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  1. @TINGY996, @Jason E in regards to the Caloundra 944 listed. "What's it like in the flesh Brian. What's the story with the US bumpers/ aledged UK import?" This was the first 944 that I sat in! So its going back a few years now. I saw it parked in Caloundra at a house and & knocked on the door. The owner of the 944 was working at the house doing carpentry work. So I didn't have much time to talk. My main concern that I was looking at the headroom with the sunroof. Which turned out ok. This car will have been driven so no issues with drying out seals on the motoring. The boot was full of tools which just shows you how practical these cars are.
  2. Jason there is a guy in Brisbane who does speaker repairs. I had a couple of mine done. He works out of his home. Google will find him thats If @Rob won't do it for you.
  3. Tingy would you mind to elaborate... what makes the 944 more a more comfortable ride? I've seen this car & talked to the owner a couple times a year or 2 ago.
  4. Can you post one more photo of a side profile, at window sill height, so you see get the proportions of the whole car & skirt? Is there a way to attach them without drilling holes?
  5. I seem to recall somewhere, someone mounting a bigger intercooler in the front bumper but this would require some sheet metal cutting & fabrication. There was a water reservoir in the engine compartment and a pump circulating the water between the reservoir and the front mounted intercooler.
  6. what kind of costs are you looking at for the rebuild?
  7. Of course you realise that they will be an inquiry and review of your membership in the Front Engine Preservation Society.
  8. I think they look ok! but I've been told many times I have no taste
  9. @OzJustin clutch is in, torque tube bolted in, but almost done and a small drama... I sheared a bolt off the support member that supports the transaxle. Drilled out the bolt remains. Re tapped the threads but not happy with the result. I'm going to bore it out and tap in a sleeve. Haven't started the dash re covering yet. Need to get a meet up organized!
  10. ozzi Justin, you need a defroster in Brisbane. Expecting a cold winter?
  11. @944s2cab Steve Do you have any others interested in your relay kit? I'd be interested. Brian
  12. @Bobby44 any details on what or how the Dashdoctor did your dash? I'll be redoing mine, after my clutch job, and I'm interested in the details. I've watched the You tube videos where they patch the cracks and reglue a new vinyl over the top. I'm wondering if anyone has stripped the hard cracked vinyl & green sponge foam under the vinyl and put all new stuff on? The only vinyl I've seen is the marine grade appled with contact adhesive. Of course the dash would come out. Anyone else with DIY experience?

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