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  1. Always love Jay Leno's videos. They need to be louder though
  2. Needs to update his camera from a potato
  3. scashin

    My 928s back on the road

    Great description! Stunning engine bay
  4. Supposedly a crappy drive. Anyone know how low F40's got to here?
  5. Have you ever seen a slow discus at the Olympics?
  6. scashin

    New Classic Blaupunkt Head Unit

    Doesn't look too bad. I'm planning to use a late 80's Alpine unit upgraded with bluetooth S
  7. scashin

    Alonso retires!

    That's when I move jobs
  8. scashin

    WTB Tired 3.2 Carrera

    So far every 911 I try and buy has no engine under the bonnet *dad joke*
  9. scashin

    Alonso retires!

    Surprised he lasted so long. But I image millions $ a year help smooth out the rage.
  10. I was going to post this video with "Get a load of this bloke!" and then put @hugh But you beat me by daaaaays!
  11. Sorry to interject but do you know who repainted them, mine need doing
  12. scashin

    WTB Tired 3.2 Carrera

    I bought similar, not quite tired engine and bad paint though
  13. Start reminiscing! Don't look at Unique cars because you'll start crying "why didn't I buy then!?" http://arc.bauer.x-cago.net/vw/edition.do?year=2018 This is a relevant read http://arc.bauer.x-cago.net/WHL/article/WHL-19870601-01086001/TIME-MACHINE.html?
  14. Thoughts on the price? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-1980/OAG-AD-16124824
  15. Not sure Peter. I haven't asked about freight yet. Do these meet CAMS?