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  1. Cool tech. I wonder what the limiting factor is for the low top speed? Motor rpm, battery temps? i can imagine the class actions now from people with hearing loss at those high frequencies. 😂 thanks for the vid.
  2. Sadly that doesn’t surprise me. You should charge them rent for the water running across your property. Does that mean they own it and if it damages your property on a flood then they are responsible? Sorry - way off topic.
  3. They tried to tax the water going in to rain water tanks in Qld a few years back.
  4. Sorry. My bad. I was looking at the other black one. $94 is probs not too bad as an approved car. It will have 12mths warranty and you can keep extending it I think out to ten yrs from new. Black sucks to keep clean though. If it is at PCBrisbane then negotiating should be interesting.
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-Porsche-Cayman-981-Auto/OAG-AD-16984399 how does it cost $13k to get it on the road?
  6. I don’t know the black one but I do know the white 2014 car as it was mine until recently. $104k seems pretty expensive seeing they would have paid mid 70’s to low 80’s when they traded it. Even if it is a pit pricy you won’t be disappointed, awesome cars all of the 981s.
  7. Awesome. How much more exciting would supercar racing be with swarms of these, road legal, things and their like going for it
  8. 2014 981 Cayman pdk 20” sport chrono wheels, 48000km - $67k wholesale
  9. I don’t know. It was just a ponder. Maybe Porsche finance is leading the charge about not ripping it off too fast. I am with you on just getting it done and I buy new cars so I will be one of the ones taking it in the butt re current value. I don’t think it is snobbery and maybe they will option up new cars that come to Australia to maintain a price point.
  10. The biggest problem will be if you have financed the whole thing, the sudden drop in value compared to payout figures will be distressing. I wonder how the insurance gods will react once they clue in that the gap insurance they have out there just got more likely to be claimed against? A lot of finance deals and leases will be upside down if the bandaid just gets ripped off. No doubt there will be lots of unintended consequences
  11. I found it much easier to deal with insurance companies once I locked in to my head that insurance companies are a profit making enterprise and you don’t make a profit if you pay out. Delaying the payout for as long as possible to wear you down to take a lower figure is a tactic too. You ask nicely three times and then you go to the ombudsman and then you get your own new friend from the insurance company! Simples 😂
  12. Yep, punch it through their insurance. Good on you for trying to be a top bloke but if it turns to crap then you will be left holding the baby for sure. Just send them the quote.
  13. We moved to Canberra from Brisbane a year ago almost. We lived 12km to the north of, but still in the bris council area, of the CBD. We both needed to drive as public tpt was woeful. We spent easily 2.5hrs each a day in the car to go a combined 50km total. In Canberra we live the same distance from work, use one car and now spend 35 min a day in the car combined. We as a family have gone from 5 plus hours to .5 hrs a day driving. It seems silly saying we are getting 4 plus hours back a day as a family. So much less stressful! Roads are good here too. Realestate is bloody expensive though!

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