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  1. You may have had some luck pre-EOFY, but it's generally not much through P Dealerships. I have no personal experience with it tho.
  2. When a cop pulls you over and invariability asks “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Do not answer “because I let you...”
  3. I must’ve been lucky getting let off and told to make a sizeable charity donation when caught doing 127 in a 100 zone. Country cops are the best 😁. Highway Patrol / RPU / bike cops have no mercy
  4. So the moral of the story is to use much higher speeds
  5. Spotted dark blue narrow body IB (3.2 I think), no number plates on transport (with a nice old Holden) heading inbound to Brisbane on Ipswich Road about 10am this morning. Got a pic but too glarey to put up.
  6. Looks like old school iPod cable from the updated radio head unit??
  7. It's definitely the speakers... trust us 😉 New speakers make a world of difference. I did brakes myself - straight-forward exercise. Parts from Autohaus. Easy process. Stick with standard brake setup - it's a Porsche, so the standard brakes are more than adequate.
  8. For Sale: 901-03 REC Watch For when you can't always take your 911 with you or, like me, you don't yet have a 911, then the best alternative is to wear a beautiful piece of motoring history on your wrist. It may not attract the crowd at your local Cars 'n' Coffee event, but is an attractive fashion timepiece that works with both casual and formal wear. The 901 Collection is a mechanical timepiece. The dial is cut directly from a salvaged, air-cooled Porsche 911 meaning every single timepiece is visibly unique and born with a story. For more detail go to https://www.recwatches.com/collections/901/products/901-03 I have owned this watch for ~12 months and I need to move it on for a new purchase. One-out, one-in. It is in excellent condition - scratch free face and functions perfectly. Minor wear on the band from the latch/hole interaction. Comes with original documentation, box and tin, and microfibre cleaning cloth. The tin has a little wrinkle across the top (see pics) - it's how arrived to me in the post. Original price $1700 USD, plus GST so over $2600 AUD. Asking $1500 or near offer (including postage Australia-wide) or pickup in Brisbane.
  9. When I changed from used tyres on standard rims to new tyres on OZ Racing Allegerita HLT rims on the Boxster, I saved 1.2kg each on the rears (much wider 295 profile vs stock 245) and fronts saved 2.8kg each (same profile as stock). All up I saved almost 10kg on wheels/tyres. Changing to coilovers also yielded a saving, but I didn't weigh prior to installation - my arm-ometer can tell there was a weight saving.
  10. This is normal. When you start the car it dumps some extra oil to lube things up. If you repeated start/stop cycle then you get a buildup & even oily smoke on startup - for example when pulling out of garage to wash car, then put away, then move to access another car etc etc. Run for a few minutes (take the thing for a spirited drive) and it's all cleaned up again barring a bit of residue on the tailpipe. All in all, a bit of carbon/oil on tailpipe is nothing to worry about. Go see it, drive it. If serious get a PPI. I've had 2 years trouble-free, worry-free with my 987 and I didn't worry about PPI - buy on condition, service history, butt-dyno.
  11. Wow. Lovely. Gee, those Carsales video ads are shit tho
  12. Autohaus raised the price on the white 993 Turbo by $50k??? Surely that’ll make it more likely to sell 🤔
  13. Loving how he starts the ad with "Price reduced", then says "car is rising in value". Talk about having your cake and eating it too 🙄
  14. @Mike D'Silva - welcome to the club I second what @WB997.2GTS suggests - more than likely the speaker cones have disintegrated - usually just the large mid-bass speakers in the doors. Plenty of options to replace them - some more fiddly than others. I went the fiddly path with bolt spacers and foam. There are also plastic spacers and OEM replacement speakers that just bolt back in the original spots. And definitely get yourself some trim removal tools ($15 kit from Repco/Supercheap/Jaycar). Trust me - door trims are a PITA to remove without them.

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