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  1. Anyone replaced instrument bulbs 💡 on their 964 or 993 ? Just wondered if you knew of a supplier .. Repco only LED or the wrong colour. If you have swapped urs for led send em to me 😊 ALBA 12v 0.9 w
  2. Couple of question Aren’t Tourers rarer than CS? Did all CS have AC . With Regards cars with no history you would you knock 20 percent I would
  3. You also forget , the Haggle they will get on this car , the dealers cut or margin even if on consignment and the set of tyres of brakes that will get thrown onto the deal yo close it ... so what’s its real trade/liquidation price ?? It does have highish mileage
  4. You guys make me laugh .... you should watch the movie wizard of oz - especially the wizard scene , a great metaphor for the car market . That said I see and hear theses prices but they don’t sell to me Realty bites deep eh! Best way to make money on these cars buy hard and hold em ..
  5. Don’t u worry when the car keys are put on the table I will take that .. the seller has a string of upgrades and knows I would be solid . Again I’m not knocking the cats but an indication perhaps of how more complicated it is to find people with 100k GBP Porsche poker chips in their pocket
  6. I wish I blasted one of these cars around the Swiss alps Surely one of us must know the silver car ? Possibly @hugh or @James P ? Looks ok hey 😊 if I were in country I might be tempted to take a squiz at that
  7. 996 turbo still best bang for buck mate and u know it
  8. Just go for a drive it will all be ok , you think we know shit here ?? Remember we are all self appointed experts in the life tipping comp All I can say my life has been rock and roll and I intend it to stay that way 32 yrs Porsche ownership and I’m pushing for at least another 20 plus .. Yes boss.., let’s get back to Price’s or doesn’t anyone have car auction to promote
  9. I think you will be surprised how hard it is to get and even more get a man to part with his money right now , my stable cleanse has reduced the count by four cars ... a tough journey I tell ya . I think there are few investment options right now which can make cars the best of a bad bunch , I think and definitely not calling doom, As I’m sitting still in 5-6 cars is that the general climb of classics sub 500k has flatlined and the market rally will be on a few choice models . Maybe even Motorsport cars ? The other significant driver being the tax free opportunity and for some countries the money laundering opportunity still to be had in cars . Not exactly a structured financial instrument as such albeit a fun one .. UK Brexit effects haven’t also started to ripple out properly yet .. I think some cars over midterm will be great owning and driving most important , question is which ones . So many market factors , first car price entry , is that now 100k for the bloke now lining up to take his turn after sending kids to school etc or the midlife crisis buyer ?? PS Porsche’s make great coffins , my outlook for older age 😆
  10. Hands off dicks and keyboards and hands on bottle or gearshift a perfect resolution .. The thread frotheth over I still like to know what people would pay alongside their opinion .. maybe we need a Carsales tipping comp 🤫
  11. I’m standing with you Rob my intention to just get down to a measure on opinions . This and other forums always pose a lot of conjecture and I like a good definition of appreciation being price !!! Cos let’s face it that’s where all the chat comes home in a single point 😊 As for sensitive sellers , if their egos put their price out there with Romantic Ideals there their egos will naturally get dented .. financial transactions quickly shape reality. I have no knowledge of the seller and I’m just talking against an impersonal subject and having debate .. Two of us dickheads bantering hey . I like the car the seller has at least it got a bit of attention Is it a bloody import ? I think before we rush to protect the seller , remember they are not all children also has the right to refuse just like a good looking chick turns down many dates and offers if drinks I bet . I hope Mr Grey car get its true value And fuch me Tom you bored the tits off us spamming for weeks , let us talk freely now young man about something else Did ya try yet ? You like the lowball approach .. if I recall correctly , don’t ask don’t get or don’t get the clarity even That’s the puppy , had some published event or track times I believe , it’s took a while to shift I recall and was 95k at s low point if I recall correctly .. how does new paint get it to the new number ? I hate to pick on what I recall then as a good car as it fought my eye and now an even better car .. but the creativity on pricing ?? The market has moved down in many areas if anything ?
  12. The orange and the green were for sometime at Healy melb in times gone by , the orange had front scuttle damage still obvious .. zag to their credit at the time even advised me what punters started with good donor cars and which ones didn’t . Many of the donot cars probably then crashed or already bastardised at 25-35 k , many were just built cosmetically , with stuff all done to mechanicals .. I guess as values grew ZAG treatment grew and the demand along side that . . I guess over time they could also be less and less dictated by the owners and could uphold a better level of quality as the cars residual value was there post restomod. It’s just how the market evolved , I remember looking at the green one at the time and had many an engine leak but body and interior looked the part , the orange with damage and funny wheels , I ran from very quickly ..

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