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  1. good point. What would be a good delta, in degrees, between the thermostat & the thermo switch? Any where this topic has been written up? Hope to drain the radiator, won't call it anti freeze in Qld, this weekend & test the thermostat. Hey we must be getting close for a get together.
  2. My 1988 944s has been running warm, which is understandable in the Queensland summer. This last weekend a good "spirited" mountain climb put the temperature needle at the top of the operating temperature band, but not above it & into the red. A couple years ago the same thing happened but it seems to happen a little more often now. Both electric fans are working. I've read up on Clarks garage on things to check. I have not pulled the thermostat out yet, will will do next weekend and test it to make sure it opens as per its stamped temperature rating. I don't know what the existing thermostat's temperature rating yet but... Question to the brain trust: should I consider a thermostat which opens at a lower temperature due to the Queensland summer?
  3. I hear mr flaming porsche has a used wrap that he will sell. I'm sure the wrinkles will iron out. Probably install it at work between coffee breaks.
  4. @Jason E I thought you were selling the S2 & moving into a rear engined car?
  5. Turbo 4 cayman boxster a mistake? I think the mistake is Porsche not introducing or supporting a turbo 4 cayman in a highly boosted track weapon. Think big multiple intercoolers, excessive aero package, bulging fenders surrounding lots of rubber. And add lightness. Yes the GT4 has a better sound, throttle response & more usable street package but a highly boosted turbo 4 would add street cred to the 718.
  6. I have ordered the part check valve, item 15. This partial diagram, shown below, is what the part supplier sent. I am not sure if this diagram as my vacuum hose don't seem to tie in exactly as this diagram. My model & year is a 88 944S. Its totally possible that mine has been altered or has been mis-installed somewhere along the line, as its a 32 year old car. I do have the digital manual & katalog for my 1988 944, but I have been unable to find this diagram, must be my age. Does anyone have the full diagram and associated part numbers/descriptions so I can confirm the vacuum lines are connected properly.
  7. This blue & black plastic cylinder connects, on a vacuum line I believe, and goes to a 'Y' fitting near the oil filler cap. The nipple has broken off on one end so I can not connect the vacuum line hose to one end, I have tried gluing it to no avail. Can not find this part in the Katalog. Does anyone know what this is? Do I need to order a porsche part or is there an alternative?
  8. Yes this is what I did for my 1988 944s Why does TopPerf. say its not ??? Rookie mechanical experience & did all the installation. The koni yellow was recommended to me by another front engine transaxle expert - @Rob I installed the konis at the softest setting which is advertised by koni, as harder than the original stock component. Very acceptable to me for a "spirited" street drive.

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