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  1. Was that the meeting where he had an epic dice with a Peter Hopwood in the Elan?
  2. On of my late father’s pics taken in the Amaroo Park paddock in the late 70’s.
  3. My poster car - and who can forget the video Fascination at the Nurburgring - and test driver "Stefan - the Schwarzenegger of Opposite Lock"? Justin
  4. From the late 90s , early 2000’s …. The car was supercharged and Rays son Rich was a very fast steerer…. Who had raced in Formula Ford in the early to mid 90’s….. i remember watching it monster gt3s down at Wakefield Park
  5. I’m like @Beau. I purchased good quality, reasonably priced covers, and reasoned that if they were rubbish, I’d throw them away and start again I have 2 fleece lined Monza covers, purchased online. They were around $120 plus postage. It was an ideal size for my Swb 911. A little small for my current g series Carrera 3.0, particularly since I have the whale tail engine lid installed. They’ve been very good, although I think I’ll get another a one size up
  6. And it appears to be back on the market https://classicthrottleshop.com/1977-porsche-911-carrera-3-0-guards-red-2/ And the Talbot Yellow Carrera 3.0 Targa sold too. Off to a happy owner in South Australia .. A little birdie told me
  7. Socially distanced Porsches and coffee in Melbourne on a Saturday afternoon. Both of us were within our 5klm radius.
  8. Have you contacted Autografik in NSW? They do decals and they are in NSW. Angelo used to own a 911 SC.
  9. Parts are located in Melbourne. Prices are plus postage. 74/75 Horn Pad . No longer required. $200 Clutch cable for 65 -69 911. Purchased as a spare and never used. PN 901 423 401 01. $50. Justin
  10. wow that's great better put that into my calender.. JR
  11. I have Conti Sport Contact 5's on my mk 6.5 GTI .... cant really fault them. Very good wear, and good performance.... well good enough for a daily..... Im not looking for 1/1000th of a second on the work commute. They are about $230 a throw last time I needed them

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