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  1. been a while....busy renovating house ,changed work...baby on the way.... anyway..the engine is currently getting rebuilt,I now have carrera spec cams :-D bought a set of SS heat exchangers from the U.S. ... an absolute work of art! Got another order on the way with all the parts for heating...can't wait.. :-D
  2. I know! Hang on..you dubbed it? as in you re-recorded the dialogues? whoa...that's not original and has a detrimental impact on the value of your VHS you now,just sayin'...
  3. Damn! That dvd is rarer than a 930! I've been hunting a copy on dvd for years without luck!
  4. That's Hans Herrmann at the Avus in 1959 in a BRM...probably a good thing he exited the car in this case. The drivers in those days were all afraid of getting stuck in the car and burn to death in case of a crash.... a crash over 400 though...not sure what safety feature would help you there.
  5. ...or the LSR attempts of Auto-Union and Mercedes-Benz on the Autobahn near Darmstadt in the late 30's.They went past the 400 mark... Balls of steel! I did 285 km/h on my FZR 1000 20 years ago on the Autobahn.Scary and fascinating,the bike gets so incredibly stiff over 200.. Completely different than in a car i suppose.....glad I survived those days.
  6. I can't decide what I want...love the 450slc,beautiful shape,sporty coupe ,typical 70's design....but the 280SE is more luxurious,all the wood and chrome...argh...decisions...I'd get both if i could! Sorry for hijacking your post reggiegums, I'll shut up now!
  7. Pretty sure the 450 SLC's were Aus delivered. Don't know anything about the SL's though. Why did you decide against the 280SE Coupe if you don't mind me asking? if I had the coin I'd go for one of them,beautiful cars but completely out of my reach.
  8. Good luck, I'm looking for a 450SLC or a 280SE 3.5 alternatively... Very cool cars!
  9. maddin

    Rosberg retires?

    Aaaah Louis Hamilton....The Kanye West of Motorsport. That's all I have to say about him.... Nico Rosberg on the other hand.....what a champ! He has nothing more to prove,he did it...family time now! I was lucky enough to be right beneath the podium when he won in Melbourne in 2014 ! I'll miss him...
  10. ..are the prices US$ or AU$?
  11. me too...not in the near future but maybe next year. Some place in Sydney is distributing SCART mufflers..
  12. I've got the rasant kit for my 3.0l ..my engine is getting rebuild right now,will be visiting my engine man next weekend to check on progress.Hopefully will get everything back together in the next couple of months :-) Very expensive kit but my CIS needed a rebuild anyway and I got a good deal from Andrew for the kit. I'll post a few pics once it's assembled
  13. My plan was to hitchhike from Southbourne to Goodwood,glad I didn't!! The traffic is nuts...I ended up taking the shuttle bus from Chichester,they offer cheap 4 day tickets and you just drive past all the traffic jams...Can't get any better! I wouldn't recommend driving a car there
  14. 1200 AU$ for the aluminium housing...and the matching fan another 600 something...yikes! does TAFE offer Magnesium welding classes? I got one of them in the garage somewhere,should do..

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