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  1. njb

    WTB blue 996.2 GT3

    @Rick V your car looks awesome! Please feel free to drop me a PM if you ever feel like selling
  2. njb

    WTB blue 996.2 GT3

    Thanks for that. Agreed, looks like the odds are against me on this one!
  3. njb

    WTB blue 996.2 GT3

    As the title says, no doubt a rare car to seek, but thought I’d put the word out anyway
  4. It is sobering that they won't take orders for Ferrari 812 any more, and same with Aventador. Sad times
  5. Radio has now sold, will post up another listing for the used ones in the coming weeks when I get a chance.
  6. Regarding the radio, of which I've received a few messages: The USA import models work exactly the same but doesn't have the Australian maps on the SD card. At the time I checked the AU version didn't have the maps option available, and not sure if it has it now. In any case I prefer to use Waze/Google through Apple Carplay. I'm selling it because I've been using aftermarket amplifiers in my cars - the Porsche Classic radio is great if you're only upgrading the head unit for additional functionality, but if you replacing the factory amp with aftermarket I experienced slight hissing coming through the speakers. So I had to compromise on the OEM look and went with RSX-GS9 instead. I'll give first dibs on this one to Smussato as he offered to take it first (assuming the above information regarding aftermarket amps doesn't change his mind). I have another 2 units that were installed in my other cars, but they are used and I need to get around to making sure all the cables and accessories are present before listing those.
  7. Nice 928 GTS coming up for auction: https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2022-shannons-summer-timed-online-auction/KAE9R83340YO2A6G/ My fiancé has been looking for one of these for a long time, I'm guessing there'll be a fair amount of competition.
  8. Hi Steve, it's the single DIN not the double DIN. https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/SKUCLASSIC.html. I've clarified the listing now.
  9. 991 Leather Steering Wheel, 7 speed, 99134780387A34, as-new condition, $1500 991 Alcantara Steering Wheel, PDK, 991347980222W0, near-new condition, $1600 991 7 Speed Leather Gear knob, 991424075108YR, as-new condition, $300. Porsche Classic Radio, single DIN, current Carplay model, purchased from Suncoast USA, no local maps. Brand new, unused, unit still sealed, $1500. Smaller 997 Steering Wheel, unknown, $650.
  10. It was sold a few months ago, here you go, if you are the new owner congrats it's a beauty
  11. "Ever driven one?" Ever owned both? I do. On most days I prefer my 964T 3.6 over my 993TT. The preference often changes but usually goes 964T > 964C2 > 993RS > 993TT. And my 993tt is an absolute mint example. I think it's just personal preference, and also a lot of it is up to picking the 'right car, for the right day, and the right mood'. What does annoy me though is your BMW statement, I love Porsches but the N/A M cars are absolutely awesome to drive - I have a few M3s across the generations and quite often prefer them for their fun tail-happy nature, especially my little E36. Having significantly less tyre drone/noise is also a welcome plus when you live in the country. But back on topic, I find the increasing values a disappointing aspect of the hobby, definitely not a plus, as it seems to be encouraging people to hoard and treat these cars as investments. This just shuts out other people from buying, consuming, enjoying, driving the hell out of them. I enquired recently on a manual Ferrari but killed it when I realised the seller was a company that promotes and operates in holding enthusiast cars as an alternative equity investment fund.
  12. Both sets now sold. Thanks all for the interest, and it was good meeting and chatting with those who visited

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