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  1. To provide some idea of cost, Suncoast sell the Sport Design steering wheel for US$1,450 plus another US$500 for the steering column stalk to control the functions previously handled by the multi function steering wheel - dealer fitting and programming is required so all up likely to be an expensive exercise. With shipping & GST, it may be more economical to buy locally. From the Suncoast website: Important Notes: VIN number required to order. If your car currently has heating or multifunction, you will lose those options and dealer installation and programming will be required to add this steering wheel. Multifunction controls will now be controlled by a new stalk on the steering column. If your car doesn't have steering wheel heating or multifunction, then this will be a steering wheel swap only. Airbag is not included, you can reuse your existing airbag. Available for cars with PDK or 7-Speed manual transmissions.
  2. Although not optioned as generously as some, this car is spec’ed with $6,270 of options - maybe others options the dealer has not listed (note it is not fitted with Carrera Classic wheels as per the ad). To my eyes, the black Carrera S wheels don’t compliment a white car (perhaps better with Carmine Red?) but I am not a big fan of black wheels more generally. I find it curious such a high percentage (70%) of the 10 manual GTS cars sold locally have now appeared on the used market - owners of PDK GTS models appear to be holding their cars longer (circa 18 cars have been listed) - this is a rash generalisation but, as a manual, i would have assumed these were purchased by enthusiasts so not the type to walk into a Porsche Centre and buy a car off the showroom floor and offload at expiry of a 4-5 year lease - or do enthusiasts types get bored after 4-5 years? August edition of Wheels magazine I picked up today features a Racing Yellow 718 Cayman GT4 on the cover with the headline “Who needs a 911?” - article saying there are further applications planned for the new 4-litre flat six - some speculation online a 718-6 GTS is in the wings.
  3. I had a good experience sourcing N rated replacement 20” tyres via one of the Porsche Centres - I couldn’t locate anyone who had inventory on Tyresales or via the usual tyre manufacturer/retailer websites - dealer was happy to source and match the Tyresales online price. Ended up going for Michelin PS4S and found them to be much better all round than the OE Pirelli P-Zeros.
  4. Suggest you download the on-line version of the 981 owners manual - not sure sure on exactly information you are searching for but it includes detailed user guides, video instructions and functional instruction - I think it was done by Porsche Cars North America - search “Porsche good to know” in the Apple App Store.
  5. By way of confirmation, the latest white manual GTS listed yesterday by PCSS is different to the other white cars referenced above - that said, have now picked up the 2 white cars listed by different sellers in May 2017 & May 2019 are in fact the same vehicle - this particular car has had 3 private owners since originally sold by the Porsche Chellingworth in 2016. I also realise the Rhodium Silver car mentioned above is actually a PDK so the adjusted number is 6 of the 10 manuals accounted for comprising Racing Yellow, Guards Red, Dark Blue, Agate Grey and 2 x White (apologies for the confusion) - we can all speculate on the colours of the 4 outstanding manuals! Interesting that a couple of PDK GTS cars that have also changed hands on multiple occasions in the pre-owned market.
  6. The Dark Blue car is unusual for a GTS - in particular, no alcantara but rather full leather in 2-tone Black/Luxor Beige, manual sports seats, aluminium interior trim, Sport Design steering wheel & Carrera Classics.
  7. The manual transmission GTS cars are Racing Yellow, Guards Red, Rhodium Silver, Dark Blue, 3 x White (incl. one Carrara metallic) and Agate Grey (guess who) - no idea on the remaining 2 cars. I will post a listing of the specification of each car in due course (vary from sparsely to heavily optioned).
  8. Hey @981KMan - will be Interesting to see details of the White GTS manual when PCSS post photos and add detail on the specification - from my records, this is the 8th manual to be listed on Carsales of the 10 manual GTS cars originally sold locally. It is also the 3rd white manual (although can’t be sure it is not a repeat until they post details). Little surprised this manual Boxster S hasn’t sold - it’s reasonably specified with 20” wheels, sports exhaust, sport design steering wheel & painted roll bar and suspect the price reflects a more limited market for Racing Yellow (but I like it). https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2013-Porsche-Boxster-S-981-Manual/SSE-AD-6130777 There are 10 x Boxster and 5 x Caymans (all 981 S models) listed on Carsales today - average price $85.2k for Boxsters vs $111.2k for Caymans - partly reflects higher average km for Boxsters (52km vs 37km) but the difference is a little wider than I expected - averages are distorted by low no’s etc. but interesting to ponder!
  9. There were a couple of minor equipment upgrades during the 981 model run that helped support annual price increases - the other point to note is that some colours were discontinued and other added across the model years - for example an Aqua Blue Boxster or Amaranth Red Cayman were only available as MY12 & MY13 cars respectively. All MY15 Boxsters & Caymans (delivered locally from mid 2014) received the tyre pressure monitoring system and MY16 Boxsters (mid 2015 deliveries onwards) added 14-way electric seats and multi function steering wheel (and front parking sensors on GTS models) - prices did not increase for MY16 Caymans albeit they received the multi function steering wheel and front parking sensors (and heated seats for GTS models). As per MrMud’’s guidance, it is important to understand the exact specification of a car you are considering as the range of options was vast with a high degree of potential for customisation and it will help understand the difference in asking price between two outwardly similar cars - while the original cost of a specific option does not carry across to second hand prices, second hand pricing (as a general rule) is very specification dependant. If you are unsure, Porsche Australia will provide the data card for a specific VIN number.
  10. Reminds me of a feature in GT Porsche magazine a couple of issues ago about Targa Great Barrier Reef - the writer was piloting a Carmine Red 718 Cayman GTS and describes Stage 2 as being 12 miles or 20 kilometres long with 263 corners and an 800 metre elevation change up the Gillies Highway - article goes on to describe the longest straight in the entire rally as 100 metres long. Sounds punishing for car, tyres, brakes, driver and navigator.
  11. @Philbee - for clarification, MB Insurance is not associated with Mercedes Benz.
  12. I am with Porsche Insurance also - like @GC9911, I have the 8,000km pa limit which is fine for my purposes as the car is not a daily driver - just received my renewal for the 3rd year and annual premium increases have been modest (no claims) - the only negative is lack of track day insurance that I know some others (e.g. Famous) offer.
  13. Welcome @Shtig and to 981 ownership - love to hear more details of your GTS purchase! There are not many 981 Cayman S & GTS models in Australia - going from other threads on this form, the numbers are 197 for the S model (split 181 PDK & 16 man) and 90-95 for GTS model (incl. 10 man). Removing base S models from your search narrows the market further if you are after a highly optioned S model. So to your question are owners holding onto these cars or not the right time to list, it is a combination of small numbers, great cars in absolute terms (so why sell?), and no obvious replacement when the 718 model have a very different appeal (at least to 981 owners).
  14. I also have had good service from Harris at PCM - very straight forward to deal with, no hassles with the odd warranty claim and genuinely enthusiastic about the product.
  15. I am leaving from Balwyn also but will join the group departing from Elwood - can’t wait!

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