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  1. brian in buddina

    A over ripe banana

  2. brian in buddina

    Carpet Kit

    Merv How do you keep your carpet fixed so it doesn't slide around? Brian
  3. brian in buddina

    Replacing 944 S2 front bumper with earlier model's

    there is enough things on these old cars to fix, restore, refurbish & upgrade before mucking around with changing bumper bars.
  4. brian in buddina

    Lets talk Torque wrenches

    where do you go to get a torque wrench calibrated if you don't work for the RAAF?
  5. brian in buddina

    944 sale price

    thats pretty much how I remember it. the car is running as I've bumped into Clive a couple of times, figuratively speaking.
  6. brian in buddina

    I smell a rat

    @Coastr "consider using a password manager to properly randomise and monitor your accounts for re-use" Bruce - can you recommend a password manager, that will work with both a windows computer & iphone/ipad Brian
  7. brian in buddina

    924 Martini Resurrection tips

    agreed to disagree, won't hold it against you
  8. brian in buddina

    924 Martini Resurrection tips

    I also like the cork/leather colour interior more common on 911 interiors from that era. I've only seen one photo od a 944 with a guards red/cork combination. Not that common I don't think.
  9. brian in buddina

    924 Martini Resurrection tips

    pasha seats & door cards!
  10. brian in buddina

    924 Martini Resurrection tips

    @michel what kind of fabric & colour are you buying. I take it its for a 924 turbo. is the fabric different from black 944 stuff? may be interested in a bulk buy. Brian
  11. brian in buddina

    re indexing rear torsion bars on 944 S2

    Seb What are the condition of your shocks? Do they need replacing or is it the rear ride height only that needs adjusting. The tools needed are relatively cheap, and last a life time if you buy good tools. A Coil spring compressor tool is less for changing out the front coils is less than a $100 at any auto parts store. Changing the rear shocks is pretty staight forward. I needed to buy a beaker bar to get the nuts to move, when I replaced my shocks, with Koni yellows. All the info is available to do it yourself. Lots of expert advise is available on the forum, I'm not an expert though, but I did it. Very satisfying to do it yourself. And I am a rookie.
  12. Sabastian Have you had alook at the clarks garage web site? http://www.clarks-garage.com look up under Garage shop manual - torsion bars - re indexing is described. Another mother load of info is Rennlist, check the forum questions. Nice colour on your new ride. My car needs a rear height adjustment as well, but I have a more pressing clutch issue to sort out first. Good luck Brian
  13. brian in buddina

    924 Martini Resurrection tips

    @XLR8 Have you re vinyled your old cracked dashes? Any words of wisdom?
  14. brian in buddina

    CnC GC 3rd Sat of each month

    I had the guards red 944 & had my girl Lola, with the long nose. That was that your white 928. No worries, next time.
  15. brian in buddina

    Recommendation for dashboard reskin

    Best of luck Michel. Hope you treat us with a running commentary & photos of the process or even a video. Looking forward to your results.