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  1. Buy it cheap do the work .. you know u have a good thing , best prices for GT3 buy in a long time
  2. Me no mate I occasionally scribble outside of the lines , I don’t own Porsche’s , I only drive borrowed and stolen cars especially ones that wouldn’t pass roadworthy , most of those cars look like minters . That video was all done on CGI , well the driving scenes
  3. I trusted a PPI from the dealer who also held the warranty , I have had an interesting conversation with PCA and their Motorsport and warranty team about .. their premium product and why should need so much love.. let’s just say I got some free parts and there must be some people feeling it at a dealership which begins with C in Perth .. For me it just has to be safe , spanking it in one of these warrants the few extra maintenance precautions . I do think also it pays to get outta the network and find yourself a Motorsport shop who bank their reputation on your car performing rather than charge you to be on the VIP customer key board of the washbay at the showroom As for losses failure and bad car deals are always an orphan .. I just have a few bastard children that’s all . Wait for the Mktg campaign when I sell it .. I’m hiring Tom 😊 Right colour 😆 Or should I have bought the yellow old banger
  4. The black looks great , I’m into my second year of ownership and just a little reminder these cars are starting to show some age , if I were to buy again , I would be checking , front rear engine seals , water pumps, front struts and top mounts , last full service and fluids flush , brakes/gearbox , last battery, condition and the the good old sticky ac buttons , centre consoles and harness and extinguishers . My bills on my 20,000 kms car that now has 31,000 on it in excess of 40 grand . This is the difference between a good one and bad one be when I look at my have done list , my car was a full warranty PPI pampered pooch With all that said fuch they are such amazing cars and I would buy another in a heartbeat
  5. Thanks guys been in a little life reshuffle and , actually bought some realestate , Have you not followed my moving thread .. Ahh I forgot to post the box by box move 😊 Carwise the markets flat, I just get Black 930s in my SPAM folder nowadays , along with Russian brides and crypto market victim support groups 3 cars down , still holding 6 so I guess I’m still Ferry much addicted I’m at Tuthills this in a few weeks gonna kick some serious Rally tyres Who bought the black SA Hotrod on car sales or the Yellow 73 targa or was it 72 that needed the MFI , with a healthy lowball they looked half interesting ? What is the next trend that will get me a PHAT , what you dudes speculating on ?? No 930s especially not dirty imports
  6. If it’s the Healy car it’s a minter , loads of work done ,? Straight as a dye
  7. Thing if white Beauty !! I need to get a drive of a manual GT cars seems to have got a hammering in price in recent times .. what would that car been $ wise with that spec etc ? I’m still to confused what the must have options are on one of these things ?
  8. I think u will struggle to get a 964 under 80 .. If you want a C2 Targa let me know .. but ain’t gonna be a Resto price not talking $ on the forum , you may however get a good recovery of dollars on the engine which is at 53,000 kms , it maybe too good for what u need , I may have a contact for a high mileage coupe .. but still maybe 90 plus , I’m away for the weekend but drop me a PM
  9. The car has been around for 2 years or so , not sure how u would get rego , it’s gotta be worth that in parts I have heard many talk about it , I thought we had discussed it ?? Nice car dealership MT Buffalo , car presentation not so good , mostly dirty cars offers 😂 The car has been around for 2 years or so , not sure how u would get rego , it’s gotta be worth that in parts I have heard many talk about it , I thought we had discussed it ??
  10. Yup good luck that car looks like a benchmark for stunning

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