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  1. ANF


    @3legs sold his 930 through them.
  2. ANF

    Service history

    Have to agree, and it is a bit hard to form an opinion one way or the other without having seen the cars.....
  3. Interesting to know! Not sure how studs in an AC engine could corrode.... half of the studs in my 928 are in the water jacket, with some corroded (all need to be replaced...), the other half are in oil and perfect!!
  4. Looking good!! Are those studs painted/ coated?
  5. ANF

    2019 GT4

  6. Looks way better without the late add one!! 👍
  7. You just proved my point! 😂
  8. Looks like the silly bugger has missed the state with the best roads.....
  9. ANF

    Cayman in Hobart

    There is a least one 987 up north and a couple of GT4s down south I think. I have not been to any functions of late due to rebuilding car...
  10. ANF

    Cayman in Hobart

    Not an unusual request at all and quite a sensible one!! I don't know of any personally but do know some members of the Porsche Club have some, I suggest you contact the Porsche Club of Tasmania and see what they can do. North or South of Tas?
  11. Steak - Ball and Chain or Customs House Hotel - both near wharf/ Salamanca Seafood - Mures - wharf area Whisky Bar - sorry not my thing....
  12. ANF

    928 solid engine mount suggestions

    Your car being an early one I thought would of had the solid type mounts Gavin, as I think they changed to hydraulic ones later, mine certainly look genuine.
  13. ANF

    928 solid engine mount suggestions

    Mine were in my car, I was going to renew when I pulled the engine but they look almost new. Check the usual places, Pelican or 928 Int or maybe Autohaus in Aus?
  14. ANF

    928 solid engine mount suggestions

    Mine runs the non-hydraulic ones, I would try those ones, most likely give you the improvement you are chasing?
  15. ANF

    For Sale '98 Boxster

    I know, I heard....

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