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  1. Great to see that our 4wds will be used as a 4wd. Cant wait to see some photos
  2. The same thing happened to me 2 weeks after I bought my 996. The problem was that the car went into sleep mode and I had a broken linkage in the door lock. So after trying all of the solutions suggested except breaking a window. The way I got in was to borrow a small air bladder and inflated it between the window and B pillar just enough to get my key in that was attached to a plastic ruler which then attached to an old metal brake line. I managed to get the key into the ignition and turned the car to accessory. I quickly then removed the bladder and inflated it in the passenger side window. I then inserted another rod through passengers side and pushed the central locking button. Hey presto I was in. The car visited Autohaus the next day and was fixed.
  3. This maybe a silly question but should the last series of digits in the VIN match the engine number? Should i be worried if they don't in a 2001 model? Thanks in advance

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