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  1. Translate .. im not sure if they are gonna burn your house down or are having trouble lighting their bbq .. Instagram is the new world of trouble makers
  2. 70s retro rest mod cool … is the only way to go , drop in an LS your right .. just be prepared to do the lot on the car..
  3. You just slide the seat back .. buckets rule Qld raceway , Lakeside , Norwell and a few other tracks.. you better get out there bud !! and theres the back run to Byron Cars and Coffee .. all good GT3 territory
  4. There are a few around , I have been watching the space , was on my wish list but will probably just stick with my other car now..as the whole GT3 maret in my view has been at a stand still They have been dropping 450's >420's and some trade off carsales ..350-375.. especially in the flurry of change overs with 991.2 deliveries.. Not many have shifted I would sense you could negotiate hard and that there will be a few that pop back in the market in spring.. not many 300+ buyers out there .. your cash will be king !!! Paying the local premium would hurt..
  5. Wanted for a friend UK 85 231 BHP , car has a glitch , maybe will repair what will have or swap out the ECU, ttied one form another car and it runs fine Anyone got one , even better if its near the gold coast ?? The correct part number for the ECU for his car according to Porsche is 91161811108 , Bosch part number 0261200051
  6. symsy

    964 Market Watch

    I guess I needed to decide if it were really for sale Fraz… I think im at that junction
  7. Tyre kicking boots at the ready .. I like your style James
  8. One less on Carsales , means one more bit of stylish and super sounding traffic
  9. symsy

    964 Market Watch

    Yes a clean car but did have some weird repairs and retrim, Im a sucker for white as you probably know … what we swapping? Im up for change and just got home .. you can go on holiday in Victoria in a Targa and I come to Nth Queensland as its a bit cold since my return from the states and uk and the 43c days As for scarecity they are very scarce at 42xx and only 2500 RHD ROW vs 33,000 coupes total , not sure of the spread C2 vs C4. Either that or I should cut it up and put the 3.8 in it .. the market is falling
  10. symsy

    964 Market Watch

    So generous …. Im happy t consider sure one of your 10k Longhoods to swap in the deal..or perhpas a 40k 930.
  11. symsy

    964 Market Watch

    Did anyone see what the White 964 Targa sold for posted in the last two months on carsales ?? Had my eyes elsewhere
  12. Take a close look at the roof
  13. Anyone tyre kicked this ? Or maybe they are stacked against the wall ?? https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-1972/SSE-AD-5653251/?Cr=10 Im a few days a away driving and by plane , to do it myself ..