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  1. Very cool car! Makes it challenging buying a reproduction as when it comes time to sell again, it may, or well require a new engineering certificate if selling inter state. The likelihood of state based regulations changing is another issue. Has anyone had recent experience with this. What kind of costs are we looking at for inter state re engineering certificates?
  2. @Jason E how is the search going?
  3. I feel more comfortable working on the suspension, maybe my ignorance, as opposed to motor work.
  4. If you can write down the issues you have in detail. There is a lot of experienced individuals on this forum with 944 knowledge. So if you can describe your issues you may find that you can fix it yourself and learn about your car at the same time. There are procedures to isolate & find issues with requiring spending big bucks. Try reading through on the older posts on this forum, because you will not be the first person with your mechanical issues. It’s all been done before. Try reading up on the web page “Clark’s Garage” as that is the go to for all things 944 in the “workshop section” Good luck.
  5. Frosti I have a 88 S. I added Koni yellows, as recommended by another experienced 944 owner, thanks @Rob Found some 16” wheels to replace my small 15” wheels. This allowed a greater selection of tyres. Basic Bridgestones. My wheels are for the later offset. Your car will have the earlier offset unless you change the lower control arms (& who knows what else) My cars handling is neutral & awesome, and is enough to be far beyond what is considered a safe cornering road speed. These couple changes have been very “economical”. Lots of future low cost little projects to do like replaces the rubber bushings & add a front sway bar reinforcement brace (homemade). Now this brings up to what the purpose is going to be for your car: “spirited” road with a balance of comfort, a full blown track monster or something in between. Road comfort needs to be identified & how it fits into your cost/benefit equation. We had a previous discussion on this forum on spring rates, for various applications for the 944. I’ll find the link & post it here: Changing the front lower control arms, if you can find them is a nice idea but the cost/benefit trade diminishes drastically unless you find the parts very cheap & do it yourself. There is a you tube video as well as a topic by a PFA member on this forum somewhere about fabricating his own coil overs. This involves buying bits & pieces and putting it together yourself. This was done for the obvious money savings. I would be hesitate to start buy new gear to hot rod your car before your existing handling issue is diagnosed & rectified.
  6. Anyone know this car? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-porsche-968-cs-manual/SSE-AD-6866287/?Cr=5
  7. Justin Always had one, the itch that is. Getting pretty raw...
  8. Arne Are you going to post some photos & a discription?
  9. @Timm have you made up anything to screw into the bleed nipple? I read somewhere about getting a grease nipple, with the same thread as the bleed nipple. Drill out the ball bearing & spring. Then you have a positive hose connection & no wastage. Having said all this, its on my list of things to do. Frosti On some of the 944 Facebook forums the has been less than desirable reports about LR. Just a word of caution. As you are finding out, lots of problems are due to previous owners using non porsche spec parts, for example the coolant tank cap, wrong temperature to thermostats etc etc.... Best of luck getting things back on the road. These cars will make you a better person! Hope to meet up somewhere on a future drive.

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