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  1. Jason What kind of warranty do you have on your parts? Are they in the original, unopened packaging? Thought about opening a museum?
  2. Have you got an image of the hoses from the P. Katalogue ?
  3. The Boost Bros talk about how cheap these used motors are in the US. I wonder what they sell for in Oz? Going by memory I think the B bros complete parts kit is in neighbourhood of $7k US. Plus a bit of time.
  4. what motor is this one?
  5. Making it up as you go along... that mesh idea looks really really good!
  6. check Clark's Garage website. in the workshop section there is trouble shooting on no starts. I don't want to sound like an expert, I'm the opposite, but try jumping your dme to make sure its not the issue.
  7. https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/john-bowe-reviews/1301/porsche-968-rs-turbo-replica-review
  8. @AU924CGT "My UK delivered GT. Number 428. Silver, sunroof delete and factory A/C. Not too many in the world with this combo. I think about 3 🙂" Looks fantastic! Did you have any issues installing your fg front clip? Mine is still on the to do list. Brian in Buddina
  9. Poor investment for Porsche. Why would Porsche be interested in buying into an overregulated race series with politically biased management. F1 has been on a downward trend for a long time. Much better to invest in Cup car racing, Formula E or return to endurance racing. Why not invest in a Boxster/Cayman one design race series?
  10. where are you living @robco__? Try and find some 944 owners where you live, to meet up, learn & discuss their cars. Here is some reading resources: Clark's Garage website has a section on "purchasing a 944" as well as lots of other info. https://www.clarks-garage.com Consider learning to fix your own car, I'm trying to do everything on mine & still learning. Lots of help to fix anything on these cars is available here on PFA, or on YouTube, Clark's Garage & Rennlist. Question for you Robco_: Is a semi "daily" mean that you have other transport available or does it mean that you only need a car sometimes? The issue with the 944 is that they are getting older and unless you buy one in really good condition its going to need things refurbished , rebuilt or replaced. Parts are expensive & labour is horrendous on these cars. So unless you get one in really good shape it could be off the road waiting for parts, or waiting to get fixed. An alternative would be to look at various Japanese cars as the parts are cheaper & they are easier to service. Whole motors are readily available as they are built in much larger numbers. But a JDM car not a Porsche. Its a hoot going for a drive in mine & the way they handle. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat on the phone. Brian

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