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  1. Yes Airhead. Absolutely will get experience and at the first sign of not respecting the car he won’t get it and I will keep it for myself. My theory is that yes it’s a performance car but it goes, stops, changes direction extremely well and has modern safety systems. http://www.roadready.act.gov.au/c/roadready?a=sp&pid=1098839493 is what they do here. It is a school based program in Grade 10 and then they can’t get their P until 17. Motorkhana is in his future and also advanced driver training.
  2. Bought the son his first car. He has just turned 15 so will be driving in sept here in the ACT. I might have to put it on the track a few times between now and then, just to make sure all is working as intended! A lot of car, Megan RS 265 Trophy 8:08, for not much money!
  3. thumperson

    2019 GT4

    To quote our American friends “hell yeah”
  4. 👍. Thrills aplenty for not much cash. Great write up.
  5. Yeah that’s how I remember it. A really good poo.
  6. That is awesome and hilarious at the same time. They do teach you to tense up your guts in high g flying but I don’t remember anyone ever making a noise like that. I wonder what noises the guys driving away from old mate would have been making given how much faster they were!
  7. thumperson

    Merry Christmas!

    Hand drawn and painted by my daughter! Must be mother’s artistic genes methinks.
  8. thumperson

    718 Cayman & Boxster “T” ...

    In my humble opinion, this is the way they should go! Stripped out handling monster. Count me interested. Never thought I would say that, just quietly.
  9. thumperson

    PFA new skin...

    Looks really good.
  10. I am not very forum experienced and the main reason for that is how quickly the commentary gets out of control and nasty. Then you see the same protagonists on multiple threads and it all gets a bit depressing after about the fifth comment. PFA is different and seems to have a more self regulating “community” feel. I can only remember one or two threads getting silly and then shut down. I used to read car advice a lot, before it was sold, and it used to be great with some excellent comment threads and had a broad church of enthusiasts. Now it is just a troll fest. I suppose in the end we/the forum are only as good as the behaviour we tolerate. It would be a shame to lose this to Facebook as I won’t go there. Closed groups on FB seems to be the forums of the future though.
  11. thumperson


    So have moved to southern climes and tried to re register the cars. ‘‘Twas a most dissatisfying experience but to top it off, I wanted to register just in my name and not the wife’s. “yes sir we can do that, that will be 1.5% stamp duty on the value of the car”. “$1500 dollars!” I exclaimed. “Yes sir” said the helpful lady. “What is the penalty for not transferring the rego at all?”, I asked. “Not that much sir.” Was the response. I was the angriest I have been in a long time and possibly invented some new words of the swearing kind - never at the staff as not their fault they work for the dumbest set of rules ever!
  12. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    Yep standard GT3 R. And yes I tuned the controller to make it more sensitive. I agree that turn two and the run from the top and through the dipper is key. It is amazing how fast you can go through turn two of you get it right. There is time to be found in the cutting too. I hear on the grapevine that our son is getting a logitech wheel for his birthday next week! Whooda thunk it!
  13. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    Luck mostly! I nailed it across the top and managed to get it to flow particularly going into the dipper. I actually got most benefit practicing the circuit with the Toyota LMP1 car. My best with that is a 1:53 which is still 10 secs slower than the best. Those fast peeps must be amazing! i will try to post the set up when I am allowed a bigger file but it is pretty standard and uses most of the tips already on this thread.
  14. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    2.04.581 with controller.
  15. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    How now found time trial. Thank you for the pointer. Life is far less frustrating. Now all I am looking for is 25 sec or so of talent!

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