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  1. That pitch would make an English teacher vomit. And this sentence literally means the opposite of what he wanted " Porsche 1986 3.2 carrera sport not a normal 3.2 they came with special seats no air con, light weight cars"
  2. Awesome day! My family was originally from Colac and Coragulac so it was like a home coming. Saw some amazing cars. Met the skunkworks crew to discuss a respray and visited local family. Great day out!
  3. Let me guess. They wipe a filthy chamois over the paint and scratch the F out of it?
  4. Remember when Ruf had the fastest car in the world? I do Here is Hooniverse touring their facility and driving some of their beasts I love the brief footage of the yellow Ruf drifting the Nordschleife
  5. After 2 years of ebay searching it finally pops up. But they want GT2 money for it 😐 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143019126327
  6. The speed of the video looks like the car was fired off an aircraft carrier steam powered launcher. Insane!
  7. Sounds good and damn that's quick (dreams of same speed with 3.2)
  8. Rear bumperettes for 3.2 or similar in good condition No US spec Cheers
  9. Always love Jay Leno's videos. They need to be louder though
  10. Great description! Stunning engine bay
  11. Supposedly a crappy drive. Anyone know how low F40's got to here?
  12. Doesn't look too bad. I'm planning to use a late 80's Alpine unit upgraded with bluetooth S
  13. scashin

    Alonso retires!

    That's when I move jobs
  14. So far every 911 I try and buy has no engine under the bonnet *dad joke*
  15. scashin

    Alonso retires!

    Surprised he lasted so long. But I image millions $ a year help smooth out the rage.
  16. I was going to post this video with "Get a load of this bloke!" and then put @hugh But you beat me by daaaaays!

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