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  1. bloody left hooker import...not worth jack:)
  2. maybe it's to do with the way sports cars are marketed....manufacturers are always pushing for more engine power, better braking ability, faster times, blah blah blah. It is this that I think is the cause for cars getting bigger and maybe not so much a deliberate decision to just make a car bigger for the sake of it--although that may be the case for some cars. Can't have better braking with smaller brakes, can't have better handling with reduced wheel base dimensions, generally can't have more engine power with smaller less strong parts. I reckon the increase in sports car size is the result of the market demanding better performance with each model. Can you imagine how the motoring media and Porsche fan boys and fan girls would respond if the new 991.2 GT3 had the same performance specs as the .1
  3. I pitty the fools that own newer appartments in Sydney....with the rampant over development of appartments and large number of investors buying into those appartments, the first sign of a downturn will probably hit the appartments market hard as folks seek to offload them en masse. Mind you I remember 15 or so years ago people were calling armageddon for the Syd real estate market and I think people have been calling the end of the world for the Syd market every year since and so the cycle continues
  4. have you seen any data on the Sydney mortgage default rate? I'm no property expert--but with the banks tightening lending criteria (lower LVRs), no decline in clearance rates and prices pushing higher I can't see any indicators suggesting most are being priced out. Demand is well and truely outstripping supply in Syd.
  5. Sydney clearance rates would suggest that folks are some way off being priced out.
  6. @JV911 stupid question...but the calipers, are they standard RX2 or from another Mazda?
  7. Great looking car...shame they don't make cars like that any more
  8. Didn't realise this old school BMX thing would be so addictive...after a very long search I've found myself an '83 JMC shadow. It's in true survivor condition. The best thing about this bike is that it comes with the original sales receipt. One of these days I'll turn my attention back to my p-cars.
  9. Here's one for the 928 fanboys, just spotted this fine example of a GTS...
  10. i use www.ustooz.com might be worthwhile looking at some of the other providers as their services and costs can vary a bit. i have found the service offered by ustooz to be pretty bloody good.
  11. when you order your stuff from the US you get it delivered directly to the re-post service--the one I use is based just outside of Chicago. When the goods arrive at the re-poster they contact me to let me know they have received it and ask me if I have any specific delivery instructions for on forwarding to me. I usually get them to unpack the stuff from the original packaging and repack it more efficiently to save space and in some instances split the stuff up and send separately. I also ask them to remove all invoices and related paperwork as I'm told this is one of the things customs look for. I also tell them what delivery service (e.g fed ex air) I want them to use and then they onsend to me. I really only use the re-post service when I purchase goods for more than $1k and bulky items. They tend to repack pretty efficiently and well so delivery costs are usually cheaper as well. They do charge a fee for their services but it is significantly less then any taxes you'll get slugged with and often you save significantly of delivery costs. There are plenty of good providers based in the US and several that specifically service AU and NZ. Do a google search. Will send you details of my re-poster soon.
  12. You might like to look in to using a US based re-poster. Mine repackages ordered goods so they don't look like purchased items or include invoices etc. they will also split up items for me and post separately so no single postage item has more than $1000 worth of items. I've been using one for the past 12 mths and my high priced goods have all avoided taxes etc.

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