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    symsy got a reaction from Fraz in 996-7 Turbo Watch   
    997 manual to Hotrod thanks  
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    symsy got a reaction from Fraz in Roof Painting Recommendations/Advice   
    Jetwash/steam pressure cleaner and a good paint will be fine….  my old repaint was 3k , big roof too and lasted 15 years , but get it dry before painting  
    OMG asking the porsche boys about a roof dangerous , you will end up with a nut and bolt rebuild on your house ..
    Is the house collectable..? What kinda paperwork you got on it 
     Keep it simple its a roof , you can get a good sealant product sprayed on .
    PS dont ask the porsche owning Architects , ask the builders out there ..
    As for @Fraz - Country boy likes to be reminded of his childhood and the rain falling on the tin, hes even bought a car that rattles like an old tin can on startup as hes into metalic sounds !!
    This is a good article….   PS dont you know anyone with a spray gun , wheres @MFX  home built by jeff literally 
    A silicone based product will give 15 years.. 
    Im also with @Airhead thought you were talking cars 
     .. paint the lot .. the whole house   Just make sure on spray day ..your cars are far far away 
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    symsy got a reaction from James P in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Hmmmmmmmmmm now thats dangerous .. christmas commin and all 
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    symsy reacted to James P in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    I’ve got some storage space send me a nice Pcar 
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    symsy reacted to Airhead in Phone holder - iphones etc   
    What ever you get make sure you mount it where you can see it easily. Don't worry about seeing other road users. They'll get out of your way.

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    symsy reacted to Raven in Phone holder - iphones etc   
    These can be very expensive  in the long term ,,,,and not the most practical phone holder ,,but this one does look like it can comfortably carry a Nokia ..........?

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    symsy reacted to wilson59 in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Sounds normal to me . I have had my GT3 for nearly a year now and just can’t wIt to get in and drive it 
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    symsy reacted to Jason A in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    It’s a very clean car, came with original steering wheel, std GT3 wheels, even has a trickle charger.
    Front cage with side intrusion bars, extinguisher & kill switch.  I have watched the market for almost 10 years, the car is very complete.
    Perhaps you could snip the white one.
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    symsy reacted to 901er in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Ahh it was you! I was trying to trade my mk2 with them on that car but someone paid a deposit before I could get serious about it. That was a good buy
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    symsy reacted to Jason A in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    I wouldn’t look at a car unless we got in the ballpark on price first, particularly if interstate. I have a deposit on a car in Melbourne atm, have just returned from inspection. Was as described and all looks good - so of for PPI next week then  will pay balance. 
    I think you have to be a bit flexible and try to qualify the car and the seller. Car sell interstate and even globally these days.
    In 2013 I flew back into Australia to inspect a car after following the above process. Worked out, I still own the car. Incidentally it is pictured above at Rennsport @ SMSP.
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    symsy reacted to James P in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Not an idiot at all but maybe crazy like me.. I bought Fifteen 911’s from gt3’s to SC’s all site unseen & no PPI’s, all paid & delivered to my door.. all worked out well 
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    symsy reacted to wilson59 in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Bought two cars site unseen from interstate both turned out better than expected. paid in full  before I arrived . 
    Good  chance I’m just an idiot . 
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    symsy reacted to Troubleshooter in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    I've heard a hundred "I'm gonna" stories from my so called buyers, but very few carry through in person "I'm doing". I won't hold a car for anyone 99% of the time unless deposit is paid and that is always a deposit TO BUY, NO REFUND! I'll knock 2% off over the phone but I wont further negotiate selling price unless it's in person. I'm not into wasting my time when selling …... Or wasting my time when buying. I won't negotiate buying price unless it's in person either. I won't cross the road to look at a car unless it's almost the right price and I'll immediately  jump on a plane and take my chances. If I'm buying sight unseen it has to be a screaming bargain and I can't pass it up ...
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    symsy reacted to reddahaydn in Phone holder - iphones etc   
    I run a ram mount suction holder and X Grip, with their tether. It's great. 
    Pricey, but the inbuilt tether means you can get your phone out in between sessions to charge it instead of cutting and re-doing zip ties.
    You can video forward without seeing the mount, and you can get different length arms as required. 
    I've used a RAM I pad holder in my 4x4, and they are also used on boats, so they are about the strongest best quality holder you'll find. pricey, but worth it.
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    symsy reacted to wilburforce in Phone holder - iphones etc   
    They are ugly - but i use one of these in the SC and get pretty steady footage.  
    Whatever you do don't stick it to your dash...
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    symsy got a reaction from James P in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Times are changing …. Yup I agree @James P, if its a winner car by my estimate , I normally throw out 500-1k as a gesture of good will and sincerity in my looking , subjcet to inspection or PPI .. money talks and to most it holds a lot of gravity if you genuinly need time to move yourself interstate.
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    symsy reacted to James P in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Shame for you guys.. if its a hot item what i normally do in that situation is put a $500 sight unseen holding deposit on it then fly over to inspect, if its a horror story i just walk away but kindly ask for the deposit back only lost the deposit once..
    I did see the red GT3 a few weeks ago up close it was very nice for sure..
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    symsy reacted to privatepang in Barney - old, fat & grey #84rney   
    Barney's finally home. Been a long 2 years but was all worth it when I put my foot down and felt the difference. As Simon @ Autowerks put it, Barney is cranky on idle but comes alive on the revs. Few niggly bits to get sorted out but at least he's driving.
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    symsy reacted to privatepang in Barney - old, fat & grey #84rney   
    So car is pretty much done but still needs a tune. I couldn't wait and went for a short test drive to just get a feel for it. Going to be interesting post tune as car currently doesn't like it under 3000 rpms. Will need to get used to driving it all over again and hopefully not burning out the clutch lol
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    symsy reacted to privatepang in Barney - old, fat & grey #84rney   
    Since the last update, car was towed up to Autowerks in Wyong where they are doing all the mechanicals. Simon has been great to deal with and I highly recommend their shop
    Under fender front oil cooler has been installed. Although most RSR builds have the front mounted coolers, I personally prefer cleaner ST style front bar so went with this option.

    Being a 75, had to source a set of used oil lines as well

    We also made the decision to go with adjustable rear spring plates to avoid the effort of mucking around with torsion bar adjustment

    I have no photos of the wiring but the loom had to be extended so the motec could be stored in the cabin rather than in the engine bay. Once that was done, heat soak padding and engine bay matt was installed and the new motor was fitted

    Kids came to see Barney for the first time in the shop and were super excited. Race muffler that came with the engine was trial fitted but call was made to get a new replacement as I prefer dual pipes and am worried this race exhaust would be excessively loud. I'll be putting it up for sale in the coming weeks if anyone's interested

    Opted to go with the Dansk sports muffler. Looks awesome and waiting for some metal straps! Simon had to make some adaptors to get it to fit with my headers.


    My starter motor needed upgrading too so ordered the high torque starter from Rebel Racing which should have enough juice. Also had to order replacement flanges for my rebuilt gearbox so that I can re use my half shafts. After that, there will a few little things but hopefully only a few weeks from getting Barney back on the road. It's been a long 2 years but i'm sure it'll be all worth it soon enough. 
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    symsy reacted to Harvs11 in 911 Turbo Hotrod V3.6ltr   
    Just a thought ?
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    symsy reacted to Arnage in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Highish for a Pcar.
    Yep lowball away, it's just a 6 year old second hand car.
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    symsy got a reaction from 901er in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Mmmmm white….like 
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    symsy reacted to JulianG in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Or go feral .... http://aircooledtechnology.com/
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    symsy reacted to DHE11 in Rampless car trailer   
    Stay with dual axle for safety.  After that they all do the same basic job, and unless you have a very low car / splitter they will all be fine.
    Also make sure you can open the doors when on the trailer as its a real hassle if you cant (nice to have is storage and wheel rack, but depends if your doing race weekends or not)
    I have a Baillie, which was custom made, semi enclosed and can carry 10-12 wheels and lots of fuel and spares. As a result its big and heavy, but with axles offset further rearwards for Porsche the benefit is it tows great !!!     The unicorn trailer you describe above may be a used aluminium trailer imported from the USA... there are lots of them around.