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  1. Just curious, or naive, why do people say “p-cars” rather than “Porsches”?
  2. Quoted prices vs price sold. Mid 300s for a GT3T is still the case (in my actual and recent experience). 335-340 if you’d like specifics
  3. Haha, that I am struggling to answer. My dealer friend is adamant the 991.1 should go and I’ll see reason, but I honestly love them both. And will keep both. Incidentally, I’ll previously had a 991.1 GTS pdk and promptly sold it (at that time in favour of 997.2 c2s manual which i greatly preferred), but this time I just love the 991.1 gts manual. The getawayer video on YouTube sums it up quite well I think. If you further research you’ll see how others appreciate the powerband, sound at lower rpms for street driving, and maybe also the ride/steering too. I could have had my old black gt3t or a blue sapphire (both off market, both mid 300s) but honestly didn’t see the point. As for 991 gt3t, yeah it’s great for brag/showing off back when they were hard to get, but the reality (for me) was that on the street it was often an exercise in frustration. I do have 997.2 GT3 4.0 in the garage for whenever I want to try perhaps unusable things for the street
  4. No, I think they will retain or rise. I bought just recently a 991.1 GTS manual and also a 991.2 T (covid boredom). I prefer both to the 991GT3/991.2 GT3T for the fun factor (had both). I also recently had the opportunity to buy back my old GT3T and declined when driven back to back with the GTS. I could rarely get the GT3 to redline on public streets and when I did, I’d have to quickly brake or look in the mirror. Maybe it’s a Vic thing. The GTS/ or T don’t seem to have this issue (as much) - they’re just fun at normally driving. I guess the GT3T has more bragging rights, but still, they seem pretty common to me this gen, and as such don’t seem so special. It wasn’t like that in the 996/997 period. Anyway, to the question of the OP, I would encourage buying one; they’re terrific as the sweet spot, with little depreciation, and the 992 doesn’t seem very special/attractive.
  5. You’re right, I’m ok with overpaying on an impulse purchase but 5 months isn’t all that impulsive. Have you sat in a Cobra though? The reason I love the hardbacks is because I know them, used them, and have a set in another car which alleviates all doubt. For these cars (964/993), here’s my opinion on the options, for street, in cars that I own or have spent a lot of time with; - 964 Sports Seats awesome in my ‘74 MFI, but a tad too high in the 993 (I’m 6,1… but spouse loves them) - 993 RS hard backs, perfect - 964 RS PP, awesome (spouse probably not a fan) - 993 TT comfort seats, not great on long trips due to no lumber although I did add it So, for me, I’d likely buy the HB for 10k+ and quickly have a stiff drink after, or the PP (about to have these fitted to a 964). There’s apparently a local guy selling the 993 HB seats but asking 14k. That seems a bit nuts, or opportunistic, and I doubt it’s an RS manual frame - so if I was determined for another HB 993 set up, I’d likely import.
  6. He replied to me after a few days. $10k AUD and 5+ months lead time. I presume that means $11k inc GST when it comes into the country, maybe more if there’s duty. Lot of money when I like, but don’t love, the car.
  7. Thanks all for the recommendations! Will give some of these a try now.
  8. Hi all, I was hoping to see if anyone had solid referrals for a specialist Porsche workshop in Victoria, ideally in the south east. The car being worked on right now being a '74 2.7 MFI. Any recommendations of where you've personally been impressed by both the skill and customer service would be much appreciated. eg Peter Hardt is awesome for 356, but he only works on 356s, SouthernBM for the BMWs.... geez there's no one else I know. Ok, while I'm at it, a classic Fiat restoration shop would be a godsend too. Thanks, James.
  9. Will do. Do you happen to know if the manual hard backs sit lower than the electric version? Having trouble locating this info.
  10. Ah you've got me tempted, they look awesome!! Will investigate..
  11. njb

    964 Sports Seats

    I was trying out some 964/993 factory sport seats (1994 I think) in my 993TT. The intention was going to be to recover them to match my blue interior, but since then I've been in a 964 RS and prefer the Recaro race seats that it had. But now I'm thinking I'll just stick with stock and either keep the car as a mint original example or sell it due to lack of use. In any case, these sports seats will be going up for sale soon, once they are removed from the car next week. I paid $5k on eBay last year, will be looking to recoup my costs.
  12. I've been on the search for these for probably a year now, the LA Dismantlers guys don't have them and I think I've asked them every 3 months with no luck.
  13. I’ll probably let my 993tt go later this year. Silver, <60k, new suspension, perfect history, etc. Awesome example. Guess will go for 400k when I move it on later this year. Have been waiting til Oct, when it reaches the age for Vic club permit (no stamp duty). Everyone says to keep it, prices going up etc etc , but I’m old.
  14. Not sure you’d find a 993RS for 500k now (AU, mint, <50k). I’ve been offered 700 and still said no.
  15. Ok this has given me some hope, thank you for the link!

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