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  1. Reminds me of a feature in GT Porsche magazine a couple of issues ago about Targa Great Barrier Reef - the writer was piloting a Carmine Red 718 Cayman GTS and describes Stage 2 as being 12 miles or 20 kilometres long with 263 corners and an 800 metre elevation change up the Gillies Highway - article goes on to describe the longest straight in the entire rally as 100 metres long. Sounds punishing for car, tyres, brakes, driver and navigator.
  2. @Philbee - for clarification, MB Insurance is not associated with Mercedes Benz.
  3. I am with Porsche Insurance also - like @GC9911, I have the 8,000km pa limit which is fine for my purposes as the car is not a daily driver - just received my renewal for the 3rd year and annual premium increases have been modest (no claims) - the only negative is lack of track day insurance that I know some others (e.g. Famous) offer.
  4. Welcome @Shtig and to 981 ownership - love to hear more details of your GTS purchase! There are not many 981 Cayman S & GTS models in Australia - going from other threads on this form, the numbers are 197 for the S model (split 181 PDK & 16 man) and 90-95 for GTS model (incl. 10 man). Removing base S models from your search narrows the market further if you are after a highly optioned S model. So to your question are owners holding onto these cars or not the right time to list, it is a combination of small numbers, great cars in absolute terms (so why sell?), and no obvious replacement when the 718 model have a very different appeal (at least to 981 owners).
  5. I also have had good service from Harris at PCM - very straight forward to deal with, no hassles with the odd warranty claim and genuinely enthusiastic about the product.
  6. I am leaving from Balwyn also but will join the group departing from Elwood - can’t wait!
  7. nytelfer

    Battery charger

    CTEK sell a connector to enable charging via one of the in-car 12v power outlets or cigarette lighter - it is called “Comfort Connect”.
  8. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-Porsche-Boxster-GTS-981-Auto-MY16/SSE-AD-4119773 There is an interesting backstory to this 981 Boxster GTS that was discussed here back in May 2017 when it was first listed on Carsales - recall the original ad included reference to a “918 homage pack” which was some 918 & Spyder badges.The full story is on Planet-9 (search under matthew888981) but the quick version is that after ordering the car, the purchaser who was buying in the name of his business, discovered his business partner had misappropriated circa $700k. He approached the dealer seeking unspecified assistance but received what he believed was an unsympathetic response - no additional time to reorganise his financial affairs, you will be perused for the dealer’s losses (could be as high as $50k) in reselling the car given its unique specification.The purchaser did subsequently take delivery in May 2016 and listed it on Carsales shortly thereafter at circa $200k (close to new car cost) for some months but did not sell. I later saw the car at Porsche Centre Doncaster priced at circa $170k with the 918 & Spyder badges removed.The same guy listed it on Carsales again at $153k. If the mileage is correct (999km), he has not used the car - arguably, it is well priced for a highly specified Boxster GTS with nominal kms.You have to feel for the guy if his business partner has ripped him off - that said, no surprise the dealer would insist on the sale proceeding. I understand the car was purchased in Adelaide so not the deepest market to sell a uniquely optioned new car. Interesting to contemplate how the dealer’s costs to resell would be validated if a purchaser was unable to take delivery of a special build car? I assume the dealer would be looking for the expected profit on the original sales contract plus reasonable costs but that would be a challenging negotiation!
  9. Removed the front bumper on my 981 Cayman last weekend to fit some Rennline grilles - unfortunately, they did not fit my car notwithstanding I had specified an “S” model with front parking sensors etc. I have yet to contact the guys at Rennline but I suspect my front bumper moulding may be slightly different due to the car being fitted with the Adaptive Cruise Control option. Interested to hear from anyone who has fitted the Rennline grilles to a 981 Cayman!
  10. I am looking to buy a few parts from US vendors (Suncoast & Schnell Auosports etc) - their parts prices seem reasonable but shipping costs are through the roof! A couple of examples include US$91 to ship a US$43 3D jigsaw puzzle and US$394 to ship a US$264 rear diffuser for a 981 model. Even after allowing for bulky items that will inevitably cost more, the shipping prices seem steep. Are there other shippers that people may be using?
  11. I have used an ExactFit magnetic phone mount for about 12 months - available from Rennline at cost of US$45 - it works well. The mount fits into an existing hole in the LH side of the centre console that is accessible after removing the trim piece on the side of the console (so easily removed with no holes).
  12. Welcome to Boxster ownership - type 981 cars (S models in particular) represent a real sweet spot on the used P car market at the moment, being relatively affordable but with strong performance and great value for what they offer. Agate Grey always looks good. Appears to be from a Sydney dealer but if you are based in Melbourne, we should have gathering for 981 models!
  13. I have had a C320cdi for almost 10-years and it has been excellent - other than routine servicing, I have had a couple mechanical issues over that period including rear tail light globes popping (recall issue), a new wiring loom for injectors, a shut-off valve (???) that put it into limp home mode until remedied and engine mounts replacement (520Nm) - most of those are specific to the 3-litre diesel model so perhaps not relevant but with 150,000kms on the clock, the rest of the car has been solid and still feels tight in the body & suspension. Interior has held up very well with no issues (not even a light globe) although agree with the comment above that it looks a little industrial strength rather than luxurious.
  14. Hi Simon, Welcome to 981 ownership - wheels look to be the standard 19” Cayman S alloys (order code 406) with optional coloured centres - the 981 brochure does not show an option for that particular wheel style to be painted in black but they could have been done at the factory as an Exclusive option or (more likely) aftermarket paint job.
  15. New tyres and alignment for my 981 Cayman S today to replace the OEM Pirelli P Zeros that had done 28,500km after 4 years - old boots still had adequate tread depth but were well past their prime and no longer particularly grippy (particularly in the wet). Replacements are Michelin Pilot 4S that are a more aggressive tyre so keen to see how they perform once scrubbed in a little. As it was late afternoon, I had a look around the workshop at PCM - some amazing cars there including a 959, 911R, a new GT2RS going through pre-delivery and one of the 1st GT3RS models into Australia in Lizard Green on a hoist .... if only!

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