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  1. Deposit taken - staying in Sydney to a passionate Porsche nut 👍
  2. Hi All, selling my 911, listed here first in the hope it goes to a red blooded enthusiast as I’ve spent a lot on this car. Porsche 911 1988 3.2 Carrera G50 RHD Factory RHD (UK delivered) Wide body all steel guards completed by coach builder, so not a factory M491, but very well done (have documentation) Delivery Books and loads of receipts 3.2 Engine completely rebuild, not a top end refresh, but a complete case split, new pistons, barrels bearings, chains, studs etc, only regular maintenance for the next 200k kms is what I would expect. Engine is literally 2500kms old now and uses no oil, no smoke, runs very well. Didn’t need the rebuild either, but the common oil leaks were what prompted me. Matching engine and gearbox to car Factory guards red and bone leather, never seen another like, factory sport seat option Almost the whole catalogue of elephant racing suspension has been thrown at this car, and it handles exceptionally without being harsh or rattly, think 964 adjustable coilovers Wheels are US built Fikse fuchs which I believe are now licensed exclusively to Singer, when I last priced these 4 years ago it was about $10-12k to land these here. Repainted about 4 years ago, not that it needed it, (but did have cat claw marks over most of the car) it really shines, no dents or rust (been in Aus for quite a long time) I also have all the genuine bits for the A/C which will sell with the car, also the original Blaupunkt radio, tools, books, original muffler etc Also I have a set of genuine Fuchs that will also go with the car if you want that stock look (16x7 and 16x8) these alone are $3000-$4000k Car sounds and drives great, if your looking for something that doesn’t leak oil, blow smoke, or is moments away for a wallet ripping engine refresh, then this is a 911 you may want to consider $115k Located in Sydney NSW Robert
  3. Hey @GregAx, it's actually a G64 6 speed box with the 4WD front shaft output blocked through a conversion. I bought it over 15 years ago for a mate building a GT40 replica, and then when he abandoned the project my other mate bought it off him. It's funny how many people were (and still are) adamant that gearbox will not fit in a 3.2 car, but he's done a smooth job of it, as he has with the rest of the car. He was struggling for traction that day, so he tried a 2nd gear launch...lol Here is another video of me this time when it "only" had 420rwkw at Wakefield Park on old hard tyres ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_McZs7cMFaI
  4. Hey @Dreamr yes indeed, my build tag is 1979 build, what confuses everyone is the factory took another 12 months to sort out the tight fit of the steering, Turbo and wastegate for the RHD model, so anything 1979 and RHD is truly early. I'd love to know more about my car's early life in Tasmania, and also how it ended up in the bush near Tenterfield from where I got it from. If only these cars could talk? Epic memories @Bibbs
  5. We have one of the most powerful 930's right here local to Sydney and proudly built ground up by a good mate of mine....this video is from 2014, as impressive at it is, it has way more power nowdays
  6. Hi @Bibbs, I don’t have your car (I sure hope you find it) but I do have a 1979 series 1 924 Turbo that was factory delivered to Australia. It was delivered to Tasmania through Porsche dealer Performance Automobiles in Hobart Mine is also a sunroof delete and had been quietly sitting in a barn on the NSW QLD inland border when I got my paws on it. I drove 13 hrs on my marriage anniversary weekend (with an understanding wife by my side and a fancy stopover in Armidale ) Its a factory two tone (blue silver) I’m currently refreshing the engine and have pretty much restored all mechanicals, but will likely leave it in “barnfind patina” They require patience and dedication but are worth it. Where else do you get Porsche + Turbo + 70’s Technology for under 6 figures??
  7. Hi Cam, what is your friends budget for such a car?
  8. https://flic.kr/p/22htGhb Carrera GT, near Oxford Street this morning https://flic.kr/p/22htGhb
  9. Tom Tom Tom, didn’t you once describe the NSW Porsche Club as a bunch of old people sitting around talking about how to make a Boxster go faster.....your too funny
  10. I should be given the rights to buy the 924 Turbo brochure as I own that exact same spec car and have been busting my chops restoring it for ages..... Dammit @TINGY944 you’re soo quick off the lights

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