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  1. Would be well worthwhile...... Porsche ownership is a broad church with a broad spectrum of cars and car speeds..... with a good group, with the right attitude (ie it’s not for sheep stations) such a day would be immense fun.... the old C3 and reedminor might even be tempted. I assume club cams license is needed? Jr
  2. Planning to drive up the scenic way .. And them home on Hume im planning Eastern Freeway, Healesville, black spur then meander up to Winton the back way. im aiming to depart Melbourne 6-630.... depending how successful I am with the morning coffee. justin
  3. Planning to drive up at sparrows on Saturday morning from Melbourne. I'll be there in a tyre kicking , and tall- tale telling capacity only. I'll be in my 1977 Carrera 3.0 Justin
  4. Oil needs to be checked on the dipstick. Allow car to warm up - first mark on oil temp gauge. Leave engine running at idle Ensure car parked on level ground Check oil on dipstick with engine running, and adjust level as necessary. 500mls between empty and full on dipstick (check your owners manual) , so if you need to add oil I add in 200ml increments (using a marked cooking measuring cup now only used for oil filling) and recheck. I never use oil level gauge and trust it implicitly - but I do use it as a guide. No excuse not to check regularly - they do use oil Thanks Justin
  5. Price adjusted to $2000 aud. buyer pays freight.... all boxed up securely and ready to post.
  6. What a drive John... still can’t wipe the smile off my face
  7. wonderful that this anniversary is being celebrated. Sad that owing to covid restrictions - spectators cannot attend at Sandown this weekend....only competitors. But looking forward to the celebrations and events that will be announced in coming weeks and months.
  8. Hmmm not sure if I'll bother then? Consensus so far seems to be all show, no go? No discernable oil cooling effect. But it might hold a point of view camera well? JR
  9. Hi Wondering if anyone has one of these gathering dust on a shelf. This is the scoop which clips in behind rhf blinker on front bumper. It diverts air to front oil cooler. I first saw these on Group S 2.7 Carreras many moons ago and thought they were quite ingenious. Has anyone used one, and have you found it has much of an effect? Thanks Justin
  10. So this is titled 964 market watch - correct? Why all the talk of 996 GT3's? Its a broad church - and different cars appeal to different people....with different requirements. The solution is not always buy the latest and greatest GT3 that you can either afford or find, regardless of how competent and fast they are. Justin
  11. Wow - congratulations .... Can you send me a PM - this is an L we didnt know about... Would like to get more details on the car - even though I have sold mine now.... Justin

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