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  1. All within the asking price it it , it wouldnt be the first import I have married , owned , I am in input yes I forgot that .. 20% -30% its in my DNA
  2. But they all change gears like a donkey regardless of where they are imported from
  3. It looks just Fugly up close , this car was the ugly duckling hat has sat around many a workshop for years .. In the line up of leppers yes I guess you would buy it ... I sincerely dont get what people want with such things , has so history as such- race history and is just another mediocre race car that never quite had its day , hot , attly and save me from the history lesson ad.. Yup grump today must be the full moon or something..
  4. Ah thats why she opened the road borders So seems the 180s is the shift number for cars .. I still wonder what these folks are getting offered by the dealers .. Theres gotta be more to come .. This ones down a little bump of 5 K .. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-cayman-2016/sse-ad-12158844/?utm_campaign=price-alert&utm_source=notification-centre&utm_medium=browser-push-notification&csn_atid=c878542a-ee07-41cf-95be-18c5f460beb6 Is this not still the better buy ? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-porsche-cayman-gt4-981-manual-my16/SSE-AD-12082957/?Cr=15 I still aint heard of that 155 number floating around .. that was deFined as the PFA bench mark
  5. PFA always has the measure mate .. dont question it .. many have like 100,000 key strokes on their keyboards .. much experience in the market .. I laugh how we think we actually define our market and think its significant . no offence to the poster. Lots of small fish in small pond surrounded by great ocean. Many a small fish that in days gone by paid stupid LCT and more to get the trickle of cars thorough here creating a unique scarecity. I think many of us get our chunk of cash and have to give into buy whats out there , not because of market , but because we get fed up waiting mostly and our erections wane in length as we get older and we also get more impatient. When your hot to drive something your hot .. and unless your buying new , you kinda have to go with whats there.. im not so sure thats a market of choice more a market of defaults of whats left or available.
  6. if thats the low bench mark in all seriousness , wouldnt you be better off making an offer on the two white cars .. closest to that and 1/3 of the kms.. Surely these folks got their trade in number from Porsche and then went at carsales and now are realising these things aint quite shifting .. 20% less would be the retailers offer. So 140- 160k ..im guessing their offers So you put your offers out to them and see what happens .......Basically its like looking at yourself in the mirror post 50 and having had a big xmas indulgence and a big night out and deciding which of the super models might even give you a smile back..and a reply to your cheeky offer. They are all a year older now , being close to washed up
  7. We might be dead of somethingcron by then Didnt we say the same about GT3's and 996 , 997 turbos .. In days gone by. The furrow on my brow isnt old age its the deep burrow of the WTF moments. I have nightmares over my dirty import 997 turbo,I walked from at 120k, a GT3 996 at 110k and GT3 997 at 170k and only maybe 18 months back 996 GT3RS low 2's. Im waiting.. the money I put in the bank exactly a year ago seems to have shrunk in the covid tax wash, it hasnt burnt any fuel , didnt make me smile when the roller door clicked through its tracks. KFC is $20 bucks , what happened to the 5 dollar meal deal and a pub steak used to be $10-15 at most its now $28. I hope every buys a 992 GT3 and GT4 and dumps the shitters soon.
  8. Rookie questions still unanswered ... is the CS still a premium As ALI G would say dont be hard on me , is it because I is dumb or I is black ? First new question and its a complicated one .. whats the vote on the best colour . I like white.. cos I dont wanna polish out the swirls Next question .. Whats the must have options .. how much does that warrant above the 155k .. Old question perhaps ... What was the wrap up with the broken cars around the strut towers? and the gearboxes? LASTLY - Let me swear question.. why do folks bring major boredom and annoy the Fuching pants of people on GT3's 997 in particular with the over revs discussion but it seems less of a topic on GT4's, is it because they are under Warranty
  9. So glad you didnt start say that other P swear words like Polish or Profit! As I have all always said many a time on forums , my hobbies burn petrol and money.. the one to be very wary of are EX wives. they inflate the price of your car , make you buy half of it back and you end up at the same net result of ownership. Classic cars. Sports cars and sometimes boats and Polo Ponies.. we forget they are egotistical expression, penis extension or simply our masculine conquest trophies exchanged fo our toil.. They deserve to be used.
  10. Interior looks fast .. in a Don Johnson kinda way not Dick Johnson . Now we know where RWB got his arch extension concepts.. I think the front wings are just all wrong..
  11. Looks like my, marketing worked , its sold yes ?

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