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  1. If the function of the sensor is the same between the 924 turbo & 944, you would think you could adjust the height of the sensor to make it work. Someone in the US made a plastic tool that is for sale, to set the gap between the sensor & flywheel. The bracket that hold the sensor, in the 944, is adjustable height wise to set the gap. This must all have been discussed somewhere on line.
  2. Is this sensor different than the ones on the 944?
  3. Good idea Ricky! Never too early to start a plan. Lets think big. Maybe a East Coast Rennsport event or a Luftwasser event. Drive, meetup, chit chat, overnight near a pub & repeat.
  4. A collector! None listed for sale? What kind of condition are they in?
  5. Just had a look at Car Sales. My apology to any PFA members that have 944s listed on CarSales. The prices seem a little over the top for some of the listed cars. Not sure how long these cars take to sell. Later model S2 & Turbos you would think are a premium, but some of the early cars and high listed kilometres are very ambitious asking prices. But what do I know??? A few weeks ago a red 1988 Turbo was listed for sale on fb. It was a US import Left Hand drive. The last advert that I saw listed the asking price at $25,000. It was purchased by a Brisbanite. The car looked in pretty good shape from the photos. Deals will come up. A cabrio that sold recently: I’ve seen this car and it was in top shape. I believe the owner was looking for somewhere in the mid to high $30s. Not sure what it sold for but this is, what I believe to be a realistic asking price compared to some Car Sales asking prices.
  6. Year of manufacture will effect the value & potential asking price of the 944. As the 944 model was continually improved & features added in the later models. Lots of information available online of the differences in the models & years. 1986 1/2 model year is a big break in the models. An auto would be worth significantly less than a manual. Depending on where you live air conditioning could be an important feature. The earliest model years didn’t come with air con or power steering. Yes the Turbo is the top of the heap, but there is 2 basic Turbo models with a few specific options. The price of any car depends on its condition, body/paint, interior, mechanical running gear, electrics. More so a 30 to 38 years old car. Price of Porsche parts are more expensive and in a lot of cases the maintenance is more labour intensive. So a 944 with an outstanding list of maintenance items to rectify would have a lower value reflected in its asking price. There is lists on “Clark’s Garage” web site on what to check when looking to purchase a prospective 944. A well kept 944 with no outstanding maintenance can be listed at a premium. Originally is a premium feature. This means a car that hasn’t had a lot of “custom” fixes. And finally is the car Australian delivered? If it came from the UK it will likely have rust & corrosion issues. Is the car a US import which has been converted to RHD? The big question is what is the current average price based on the above? I don’t know.
  7. 951RS What special tools did you buy?
  8. Clutch is good thanks. Lots of little projects to work on. How you doing?
  9. Next transaxle meetup 26 September 2021 Beerwah @7am https://www.facebook.com/groups/porsche944downunder/permalink/2136243319849740/
  10. A 1992 LHD 968 has been imported to Australia as a “RACE CAR”. How hard is it to get it registered for road use? Where do you start?
  11. Any details on the car, year, vin, motor serial number?
  12. New event: South East Queensland Transaxle meetup 924, 931, 944, 951, 968, 928 actually anything is acceptable. Saturday 18 September 10am (optimised for late starters!) We will meetup somewhere in Manly. Near the water and near a good coffee shop. The exact location to be determined closer to the event or maybe at 9:55am on Saturday 18 September. Feel free to message me on the date to confirm the rendezvous point. https://goo.gl/maps/uUodWUfxfgVG8Xtr9 All transaxles owners are welcome or even former or wannabe owners to shoot the breeze and have a coffee.

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