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  1. symsy

    WTB Tired 3.2 Carrera

    So is that 87/88 cars ?
  2. So Cayman folks , what is the market for a PDK car ? Dirty import or not, Im looking perhaps for an entry level car ..for the Mrs . Anybody tracking their car.. do they need a suspension upgrade and the larger sump? I havent watched the prices? any must have options?
  3. dont do it , just by a cayman PDK and an exhaust and keep the 997
  4. he did , I have seen it
  5. symsy

    Full concourse

    Dry Ice blasting .. cleans it off..
  6. Just get it on Cam and keep it there Mike , the licence you need !!! Get Skids and Hugh to teach ya , dont listen to Gut he's just Booooooooooosting all the time !!
  7. I had missed that video great stuff Andy, Simon ..it fuchen awesome and Sven @Skidmarks love your dedication to consuming fossil fuels in the most stylish of ways … true tarmac terrorism
  8. symsy

    1977 Carrera 3.0

    Enjoy @SWRS4 …. sounds like you got money .. lots of $25 billls being thrown around .. Kerry we will all need coffee next time we meet and its your shout … Take Svens $25 an the new chaps with his yet to be formed identity and membership
  9. symsy

    1977 Carrera 3.0

    Good stuff , outta the hoarders den and released back to the wild…where its should be Time for it to make stylish Melbourne traffic
  10. symsy

    WTD - KMH Speedo and clock 84/85 911

    Still looking ...