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  1. Looks good, well done! Don’t stop there, get rid of those oval switches & that oval surround.
  2. Sean @Buchanan Automotive do you know if the “bearing case” part number 944 101 042 is a specific part number for the year & model? Mine is a 1988 944s, 4 valve 2.5 litre, which was only available for 2 years. I’m wondering if the S2 model’s bearing case would fit as the part would be more readily available as a used part due to the larger production numbers.
  3. Interesting cars coming up at the Shannons Auction: https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2021-shannons-summer-timed-online-auction/#lot-P2B8CLT6B99ADO31 Anyone know any of these cars, what do you think of their ‘estimated value’?
  4. thanks for clarifying. great story..
  5. thank you Sean I’ll check them out Yes I plead guilty of a lose nut or bolt
  6. @bumble any reason that you have gone through two 2.7 motors & now into a 2.0? hard competition use or ....
  7. thank you Peter you can say that again! hf$h1t might be cheaper to buy a whole motor
  8. My latest project. Looking for knowledgable assistance in determining a course of action. My support that the power steering pump pivots on has broken off. There are 2 ends where a bolt goes through for the PS pump to pivot from, this allows the PS belt to be tensioned. One end of the my pivot has broken as per the attached photos.   In a discussion, with those in the know, they posit that this material does not take to welding. Its some kind of cast alloy. I would be interested if someone knows of a welding technique that could work. If anyone has had this issue before, below is the part, I believe, is my broken culprit. I have circled, in red, where, I think, the broken bit has come off. Labelled - Item 19, “bearing case”. Have I identified the correct part?  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had this issue. My options, as I see them at this point: 1. find a replacement part. I need to confirm I have the correct part identified. Also has this part changed on different model years. Mine is a 1988 944s. I would be interested in hearing from anyone what is involved in removing & reinstalling this part. It seems that all the belts would need to be removed. 2. weld, if possible. Welding in place would be a challenge as the space is tight & the proximity to “leaky” fluids, plastic & rubber. 3. fabricate a bracket to reinforce in place 4. get use to no power steering
  9. The article tells the story of why Porsche didn’t go with a 4 valve water cooled head and aircooled cylinders for the 996.
  10. dare I say this is pretty cool IMHO. And he got it to look good as well.
  11. Not sure what section to put this topic down under, I guess here is as good as any. The stillborn of 965 project as per the EVO article details the right car, but just bad timing for Porsche at the time in the late 1980s. This would make a really cool tribute project with a power plant not unlike Singer’s Williams developed water cooled 4 valve head similar to the 959 power plant. Of course with the value of any water cooled 964 so high who in there right mind would butcher a valuable car to make a hot rod. And the dollars involved would be über nominal. https://www.evo.co.uk/porsche/203498/porsche-965-dead-on-arrival
  12. Not really all about Pcars but... a really interesting video comparing German & British airplane engines development during the war. If you can last the video there is a Porsche reference in regards to the MB Silver Arrows GP engines from the 1930s in the questions & answers. Also hidden engine details in oil/air separators from the 1940s currently used in F1. Starts off with a techical hick up delay in the presentation but hang in there. A good watch!
  13. Now you can install all those surplus 944 parts you have to make it yours. Bloody nice looking car!
  14. still to showy for me http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/06/996-love-or-hate/ Here is something that I can say is tastefully done https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/537814-tinted-headlights.html and again https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/554245-addicted-to-customizing-show-your-stuff.html?referrerid=75046

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