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  1. I get that angle too.. Must be only on Euro cars .. not aussie delivered ones
  2. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/knoxfield/wheels-tyres-rims/wtb-porsche-17-speedline-ruf-wheels-17x9-17x10/1263679132. This guy will pay 9k .. maybe someone should hook em up
  3. Gone, Still some wishful thinking on those prices I feel , I think they should climb in price at some point but not yet 230-250k I think more realistic and my car was better spec Lets face it the its always big fish in small pond with the market here and scarcity rules.. in the UK and some other markets they are less flamboyant and mildly thrashing. Covid and the government propping up a fake reality has a lot to answer for , lets see when the bank mortgage holidays and job keeper/saver and the manage your income with cash money syndrome settles in ... in March what the real reality of this market is all about. Sellers game at the moment.. If you got money you have nothing to worry about I guess..
  4. For real ... when did a 65k cab more than double in price . Bring on the best of bullshit photography, bad cars, high prices, poor vacuuming skills. Im glad the jokes/whats for sale thread will have a lot of traction. I only wish I hadn't emptied my garage
  5. Very possible , check out Ninemeister in the UK they have been doing this kinda stuff for years and PR would be very abreast of their work and know their own approaches too no doubt. Time to sell mate ...and your bitcoin Just spray some Old Spice or Brut 33 around and tell em is a lingering of Magnus
  6. You need a 993 mate 😉 Air con that works and AC .. and best value out there
  7. These were at 110-130k.. happy to take it on and pay the dudes membership. Kinda interested Can I wrap it white
  8. May I suggest a worthy Porsche investment strategy , buy as many as you can, sample them all if possible, buy as early as you can in life , because as you get older, for some weird reason it seems much harder to get the exciting tingles in the body and the horsepower/dollars needed to lift the corner of the mouth to a big cheesy smile seems to increases significantly. The governments will come and go and the dollar will rise and fall, the house markets will always be trying to overtake that strategic decision you made to buy a car, but I suggest just press that accelerator harder and it will be come a distant thought. How do I know this , I have facts , I have all the data , my 25 year 993 investment chart $247k in , nearly sold out at 140k , nearly sold out in a crisis at 80K, merger and acquisition 1 and 2 (2 divorces ) car/stock was revalued by 50% downwards. Current position today .. ooh maybe $247 ... P/E Petrol/Excitement ratio still strong , GO pedal that scares me is still working. Dividends - Well what can I say the cars still winking at me when I look back at it and smiles when I open the garage door. Profit and Investment , were two new additional measuring words added at some point in the Porsche enthusiast ownership dictionary , maybe it should have just been left at Enjoyment
  9. 10-20 seems to be in most cases the unjustified hit . Some ROW cars are just as good as ours and unconverted . Also some of the cars are restored as well and if not better than some of our restos. We have a very small DNA pool here and seems for the sake of the Aus del BS , we recycle runts of cars. A good car is a good one and a bad a shit fight regardless of where its delivered , especially when you are talking older cars. History is nice but its whats happened in the last 5 years or maybe less that really counts in the mechanical realm and the last 10 years in terms of body work and rust. Keep a good car and at a beachside suburb for ten years and it will present challenges in the ten years that follows , even if its Aus delivered When you see an SC with 250-300k on it we look at it on merit yet a 996 at 160-200k seems terrible .. perspective is a funny thing that gets ruled by some fuzzy logic, that logic doesn't really get updated that often. I think if you are trying to secure resale , most are conservative but really the dollar per mile and smile is far better in an import almost always . a fabricated govt taxation reality in my view shouldnt blur your vision if your trying to get into your first car or obtain your scarce jewel
  10. Selling means more opportunity to buy and then sell again .... it’s the Carmic Cycle 😀
  11. All these replies , if only I had money.. Money is cheap go get some.. Horny Hacked Hotrod awaits someone .. Don't ask your wife , just grab your testicles Ring the man make him an offer .. I love it when these kinda cars come up , its the epitome of the romantic mind build that gets talked about here and on other forums. Its just you putting value on it . GLWS , but stop taking bits off it, leave it alone
  12. This might be the best.. if you want really low kms .. 20 less than mine. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-gt3-997-manual-my08/SSE-AD-6800048/?Cr=19

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