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  1. Not interested unless it's got blue flames from exhaust outlets behind the headrest...
  2. Yes, a 9 & 7 year old will fit. My 13 & 15 year olds squeeze in the back of my 996 - it's not for super-extended drives but definitely do-able for the family jaunt for a picnic etc. I won't try to steer you one way or another regarding 997 v 991 - they're all great. As a practical 2nd car??? perhaps not the greatest - but for a 3rd or 4th, definitely fits the bill. In some ways a boxster/cayman is more practical because of the boot space front & rear but those family drives are out of the question. Conversely, the lack of passengers mean you can drive it "properly" all the time
  3. Despite everything being stacked against it, I got my 996 turbo from Gumtree and it's been a gem. Remote location - check, lack of photos on ad - check, limited ad description - check. Did the due diligence, bought the owner and car history. Like they always say - you only hear about the bad stories. I got a good one
  4. Brand new unobtainium Porsche 934 Vaillant from Majorette Vintage Deluxe collection. Sold out pretty much world wide. Local pickup or buyer pays postage. Located SE Qld. $25
  5. Just gave a heap of people $750 so need to recoup it somehow 🤨
  6. Don’t run foul of the worksite is not her work so the travel wasn’t essential for her. The partner of an UberEats or some such driver was in the car with him making deliveries and she got fined. He was ok because he was working.
  7. As a very recent buyer of a 996tt, I’ve spoken to all bar 1 of the current owners and inspected a couple. The Autohaus car has an interesting history - they don’t hide it but raises an eyebrow. If you don’t mind a little cosmetic work to make looking shmick, the lapis blue manual in Adelaide could be had cheaply - in the high $90s is my guess. I’ve had possession of my tt for 3 weeks and it’s simply the sweetest ride. Mind you it’s a car I’ve lusted after for a long time. As @smit2100 says, 3rd gear pulls like a freight train, makes you grin like an idiot 😁 every time.
  8. Not worried about the cost. Just recognising there's a paper loss that was unexpected 2 months ago when I bought her. This is a long term hold & enjoy. The smiles valuation offsets any paper losses. Like I justified to my missus - rather have six figures sitting in the garage to enjoy than in the bank getting next to no return. I should clarify with respect to the extras... I knew it had the Billies, it wasn't until I asked for a clearance measurement for the transport that the PO goes "oh it's got air suspsension and the height is xx cm with it lifted"!! He said it had a "stainless exhaust" which usually means a local muffler shop jobbie. But definitely no mention of 19" rims or the chip. I think that I have sussed out the rims as Avant Garde Ruger Mesh rims - super nice. @smit2100 thanks for the advice re APR chips. More than enough for now, but maybe some time down the track I will look into the Cobb/Markski options. No handheld APR unit, but that's on the to do list for near term, along with some Zunsport grills. Boost peaks at 1.0bar, with the majority of the WOT boost doing 0.8 bar pretty consistently. Not sure whether that's good or not. The sway bar looks stock, and toe links etc don't appear modified to me - will have another inspection next time I raise the hoist.
  9. There’s a few... I’m always hit up for a truckie job but that’s not really my thing. Try out any of the labour hire mobs - OneKey, Workpac, GPS, Skilled, amongst others. Or direct on BHP, Glencore, Peabody etc websites. Look for ‘new to industry’ or greenie jobs
  10. The mines in Qld (and elsewhere from what I hear) are all going business as usual. Some new protocols to limit transmission etc. Biggest issue has been managing the camps where a thousand or so people congregate for meals etc then disperse to a myriad of sites. Camps now doing 100% take aways, no dining room. Some are pre-packing lunches so you don't have the usual grubby hands all over the salad bar etc. Some have temp checks at start of shift. Isolation protocols etc for on & offsite. Pretty well oiled to be honest. My employees are currently staying on roster and travelling to site, but we're preparing for remote working. Maybe site visits once a month. Technology has been fantastic in enabling some of this. I can site in my home office watching trucks cycle around and look at drone photography and surveys taken by personnel at site. If only CASA didn't require line of sight, we could probably fly the drones from the comfort of our living room to get the information needed at times.
  11. There have been some nice surprises (and one undesirable) since receiving the car and ploughing through a tank of 98. First the suspension has been very hard - failed the jiggle test with my wife in the first drive. Fortunately, have found the installed Bilsteins set to their hardest setting so will be playing with softening for road use. When I got time, it was raised on the hoist for a look underneath - DRY! No oil drips or baked coolant residue mess anywhere (very pleased). It also appears a previous owner has spent a small fortune at Cargraphic, with the installation of turbo-back exhaust system $$$. Also the Bilsteins are Cargraphic-supplied with Airlift. The airbag lifts the nose up substantially - more $$$. It looks like the 19" wheels are also Cargraphic as well (I thought they were 18s so that's another welcome surprise) - again more $$$. Lastly, when scouring all the receipts I found a substantial $ invoice for "APR Upgrade" - not knowing what that was, I hit google to find out. Sweet baby Jesus, it's chipped and the OTS curve is pretty special. Need to investigate further about the tune on board, and what other set tunes there are. I believe you can have a few settings - so there's some homework for later. But before all this..... I sat in the car at Ceva Brisbane admiring and adjusting the seating position. Fire her up.... ooo that rumble Turn on AC and BLAM - smacked in the face with gobfull of air conditioner vent foam Some time with tweezers and a vacuum later it's gotten better, but still firing bits of snot at me. Bit more effort required to rectify that over time. Now buttoned up in the shed - dirty - ready for another squirt this week. Am I worried about the new car levels of depreciation I just inherited from the COVID19? - on paper, yes. But this is my dream car and I will be holding on for a long time to come. 5 seconds behind the wheel and all those concerns fade away. I hope everyone stays safe amid the current challenges.

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