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  1. I hear ya , I like cars that talk to me ...and dont wanna do the driving for me ... I took the old girl out for a drive today and sucked down some of the cold winter air and 27l/100 expensive fossil fuels . I then took the remainder of the cash in my pocket and popped it in the two stroke and polluted the rest of the valley with smoke
  2. You just needed the X50 kit turbo S kit to give it a bit of edge and some .. but yes GT3.. is a special car my preference a 997 ..A stand out .. but remember a TT is 25+ years old , not much grabs your attention in that era .. as well as they do ..good brakes , enough speed ..and still can get you in a whole load of trouble .. I kinda agree on the price tag..but when did a plain 964 become 200+ and an SC, 3.2 Late 1's , again all nice cars but special at that price.. probably not .. especially when a Golf will run rings around em
  3. Thats a nice car , well loved .. I want the old wheels and bits though Stock is not best !! GLWS and the right colour too
  4. Oi , mine was used as my daily for work and has travelled sideways , dragged a lot of WRX's and Evos in my younger years and more .. not just used for latte and ice cream runs I didnt get a TT with a sunroof though
  5. Its the older sibling to that Turbo you know so so well in Sydney Not quite as shiny but for its years a similar style of owner and tune etc.. I just want one of each 993, 996 , 997 ..Turbos all the way
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/213705582741068/permalink/1171343630310587/?sale_post_id=1171343630310587 Fast, tidy car... I chased this on the road a few times in my Melbourne mayhem days .. not sure if the owner still lurks here , but if i was looking for a car like that ..I would give this a good tyre kicking . Its how I would mod one ..
  7. GT2 - Stocker with silly yellow brakes or a Turbs with bolts ons , of my choice I will take the latter thanks ! I just cant move on the 150 pesos price increase since we spoke !! I just cant and I know maccas aint a dollar any more
  8. PCCB.. Mythbusters need calling .. give em to me any day and stand on em real hard .. Many just click and order em and save em for a rainy day .. take em off and pop reds folks say .. what a load of BS. Perhaps its so they can look at em on their desk , whilst looking at their car polished in the garage and the rain clouds through the windows .. yellow is a nice contrast to grey clouds. Most cant push their cars heard enough on the track, or fry the tyres before they get close .. Its boost weather on the east coast .. 5c mornings.. get those cars out and work em Come on fellas look a those swirl marks https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-2010/oag-ad-20807906/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=sfmc&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=cf498769-9663-4149-b3da-91085491f6e1
  9. Makes total sense to me .... But hang on I will have to put me glasses on ... how many beers did it take you to remember that ?
  10. Next lad with fat wallet and penis in hand .. will surely buy it now .. cos the red one sold at ......thats always a good reference .. gotta be good if its over 300 😃. Good for the Gram ratings anyway
  11. If your pockets that full , why would you buy one of them period and just not get an RS or something else .. Value and price two different dimensions in some peoples reality evidently ..
  12. Seriously how many wankers are there out there .. am I getting banned for saying that if they are a member ? Code RED .. Man Down with his wallet out !!
  13. Election sale at 250 or less .. you would have thought!
  14. Quite cheap compared to a .1 sold in the 500 arena I guess

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