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  1. Tyre checked - it was manufactured 44th week of 1976 and was pronounced unsafe - with cracks and blisters in the sidewall. A new one can be bought for $900+ gst. So Ive pressed an old Cookie Cutter into service with a decent (but not outstanding) 195/60/ 15 tyre from Bob Jane on it for the tassie trip. Would suggest people check theirs and make a proper assessment from there.... Justin
  2. David Falson - East Coast Suspensions - without hesitation. David has done my previous 2 cars - a Carrera 3.0 and a SWB 911 Coupe. Very knowledgeable, practical and above all helpful. JR
  3. taking the car to Tasmania next month with PCV... So now you can see the context behind the question.... Thanks for advice - am thinking I will try PCM for new spacesaver or find an old 6 inch cookie cutter. Justin
  4. No ... Would you drive on a 43 year old tyre?
  5. Having sold my Swb 911 and bought a g series Carrera 3 I keep looking at my spare (space saver) wheel with horror and trepidation. I imagine the tyre on my space saver is as old as the car - 43 years..... Hoping I don’t get a puncture is not the solution.... so has anyone replaced a space saver tyre? If so how, where, how much please? or do I buy a cheap 15 inch cookie cutter and tyre? Justin
  6. Suitable for pre impact bumper (ie pre 1973) cars with Carbs $150 - Located in Melbourne. Pics available on request. Justin
  8. Everyone loves a barnfind - I have heard of ratty gullwings, or 300SL roadsters - selling for more than restored examples. Anyone can restore a car .... @Zollhaus you owe @SM911 a beer me thinks JR
  9. I'm with SM911 - cabriolet - with hardtop and rudge wheels. I know that a rusty but driveable 356 Coupe sold 10 + years ago for 50K just for the wheels - the car effectively came free (but was fortunately restored). It might even go higher. Reason does not enter into this .... for the right buyer, and remember it takes only 1. No real comparison but cast your mind back to the blue 911E at the Melbourne auction . The consensus of the experts said low 200's - someone paid 300+ buyers premium. Will watch with interest. JR
  10. Bugger .. And the moral of the story be quick or miss out!
  11. Tomato , tomaaateoohhh. Mexico blue is an early g series colour .... riviera blue is a 993 colour. just like references to Touring modeLs - it started with the 73 RS! I shouldnt go there given the last 48 hours. different shades, But close, just separated by 20 years or so. No right or wrong... Just Different shades....something only the train spotters like me observe.... it’s there or thereaboUTS, but Look beyond the models you are immediately interested in.... history is fascinating and Porsche is a brand that mines it’s rich history extremely well.
  12. Exactly what Tips said. All depends on your location and location of car. I havent personally dealt with Cavaco but plenty of mates have and speak highly of them. Autohaus and BWA are both excellent - and straight down the line I have found. JR

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