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  1. Great idea doing this run! Just wondering if the Sydney guys are returning back to Sydney on the Sunday afternoon? I'm just keen to watch you go past my place between Bomaderry and Berry. I can't join as my 69 is in pieces. I own Meroo Kennels and Cattery. Amazing that a few weeks ago I had many cancellations due to the fires, and now I've had cancellations this weekend due to the pouring rain Interesting weather!
  2. Hi Guys, My shift rod has broken AGAIN at the shifter end. Anyone know how to remove the shift rod so I can get it welded? I welded it in situ about 18 months ago but would rather fix it correctly this time. I've tried google, forums, etc with no detail found. Do I need to remove engine and gearbox? Car is a manual '71 911E with 915 box. Cheers Paul
  3. Stan from Performance9 helped me out with Koni shocks at a good price. Nice guy to talk to too. Finally got the old "spindle raised" boge struts, new shocks, used boxster calipers, new carrera rotors fitted on weekend. Pedal feel is great and car looks awesome lowered with good shock travel. Not really noticing bump steer.
  4. I ordered a pair of Bilstein 34 001141 inserts from USA for my 1985 Boge Struts (on my 71E) and was really looking forward to delivery soon. Ordered from PartsContainer on ebay. I got an email from Paypal saying I got a refund. WTF!! Apparently delivery got rejected due to import restriction. News to me!! "We're writing to let you know that your recent purchase of Porsche 911Set of 2 Front Left + Right Strut Inserts Bilstein 34 001141 through the Global Shipping Program couldn't be delivered to you because the parcel contained items that were found to be restricted for import to AU." I bought them from USA due to saving $230. Quote in Aus was $730 vs about $500 in USA. Anyone know where to buy them in Aus for reasonable price?? Cheers
  5. Yep trying to fit Boxster (not S) calipers and will likely raise spindle height as well.
  6. I have a 1971 911E with 3" struts but would like to get 3.5" struts for various reasons. Would be great to have inserts included Thanks Paul
  7. Thanks for a great response Andy. Makes me feel better about the purchase. I made the decision yesterday after more research and bought the 996 C4S. Gorgeous black on black manual. Love the red strip on the rear. Can't wait to pick it up. Cheers. Paul.
  8. I've been a closet Porsche enthusiast for a long time and am finally in a position to buy. Looking at a Manual 2004 996 C4S, black on black. Beautiful car but I secretly want a manual 993 4S black on black, but I think they are as rare as rocking horse...... So I am basically settling for a 996. (life is really bad when you have to do that). I am using it as a daily driver so the 996 is more suited (I think). 3 questions: Should I wait for the perfect car? What would you pay for the above car with average klms and very good condition? Price range? Is there any chance that the catastrophic engine failures experienced by 996's and early 997's will one day make people look back on them and think "I wouldn't buy one of those"? Thanks in advance for your responses.

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