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  1. brian in buddina

    Binky's back!

    what could they possibly do as an encore?
  2. brian in buddina

    Waterproofing door cards - what's the cure?

    Jason sell your car too much trouble or stop driving thru creeks
  3. brian in buddina

    944 sale price

    Something that we already knew. Some people buy with their heart https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/12/28/porsche-944-no-longer-bargain
  4. Best not to assume what her sex is...
  5. Jason I have a package coming from overseas, can I use your work address for my delivery? I'll buy you a coffee for your trouble.
  6. brian in buddina

    the clutch job

    unfortunately not much in the last couple weeks @Rob . I've bought a house & moved so I've been a little distracted. A mate had a car carrying trailer to move the immobile clutchless pcar to its new home. I've now the proud owner of an oversized double garage. Half pcar parking spot and half work shop. Another former mechanic friend turned, on a wood lathe, a clutch centre ing tool for me. So all good to go. Just need to organise the garage to make some space to work. And dog proof the back yard. Are you going to make it to Russ's on the 30th. I need to check with Russ if its a dog friendly BBQ. Lucky I didn't buy your turbo or I would have have a bigger mortgage.
  7. brian in buddina

    993 Carrera S availability

    O'kid tell us the story on your tranny conversion. Did you do it yourself or had it done? Sourcing a box Aussie or OS? Any issues for the unwary. Did you convert the auto dash bits to manual. And the big question: what kind of $$$$ are we looking at? B
  8. brian in buddina

    the clutch job

    thank you Gentlemen, much appreciated. one question Sean: what is the spigot bearing?
  9. brian in buddina


    cixelsyd em oot
  10. brian in buddina

    the clutch job

    @Mike D'Silva If I'm stumped, which is often, I call @Rob He answers promptly; "any blood?"
  11. brian in buddina

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    what colour is that blue? wowzer!
  12. brian in buddina

    the clutch job

    I am now, I hope, at the half way point of replacing my clutch on my 1988 944s. 220Km on the original rubber clutch. I've spent the last 2 weekends, obviously part time, trying to remove one bolt on the bracket for the speed sensors. Finally have removed the clutch bell housing to expose the clutch. Lucky that I'm doing this for fun and relaxation! I've been watching Van Svenson and also Irina's German videos on You Tube and Clarks Garage. While I’m in there I might as well… So now a few questions for the Brain trust: 1. the 2 "needle sleeves" item 15 in the clutch fork. Should I replace these bearings with a Porsche part or can I pick up generic bearing replacement? 2. Is there anything I should check on the clutch fork for wear? Other than the needle sleeves mentioned above? 3. Van Svenson said in his video to replace the guide sleeve, item 12. Irina's video didn't mention it. 4. My rear main seal is leaking. At least that’s where I think some of the oil is from. So I will replace that. 5. My rear main bearing I take it that should be replaced. Should I be getting a Porsche part here? 6. How do I know if the flywheel needs re surfacing/grind? Is there anything else before I start re assembly?
  13. brian in buddina

    Garage Find

    late April early May?
  14. brian in buddina

    A over ripe banana

  15. brian in buddina

    Carpet Kit

    Merv How do you keep your carpet fixed so it doesn't slide around? Brian

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