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  1. HaHa!! I have been there, but not with my 928.... (Brooklands UK)
  2. Can't view the pic? But that colour is stunning anyway!!
  3. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    Sweet!! 😁 Jigsaws on the beach maybe... 😉
  4. I do all of my own repairs and maintenance, if I get really stuck I am yet to find someone..... You could try Bocchino Motors (euro specialists/ bodyworks), Nino knows Porsche, but wont be cheap.
  5. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    You and I would think so, but I doubt the "others" would.... my 2 drive places that I can go to I would not take the 928 on..... oh well 😏
  6. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    An extended forced period off the road only to be followed by another one when I finally get it going .... SHIT!! 😬
  7. When this is all over a drive will be loooong overdue!!
  8. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    Yep, I was at the Basky track day, but engine way too new to take it on the track! I think we will try and include both tracks for when the next one comes around.....
  9. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    It's not a Toyota mate 🤣
  10. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    Cheers! I have been busy out driving, 800km in a couple of days 👌
  11. ANF

    928S4 Parts

    Give Matt Nicholson a call, he has many used parts in Sydney, great prices and speedy service. 0424 928 930
  12. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    Thanks guys 😎
  13. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    It is alive again, engine back in and running sweet!!

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