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  1. These cars really are truly magnificent what a bit of kit , but also defined the top of the marketing/scarcity game that Porsche played with their customers all pver the world.. so many orders were left knocking around after they had been positioned to their top end clients as potentially another car that you would resell over list. Who wouldnt want one , but at what price? 152kms thats a travesty. When you look back the fabled 911R hit a milion bucks didnt it? Where are they now?
  2. Big dollars .. I wonder what is considered high kms, I know 140 isnt much in the NA 993 world , but is it high KMS in the boosted world ? When do these things need work ? I had two new turbos courtesy porsche in my ownership journey and always wonder whens the time to consider bigger overhauls. Apart from that its oil , oil and oil and some valve adjustment and gaskets and thats it .
  3. cant be more than a 220-250 car really .. can it why would you , you would just buy an RS ? I mean really who just wants one to look at ? Theres the rev limiter also.. you have to experience.
  4. Matt Kingsley - Action Tyres and More - Southport knows his stuff if your in a corner for suppliers and want a honest dude that wont take your wallet . I used T+D some time back and were great , have people who have no end of dealing with them in recent times. I would love to know who the SE QLDers are using also .. A journey for some belts at PCGC ..turned into a $1500 extravaganza on my 993 .. im still shy from my visit of a few years back.
  5. Well it came with good track provenance from a PFAer .. theres some youtube knocking around of it at bathurst and was a club champion car .. and just about most bolt on goodies you could try and had been put on over multiple development cycles prior to me and a mate getting it . We then popped another 20-30k + into it and fettled it with a view of potentially doing more track , doing targa and having a mean street car .. and then no one had the balls to buy it basically .. Its was described as a grunty angry beast that was trying to kill me , when I chased/mixed it in a fast lineup of hot 911s in Melbourne by someone who followed me over reefton spur. Some of the Melbourne crew loved it and have seen it and as a driver it really had near perfect feedback from the steering, almost GT3 like but a G series style ... We left it with a bit of patina .. to give it street tough cred , a few rough edges left on purpose when we painted it , did the top end work and more and various other bits ... This is why I say the its very debatable speccy car, which has , will be discussed on forums .. but as I said not in my experience that people rush to buy, god knows why not , theres enough to say about it and BS in car circles , it has a lot of bragging rights for what it is. Heads will turn when you roll into cars an coffee and people for sure will hear you arrive and depart. I feel you can find reasons why not to buy this car if your porsche paperwork..shuffler , it is an import , non matching etc etc but it has other stuff thats visible when you look at it .. all the tech components are obvious .. God knows what its worth.. We ripped up money thats all I will say .. and the dude evidently is at higher price by a bit and more , than what we let it go for via a broker .. so whats the covid markup god knows..he could get his dollar and god luck It was my lesson, forum keyboard discussions dont translate into buyers .. comments to dollar parted are very very low .. Enjoy.. go drive it and give us your impression ...Its got new tyres , I havent kicked em Your buy Ryan .. go for it .. you can finish it Obrut style , maybe a purple stripe
  6. Lost a dollar on that one .. Im not against someone else making a dollar ... Oh how the legacy of a reputation lingers ..
  7. Tidy profit for someone on that...was a speccy car when we sold it last turn around the block and still is, lets see if the keyboard hotrod wannabes have a bite this time round.. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1977-porsche-911-sc-manual/SSE-AD-7132556?fbclid=IwAR3eCY2Fvw-sL_dSBYmcvZhDGxTJoe7KjwGHWf0qPsx8_T0nv2O5qBoHnDE
  8. Im looking to try some tyre sizes on another classic im building and have to mod my three piece wheels that were 315 and 10 inch rims being reduced to 8 inch. I can do it on paper and with the math but I really wanted to try some tyres for look and visual assessment of the stance Does anyone in tassie have any old or screwed tyres? My car dude is in Devonport but i can arrange collection etc.. I have exhausted discussion with Launceston and Devonport tyre shops thus far as they just dont have any volume of old tyres in 17s in general going through their shops. Im loathed to just go buy new tyres that firstly are a guessing game and that will sit whilst the car will continue what might be another 1-2 year process but aching to get it in its wheels to roll it around. Im looking at 275 , 265 or the 255 x 8's and open to try any profile 40,45,50,55,60 Thanks.. I promise not to tyre kick whatever you have too hard PS If you think their have been some wide body/arch conversions done in the Porsche world that people should be locked up for .. this is the ultimate abusive of english metal .. and now you can see why I have the change going down
  9. Her vibrancy and fun will be the most lost ..it goes to show you and I believe beyond being a female , you just need to bring the right attitude and you can magnetise whole a world into your outlook .....the lady had talent and great personality and that shone through RIP
  10. Probably a big discussion.. starters 25 for any decent motor and then depending on build, rods , pistons, cams and more and then distributors, finishes, tin wear , if they have induction and perhaps exhausts thru to 60 maybe more. Really depends on their status.. Both of these motors would be quite rare.. not many 993 3.8S AND turbo motors kicking around. Sorry its a bit of a how long is a bit of string question. @Mike D'Silva has been doing some great work in the area of builds lately and might be able to give a general comment for a starter donor motor needing work and an of example where costs addd up..in getting them to a decent spec, perhaps in a side thread. My last top end overhaul on a 3.2 $10k plus on a 20k motor .
  11. NA 993 Talking of glass panels , you could use it as a spare for this https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/porsche-917-596253 This is in your neck of the woods isnt it and still for sale
  12. I have a complete 3.8 if you want a slightly slower weapon I think our engines might peel those glass panels off @reggiegums And probably the paint ....
  13. You and 700 others ... Its been for sale advertised within the Aston circles and classic circles for a little while

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