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  1. brian in buddina

    CnC GC 3rd Sat of each month

    see you tomorrow Sohan at C&C I'll be with the good looking girl with the long nose. https://imgur.com/gallery/cClx82P
  2. brian in buddina

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    I've seen this car, 968 rs, in the wild - twice. 😍
  3. brian in buddina

    Dud relay

    dobbo If your so inclined you can trying fixing your relay. I had a similar issues in a previous thread "radiator fan run on" in front engine. @Peter M suggested this solution: http://www.911chips.com/dmerelay.html It wasn't the dme that was the issue but the instructions were based on using that relay as an example of wht to do. I put extra solder on the back of the circuit board. It worked for me. I bought a new soldering iron of higher wattage and a sharp working point. good luck
  4. brian in buddina

    Electrical Issue

    Bruce Is there any down side to leaving the car on a trickle charger full time, if you only use your P car on weekends? Sometime it stretches out to 2 weeks between uses. Brian
  5. brian in buddina

    Power steering pump- no pressure

    My 1988 944ś has reverted to a non power steering model. The power steering just stopped working. Belt is good, lots of fluid, no 'major' leaks.There are signs of previous leakage from a previous owner. Drained most of the fluid looking for foreign debris. No chunks but some small fine particles. I pressure tested the pump & got zero pressure. Checking the usual off shore supply centres and looked at the cost + shipping of a new & rebuilt pumps.$Ouch! I see that there is a repair kit that includes all the seals for the pump, but the kit does not include a new impeller. Questions to the brain trust; Has anyone rebuilt their pump? is there a replacement impeller available? This may require machining the bore. I have not pulled the pump apart, yet, but probably will, just to have a look. Is there anywhere in Australia that I should check for a new or rebuilt replacement? Is there a compatable audi pump that works. Is there anything that I missed in my trouble shooting that would imply some other conclusion? Anyone with a used pump that they are not using and want to sell.
  6. brian in buddina

    944 hatch glass/frame separation, fixable? /recommendations?

    floorprawn would you mind posting a photo or 2? I don't think I have a problem, but I have time to add additional issues to mine to mull over. good luck
  7. brian in buddina

    924/944 running and maintenance costs

    At the 86.5 MY these models come with the oval dash, better air flow through the vents and air con! Get out and find some 924/944's for a test drive. Or maybe, a local to you, PFA member will show you theirs. Clarks garage web site has a vast store of knowledge relating to the 944. They also have a checklist on what to look for when reviewing a potential purchase. Good luck in your search.
  8. brian in buddina

    924/944 running and maintenance costs

    Simon Welcome to the forum. One does not buy a Porsche thinking about maintenance costs. One buys a P car because he has too. If @Jason E gives his 2 cents worth, in answer to your question, you will change forums and take up golf. I remember asking the same question, but couldn't sleep until I got one. Mine being a 30 year old 944, and maintained 'well' still has a list a mile long on things to refurbish, fix & repair. I knew this going in. I'm trying to do most of the work myself, with forum assistance for the satisfaction of doing it myself. If on the other hand you can't sleep at night until you get your hands on one, welcome to the society. brian in buddina
  9. brian in buddina

    the New 992 911!

    regarding the video near the Golden Gate bridge... what a bunch of friggin fat ugly asses GLWS
  10. brian in buddina

    New to the forum? Start here...

    come on Chris, tell us about your Italians... Brian in Buddina
  11. brian in buddina

    Time to let the cat out of the bag

    good job Timm. whats next?
  12. brian in buddina

    Time to let the cat out of the bag

    tell us more Timm
  13. brian in buddina

    968 thread

    Jason turn your car into a 4 door easy for kids to get in & out!
  14. brian in buddina

    944 sale price

    good point! the best 944 t shirt really would only be worn on over night group road trip to the pub for the "after drive de-brief" probably last for ever then still looking for some images!