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  1. https://classicthrottleshop.com/1977-porsche-911-carrera-3-0-guards-red/
  2. I have a 74 centric fatty beautifully refurbed by PM. It’s yours for 1500.
  3. This has sold. They also moved 2 modern R’s in the last week. Big ticket items.
  4. Hi, I will take both 77s please. cheers
  5. 74-77 were low production years, plus the 2.7 narrowbody cars were treated poorly for a long time. The last original Oz del mint narrow coupe I have seen sold for well over $100k.
  6. Rare mid-year cars are getting plenty of love around the world. A$ on the low side, this beauty goes offshore you would think. Coinciding with the release of the new R Snodgrass turbo 3.0 book.
  7. There was one 3L 74 Carrera delivered in Australia, and it recently sold at Duttons. Rumoured ask 2.5m. Probably beat gold.
  8. The AH car was a factory sporto I believe. An educated guess puts it at about a third of the 100 coupes del into Aust as factory sporto. Most have now been converted to manual, as far as I can tell.
  9. Bit harsh saying cars are not an investment. A lot of collectors would argue that point strongly. And you cherry picked the best performing Oz stock in recent decades as an example - good luck at picking the next CSL. Cars don’t keep up with the stock market over the very long term (see chart below - thanks Hugh) but still do well and better than other collectables. Not bad diversification from stocks and real estate if you ask me, and more fun for sure.
  10. I will grab washer bottle and hose. I IGd you Lee. Cheers

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