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  1. This thread reminds me of a project I undertook in my late teens with dad many years ago. it was a Nov 1970 build Mk 2 Cooper S finished in Pacific Green (similar to BRG) purchased for $400 in 1975 - it was the previous owner’s 3rd Cooper S and, as a panel beater, he had stripped it to repaint it red. He had to sell quickly to return to the UK so we purchased it with most parts in boxes including a complete interior, glass & the engine/gearbox assembly. It had been sitting in a corner of his panel shop in Frankston so once we got it home and cleaned off all the dust, decided to retain the original BRG and reassemble the car. It was a voyage of discovery determining exactly what everything was & where it fitted. Discovered the engine was modified by Ron Brownrigg, an engineer known for modifying Minis - bored to 1310cc, blueprinted and fitted with a 45mm Weber & extractor exhaust. The carburettor was too large to fit behind the engine so there was a cutout & alloy plate inserted in the firewall to create sufficient space. Recall numerous trips to Mini Bits in Westall Rd Clayton South to Mini Bits to source missing parts including replacing the Tasman alloy wheels with ROH Contessa minilite lookalike alloys. If only I had kept that car …
  2. These guys may be able to assist http://www.go-tech.com.au/index.html - used them for repair of a Eurovox unit that was an OEM fitment in my 1998 MB C280 Sport some years ago.
  3. Another Spirit of Tasmania change coming later in 2022 is that it will no longer come into Port Melbourne but rather into Port of Geelong.
  4. I haven’t read the article but have heard the rumour elsewhere - one of the critical points will be to understand if VW is listing 100% of Porsche or a minority stake - word on the street is it’s the latter which is not surprising given the platform & technology sharing across the VW Group so likely not an attractive place to be!
  5. Welcome to PFA and 981 ownership - my 2014 Cayman has an aftermarket rear view camera and no issues with the extended warranty - the only downside vs the factory fitted unit is I don’t get the guidance lines on the PCM screen when reversing and the dealer is unable to activate. I have not fitted CarPlay due to the warranty issue on the PCM (replacement cost is circa $8,000 if it fails) - that said, if I was to add CarPlay, I would be looking at the Isudar CarPlay system for PCM3.1. My car has 20” rims and PASM so the ride is reasonably firm but not uncomfortable or unsettled - if your car is running original Pirelli P-Zero tyres, you might look at swapping to Michelin P4S as I found both the ride & handling improved when tyres were replaced. I was driving a new Civic Type R yesterday and it is very firm by comparison and a lot more unsettled over small imperfections in the road surface around Melbourne. I do find I need to be cautious parking because the car is low - the front parking sensors help (if fitted) but I stay well back from the kerb if parking nose in. Enjoy!
  6. I am going - missed the registration cutoff but it doesn’t appear to matter!
  7. This can vary by State - if it is a new car in Victoria, dealers are required to affix registration plates in a “permanent” manner as part of VicRoads registration requirements - some years ago, I sourced a set of a Lakin number plate frames for a new Golf GTI so asked the dealer to use 3M tape to affix the plates temporarily - received a firm refusal despite undertaking to return the car so they could satisfy themselves the plates were permanently affixed.
  8. I purchased a set of these mesh grilles from the Radiator Grille Store that I fitted this afternoon - very happy with results, easy to install & relatively inexpensive (circa $150 delivered from the USA) - installed them with the cable ties visible albeit it is possible to fit them such that cable ties cannot be seen but that method caused some distortion in the 2 sections that make up the horizontal spar - having attempted to fit Rennline grilles previously without success & no drilling required as for Zunsport grilles, these are a good option.
  9. The clearance would be an important consideration - obviously depends on your individual circumstances & approach angle etc. but I have managed to completely displace the rubber lip spoiler on my 981 Cayman on my suburban driveway crossover (it is not particularly steep) - the spoiler is a sacrificial item on the base & S models so not a big deal but you have to be careful to get the approach angles correct. From memory, the splitter on a GT4 protrudes further than other 981 models & is not sacrificial so I would be testing it on your driveway if access is in any way compromised.
  10. Hi @chappoaj - I’d be interested to see what the rear number plate mount looks like so would be great if you were able to post a picture - I ask because I was unaware Porsche provided a mount for the rear. Thanks!
  11. That is the same car the was listed privately in Adelaide - initially listed at $143,500 (but later reduced to $130,000?).
  12. I purchased Rennline grilles a few years ago & followed a YouTube clip that showed how to remove the front bumper on a 991 Turbo - eventually managed to remove everything (some of the electrical connectors are very difficult to access) but with the bumper assembly finally off, could not determine where exactly to screw the fixings into the rear of the bumper (instructions were vague) with the risk being I would have a screw appear through the front of the bumper. So reassembled everything & the grilles are still sitting in the packaging waiting for another attempt!
  13. Thanks for the additional photos @Prodigy - the extra switch appears to be a re-purposed switch to lower/raise the rear spoiler with a vertical arrow added at the front of the graphic - can only speculate its purpose but radar detector is a good possibility.
  14. Interesting because what grabbed my attention was the grilles were secured by cable ties (indicating they were not made by Rennline or Zunsport) - it was a very neat installation & the ties were very discreet but unusual to see on a car in the main showroom.

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