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  1. Ahh yes.... thanks for pointing it out Ryan.
  2. Seeing what is collecting dust on a shelf in Australia 🇦🇺 before i purchase off Sierra Madre or Stoddards. thanks Justin
  3. Saw that one just after it was found on the outskirts of Sydney.... beautiful car.... was just coming out of a divorce when it hit the market....circa 2009/2010? But things worked out in the end.... Im beginning to think these mid 70's cars are getting a following like mid 20th century architecture. Justin
  4. Pics to follow.Bendix Fuel Pump to suit early car with Carbs$150Speedo Cable (still in the Stoddards bag ) part number SIC 741 111 01 - FOR 911 1965 - 1971 (901 GEARBOX)$100Flywheel (New) bought but never required - part number 901.102.295. 0R$750Buyer pays freight. Parts are in Metro Melbourne.ThanksJustin
  5. Great car and wonderful bloke - I remember when Ernie bought "Chilli" JR
  6. This was in the late 90's when it was simply an aging race car with nowhere to race.... oh to have bought it then!
  7. Its a lovely car and drives well too.... I believe the tartan inserts have been added recently. It adds to the appeal of the car in my view. Somebody who wants to use the car can appreciate it, or someone wanting to bring it back to original can do that too. I wish them well and it will be very interesting to see what it brings. Justin
  8. It came off a 68 Swb coupe exhaust bolted straight on with no modification required to rear license plate panel. justin
  9. A rare, and extremely effective Porsche period accessory. Abarth (the man not the company) was actually Austrian and collaborated with Porsche on many projects. This was one of them. Brass plate on exhaust (pic 2) indicates its a Porsche endorsed accessory.In excellent condition - ceramic coated approximately 7 years ago in Sydney by Autohaus Hamilton.Sounds great, looks purposeful, yet period. In terms of sound - it sounds great without being "boomy" or uncomfortable on a long driveLocated in Melbourne. Purchaser pays freight.$aud 2500 ono
  10. Yes please.... saw one of the 4 in the US many years ago.....
  11. Looks wonderful Ryan - and well done to Thomas Walk ..... makes me get all sentimental about my old home town. JR

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