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  1. Timm

    924 steering rod

    Reviving this thread with an update on the suitability of Borgeson joints and shaft for RHD 944s. @bear924 kindly sent out the joints and shaft he bought for his 924 and I am now running them in my 951 with good results. As mentioned above, the angle is very tight on the RHD, and the joints required a fair bit of dremelling to give enough clearance and not bind during rotation.
  2. Anyone happen to have a set of new main bearings lying around to suit a 944? Seems a lot of places are out of stock.
  3. You can put a longer hose on the overflow and route it into a bottle, that way you know exactly when and how much is coming out. Also, you need to bleed the air out of the system after you've topped it up. There's a bleed screw on the coolant neck at the front of the head. Running it with the cap off won't get all the air out of the block.
  4. If you don't find any loose/busted hoses, it may have come from the overflow on the expansion tank. Typical causes are air in the system, overheating, weak expansion tank cap, or a bad head gasket. If it did it shortly after parking, it could be your fans aren't running and it overheats when stationary (no airflow). Let us know what you find and we can help you narrow down on the issue.
  5. Where did you get the cage, or is it custom made?
  6. My little baby, which you have already seen in the flesh @brian in buddina, but I might as well share to get some more content in this thread. Still street registered and regularly driven on the road as it is my only car, and it does everything my motorbike daily can't do. I take it to local sprint days for fun. It's quite capable out on track, I am in the 58's on the Queensland Raceway Clubman Circuit, which is only around 2 seconds slower than what a well driven 997 cup car will do. Basic rundown: - Factory 2.5 8v Turbo, rebuilt by me back in 2016 with some go fast bits added, makes 375hp at the wheels. - Bilstein coilovers - 993 big reds on the front on cayenne 330mm discs, stock rear brakes - Turbo S gearbox with factory LSD - 17x9.5 wheels all round running 240/610r17 slicks - Still has full factory interior and all original body panels and glass, so its pretty heavy at around 1300kg.
  7. Get yourself the later ones, the spring clip is redesigned so that you can simply press down on it to disconnect, instead of trying to pick at each side with a little pick or screwdriver. Makes life a lot easier. IIRC the late style female connectors will work with the old style male connectors.
  8. Love seeing shiny parts revealed after cleaning off all the grime.
  9. Nice work. There's enough room in front of that engine for an extra two cylinders 😉
  10. Car must not have been in gear properly, or you have an open diff and it's just spinning the opposite wheel when you add resistance from polishing. I've had the same idea before to polish some lips, but it actually took forever. I ended up just used this method for a bit of wet sanding, and then for the polishing I used one of these drill attachments from supercheap auto. Works a lot quicker than using the car to spin the wheels. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/toolpro-toolpro-polishing-ball---125mm/386603.html?cgid=SCA01011102#start=36
  11. Timm

    968CS Refresh

    Wow that thing is filthy. Always nice to see these old girls being restored to their former glory.
  12. Thanks! yeah I cant definitely tighten things up a bit still and get on those kerbs. Haha, it's addicting isn't it!

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