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  1. brian in buddina

    THE BASTARD - 944 LS1

    or join us for:
  2. brian in buddina

    THE BASTARD - 944 LS1

    good decision!
  3. brian in buddina

    944S Gear shift boot

    I have a 1988 944S and I replaced my rubber boot last year. I ordered it with a "rubber band" type of thing against the shaft of the shifter. If you don't have the "rubber band" a cut up piece of a racing bike 700C x 19mm inner tube would be close in size. If you zip tie it make sure you put a heap of electrical tape around the zip tie collar so it doesn't wear a hole from the inside of your outer leather shift boot. you can see the "rubber band" with the rubber boot below. The leather shifter boot is turned inside our and pulled above the shafter to expose the rubber band. https://imgur.com/gallery/pB3hfAg I don't know if this is correct, but its the way I did it and it works keeping the heat out.
  4. looks very similar to this: this is the lift fan assembly for the F35b, the fan gets it drive off the jet engine at something like 20,000 rpm
  5. brian in buddina

    Shipping a 911 from the US

    @raafrebel do you go on work/holiday to look for cars or do you have someone on the ground you deal with?
  6. at 8:18 into the video it shows a flat6 with the cooling fan mounted horizontally on top of the engine, does anyone know what motor this came out of?
  7. brian in buddina

    Wanted, Recaro Speedster seats

    thanks but I may be too wide for these seats according to the web site description
  8. brian in buddina

    Wanted, Recaro Speedster seats

    what kind of $ are you looking for?
  9. Putting it out there just incase someone has got one or something similar clogging up their shed. A 924 Carrera GT front bumper. Would be, I'm sure, an after market unit made in fibreglass. This is where the bumper is integral with the apron and fairs into the bonnet and fenders. To be used on an 1988 944S Not the polyurethene front bumper from the 944S2 or 944 turbo but the earlier version as seen on the Carrera Gt or GTR.
  10. brian in buddina

    My 944 Cabriolet

    @MFX mentioned on his build that he had near current F1 piston design technology available, if you were keen on some extra tech. Probably very light custom pistons could be made up for ??? how much of an extra in your rev band. it would be interesting to see what kind of cost custom pistons would be.
  11. brian in buddina

    Left, Right, or Converted?

    there is a LHD car for sale in Brisbane https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1991/SSE-AD-5084654/?_ga=2.215994903.1272574416.1525516811-867523927.1492971394 can't get it registered until its 30 years old so store, or only track it, for 3 & half years or convert it
  12. Has anyone looked at this car?
  13. brian in buddina

    Left, Right, or Converted?

    Does anyone know the current cost of a converstion? I would assume older, analogue cars would be a lot more reasonable that at later model.
  14. brian in buddina

    Event s for the 70th Anniversary

    thx Merv email sent
  15. nice seats, from what I can see any more photos of them?