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  1. For sale is a set of Mahle 2,2S pistons and cylinders (nikasil) that are NOS. $3,500 AUD plus postage. Would cost well over $5k to get these out of the US or Europe .... Can send pics for those who are interested.
  2. Hi Rob, what sort of cylinders are you after? I have a set of NOS 2.2S mahle pistons and nikasil cylinders for sale.
  3. Yep I have thanks MR901 - tried most of the usual and some not so usual go-to's .... proving hard to find!
  4. Looking for a standard 'comfort' seat out of a 911 from years 1969 - 1973. I only need the frame of the seat back, so any condition is fine. Let me know what you've got?! Ben.
  5. Hi all, Heads are sold. Still have the pistons and cylinders - NOS !! Nikasil !!! ....... I need these gone ..... how about $3,500 plus postage?
  6. Yes a typo! and it is a bit of riddle; I have 2 x size 5's 4 x size 6's So for a set I would machine one of the size 6 down to a size 5 so you have 3 x 5's for one bank and 3 x 6's for other bank
  7. For Sale;Set of 6 x 2,7 RS / 2,4S / 2,2S spec heads casting # 911 104 307 1R - all dated Jan. 1971.They are used and have had the MFI ports blocked with a screw for carbs - could be reset for MFI.$2,500.Set of 6 x 2,2S mahle pistons and cylinders (nikasil)They are NOS - however 4 of the cylinders are size 6 and 2 are size 5 - so you will need to machine one of the size 6 down to make an even bank.$4,500Or will sell heads and P&C's together for $6,500 plus postage from Sydney.Cheers,Ben.
  8. I would buy it and drive it - if / when the sporto fails, change it to a 915 manual box.
  9. What the f%ck are they talking about?? Stepping it down over time so the loss is incrementally absorbed each time a 2nd hand car changes hands? What if it only changes hands once - bought before and sold after the phase out? And how is that fair to new car buyers? Who gets the extra money that is no longer a legitimate tax? Self serving BS cloaked in concern for their customers - Porsche simply trying to mitigate loses on their trade ins and 2nd hand car sales whilst bleeding their customers. Unless I'm missing something?
  10. 2015 CTS had 2 silver cars with around 50,000 kms that sold for $185k or there abouts. That was about $35k more than what everyone else was asking.
  11. Replace the cup and bushings in the shifter while you're at it - I did it on mine as well as a Wevo precision coupler and it was like a new box.
  12. Lovely car .... Bump for Jono's 912 too - good starting price at $28k that's for sure .....

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