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  1. 997 manual to Hotrod thanks
  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm now thats dangerous .. christmas commin and all
  3. Didnt you buy it .. its a coupe .. I think on hold till the next bubble
  4. Jetwash/steam pressure cleaner and a good paint will be fine…. my old repaint was 3k , big roof too and lasted 15 years , but get it dry before painting OMG asking the porsche boys about a roof dangerous , you will end up with a nut and bolt rebuild on your house .. Is the house collectable..? What kinda paperwork you got on it Keep it simple its a roof , you can get a good sealant product sprayed on . PS dont ask the porsche owning Architects , ask the builders out there .. As for @Fraz - Country boy likes to be reminded of his childhood and the rain falling on the tin, hes even bought a car that rattles like an old tin can on startup as hes into metalic sounds !! https://www.homeimprovementpages.com.au/article/how_much_does_roof_painting_cost This is a good article…. PS dont you know anyone with a spray gun , wheres @MFX home built by jeff literally A silicone based product will give 15 years.. Im also with @Airhead thought you were talking cars .. paint the lot .. the whole house Just make sure on spray day ..your cars are far far away
  5. you would have thought the wheel would have broken
  6. That is a nice car !! ..
  7. The silver car is the ex Biggera Waters car yes ?
  8. Nup I have heard many a story …aboit whos coming to look at my cars .. i reckon its like a 50/50 less rate of turning up.. really , it does come down to a balance of getting a serious engaement with the buyer , if your just emailing and smsing and firing off a million questions like the avergae porsche person does or feel is the norm , it all gets a bit dry… without dragging the thread totally sideways into selling/buying philosophy. You already pretty much will have worked out if its for you and if you trust what your being told in my book before you commit.. You know theres probably variance and I get it clear upfront .. work to the agreed price and if big numbers I might PPI and Im personally clear , the seller fixes it and they get your money.. or I have a low low ball number in mind and will decide if I wanna take on the issues. if it costs me time ..unexpecetd time , it costs them money..and or they loose a solid buyer. Im finding recently more an more people are over, the general nature of buyers and the million back and forth questions and really over carsales. A call works many times , a visit can bring many results , a deposit pretty much will get you to the price gap discussion every time. Sometimes for sure I look, just to look to get a feel of where the market is at for a car/model , like when I hunted for 996 turbos , I saw 6 to get a feel for price and general condition, I personaly like to know my market and also know what things are selling for thats teh real market not the advertised dollar. Red GT3 is a bit of a prize .. quite rare and or unique , I would be moving quickly , if I was looking and felt it was close to stacking up as my dream car.
  9. We will forgive you , evidently your wife won't.. you better list em on here at good prices and get the rich porsche owners club on your radar..its a family thing yoi know. Mike needs a new daily since he sold his dodgy BMW that he got from Porkchops. Better to have something to talk about .. Pcar markets like watchin paint dry
  10. You have no excuses .. your car list looks empty and your garage probably is too…. Do you have storage space for one of us fellas, to buy something?
  11. Times are changing …. Yup I agree @James P, if its a winner car by my estimate , I normally throw out 500-1k as a gesture of good will and sincerity in my looking , subjcet to inspection or PPI .. money talks and to most it holds a lot of gravity if you genuinly need time to move yourself interstate.
  12. mmmm .. my samsung one , that I use on my iphone .. shakes like an addict , in both the GT3 and the turbo Im good with cheap just want functional
  13. I thought I had an old post but cant find it .. Anyone having good luck with anywhere near stable with suction mount phone holders and recording off iPhones/samsungs etc Suggestions on brands and where to source em?
  14. I had missed that @LeeM fuchen hell .. Think im gonna go give my self Hans Job and try not soil me race suit