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  1. So it is with a tinge of sadness that I bid farewell to the brand. My car has had three years of going back to dealers for an annoying flexing noise. I finally rang Porsche Australia to see what could be done about the next steps and how to rectify. Anyway long story short, got called a liar effectively by the dealer and PA, was told that actions to investigate, like contacting Germany and investigating to their specifications, had not happened and that the way forward was to keep sending it back to the dealer which it had been to between 10 and 15 times already (so much so that I got questioned by co workers as to why had so many Porsche models (loan cars). So now I am the new over of a Jag F-Pace SVR and I have the conversation with co-workers and friends about no longer driving a Porsche. I tell them the story, they shake their head and usually say “that’s a bit shit for such an expensive car, probably won’t buy one of them now”. As a newly reminted lurker😎, I look forwards to reading your stories here and one day buying a non-PA or Porsche dealer associated car, finding a Porsche specialist to deal with as I now realise I love the car but not the brand so much.
  2. Thank you PFA team. What a great place! Part car place, part men’s/lady’s shed and still United after 10 yrs. a rare breed in forum world that has not descended into tribalism or worse. Well worth the $25. Did someone say 10th anniversary sticker? keep up the excellent work.
  3. Hmmm. New X3M from BMW puts out 375kw as does the Alfa Stelvio and the GLC63. Seems down on power 😂. These car are ridiculously powerful now. God bless em. Track comparisons will be fun to watch I do like that green in the story too.
  4. So sorry to hear this. May you and the family heal quickly - items are replaced quickly, trust is much harder.
  5. Cool tech. I wonder what the limiting factor is for the low top speed? Motor rpm, battery temps? i can imagine the class actions now from people with hearing loss at those high frequencies. 😂 thanks for the vid.
  6. Sadly that doesn’t surprise me. You should charge them rent for the water running across your property. Does that mean they own it and if it damages your property on a flood then they are responsible? Sorry - way off topic.
  7. They tried to tax the water going in to rain water tanks in Qld a few years back.
  8. Sorry. My bad. I was looking at the other black one. $94 is probs not too bad as an approved car. It will have 12mths warranty and you can keep extending it I think out to ten yrs from new. Black sucks to keep clean though. If it is at PCBrisbane then negotiating should be interesting.
  9. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-Porsche-Cayman-981-Auto/OAG-AD-16984399 how does it cost $13k to get it on the road?
  10. I don’t know the black one but I do know the white 2014 car as it was mine until recently. $104k seems pretty expensive seeing they would have paid mid 70’s to low 80’s when they traded it. Even if it is a pit pricy you won’t be disappointed, awesome cars all of the 981s.
  11. Awesome. How much more exciting would supercar racing be with swarms of these, road legal, things and their like going for it
  12. 2014 981 Cayman pdk 20” sport chrono wheels, 48000km - $67k wholesale

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