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  1. Yesss! I hope this means what I think it means. I knew you would come back eventually. Good luck in your search Patrick.
  2. Timm

    A over ripe banana

    Nice swap, should be a hoot to drive when it's done. There's a guy in the US on the FB group 'Porsche 944 Outlaws' who's doing a similar swap with a 4.2 v8. Looks like he had to clearance the strut tower bracing a little, and also modify the firewall.
  3. Timm

    944 sale price

    That would make a nice base for a turbo track car build.
  4. Timm

    968 "Green Stripe " clutch pressure plate

    I've got the KEP Stage 1 PP, Sachs Sport disc combo and I really like it. Factory smooth engagement and only slightly more pedal effort than the stock PP. Holds ~500Nm just fine, perfect combo for a moderately powerful 951 IMHO. Have you had any issues with the clutch fork and the Stage 2 PP? I remember reading that the clutch forks used to break fairly often with the extra clamping force.
  5. Timm

    WTB: Fuel Rail

    Anyone have a good used fuel rail, or an aftermarket one lying around? To suit late 8V head. Mine has sprung a leak
  6. Timm

    Tyres 7/8 15 inch recommendation

    I've got the AR1 on my 951 and really love them. Lots of grip on track and don't overheat. I also daily drive on them as I only have one set of wheels, so far I've done a bit over 5000km on them, including 3 track days and they have about 1/4 tread left. So wear isn't too bad for a soft semi slick. They are not too bad in the wet actually, grip is still good on a wet surface, they just don't like standing water. Hitting deep puddles really jerks the steering around and makes for a bit of a hair raising experience.
  7. Timm

    Dud relay

    This has worked for me as well in the past.
  8. Timm

    My Porsche 928

    I'm not 100% certain, but I do recall mine looked like had been machined. Just remember to perform a cam break in procedure when you first start it and it should be fine.
  9. Timm

    My 928s back on the road

    That is a work of art!
  10. Timm

    Porsche related off topic

    I don't have any direct experience with any awd Porsche's but maybe this info will give you a starting point. Perhaps some of the experts in here will weigh in with some more info. Under the 911 model there have been several series, and I believe all have had McPherson front suspension. The awd variants began within the 993 series, and have continued with 996, 997 and latest, the 991. The AWD cars within each of these series are the Turbo, and the Carrera 4 (C4). Another car that might have similar front suspension are the old audi quattros. Their awd transaxle arrangement has the same orientation as a subarus, and a development of that transaxle was also used in rear mounted rwd configuration in the Porsche 944.
  11. Timm

    981s track tyres - diameter question

    I don't have any specific experience with that on a boxter, but I would say it should be fine. Staggered diameters are only a problem with awd drive cars where the front and rear wheels are physically linked and therefore need to be rotating at the same speed. For track work a smaller tire diameter than stock will probably serve you well, as it effectively gives you a higher final drive ratio.
  12. Timm

    Ring Wars Continue

    Not just young guys who can act like fools at track days. On occasion I've had sprint days where some old guys start swerving about and driving erratically trying to stop me from overtaking because they just can't believe this young whipper snapper in his street car is quicker than them in their expensive race car. At the end of the day as long as no one gets hurt or bins their car it's all good fun though, no matter the experience level or type of car.
  13. Timm


    If you can't get your hands on one, you can just put the car in 5th gear with the handbrake on....that's how I've always done it.
  14. Timm

    WTD - Pistons suit 3.0 SC

    Now we're talking! 10.5:1 comp will totally transform that engine. After all the effort you've gone through, particularly with the ITB EFI conversion, that engine really deserves to have some proper compression.
  15. Timm

    WTD - Pistons suit 3.0 SC

    I think the comp increase would have a much larger effect than the cams...would be worth waiting to find some nice pistons. 8.5 is very low for an N/A! Is there any machining of the heads/barrels that can be done to raise compression?

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