Geez, 928s are worth big $ overseas and one like this with low km would be well into $100k overseas....
  7. Not Basky, looks similar but not quite right, not sure where that could be?
  8. $64 mil and Porsche buy it!
  9. Does not really get rid of the problem.... there's an idea....
  10. An agreed value (or otherwise?!) obtained is all that matters (for the 911) in the property settlement scenario, it has (or should have) nought to do with the actual item. If one party decides to sell the item for less than what this value is, it would then be taken out of remaining assets, not the sold item. If it is a legal sale, a property settlement cannot take the car/ item after the fact. As is stated a property settlement and divorce are 2 separate things. Unfortunately too many of us on here are familiar with this sort of thing...… 🙄
  11. Sadly the automobile is going the same way.... a small % know how to drive, the rest rely ever more on the car to do it.....
  12. Thumb would be a bit weird, at least the Mercs have them at the back of the wheel

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