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  1. That looks like Lake Garda that I drove around last year on our way to Bolzano, if you ever get the chance do the drive it is awesome.
  2. ruby82sc


    Thanks again Mike we got onto one from Canada, should arrive this week, with a drive gear
  3. ruby82sc


    Thanks Mike. Correct Brett, change the gear and they do work but with no advance.
  4. Price a new one from BWA, you may get a pleasant surprise.
  5. ruby82sc


    To suit 3.0 L, ignition not fuel.
  6. I don't know how it has been wired but a basic circuit would be powered from the fuse panel to a relay triggered by the thermostat. If you can follow the wiring back from the fan you should be able to work out what is power, earth and switch then introduce power back to the fan downstream of the relay/switching device.
  7. You would need to bridge or bypass the thermostat and trick it into thinking you are stuck in traffic on a stinken hot day.
  8. I use a scoop on my SC and assume it has benefit. There is some opinion around the traps that the fan doesn't do much more than block air flow while driving in most situations. It needs to be a stinkin hot day with you sitting still for the fan to come on which is what it was designed to do. While driving the air flow is sufficient to not heat the engine/oil enough to have the fan engage but it is mounted on the front of the cooler which acts as a barrier to air flow while driving.
  9. Ok so we haven't gone well with the door top how about a seat belt bellows for a 77, its the one with round holes in it and not the slots for an SC style seat belt receptacle.
  10. ruby82sc

    Door top

    Wanted L/H leatherette door top in black for '77 without mirror toggle hole.
  11. Hi Cam, Thanks for the reply, I managed to get some 0.5 and 6's off Gumtree soon after my post. Regards Greg
  12. Nice 34 hole BBS RS wheels, I'm putting a set together at the moment for my narrow '77.
  13. Momo mod 07's look good on an older car and I find the deep dish gives a comfortable driving position.

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