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  1. Please for the love of god buy this beast Sam so I can come for passenger rides and drown in my own bodily fluids. @Uncle any chance you would swap for a 370hp 951...and like 50 bucks cash (my life's savings) your way? 😛😛
  2. Yes, as far as I know 968 is the same as late 944. Out of curiosity, which local company stocks 968 coilovers?
  3. Sorry I didn't realize you meant solid rubber mounts. Normally 'solid' mounts means solid metal mounts, ie no dampening at all, which you definitely would notice.
  4. There is a very minimal increase in noise, but that's about it. I changed to an only944 shifter at the same time, so shifting was improved anyway.
  5. Yep, the empi's are direct bolt on to the 944 turbo axles. No NVH issues at all, they are functionally identical to the stock CV's, just stronger materials and a better cage. I did the trans mount fill with Shore A65 two part polyurethane elastomer. It's been two years since, with almost 20000 kms and many track days and no longevity issues to report. I inspected the mount when I pulled the box out to upgrade my clutch a couple months ago and it was fine.
  6. If it's a street car, I'd avoid solid engine mounts....they introduce a huge amount of noise and vibration.
  7. Keen to see what you find about the re-manufactured RHD steering shaft, I'd be up for combining an order and sharing postage if you like. Regarding the axles, a good option is to keep the axles, and just upgrade the CV joints with new boots. I just did this with these forged chromoly EMPI CV joints. Seems it's about the same price as whole replacement axles. https://www.v-dubstore.com/product-p/e98-5084-b.htm I also highly recommend filling the transmount with poly, the stock mount lets the box swing side to side a couple cm which is no good! I have some poly left over from doing mine which you are welcome to use.
  8. Yesss! I hope this means what I think it means. I knew you would come back eventually. Good luck in your search Patrick.
  9. Nice swap, should be a hoot to drive when it's done. There's a guy in the US on the FB group 'Porsche 944 Outlaws' who's doing a similar swap with a 4.2 v8. Looks like he had to clearance the strut tower bracing a little, and also modify the firewall.
  10. That would make a nice base for a turbo track car build.
  11. I've got the KEP Stage 1 PP, Sachs Sport disc combo and I really like it. Factory smooth engagement and only slightly more pedal effort than the stock PP. Holds ~500Nm just fine, perfect combo for a moderately powerful 951 IMHO. Have you had any issues with the clutch fork and the Stage 2 PP? I remember reading that the clutch forks used to break fairly often with the extra clamping force.
  12. Anyone have a good used fuel rail, or an aftermarket one lying around? To suit late 8V head. Mine has sprung a leak
  13. I've got the AR1 on my 951 and really love them. Lots of grip on track and don't overheat. I also daily drive on them as I only have one set of wheels, so far I've done a bit over 5000km on them, including 3 track days and they have about 1/4 tread left. So wear isn't too bad for a soft semi slick. They are not too bad in the wet actually, grip is still good on a wet surface, they just don't like standing water. Hitting deep puddles really jerks the steering around and makes for a bit of a hair raising experience.
  14. Timm

    Dud relay

    This has worked for me as well in the past.
  15. Timm

    My Porsche 928

    I'm not 100% certain, but I do recall mine looked like had been machined. Just remember to perform a cam break in procedure when you first start it and it should be fine.

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