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  1. ber911

    Rampless car trailer

    I have bought a single axle Futura and am really happy with it. Have heard that the dual axle might be a bit small for a Cup car but am unsure of this. The other option is a Tilta Trailer from Queensland. Rob
  2. I am after a standard (not S) front steel bumper to replace the fibreglass S bumper on my 69 911. Rob
  3. Cavaco Motors in Glebe - probably 10 minutes from Botany. Rob
  4. ber911

    Home built Hot Rod

    The 911 crankshaft bearing shell part number changed sometime in '75 apparently for all models from 901-101-132-00 to 911-101-133-00. The only difference was that the tang changed from one side to the other. Rob
  5. A bit optimistic with pricing maybe?? US import .. converted .. Targa .. wrong tail ... https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-1982/SSE-AD-5455778/?Cr=0 Just a little optimistic ?? I would sell my 3.0 Carrera Targa, Australian delivered with all books and service history for that kind of money. Rob
  6. ber911

    20/21 Cams for CIS Motor

    Thanks Lucas As discussed - all yours. Rob
  7. I have a pair of 4 journal 20/21 cams that I bought off Supertec in the USA for sale. Will fit 2.7 motors with later cam housings and all 3.0 motors (not sure about 3.2) - wakes up a standard CIS motor, especially when used with earlier heat exchangers. In excellent condition - very little use. I am upgrading my motor to MFI and hence have no use for them. $680.00 + postage. Rob 0422833434
  8. ber911

    Anyone near Camden NSW?

    Lee I can get it picked up and then you could organise to have it collected by E-go from my business in Smeaton Grange. Rob 0422833434
  9. ber911

    Roll hoop or 1/2 roll cage - suit 88 911

    http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-used-parts-sale-wanted/948884-83-89-911-dos-sport-roll-bar-cab.html Don't know about shipping costs though. Rob
  10. ber911

    Raceking Race Car Trailers

    I have had a Raceking for a few years now. Had another single axle trailer before that. I need a small light trailer that is easy to move around and store. A dual axle trailer is just to big and cumbersome for me. Because it is relatively small and drops almost flat to the ground, I can keep it in the garage and push the car on and off it - saves me having to find a place to store the trailer separately. Tows great when loaded, bounces great when empty but have towed it over 70 kms empty at 100km/h several times to collect my car. Have to watch out for potholes, large bumps and rough roads and slow down a bit. Rob
  11. Works out a little cheaper than shipping direct from the U.S. On my last 2 parcels, it took up to a week from when they received the parcel at their U.S warehouse till when they notified me and sent me an invoice. Ended up taking almost 4 weeks from when the goods were shipped to them until I received them. Rob
  12. Unless somebody has the car that the 3.0 Carrera donk belongs to. Rob
  13. ber911

    early 911 tyres

    A cost effective alternative http://www.blockleytyre.com/ Rob
  14. Historic race car, track car, IROC, outlaw or backdate ? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/moore-park/cars-vans-utes/1974-porsche-lhd-911-coupe-historic-race-car-no-engine/1130712954 Rob
  15. ber911

    Intermediate shaft advice needed

    I am not sure about the 964 and later, but the 2.2, 3.0 and 3.2 all used the same intermediate shaft bearings. Rob