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  1. Hi Cam, Thanks for the reply, I managed to get some 0.5 and 6's off Gumtree soon after my post. Regards Greg
  2. Nice 34 hole BBS RS wheels, I'm putting a set together at the moment for my narrow '77.
  3. Momo mod 07's look good on an older car and I find the deep dish gives a comfortable driving position.
  4. Looking for 16" 34 hole 0.5 lips and 5.5 or 6" barrels. Greg
  5. If you can get a small hammer to the end of the bleed screw and give it a sharp tap they can sometimes free up, make sure you use a single hex ring spanner or socket to reduce the chance of rounding the bleed screw. Ideally have the spanner on the screw with pressure when you hit it, if this doesn't work you will need to remove it from the car and get serious with it. Having been recently overhauled it shouldn't be seized just tight, if the bleeder hex is rounded you can also use small vice grips.
  6. Have tried sending a PM regarding 6,7 and 8 but you aren't taking messages
  7. ruby82sc


    How about a good R/H SC rocker that can be "modified"
  8. ruby82sc


    Chasing a pair or at least the r/h rocker off a '77 narrow body.
  9. ruby82sc


    Chasing a 2 in 2 out (centre) muffler, will consider all makes.
  10. Hi Brett, I have 10 thumbs when it comes to uploading photos on the forum but happy to email you if you like, it was started a couple of months ago but interrupted by 5 weeks in Europe. I am at the stage of making the pivot to weld to the top of the stand, I have a couple of non Porsche related projects on the go so having trouble getting back to the engine stand unfortunately. Greg

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