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  1. Nice work. There's enough room in front of that engine for an extra two cylinders 😉
  2. Car must not have been in gear properly, or you have an open diff and it's just spinning the opposite wheel when you add resistance from polishing. I've had the same idea before to polish some lips, but it actually took forever. I ended up just used this method for a bit of wet sanding, and then for the polishing I used one of these drill attachments from supercheap auto. Works a lot quicker than using the car to spin the wheels. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/toolpro-toolpro-polishing-ball---125mm/386603.html?cgid=SCA01011102#start=36
  3. Timm

    968CS Refresh

    Wow that thing is filthy. Always nice to see these old girls being restored to their former glory.
  4. Thanks! yeah I cant definitely tighten things up a bit still and get on those kerbs. Haha, it's addicting isn't it!
  5. It sure is, I don't get out there enough. They're going through some legal disputes at the moment regarding noise complaints, so not surprised they kicked you off.
  6. Wow, 59's at lakeside on your first outing there (I assume) is really quick! Keen to see this thing out on track.
  7. Been quite a while since I uploaded any videos, but thought I'd share this special occasion of going sub minute on the QR Clubman yesterday.
  8. Are we sure it's a two door coupe? They could be working on a 'coupe' like the new cayenne coupe, ie not a 'coupe' at all.
  9. Haha, maybe one day I have been tempted to set up a double din head unit with VEMS display, but I already have an analog oil temp and boost gauge down there so no real need.
  10. Yep that's it. Unfortunately I didn't take any pics during the installation, but here's a pic off google showing were to place the LED strip. You can see that the two mirrors on the right have already been rubbed off leaving clear windows which the LED stip gets stuck over. I did this mod back in 2015 and have had no issues whatsoever with it since. The only notes I have is that the LEDS are very white, so don't match the rest of the incandescent bulbs in the rest of the interior. If I did it again I'd try to find a warmer colour if possible, or perhaps put a translucent yellowish film over the windows under the LED strip. @OzJustin and @Jason E happy to show you boys mine first if you wanna see how it looks in person.
  11. Another way to fix this issue is to remove the reflective coating all together by rubbing it off with paint thinner. This leaves 3 windows which you can then stick an LED strip over to shine directly at the dials. The LED strip is spliced to the wires for a nearby bulb that lights up the dash vent slider label. Works with the dimmer and everything. I used a strip like this https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-strip-light---led-12v-30cm-flexible-black/386326.html Dim: Bright:
  12. Bastards, I hope the car is found and they get what they deserve.
  13. Please for the love of god buy this beast Sam so I can come for passenger rides and drown in my own bodily fluids. @Uncle any chance you would swap for a 370hp 951...and like 50 bucks cash (my life's savings) your way? 😛😛
  14. Yes, as far as I know 968 is the same as late 944. Out of curiosity, which local company stocks 968 coilovers?

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