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  1. thumperson


    So have moved to southern climes and tried to re register the cars. ‘‘Twas a most dissatisfying experience but to top it off, I wanted to register just in my name and not the wife’s. “yes sir we can do that, that will be 1.5% stamp duty on the value of the car”. “$1500 dollars!” I exclaimed. “Yes sir” said the helpful lady. “What is the penalty for not transferring the rego at all?”, I asked. “Not that much sir.” Was the response. I was the angriest I have been in a long time and possibly invented some new words of the swearing kind - never at the staff as not their fault they work for the dumbest set of rules ever!
  2. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    Yep standard GT3 R. And yes I tuned the controller to make it more sensitive. I agree that turn two and the run from the top and through the dipper is key. It is amazing how fast you can go through turn two of you get it right. There is time to be found in the cutting too. I hear on the grapevine that our son is getting a logitech wheel for his birthday next week! Whooda thunk it!
  3. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    Luck mostly! I nailed it across the top and managed to get it to flow particularly going into the dipper. I actually got most benefit practicing the circuit with the Toyota LMP1 car. My best with that is a 1:53 which is still 10 secs slower than the best. Those fast peeps must be amazing! i will try to post the set up when I am allowed a bigger file but it is pretty standard and uses most of the tips already on this thread.
  4. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    2.04.581 with controller.
  5. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    How now found time trial. Thank you for the pointer. Life is far less frustrating. Now all I am looking for is 25 sec or so of talent!
  6. thumperson

    Porsche for the tall man

    I am 6’4” (190cm) and have no problems in a 981 Cayman. I actually find that the cayman has better head room then a lot of other cars particularly if they have a sun roof and the door aperture doesn’t hit me in the head either or bother my vision. Much cheaper than a 911 too.
  7. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    That would require being able to repeat it! Best as of this session is 14.96 with a 13.2 potential. Does anyone know how to get it to refresh the tyres while in the pits? I have change tyres in the strategy but it doesn’t do it. That is my excuse anyway?
  8. thumperson

    Project Cars 2

    I am on PS4 and sadly only using the controller. I am a 2:13 and a bit with a 2:10 potential. I keep oversteering in the weirdest places. Must fight the urge for a wheel.
  9. thumperson


    Plus one on the pool. I reckon it costs about $1500/swim just in electricity. Water and maintenance on top and it is probs closer to $2000.
  10. thumperson

    Nurburgring lap record smashed

    It is crazy fast down low with the elec motors dominating. I agree that it gives the impression of being sped up or of being in the millennium falcon jumping to light speed. How his brain keeps up is beyond me.
  11. I was in the local Porsche centre this afternoon and there was a guy having his new GT3 delivered. A beautiful blue in colour it was. The guy was grinning like a loon and looked more excited then I remember my kids being at Christmas time! I left before he drove it off the floor but man was that one happy dude.
  12. Yeah it happens like that. My wife used the stolen family car excuse to convert my M6 into a Macan GTS. The woman is a genius!
  13. Put the cayman in for a service and new fronts yesterday at a porsche centre that will remain nameless. Went to pick up the car, discussed the couple of extra things I had wanted done. Young man behind the computer says that will be $1100 sir. I look at him weirdly and say that seems a bit cheap. Much service guy consternation and a little bit of time passing, Turns out they didn't actually service the car! Lol. New tyres are nice though.
  14. thumperson

    Buying a 981S Boxster

    Awesome Trent and congrats. The rear brake wear could also be a stability control thing with ever so slightly touches to keep us on the straight and narrow. I had an X3 that used to eat it's rear brakes due to our more vigorous driving style, or so said the mechanic.
  15. I have the baby 981 in a pdk and have tracked it (as has my wife) a few times and a hill climb. Awesome fun. Not crazy fast down the straights but can be as fast as you need it to be in the corners. Lacks torque coming out of slow corners. Huge fun.