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  1. @OzJustin clutch is in, torque tube bolted in, but almost done and a small drama... I sheared a bolt off the support member that supports the transaxle. Drilled out the bolt remains. Re tapped the threads but not happy with the result. I'm going to bore it out and tap in a sleeve. Haven't started the dash re covering yet. Need to get a meet up organized!
  2. do you have a link on how it all works?
  3. ozzi Justin, you need a defroster in Brisbane. Expecting a cold winter?
  4. @944s2cab Steve Do you have any others interested in your relay kit? I'd be interested. Brian
  5. @Bobby44 any details on what or how the Dashdoctor did your dash? I'll be redoing mine, after my clutch job, and I'm interested in the details. I've watched the You tube videos where they patch the cracks and reglue a new vinyl over the top. I'm wondering if anyone has stripped the hard cracked vinyl & green sponge foam under the vinyl and put all new stuff on? The only vinyl I've seen is the marine grade appled with contact adhesive. Of course the dash would come out. Anyone else with DIY experience?
  6. Rob Bit of a setback a couple weeks ago. I may have cause for having my apprenticeship revoked. Sheared off one of 2 - 10mm bolts which support the cross member which supports the transaxle. Bugger! In the process of trying to drill it out without destroying the existing threads. Luckily I’m doing this for fun. So close but yet so far.
  7. thanks Steve Would it be advisable then to just replace a section of wiring where the wire moves due to the actuation of the hidden headlights?
  8. Are you saying these new halogen bulbs would put too much stress on the existing switches? Should the existing wiring be replaced?
  9. @bear924 did you mention coffee??? must be getting close to a meet up
  10. Driving your old car is not measured in absolute performance. Its what makes you happy. Look at the old guy driving an old 1960's MGB or beetle. No matter what you do its still an old MGB or beetle, its not very fast or special. But to the old guy who has it & drives it, maybe it is special. You can spend a bucket of bucks restoring your car to near as new condition or even upgrading it or just enjoy it for what it is. A cool old car that makes you happy. If not, time for a new adventure.
  11. @Bobby44 your dash looks good. Did you resurface the dash?
  12. Bruce where would you go to find a copy or download of the "Porsche ( printed by Porsche ) Technical specifications booklet"?
  13. Jason just wait till after the election. I believe they will be giving out electric chargers for free! and big macs ps I have a ctek too
  14. Thank you Bruce, much appreciated. Both Clarks Garage & the discussion on Rennlist fill to the underside of the fill opening, about 2.6 litres. The original Porsche manual states 2.00 litres. Is the 2.6 litres for loss from leakage? What quantity would you recomend Bruce?
  15. On the final, stages of completing my clutch job, I hope. Before the transaxle goes back in I thought I would replace the transaxle fluid. 1988 944s non limited slip checking the manual it states: 2.0 litres hypoid gear oil SAE80 API class GL4 (mil-L 2105) reading a Rennlist discussion on the topic: they suggest in the US - Redline MT 90 (GL4) about 2.6 litres, full to the underside of the fill hole. going in to my local Auto Barn they suggested from their data base: Penrite pro gear full synthetic 75W85 and it state GL4 I do not know what is in there now and how old it is. What does the brain trust recommend?

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