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  1. The car has been around for 2 years or so , not sure how u would get rego , it’s gotta be worth that in parts I have heard many talk about it , I thought we had discussed it ?? Nice car dealership MT Buffalo , car presentation not so good , mostly dirty cars offers 😂 The car has been around for 2 years or so , not sure how u would get rego , it’s gotta be worth that in parts I have heard many talk about it , I thought we had discussed it ??
  2. Yup good luck that car looks like a benchmark for stunning
  3. New cars are rarely investment ... fake claims of how scarce they are and controlled markets are to the benefit of the manufacturer it’s a game .. a game brought to earth by cashflow.. I don’t think we will seem that low , drive em and hold em gents Times are changing but I’m not sure we will see disaster 991 will definitely become the ugly cousin in this , manual 992 probably not
  4. symsy

    WTB Porsche Bicycle

    @FAP911 he had 2 for sale probs my still got them ..good luck
  5. As time goes on and our cars move from commodity , to enthusiast to collectable garage queens I feel gaps in services are more the norm and for many cars gonna be more the norm . This thread got me thinking and checking , I drive all my cars pretty much 2-3 times a week , but that can be only 20-30kms for a coffee or quick blast . I have had three different servicing scenarios that really show following the standard Porsche stamp pattern may not be the way and really , service outlooks beyond having no mechanical sympathy are quite variable and personal . My last turbo service run through was a 12k bill and it now ain’t been touched for 2 years!! But when I look back my car has been in and checked or tinkered with 95 percent of the time at a OPC . I have 40-50 repair bills on a 80,000km car , so divide that over 23 years It gets looked at on average every 6 months 🤗 My alternative outlook, On a car that I have had 18 months is a expensive experience as many just pop their car in for a classic or the annual special service . Stamp collectors . My GT3 was like this 10-12 services over its 12 years and 21,000 kms .. I have sincerly had no end of things missed on a warrantied , serviced and PPI car.. My point being what actually gets done , mostly they get looked at , as had been the case with my GT3 , what I find is 5 years no major service as per specs and it has sat , not a good thing in my view . Many things don’t get found unless you really take em for a long drive or even loosen off and check. As I said perfect PPI car ., So far two front struts , suspension top mounts , sway bar links and to get it to a very comfortable level of safe , can be thrashed in my mind.. I just did clutch, brake fluids , brake pads , gearbox fluids , full service , filters , coolant ,a clutch and a complete suspension adjustment and check and a wheel alignment My resolution on reliability and ownership is there is Unique rationale and value in each individuals ownership approach beyond the specs. Therefore look for the owner who knows their car and who is connected to it .. knows what’s going on with it at some intimate level , knows where the marks are , knows it’s quirks , knows what they wanna do next service cycle . We don’t all have buckets of money and I for sure don’t do what generally don’t need touching but each service , I might add in a suspension or a wheel check or an extra fluid change to have my piece of mind . My experience therefore of OPC and a car being sold beyond warranty , with no connection to prior owner , impersonal and not conclusive and to be honest on a classic or collectable I’m not sure I would go it again . The last one my 964 , 1990 , 50,000km car is that it sat and sat and since reinstating it as such into monthly use , it has taken in the past two years probably 8-10 circles and cycles of services to iron out all the age perished glitched items and again even though it was a solid car , it has shown many a problem that looked not to be there on face value .. slow and steady is the approach there .. So wrap up , I guess a suggestion to all Is maybe write a car repair/service diary for the next owner 🤭 Also as I’m a long term keeper of my cars I have worked on the big birthday principle every 5 years go through the lot with someone who knows that variant of car. My two low mileage cars in my view prior to my ownership are on some level neglected or just ageing , I ask the question good to drive good to look at on paper . Have a great Anzac Day .. go for a drive forget the paperwork and mileage 😮
  6. Another one there’s only about 350 left , Porsche people have no idea what bare metal means or when they use that word RUST or no RUST , I just don’t believe em on an un restored car . Zzz that body is aluminium 😅 Indeed an expensive vantage point
  7. That’s why I have a picture of u in my racing lanyard James .. reliable corruptor and influencer of cars with livery On them
  8. Ahh there’s a word play in that one too !! Car ! Acar is more a English forum code as is like Pcar on this forum . And not to confuse , then there things that represent cars that were cars and those things ain’t quite cars yet ... or maybe cars again
  9. Aha not so far away , I demand coffee , beer and real social gathering invite 😂 I hear ya on comfort ..I bought a 997 !! PFA real world banter session should be organised , little formality , lots to of bullshit and maybe a few cars to look at , no winery , no polos , preferably food eaten with hands.. We need a suggestion and u can bring a 996 🤣 About time PFA QLD did something , I know PCQ do a lot but no PFA get together Even Sydney poseurs get to a restaurant once a year .. Happy to try co organise
  10. Get the beers out I’m ready to come name it and pour real froth over it rather than virtual I love a good physical handshake off any man who has new car keys on his pocket 😀 I like the scent of the kill and the ticking noise and smell of fresh oils being tested ...by a new owner The virtual world and social media fornication does nothing for me . Realty rules , Keys in ignition , straps ratcheting on trailer .. I gotta stop now it’s getting kinky
  11. I think I’m upholding the transactional quota for half the forum mate 🤣
  12. You guys and your financial controllers and space .. come on .. You need to learn to manage better , I have 1 car 🚗 In THE garage honey .. garage and car ... 1 in Sydney 1 in Melbourne 1 in Tassie 1 in a garage that don’t exist 1 in the repairers that’s in circulation and not really mine .. look at the interstate plate honey 1 too many that’s causing a relationship issue 17 under discussion here 126 saved on Carsales and a black book of calls Space the final frontier ... Another successful spruking and virtual tyre polish campaign if sale achieved by PFA
  13. We don’t buy cars here this is PFA Poke Fun At Forum . I wish we did bank more transactions between us , more hot air here than a Crypto discussion

PFA [Porsche Forum Australia]

This is an online platform for like-minded Porsche fans/fanatics/tragics to come together to read, chat and share.

It is also a platform to arrange and participate in off-line social meet-ups, events and drives.

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