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  1. I thought the guy who detailed this plastic hinge would be retired by now. Same issue as on the 944.
  2. Is anyone familiar with bringing in "parts" like engine, transmission etc.
  3. brian in buddina

    New here but not to Porsche

    McCoey that what I'd like to hear; 944RS. not many 944 resto mods about. we need to fix that.
  4. brian in buddina

    Tit-Wagon - 964C2

    you must have a doctorate in wiring, looks the look! brilliant job.
  5. "That's the biggest flesh tone bandaid I've ever seen." looks more like Rommel's Afrika Korps cammo
  6. brian in buddina

    944 sale price

    sold before I could look at it
  7. brian in buddina

    Passenger floor - no A/C

    make a template in cardboard, including the angle and note the thickness. try some mens person sheds or woodworking clubs. could be made out of plywood but may need some fibreglass work or a gusset at the change in angle. alternatively, someone with too much time, could fabricate one by laminating thin veneers with a small radius or carbon & foam core if weight is an issue.
  8. brian in buddina

    First look at the new Singer. Holy crap!

    if you put the engine in the middle you would lose the glove box & cup holder, making the car almost unusable.
  9. brian in buddina

    WTB - 911 3 spoke steering wheel 911 (1976- 1982?)

    good luck its the club sport wheel your looking for? https://imgur.com/gallery/dswWFHq I tried to find one and settled for a Momo look alike, as a very reasonable priced alternative https://imgur.com/gallery/rv2DT5e another common after market wheel seen on 911s is the Momo Corse
  10. brian in buddina

    Bolwell (I think I want one)

    similar vintage to a TVR Vixen, https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/tvr/classics/tvr-vixen-lightweight-1968/5955279 As a kid, growing up in Canada, I remember seeing the odd TVR very occasionally, the hot one would have a rev happy german V6 from a Capri Allways thought that would be a cool car to have, when I was 15. But knowing what I do now about Brit cars from that era, I'll stick to an old P car. You don't see many TVRs' come up for sale in this hemisphere. Your buying some Australian history that just happens to look good at the same time.
  11. brian in buddina

    Brisbane-Gold Coast meet up July 2018

    Sohan one month I will diffinately get down there, maybe soon
  12. brian in buddina

    Brisbane-Gold Coast meet up July 2018

    hey Wayne as you would be driving from a western state how where is a good meet up point for you?
  13. Marty welcome to the preservation society! better get it off your chest and list what you've done to preserve it. looks great in red
  14. brian in buddina

    Brisbane-Gold Coast meet up July 2018

    Jakroo sounds like a good excuse for a front engine preservation society meet up. If you do a new post under the "SMT" forum topic. I'm on the Sunny Coast about an hour north of Brizzy but have been known to travel excessive distances for a coffee & chat. Lets start by picking a weekend, then a meet up point, Brian in buddina @Jason E, @Rob, @Timm, @bear924, @WOKA, @grantmr
  15. brian in buddina

    Vipec I88 ECU engine management

    Does anyone have experience with Vipec stand alone engine management, specifically the I88?