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  1. scashin

    Alonso retires!

    Surprised he lasted so long. But I image millions $ a year help smooth out the rage.
  2. I was going to post this video with "Get a load of this bloke!" and then put @hugh But you beat me by daaaaays!
  3. scashin

    WTB - rear bumperettes - slim Euro/Aus style

    You can buy them new from Porsche but they are many pennies
  4. Sorry to interject but do you know who repainted them, mine need doing
  5. scashin

    WTB Tired 3.2 Carrera

    I bought similar, not quite tired engine and bad paint though
  6. Start reminiscing! Don't look at Unique cars because you'll start crying "why didn't I buy then!?" http://arc.bauer.x-cago.net/vw/edition.do?year=2018 This is a relevant read http://arc.bauer.x-cago.net/WHL/article/WHL-19870601-01086001/TIME-MACHINE.html?
  7. Thoughts on the price? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-1980/OAG-AD-16124824
  8. Not sure Peter. I haven't asked about freight yet. Do these meet CAMS?
  9. I got a quote from Deltafire.com.au Amerex Model, A384T – 1.4lb c/w Bracket = $150.00 USD B385TS – 2.5lb c/w Bracket = $165.00 USD B386T – 5lb c/w Bracket = $265.00 USD Note: - Prices are ex Alabama USA Freight Not Included
  10. If you get the choice go with Charlie Battisti. When they fixed my BMW it was perfect. Not even a couple of professional car inspectors twigged and asked me about a crash
  11. That price https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1989/OAG-AD-16060066
  12. scashin

    1981 911 SC Radio / Cassette

    Did you want the exact model that came with the car, or just a similar period cassette deck?
  13. scashin

    911 rental in Germany

    How many trips up and down the autobahn is that?
  14. scashin

    911 rental in Germany

    229 Euro's for a 911 for the day. Not sure if that includes all fees. Not bad