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  1. Not meaning to be a smart arse, but I've been hearing people say "wait for the market to cool" for the past 15 years. Yet prices keep moving up. Do you really think the market will cool for C2 964s and 993s? Man, that is a great looking car. Always fancied an ESP. Oh those wheels
  2. while i buy a lot of my stuff from pelican and design911, don't overlook the local p-car dealer for parts if you're looking for OEM. i've sometimes found my local dealer to be competitive for some (not all) parts.
  3. That paint fade sure seems a little strange
  4. Congrats and welcome to ownership. Enjoy
  5. Hello boys and girls, The odometer on my 993C2 isn't working. Speedo is good, but the odometer and trip are dead. Seen plenty of YouTube clips about fixing this and I'm keen to give it a go myself. Wondering if anyone here has done this before and keen to share any tips or tricks for first timers?
  6. Who knows...but Holden is pretty deeply engrained in a large section of Australian's culture and motorsport so I think it will remain a strong and emotive legacy for sometime. Hope I am wrong and that Holden fizzles away -- I might be able to pick up a cheap A9X or XU1 in a few years 😂
  7. Well you are probably referring to the recent Lloyds auction for w427s...I wouldn't pay any attention to those prices as everyone knows Lloyds cook the prices of their auctions. w427s aren't getting what they seem
  8. Spotted a stunning 928 late morning today on Mitchell Rd Alexandria. Dark grey or dark green.
  9. You've had those Kumho's for a little while now...what is your verdict ?
  10. Blue964

    993 HVAC

    The CCU fan on my unit was very noisy and I was about to purchase a replacement at over $200!!! That was until I found this YouTube clip...gave my CCU fan the same TLC and now it's whisper quiet and good as new.
  11. Blue964

    993 HVAC

    Just a quick follow-up, I knew absolutely nothing about 993 HVAC a few weeks ago, but I found the following two on-line resources incredibly simple and useful in diagnosing and fixing a dead HVAC: https://www.bergvillfx.com/categories/964993-hvac-system-details and https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2574/6768/files/Porsche-964-993-HVAC-CCU-Troubleshooting-Guide-Testing-Procedure-Complete.pdf?15803118210647334672 So if you have a 993 (or a 964) with a dead HVAC then you might like to go through these guides if you want to save yourself a few dollars by fixing it yourself.
  12. I'm not surprised....great car why would you sell one if you had one
  13. Had a great laugh at this--don't buy Tesla. How has that played out since Sept 2018??

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