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  1. @slamdanke New car? Looks nice. tell us the story please.
  2. Spotted, Guards Red 968, on the Sunshine Coast driving through Tanawah, this morning, Sunday. Followed by another 944 of the Sunshine Coast transaxle fraternity.
  3. Nothing wrong with subtle, tasteful upgrades. Or, the long slippery slope of subtle & tasteful leading to a totally custom rape & pillage blunderfest
  4. Thank you Rod. Do you know the brand & type adhesive you used? When I re sealed aluminium framed “windows” on a yacht a long time ago, I used a Sikkaflex product, poly… something (sulphide?). It said it permanently bonded to aluminium.
  5. @Rod C Was there any mechanical fasteners in there that needed replacing? I’m thinking clips or screws? How did the frame look after the repair?
  6. Would you then recommend a simple home prep, cheapo spray can & clear sealer? Easier to fix when you scrape that kerb.
  7. I don’t have an account to access. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1243/PIME_PROC_1972_186_005_02 I would really enjoy reading this if someone can access a copy.
  8. Shall I say it, what everyone else is thinking? The Vette is the antithesis of the 911. The C3 is a good, no, a really good looking car in the flesh. But has a cramped cabin & no boot other than what can fit behind the seats. When you look under the bonnet at the motor the car keeps going forward for what seems like miles, before you get to the front bumper. There is room up there to put a frunk but alas its just space. I have never owned one but the build quality is often brought up in article. This is a platform designed for looks and to house a big, really big motor. Just the opposite of the 911. You are either a Vette person or Porsche one. Be interested in hearing if anyone has owned both.
  9. Are they Restoration Design panels?
  10. “All of the above must be perfect to obtain perfect idle at all engine temps and all ambient temps , particularly on a 944S” Thank you Bruce for another detailed answer, that I haven’t even asked - yet.
  11. @Unclehollywood is the rest of the 356 going to be hand made?

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