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  1. Images of the books show first services in the UK but yeah no mention in the text.
  2. The red and black in WA have been up for months. I've been looking for a 7.1 (or 996) and the quality examples seem to range between $80-$90k. I've sent two for PPI's and both came back unsatisfactory so I'm taking a breather. 🙂 The Aus delivered, manual 997.2 asking prices has me baffled and I haven't seen many of those moving either. They're often in GT3 or TT territory (older models obviously) and I know which I'd rather as a daily or investment.
  3. Okay. I was going by this which is fairly generic but all I could find for Aus: https://www.porschemelbourne.com.au/911-Service I did note the US is 20k miles or 2 years.
  4. About to have a close look at a 2008 997.1, delivered in March 2008. From what I can gather, it didn't have its first service until July 2010 @ 15k but has been regularly serviced since. Thought the service schedule was annual or 15,000kms, whichever came first? I'd also expect the 1st service to be the most important. Paranoid or right to be concerned?
  5. Ecotec V6 retrofit. Pretty good buy at $80k drive away for an Aus delivered car. Other than the intake mod, I couldn't confirm a major or minor service since 2014 but it's only done a few thousand KMs in the time. Hopefully it proves a winner to whoever grabbed it.
  6. Sent my old man up to look at this today: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2005-Porsche-911-Carrera-S-997-Manual/OAG-AD-16805701?DistFromLoc=2019&pageSource=details&id=OAG-AD-16805701 Salesman was very high pressure and I take it one of his colleagues sold the car eventually because I got some rather unprofessional text messages. Looked nice but I do wonder if it's had engine mods beyond the air intake. Only just missed out putting a deposit down but I figure it wasn't meant to be...
  7. But it has 2 keys still right? That's gotta be worth at least $60,000.
  8. Fair call but this is the 996 thread. 😉 The 996 saved them again. Happy?
  9. I've wanted a 911 since I was 12 so I'll be absolutely shattered if I'm underwhelmed!
  10. I'm keeping a very open mind but don't have an issue paying $60k for the right car (manual, 996.2, good condition). I'm constantly debating whether an early 997.1 is worth the extra (really nice seal grey went for about $78k in December). Nothing that meets my criteria at the moment so not losing sleep. I still think both models represent good value compared to everything else. 997.2 are great but you're talking nearly 2.5x 996 price so it's a huge jump. All the 996 haters should remember it's the car that saved Porsche. Not one to speculate investment-wise but I won't be surprised if it calves out a niche in years to come. Ahh... I'm going off topic now.
  11. Human nature and it goes both ways. I'll happily grab MezgerMans car if he'll sell it for $45k. Who doesn't love a bargain? 😉 Dishonesty is a bigger concern in my books - I've physically inspected cars (not all Porsches) that were under finance, written off and a falsely declared aus delivery (just copied another ad apparently!). PPIs and due diligence are a must.
  12. To be fair, I don't think PDean has made any outrageous statements; or anyone else for that matter. Your car looks very nice and I'm sure you read the complementary statements earlier in the thread. I'm sure whatever statement you're referring to wasn't directed at you BUT realise your car won't suit many due to your location and it's a C4.
  13. I read somewhere that bore scoring is now considered more common than IMS failure but it's less destructive. Expensive nonetheless. Here's a link to one of the Hartech guides - I haven't read it yet: https://www.hartech.org/images/downloads/Hartech Engine Guide (interim).pdf Believe the S also has PASM as standard, different wheels and brakes (?). I've found it difficult to find useful Australian reviews circa 2005 but sales brochures are probably your best bet. I'm seeing a $15-$20k premium for the S at the moment but the S cars I've personally inspected have been in better condition so not apples/apples.

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