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  1. I see another white GTS manual has been listed in Queensland so there are currently 4 manuals for sale in Australia - now must be some kind of record!
  2. Some comments: - the manual transmission will be slower but (for some) more engaging - that said, I would not rule out a PDK as the transmission as it’s simply the best of the breed and incredibly intuitive - around 90% of 981 cars were PDK so you will have a broader range of cars to choose from; - an “S” has considerably more power and, more importantly in the context of high revving non turbo engines, a lot more torque (see the no’s above); - difficult to say if the $30k difference b/w the 2 cars is reasonable without physically inspecting them both to compare condition - the interior of base car does look a little scrappy but the discoloured number plate cover may simply be a build up of grime inside the cover? On the basis of the ad comments, you might conclude the “S” model has been maintained regardless of cost, but, again, the devil will be in the detail - there is likely a premium on the manual “S” for scarcity; - others may correct me here but the base model, as an MY15 with Sport Chrono will likely have auto rev matching whereas the “S” won’t as the feature wasn’t available on MY13 cars. Happy searching!
  3. @981KMan - I would go for an “S“over a base model for the added performance, bigger brakes, and slightly better equipment levels - in terms of performance, the jump from 2.7 to 3.4 is more significant (+37Kw, +80Nm) than the marginal step-up from “S” model to “GTS” model (+11Kw, +10Nm) - that said, the advantage of the 2.7 is it’s a very sweet engine, with some suggesting it is smoother at high revs. I am big wrap for Michelin’s PS4S tyres - massive improvement over P Zeros - no price disadvantage for supply/fitting through an authorised Porsche dealer. On the maintenance question, my car is at 38,000km and it has all been routine to date - rotors & pads are still original etc. I will update after the intermediate service booked for early April. The one caution, however, is in the Carsales listing for the white 2013 CS manual - it has travelled just under 25,000km and the comments say “scheduled timing belt replacement was completed” (major cost). I have had a good look through my service books and can’t see the belt replacement scheduled anywhere so question if this one was showing signs that replacement was necessary?
  4. A couple of comments to assist your search - you mention a preference for a 3.4 litre “S” model, manual transmission and 18” wheels - only the 2.7 litre base model came with 18” wheels with the “S” model fitted as standard with 19” rims and with many of those are optioned with 20”. I assume your preference for 18” wheels is due to ride comfort concerns - I would not discount a car with 20” rims if it has PASM (my Cayman has that combination and ride is brilliant for a focused sports car) - also be aware that some of the 20” styles (Carrera Classics & Techno) are wider rims than the Carrera Sports which does add to ride harshness - note also PASM lowers the ride height so that might not work if you have a steep driveway/cross over. The gold coloured cars are very rare and more so with a manual transmission - Lime Gold was available as a special colour ($6000 option) for cars built between 2012 & 2015. One forum member here has a Lime Gold 981 Cayman with manual transmission but I don’t recall seeing a Boxster with that combination but confident you will find one in white, silver or grey. Good luck with your search!
  5. Hi @981KMan and your question about selling white cars privately .... I read an article somewhere this week that noted white was still the most popular colour for new car buyers by some margin so (intuitively) you would expect that preference to carry over into the used market. Personal preference but I think Porsche sports cars in particular look brilliant in white and don’t scream “I didn’t want to pay for metallic” like some other makes. That said, the majority of the white 981s currently listed for sale are lightly optioned, and in the used market (as highlighted by @Arnage), well optioned vehicles are an easier sell & typically attract a premium. As an aside, I took delivery of new Golf R a couple of days ago for my wife - typically for a VW, there were only 5 colours available being white, grey, black, red & blue - we went with her preference which was white whereas I would have gone for grey or blue (both metallic) - now that is in the garage, the white looks brilliant!
  6. Have recently had a good look at the MB GLC 300 & 43AMG as a potential replacements for my wife’s C320cdi - both were ruled out because of a tyre skipping issue that is common to 4-Matic GLC models (the C43 AMG estate was ruled out for the same reason) - you will find plenty about the issue online but it afflicts only the RHD cars and results in very unpleasant noises from the front end when turning (particularly in the wet) and premature wear of the front tyres - MB don’t officially acknowledge the problem but have assisted some owners with replacement tyres and a front end modification - because they don’t concede the problem, they are unable to come out and say “we have fixed it” with the recent update of the GLC. We eventually went down a size and settled on a new Golf R that was delivered this morning!
  7. With some of the 981 Caymans on Carsales now being listed for many months (years?) and with asking prices on some cars being reduced (e.g. the white 981CS manual), it all indicates your suggested prices are likely achievable albeit you may have to accept higher kms, no extended warranty and/or a lower specification. Difficult to say what the arrival of the 718 GTS 4.0 specifically will do for 981 prices - as an existing 981CS owner, it’s a big jump to upgrade to a lightly optioned GTS 4.0 (say +$100k) so, as much as I would love a new 4.0, not sure I could justify the premium - suspect the lack of PDK for 718 GTS 4.0 (at least initially) will narrow its appeal so it’s difficult to call!
  8. Now that looks tasty and relatively good value - some reports are saying 6-speed manual only for 2020 deliveries with PDK possibly available in 2021 (as per GT4). There goes countless hours lost on the configurator ....
  9. Arguably, the DBM car is about $15k above market given it is lightly optioned with relatively higher Kms than its logical competitors. Both the Racing Yellow & White GTS manuals have been sitting on Carsales for a long time - clearly very patient sellers waiting for just the right buyer! And speaking of white cars ...... what is going on with the number of white 981 Caymans currently on Carsales? 15 of 41 are white and 8 of those are manuals! Go figure!
  10. The DBM car was offered for sale in Sorrento Vic a little over 2-years ago with 43,000km for $146,500. I suspect most buyers will prefer the Alcantara trim but I rather like the 2 tone leather and contrast to the dark blue. There are not many GTS models with full leather / Alcantara delete - i know of only 2 cars and both were optioned with ventilated seats which were not available with Alcantara.
  11. You will find a thread from a few months ago on retro fitting the Sport Design steering wheel - it is reasonably expensive but to provide some idea of cost, it is circa US$2000 in North America to supply the steering wheel and the additional column stalk required to control the multi-function display - suggest it is a dealer fitment task as it requires programming and you loose the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel (if currently fitted).
  12. Welcome Aj555, i assume the car you are looking at is the 2014 model listed in SA with 14,900km for $78.9k - agree the spec is basic albeit the photos are limited so difficult to determine the exact options fitted to this car - my view is these cars are spec sensitive so the 2013 model car for $76.5k in NSW with 19,230km likely represents better value as it includes the same 20” Carrera Classic wheels, Sports Chrono, PSE, sport design steering wheel with proper paddles & white instruments. For me these options are worth having and make for a more desirable package. If the NSW car has been serviced at a Porsche dealer, the warranty can be extended in the same manner/cost as the SA car.
  13. Lived in NYC for some years so can visualise exactly how the little Boxster ends up like this - recall watching a guy on East 46th squeeze into a parking spot that was initially about 10cm longer than his yank tank. He extended his space by circa 40cm by pushing the cars immediately ahead and behind to make room - watching the process over 5 minutes, questioned if this was the real reason American cars were required to have those ugly over-sized bumpers back in the 1970s?
  14. The yellow one has been listed at least 3 times but as some of the photos are the same, appears that it has never actually sold - I have it listed at $199k in May 2017 (SA rego) and $188k again in January 2018 (NSW rego) and I recall there was a further price drop a month or so later. Has anyone here inspected the car?
  15. To provide some idea of cost, Suncoast sell the Sport Design steering wheel for US$1,450 plus another US$500 for the steering column stalk to control the functions previously handled by the multi function steering wheel - dealer fitting and programming is required so all up likely to be an expensive exercise. With shipping & GST, it may be more economical to buy locally. From the Suncoast website: Important Notes: VIN number required to order. If your car currently has heating or multifunction, you will lose those options and dealer installation and programming will be required to add this steering wheel. Multifunction controls will now be controlled by a new stalk on the steering column. If your car doesn't have steering wheel heating or multifunction, then this will be a steering wheel swap only. Airbag is not included, you can reuse your existing airbag. Available for cars with PDK or 7-Speed manual transmissions.

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