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  1. Yes, tempting to bombard them with “sales” enquiries - incredibly, the ad asks not to ring them but send a message - some other errors & omissions I didn’t bother with but you reasonably expect a bit more accuracy/care from a Porsche specialist selling to an enthusiast market.
  2. Interesting call from a specialist dealer who I had emailed to advise the Carsales ad they were running on a particular car was incorrect - it doesn’t have PASM (as highlighted in the write up) but rather the X73 option and you might like to correct that. The sales guy who made contact clearly had not read my email so advised him upfront I was not a potential purchaser but simply suggesting the ad required correction. A rather ungracious response from this guy - “that has just cost us $60 - email us directly next time and not via Carsales”. Ok, sorry, I thought I was doing you a favour - if the ad was correct, I would not have felt motivated to make contact but won’t bother to do so again. To which he replied “ how we advertise our cars is our business”. Go figure!
  3. Reading the overseas forums, there is no doubt this is a common issue, particularly in the USA on 991 & 981 series models in the warmer states although I not heard of many instances in Australia. A number of owners have received support from Porsche with replacements of the door cards for cars outside of the statutory warranty period. If the door cards are warped, is there any alternative to full replacement or does Porsche have a repair they can implement?
  4. Many thanks to Mark for his awesome route & ability to keep us together that made for a brilliant drive - I stumbled across an important realisation as I washed my car this afternoon and that is that road grime acquired on a drive like we enjoyed today is somehow more noble than everyday road grime!
  5. @moosey - one of the dealers may be able to assist if you haven’t already tried that route - I struggled to source the correct size N spec PS4S for my Cayman (20” rims) at any of the usual tyre retailers - PCM had a source for supply & fitting at competitive pricing.
  6. Thanks @Grimmy - I will interested to see if debris at either end (behind the grills) is an issue - picture of a friend’s car after a January run up the Healesville - Toolangi Rd highlights the leave catching potential!
  7. As a matter of interest, can leaves/debris that enters the front of your car through the central opening end up behind the grilles on either side or is it closed off between the central opening and the side openings? Picture of mine with bumper removed - i required a little more than 30 minutes!
  8. Good write-up @Grimmy and the installation looks very neat - I purchased a set of Rennline grilles for my car (another 981CS) that required installation from behind the bumper - so with the front bumper removed, I was not happy with the fixing method - the required clips were supplied but the fitting instructions were vague about exactly where the clips were to be located and the follow-up support from the supplier was not great - I also realised the grills are not well suited to cars fitted with the adaptive cruise control (that have a different front bumper configuration) because clearing debris that enters through the centre opening and lodges behind the outer grilles becomes near impossible to remove so I have not fitted them.
  9. Going though my collection of UK Car magazines this afternoon and found the March 2012 issue - the cover featured the (then) new 981 Boxster with the tag line “Porsche’s best sports car?” - unusually for a press car, it was finished in Anthracite Brown!
  10. Very few Anthracite Brown 981s around but they look superb - in some lights, difficult to distinguish from Mahogany.
  11. Another call out for Charlie Battisti - I stopped by today for a quote/advice on a minor parking scrape requiring a small paint repair on the rear guard - after inspection & check of the paint code, he returned with a paint pot and did a professional touch-up of the damaged area and then went on to fix a few other stone chips around the front of the car at no cost ... a very positive experience!
  12. @NBTBRV8 - the specification on the GTS also grabbed my attention - I am fine with PDK but not sure about black wheels on a Guards Red car with yellow brake callipers (shades of Linfox?) - also cautious about PCCB from a maintenance perspective but otherwise it appears to be relatively good value against the other GTS cars currently listed on Carsales - I will have a look later this week if time permits.
  13. Sadly, the driver of the 911 Turbo is known in the Porsche community but has been using a different name in recent years.
  14. Hi Redman - what are you asking for the 981 car cover?
  15. As speculated by @Prodigy, the ambitiously priced grey 981 Cayman GTS at Ferrari North Shore is in fact a GT4 - I was hoping it was a GTS to complete my “register” of the 10 (or is it 11) manual GTS cars sold in Australia. For those of us who watch these cars, here is the listing as it currently stands - the options listed are those that can be observed from photos on Carsales or referenced in the accompanying description - for a couple of cars, there are too many options to list here.

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