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  1. Not that I feel the need to justify what’s been done or the mileage on the car, I will say this because I was tagged and people are commenting about the car, which is fine and why I started this thread way back when. I always judge a car on condition and maintenance not what a odometer says, maybe I’m just a weird like that, or maybe I can see past it. If your only way to judge a car is the odometer and shiny paint you need to educate yourself further than just the internet. Before you critique and dismiss poor old Turbski, unless you’ve seen the car your not qualified to pass judgement on condition regardless of what the odometer says. I would put it up against any 996TT on the market today, disregard the odometer, she’s bloody good, there’s barely a mark on her fat ass. I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been either replaced, rebuilt or serviced within the last 70K Kms, in most cases it’s more like 10~15K Kms. So by that rationale, the odometer means jack! but I recognise that this may be an issue for some so she’s priced accordingly. At least the mileage is genuine and hasn’t had a haircut. I really wonder about some of these so called low mileage cars on a number of levels, maybe check the ECU for run time hours. Next thing, a 911 is made to be driven. They get angry, very angry if they aren’t driven and will make you pay in revenge. Good luck with your low mileage car you’ve just paid a premium for. Now that’s a sure way to get in really deep on one of these cars. As far as mods go, yeah it’s individual taste, that’s why we do them! Everyone who’s seen the wheels in particular say they look great and I nailed the colour, it’s only paint, they are still the genuine hollow spokes. The blackouts on the intercooler intakes are removable vinyl. Two seconds and it’s off. Oh and if you think the 350mm rotors and massive 997 GT3 calliper’s, maybe a hint of a polished stainless steel Kline exhaust with the standard X50 option exhaust tips look shit, well then you’ve got real issues and probably shouldn’t be here anyway. Plus all the standard parts are included, so why are the mods an issue. Well that’s me out, I don’t get on here much anymore, if your in the market come and have a look, I’ve just done a barista course and make a half decent coffee these days, I did say half decent!
  2. Yes it’s for sale, thanks for the Tag.🤜 I’ve had quite a bit of interest but here’s the reality of selling a car like the one I’m offering. Admittedly I’ve shot myself in the foot with “perceived value” mentioning the engine number discrepancy. I didn’t have to disclose it as it’s not a fault with the car. I’d like to consider myself a straight shooter and I didn’t want to get “that” call later. As for modifications I’ve been asked this more that once too “why mod it” short answer is the right mods bring the 996 Turbo alive. Stock they a dull grand tourer with a little punch. My advice is, go for a drive in a stock one, then come and see what $40K+ lower price difference buys you in regards to a tweaked turbo. Im sure there are guys out there thinking “um ah, oh that’s a good buy, but I just can’t get over the number thing, is my money “safe” in a car like that”, one buyer told me as much! Maybe go read some of the above comments again. The real question for buyers is, are you a real enthusiast or someone who can’t get over a engine number being out by 65 digits ?
  3. The valves currently fitted to mine are the 06A145710N which is a VW part from FCP. Boost leak tested to 20psi no leaks.
  4. FCP Euro mate, part number 06A145710N OEM part $102.99 USD each.
  5. Mine has a UMW Tune and Kline exhaust, which has been fitted to the car for over 60,000km which is a pretty good testament to Kevin’s skill. More power and definitely low down torque punch is what you will get, he can also tune your Tiptronic for more responsive shifts from what I understand. The process is simple enough, he sells you a lead that plugs into your OBD port. You data log the car via a program he sends you on a disc. Once you’ve data logged it you email it to Kevin and he will edit a tune for you, then he will email that back to you and you flash it back into your ECU via a the same program on your laptop. It should be noted that a tune isn’t a straight forward as that, you will need to ensure your car doesn’t have any boost or vacuum leaks beforehand (it will, they all do, because very few here actually know how to pressure test a 996 turbo correctly) and your waste gates and diverter valves are functioning correctly. I’d personally update your diverter valves to 710N valves or aftermarket Billet DV’s. No point doing a tune if your car isn’t 100% first and remains at that level of maintenance moving forward. A tune is great but remember your also pushing the car/engine closer to the edge and more maintenance and servicing is required. Make sure your cooling systems both intercoolers and radiators are working correctly with no leaks and are clean, your going to make more heat. Your suspension may need an upgrade due to rear end squat under 1+ bar boost has a tendency to kill the inner edge of the rear tyres. Engine and gearbox mounts will also have to be at least inspected for condition or preferably upgraded due to the increased torque. A tune isn’t just one mod, it’s many mods (some may consider too many mods) to make that tune/car work without breaking parts, sacrificing handling or basically scaring the shit out of you.
  6. Maaate, your wasting your breath! In a moment of insanity, I sent said “looker” the specs and history on my car. Response “too modified, too many miles” Guess someone is waiting for all the low mileage “good ones” to come onto the market.
  7. Or http://www.p-speed.com/test/spoiler-defekt-hydraulik-reparatur-porsche-996.html Better web page, http://www.revolution-porsche.co.uk/upgrades/porsche-996-and-997-turbo-spoiler-repairs-and-upgrades
  8. 🤣 Classic, Mate I can tell you now, if you didn’t buy it when you did I would probably still have it, I had almost given up finding a genuine enthusiast buyer such as yourself. I do miss all my ex-cars (yours included) the Turbo will probably be the worst as it’s “most” car I’ve ever owned.
  9. Thanks lads, I’m 98% sure I want to sell but one look at it in the shed and think WTF am I doing. @StevepGT3 your comment really didn’t help that mind set. Oh well, if it’s doesn’t sell, I really don’t care.
  10. Thanks mate, yeah wasn’t an easy decision as I do still love the car and I know I’ll never have another like it.
  11. 996 Twin Turbo, manual. Australian delivered MY2004 Built 2003 Arctic Silver Black Leather interior. Engine 58,000km since rebuild with supporting documentation. Chassis 156,XXXkm * Full engine rebuild due to crank case oil leak at 98,000km 28/03/13 under extended Porsche Warranty, so the engine has done 58,000 since full rebuild including head work. List of parts and receipts will be provided along with full service history. Other parts replaced * Gear box pinion bearing 20/11/15, all synchros are fine. * New clutch & accumulator 28/03/13 at 98k * Rear drive shafts 9/11/15 * Alternator 04/02/16 * Water pump 2015 Factory optional list valued at $20,660, can supply full list on request, includes such items as full leather dash and seats, silver interior highlights, Alcantara headliner, climate control, reverse sensors, automatic wipers, BOSE to name a few and they all work. Service intervals between 5000 & 7500 km, recently had a major service by a independent Porsche specialist including serpentine belt, plugs, air cleaner and all fluids including brakes. You could say the car has been over serviced. Everything has been attended to and is ready for trouble free motoring. Modifications. * 997 GT3 brakes 20/11/15 * F & R - LCA Tarret solid bushings, Rennline Monoballs * 997 Function first transmission mount and upgraded 997 short shift gear linkage kit with solid bushings. * Torque solutions semi solid engine mounts * Bilstein adjustable Coilover kit PSS10 22/09/15 * Adjustable Eibach sway bars & Tarret drop links F & R * New strutt mounts 15/06/15 * Kline sports exhaust 200 cel cats with seperate de-cats 28/03/13 sounds amazing on boost. * Stage 1 safe flash tune by UMW Utimate Motor Works, software and cable included. * Billet diverter valves & silicone F-hose 27/05/16 * Console shelf bin replaced CD holder storage. * Installed front mesh grill to air intake to keep leaves & bebris out. Front bar was removed a month or so ago and the radiators and condensers were cleaned. * All original parts will be supplied with car, exhaust, suspension, brakes etc along with some service parts such as oil filters and air cleaners. Clear film wrap by Invisible car bra following a cosmetic re spray of the front due do stone chips accumulated over the life of the car. * Front bumper bar * Full bonnet * Full front guards * Mirrors * Lower rear quarter panels * Inter cooler intakes are blacked out with removable paint if they are not to your taste. Note: cars built 2003 onwards (Series 2) came with a stiffer engine crank casing and 25% stiffer chassis similar to a GT3 combined with creature comforts like A/C and cruise control that work like they should. I looked at many 996 GT3 and Turbo’s before buying this car, I suggest you do the same for comparison purposes. Everything works as it should and the car has none of the known turbo problems. Drives amazing with plenty of road connection and car feed back, yet very comfortable. Please no test pilots, this car is not for the faint hearted with 500hp approx, my insurance only covers nominated drivers. Test drive will be available only when a deposit has been paid. If the car is not everything you expect I will refund it provided you don’t damage the car. From previous experience, it would help if you have driven a 911 before. However I will demonstrate the car to prospective buyers on presentation of identification, e.g pic of your drivers license. When it come to selling Porsche‘s it appears everyone wants a Pre Purchase Inspection. The car is booked in for a PPI later this week as I am confident there is nothing wrong with it, this report will be provided to prospective buyer. This inspection is being conducted by my specialist Porsche mechanic who I trust, NO ONE ELSE is going to look at the car, if this report is not to your liking this is not the car for you. Sold with a Vic roadworthy in Victoria or if sold interstate the plates will be removed and a permit supplied so you can drive home. If you need to borrow money have that sorted prior to contacting me, I don’t have time to deal with finance companies. I have sold 911s before and it’s not fun and have zero tolerance for BS. If your a dealer don’t waste your time contacting me. Price, you need to see it person to appreciate it, I'm feel the price is fair as you can’t buy a MY04 series 2 996 turbo manual and build a car to this caliber for the asking. The price is the buy price, I’m not into games of ask high and negotiate down from there, I’m in no rush to sell but I’m moving on as this box has been ticked. I’m listing it here in the hope of selling it to another enthusiast before I list it on the mosh pit of Carsales. Please feel free to send me a message with any questions or your phone number and I will call you back.
  12. Mate I won’t bang on about this anymore apart from this reply, please don’t take this as a personal go at you, unless it was you who deleted it in which case yeah pick up the phone. Its not about feeling short changed or venting, it was a plane old slap in the face to be honest to have my post instantly deleted and what’s more it was a Instagram link not a for sale add. For me there is no longer social currency on this forum, is this a social forum or a business ? I feel I and “more so” some others here including you haven’t been given any good will despite the time and effort on this forum and supporting events. Hence the reason I didn’t help at HB2.
  13. Ok I’ll try this again as my last post was pretty much instantly deleted as I wasn’t a financial member. SERIOUSLY ? Due to it being deleted I’ll also have a bit of a bitch now. Yeah I know the rules about financial memberships and posting your car for sale. HOWEVER unlike most on this forum I have put many hours of my own time and some money volunteering my vehicles for photo shoots a whole boring day down at haunted hills sitting in my 4WD as a recovering vehicle. Yeah I was thanked for my time, but I now get the feeling it wasn’t really appreciated and is why I haven’t done it since. I know other that put in a lot of personal time and effort into this forum yet they still have to pay this $25 clearly it’s not the money it’s the principal of it. End rant. Back to my original post, I think TurboT 912 will probably do alright on instagram as it’s an international market car. Well let’s see how this link goes this time.
  14. That is interesting, my 996 Turbo in around the same time period. * FB two messages, no lookers, no dickheads. * Word of mouth, one call but is also looking at GT3s Will put your Instagram idea to the test today, but I doubt the results given the difference in following. Carsales will go up next week after I get the PPI. Sold my last car here via PFA so I really must get onto paying my membership.
  15. On my saved list it’s still at $185K SOLD, so can only assume it was close to asking as it was only listed for a week or so if that. These 997 manual turbo’s seem to sell very quickly, the last one sold for the same price in under a week.

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