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  1. Is the tint noticeable? And is the cost difference significant Im with Shannons - and was able to press the point with a genuine screen with my Golf GTi - I purchased it and sent them the invoice and they re-imbursed me. But we were talking $700. I have had to replace windscreens in early 911's but this has always been at repaint time, and my repairer did all of the legwork. Justin
  2. I’m not sure if a standard one will fit or a trimmed down will be required …. But regardless I’m looking for one. I’ve seen several pictures that suggest a smaller grille is required … But I will stand to be corrected. What do people have sitting on the shelf in the garage? Justin
  3. you might need another one after Luftwasser 2 Peter? JR
  4. Good to see some fellow cycling and Porsche enthusiasts.... My enthusiasm exceeds my ability as far as cycling is concerned. If there are a few Melbourne based cyclists perhaps we should meet up and go for a ride and a coffee / bacon and egg roll. Justin
  5. the only solution is sell it quickly and cheaply! Stick with your 911T - it has proper central locking - ie you reach across to unlock the passenger door. Justin
  6. I had a S1 205GTI which I sold in 2019..... wonderful ..... but you realise how much things have moved on.... my daily is an My12.5GTi Golf. So the comparison was easy and immediate. Any talk about light weight construction - such a contrast to the bank vault build quality of the old Porsches 356- g series. When I lived in Sydney I used to do the Wisemans Ferry / Mangrove Mountain / Gosford loop as frequently as I could (4-6 times a year). Great in an early car..... even a 993 engined early car with cup cams! Now that was paradise. JR
  7. Agree with the sentiments of having an older car - Ive had 2 - a 68 swb and a 77 Carrera 3.0. I also have a 356 at my disposal. You can exploit (and access) more of the performance envelope more of the time on the road without feeling or being seen as ) irresponsible. Chris Harris articulates this point far better than me in his video where he compares a 991R and his early 90's Peugeot 205 Rallye ( a French homologation special).... google it if you havent seen it. Ive had heaps of fun on organised drives, rallyes etc and also used the cars on the circuit in regularity ( Eastern Creek, Winton, Phillip Island) - so it is possible to have some fun. If I owned anything newer Id be doing more track days to exploit their performance envelopes.... JR
  8. I worked for Subaru Australia in Sydney at probably the Zenith of the WRX... the early noughties. So I got to drive everything up to and including the first of the 2.5 litre Sti's (I think they were nicknamed the hawkeyes). I also got to ride in a 22B with our press test mechanic and on drive days with the late great Possum Bourne and Cody Crocker I remember being shown the prodrive WRC car that had just been purchased for Possum to use in the ARC. I think I resolved at that point that if I was offered the job I was going to take it.. Justin
  9. No but I do keep an eye on the Donington Auctions..... they have some great stuff. These days my collection is large enough that I have everything I “Really need”. So I’m more of a bargain hunter in these auctions, and am fairly ruthless and calculated about it. I picked up a 43rd scale Audi R8 Crocodile livery - winner of the race of a 1000 years in Adelaide on New Year’s Eve 1999/ 2000 - for $40
  10. Nope I collect 43rd scale. I find 18th scale too big, so 8th scale would imply do my head in..... lovely models but not for me. jr
  11. Of course not.... but I was prepared if I did!
  12. Tyre checked - it was manufactured 44th week of 1976 and was pronounced unsafe - with cracks and blisters in the sidewall. A new one can be bought for $900+ gst. So Ive pressed an old Cookie Cutter into service with a decent (but not outstanding) 195/60/ 15 tyre from Bob Jane on it for the tassie trip. Would suggest people check theirs and make a proper assessment from there.... Justin

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