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  1. Red comes up good on a TT , as for Gaps TTS and 993 in general is a bit of a sloppy fit , when u pull lights etc you have to be very focused to put em back right.
  2. symsy

    993 Alternator

    Want for a engine build , got one , don’t mind if I have to rebuild ?
  3. Ok edgy a real hotrod and cash .. and I wanna discount 😃 and the cage and I don’t mean the dogs one
  4. By the time the you work the AC 996 puzzle out @LeeM they will be very classic AC romance and nostalgia 996 reality and roads to be consumed with abundance of petrol money and more time as your not laying under it Wrench or winding through the hills with on key demand the choice is yours 🤣 if you must , taste full mod the 996 oodles of cheap bolt in goodies and castoffs around mate , especially from crazy turbo owners
  5. Slow progress hot in the garage up norf 33 yesterday , light tidy up and clean up , tips meet muffler or should I say nice looking bit of pipe 🤣 fit tommorow promise as long as I have sourced all the right hardware .. can’t quite do the bush mechanic , coat hanger mod .. just not gonna cut it . Special word of the day Sharkwerks
  6. Good u just need a shirt , some good boots and you will have more friends in no time 🤣
  7. @TINGY996 what I got a fellow brother of the sidewall clan 😀
  8. Two cars very good prices what’s not to believe the 997 and the T
  9. Just get some instruments at super cheap it will be fine
  10. Yes I have seen it , a few times last year , it maybe a members car . It presented well , seems like value The Brisbane crew drove down to CC Byron Bay a 4 hr round trip with it and a few other modded cars it was one of them
  11. Bargain till you turn the key and those little dash lights don’t come on ..
  12. They wouldn’t fit on the mini so the fat 70mm of goodness had to go on the Sharkwerks for the GT3 , proper fitup next week , wasn’t up for laying in the driveway for another hour in the 30c heat .. missing my hoist
  13. Stunning , will be interesting to see what the market does with s standout car A winner for someone , nice to hear if a good car at reasonable price ..

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