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  1. That is the same car the was listed privately in Adelaide - initially listed at $143,500 (but later reduced to $130,000?).
  2. I purchased Rennline grilles a few years ago & followed a YouTube clip that showed how to remove the front bumper on a 991 Turbo - eventually managed to remove everything (some of the electrical connectors are very difficult to access) but with the bumper assembly finally off, could not determine where exactly to screw the fixings into the rear of the bumper (instructions were vague) with the risk being I would have a screw appear through the front of the bumper. So reassembled everything & the grilles are still sitting in the packaging waiting for another attempt!
  3. Thanks for the additional photos @Prodigy - the extra switch appears to be a re-purposed switch to lower/raise the rear spoiler with a vertical arrow added at the front of the graphic - can only speculate its purpose but radar detector is a good possibility.
  4. Interesting because what grabbed my attention was the grilles were secured by cable ties (indicating they were not made by Rennline or Zunsport) - it was a very neat installation & the ties were very discreet but unusual to see on a car in the main showroom.
  5. The only time I have seen it was in the showroom at PCM going back a couple of years - awesome spec & I recall it may have been fitted with aftermarket radiator grill guards fitted (???) that they had left in place?
  6. There is a nicely specified Cayman S in white listed on Carsales in WA with 24,000km at $120,000 - options include PDK, PSE, PASM, Chrono, 20” Carrera alloys in platinum & rear wiper. It also has the multi function steering wheel finished in carbon which appears to be factory fitted plus some other carbon trim pieces that have been added around the gear shift & strips on the doors. If optioning from new, you needed to specify full leather trim (which this car does not have) to get the trim strips in carbon on the doors so these appear to be an after market addition? Perhaps more intriguing are the switches in the centre console as 8 of the 10 possible positions are filled - I don’t recall seeing more than 7 switches filled in any of the Porsche brochures so what is the 8th switch?
  7. The Carmine Red CGTS would be my choice of the cars currently on Carsales. Confirm this car was sold by Porschaden in May 2020 - I dropped past b/w lockdowns to take a look but it was already sold - asking price was $137,500 which seemed reasonable for the specification & relatively low 24,200km so the current seller has added 15,000km & is looking to sell at around his purchase price. I am not a massive fan of black wheels on any car & the Carmine Red with yellow brake calipers looks a little Linfox but nothing I couldn’t live with. I have speculated if the Carmine Red 718 GTS 4.0 currently for sale at Porschaden was originally ordered new by the same person given the specification is so similar - asking price on the 718 recently dropped from $225,000 to $210,000 but it still looks expensive when you add on road costs (compared to a similarly specified brand new one). The Sapphire Blue CGTS has been for sale for over 12 months - originally listed at $159,950 in June 2020, later reduced to $141,500 but now increased to $145,000 so pricing has bounced around. I like the colour/wheel combination but doesn’t have the GTS communication interior package & I would want to change the multi function steering wheel for the Sport Design wheel. The Jet Black GTS also has the multi function steering wheel but perhaps more noteworthy, Alcantara has been deleted in favour of leather. Pricing looks ambitious at $149,000 with 46,000km.
  8. @Beau it appears that 3 GTS’s have disappeared from Carsales over the last couple weeks being the Agate Grey in NSW, Carrara White in SA and the Mahogany in Vic so will be interesting to understand if they are actually sold or if they will reappear at a later time. Photos for SA car didn’t do it justice as they were taken at night and the lighting was not favourable. The Mahogany car has an interesting history - it started life in Qld & was the 1st privately listed Cayman GTS on Carsales where it sat for most of calendar 2016 at an asking of $175-177k. It ended up at Duttons in May 2017 initially listed at $170k before they dropped to $160k & was purchased by a PFA member from Sydney before reappearing recently for sale in Melbourne.
  9. This one has been up for sale on a couple of occasions - it is highly specified but in an unusual way with handling orientated X73 suspension (PASM delete) & wider Techno rims in combination with full leather trim, ventilated seats & digital TV but the standard 2-way seats.
  10. @the_sovereign_man - was the alcantara trim on the Boxster GTS one of the cosmetic issues you refer to as the photos suggest the driver seat looks to have heavy wear after 91,000km? I will be interested to see how long it stays on the market. Asking price is obviously reflective of higher km but note it is drive away. I have received a couple of approaches from dealers in the last 6 months asking if I want to sell my car (2014 Cayman S) suggesting dealers are indeed scrambling for stock.
  11. @Prodigy - interesting pick-up on the position of the PSE button - mine sits in the middle of the RHS console switches b/w the spoiler & and auto stop/start buttons.
  12. Not sure if this provides any real guidance but I am aware of a situation where a car was written off soon after warranty was extended and there was a generous pro-rata refund.
  13. Hi @AMG - other the multi-function steering wheel (in lieu of the preferred Sport Design wheel with proper paddles), this car is well specified & subject to close up inspection, appears to be well priced relative to others on the market - some would prefer to have PASM on cars with 20” wheels but it depends on how sensitive the buyer is to ride quality and intended usage.
  14. Options include metallic paint, 20” Carrera Classic alloys, sports exhaust, front parking sensors, Bose & sports tail pipes - there may be others but that’s what is visible from the photos.

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