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  1. Wow. Lovely. Gee, those Carsales video ads are shit tho
  2. Autohaus raised the price on the white 993 Turbo by $50k??? Surely that’ll make it more likely to sell 🤔
  3. Loving how he starts the ad with "Price reduced", then says "car is rising in value". Talk about having your cake and eating it too 🙄
  4. @Mike D'Silva - welcome to the club I second what @WB997.2GTS suggests - more than likely the speaker cones have disintegrated - usually just the large mid-bass speakers in the doors. Plenty of options to replace them - some more fiddly than others. I went the fiddly path with bolt spacers and foam. There are also plastic spacers and OEM replacement speakers that just bolt back in the original spots. And definitely get yourself some trim removal tools ($15 kit from Repco/Supercheap/Jaycar). Trust me - door trims are a PITA to remove without them.
  5. Trailed a very tidy, red 996 Turbo yesterday 4.15 - 5.15pm from Indooroopilly on Western Fwy, Ipswich Rd to the Warrego Hwy turnoff. Number plate: 57 DVS I was just a little too far back to take a snap. Nice to see another p-car in my neck of the woods.
  6. 993 manual (183,000km) at CTS listed as sold this morning. Was asking $130k - seems like a more reasonable benchmark than some others are asking.
  7. Thanks @grantmr and @crsedge The wheels are OZ Racing Allegerita HLT - got them 2nd hand on Gumtree to go with the Gulf wrap design. There’s a lot of blue that needed breaking up in the rear/side profile in place of the original silver wheels. This weekend might be a stretch for a drive, Grant. Hopefully I can pick her up on Saturday - but we’re planning a reveal at PCBrisbane on Tuesday night with PCQld
  8. Still good. Very comfortable for street / daily use. I haven’t done a lot of miles and it’s currently in the shop getting wrapped. My latest feel is they could be stiffer all round. I need to spend some time playing with the settings. The current ride height is great- plenty of scope for lower but I’ve shoehorned massive 295 rears in under the guards 😎 so the ability for more big changes in ride height are limited
  9. Last of sticky stuff removed with Goof Off (found in solvents/paint remover in Bunnings paint section). Great stuff
  10. Yes, matching no’s. He originally bought it for $30k so was more than happy with the changeover. It went to Sydney.
  11. Looks like you got a great car. I don't think my mates was as tidy as yours.
  12. A mate of mine sold his mechanically excellent US-sourced LHD SC for $56k about 2 months ago. Kind of a benchmark to work with 🤷‍♂️

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