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  1. Just all start calling with the low offers , typical click bait strategy Some fool will buy it or he will keep it is my call, no educated buyer would touch a car that the seller knows shit about If he doesn’t have the details , maybe he should realise the interest is in the emperors new clothes sounds like a knob I wouldn’t buy a car from unless it’s half price
  2. Need ceramics JB 😀 yellow is nice
  3. symsy

    993 Carrera S availability

    @Pork Chops has a tipper for sale I believe
  4. symsy

    Tyre Blackener

    Autoglm have a tyre gel I got it outta the uk , very light shine and seems GT3 and TT proof , very nice on those velvet walled cup 2 s and no sticky flick on the paint
  5. symsy


    Leatherique the best on resto of 60s classic seats , not done my Pcars . JB you can polish the targa any day , I will pay for pizza and steak 😀
  6. symsy

    Engine Clean by Chrisfix

    Degreaser and a good old water spray , garden size pump pack works a treat , not too much pressure and easily directed .. does the trick for lots of stuff without water logging things and don’t forget ya old toothbrush 😀
  7. symsy

    PFA new skin...

    Yeah thanks for all the effort
  8. symsy

    New Import Laws applying from 2019

    997 Rs hmmm
  9. Good honest advert , well used and kept to spec, can’t complain painted too , a good transparent advert 😲
  10. Yes dude Rob ex PCNSW presidents , he’s my hero , drives it everywhere .. proper driving ..lots of KMS enjoy the car
  11. It’s all fakery .. like most RS something’s on the road in the pcar world, push up push rod 1600 Ford thread drift 20 bucks in the swear jar
  12. Good old three cup scam .. Porsche cups 😀. Find the ball folks
  13. problem is proper ownership is a very very special Enigma in Pcar world . Dont Drive it trouble Drive it too much trouble Know what toilet paper the owner used 30 years ago impressed Dont vacuum ur car deals off Next gen Porsche buyers are special , I think I’m gonna write a book of quotes from my recent selling experiences Race car - Where’s the stereo 78 car - Does it have seat warmers Race car driver , do they always put the steering wheel and pedals in that funny position ? 😀
  14. I remember 80k,thank fuch I never sold .. a few years ago !! i do know of 3 cars changed hands 220-255 probably 15 months back in my recollection , atleast one was a wholesale buy , that had to be bought on the spot , no hassles , no haggles , best price of three buyers takes home the bacon 🥓.. love that kinda reality on buying and the market , I wasn’t invited to be a bidder just a poor bystander 😀 Large testicle closed auctions

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