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  1. symsy

    Detailing my 944

    top job
  2. With 997's in the 80-105 range and that was a 60k car .. insane
  3. Well we know some of the a/c cars go 230+ and many commonly advertised on carsales. I have had a 3.2 at 285km (No rebuild and pulled like a steam train). Some of the partial rebuilt cars are hitting late 3's in mileage too . There is no real reason for the 996 to be any different, Im sure Porsche didnt build with a premature end of life in mind for that car , it aint their style , well no more than any other car they create. Even when faced with a decsion of creating an economic entry level car a 944/924 there enginnering quality shines even they are kicking on and good cars.
  4. symsy

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    Bummer on the points @Oldmxnut, would be great to see one of these new cars in the flesh …and organise a drive North or you and the other new owners come South .. I know some good blast routes . Quite possibly also better on the demerits. Nice to read your impressions and gain insight of @sleazius gear to gear testing regimes..
  5. symsy

    Importing Porsches from the UK to Melbourne?

    HK and Japan still options to source RHD cars…. I can tell you Australian beaches and the salt air , can do as much damage as the UK salty diet. I also think unless your doing inspections by drilling holes and scope and or cutting some sections with a plasma cutter you will not get a true indication of rust, especially in older cars. This would go hand in hand with a bare metal stripping if you want to be really sure. For some UK cars you will find that they would have by now gone through full resto , where as many our local cars are just holding in there. Dont kid yourself if you think Aus delivered is some kind of magic….. no rust prayer, its a matter of time. .
  6. symsy

    Monty 2 in 1 out for sale

    @wilburforce I know you have now palmed it off Too loud? I just had someone up here asking me about Monty.. they have been around for eons and wondered why the change , you can PM if you dont want upset Skids Skids thats your cue to tell us about your exhaust and not look like a squatter.
  7. @djm https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2015/SSE-AD-5447443/?Cr=36
  8. Ok lets discuss this then .. value ..? Stylish ? https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-2008/OAG-AD-15958633/?Cr=26
  9. symsy

    Check Your P

    Great recovery …now for more boost in your life @OZ930
  10. Watched this on someones FBook feed this morning .. Loved it , too good not to share .. cant recall seeing it discussed here
  11. Ok I will have it for 200k and how much you paying per lap for the loan
  12. The scary thing is that its in Viilawood for how long thats more the concern!! Bid @DJM but let me know cos I will also Tyre sesnors are on.. so must have been fitting , can you check the dates on em if you zoom , in ? 3000kms cant have any damage Terrible colour ..wrap it though if forced
  13. symsy

    WTB: 17 inch turbo twist 911 wheels

    Targa Pmd you