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  1. Awesome. Great tip. Really appreciate the advice!
  2. Out of interest, I assume the 102 fuel will only benefit cars designed/tuned to run on that fuel, or am I wrong? Shaping up a a great day!
  3. Hello all Wondering if anyone has come up with a solution for increased lumbar support for their GT3 lightweight bucket seats? OMP, Sparco etc make some great inserts for their race seats, but I have been reluctant to buy a set in case they don't fit! Anyone got any tips, cheap or otherwise? Be great to hear back if so! Happy driving. Cheers
  4. Hello Just had a quick look through the forum for advice on who people have used to vinyl wrap their Porsche in Melbourne. Some older conversations and recommendations in there but just wondering if anyone has a more current recommendation. If it helps, I'm going beyond just a standard wrap to something more intricate (design provided by skepple in the USA), probably most akin to a race car livery. Be interested if anyone can help me out with someone they've used with a great outcome. Cheers! Dave
  5. Test and tune days are really well run at Winton. I've done a heap there and you get a great mix of cars and I've always found the other drivers a good bunch. Cars are grouped by type so speeds are well matched too. Attendances can be really variable, from just a few cars to maybe 10 to 12 in each group. You'll find alot of the drivers are on and off track a bit too as they tweak their set ups etc during the day!
  6. Assuming there are still track spots available and anyone remains uncertain about tracking their beloved Porsche, just do it! You'll have a ball and learn more about your Porsche in a day on track than in years of spirited driving on public roads. It's a non competitive day and you'll get lots of support from anyone at the track based on my experience of track days with PFA. I can't wait, got a few track days in the coming months to get back into the spirit of things! Should be a great day!
  7. Registered and paid up today. Winton is a great fun technically challenging circuit. Should be a great day out! Hopefully the weather cooperates itself too. Catch you all there in the 991 GT3.
  8. Spray some WD40 under the distributor cap and she'll start right up... https://www.autoevolution.com/news/this-porsche-911-spent-4-years-in-a-river-and-it-s-being-rebuilt-148906.html
  9. One of the unsung heroes of Porsche's GT history, with an amazing racing pedigree! 924GT
  10. Stick with this video and watch a 7yo give his dad instructions around the nurburgring. Apparently it's the youngsters 500th lap! Awesome stuff.
  11. Hello. Up for sale is a brand new Schroth Profi Porsche GT3 996/997 3×2 racing harness (SCH-94690). I drive a 991 GT3 so lesson learnt for buying online late at night after a few bevvies! Retails for $830+ in Oz. Happy to let go for $750. Brand new, only removed from box to view. I'm in Melbourne and happy to handover or post (at buyers cost). Can be contacted via forum or by mobile at 0434 Four Zero Six 512. The Schroth Profi Porsche GT3 996/997 3X2 racing belt is a Porsche GT3 Cup competition belt configured as a Profi 3X2 6PT race harness system with Porsche specific bolt-in ends (B43A) which are compatible with all 996 and 997 GT3, RSR, and Cup cars. The Profi GT3 3X2 belt features universal 3" polyester webbing at the shoulders, 2" polyester webbing at the lap belts, lightweight 2" pull-down adjusters, and RFR rotary buckle. The Schroth Profi Porsche GT3 3x2's universal usage 3" shoulder belts are designed to be used with or without FHR/HANS devices. The 3" polyester shoulder straps will allow the user the option to use the belt system sometimes with or sometimes without a FHR/HANS device. The Profi Porsche GT3 996/997 3X2 2"(50mm) lap belt's most notable feature is that it rides within the crest of the human pelvis where a 3" belt would rest on the edges. This allows you to get the belt up to an inch and a half tighter. That means the lap belt will be working earlier in the accident event because it gets loaded faster. It's also more comfortable and easier to adjust because there's less friction through the adjuster. The Porsche specific bolt-in ends of the Profi GT3 3X2 belts will allow a direct bolt-in to the factory GT3 seat set-up in any 911, 996, and 997 chassis. Shoulders come in 70" length and compatible with most harness bars. FIA 8853-2016 Approved. Available in black, blue, red, or yellow colors. • Universal usage 3” shoulder belts, • 2” (50mm) Profi Pull Down lap belts with sewn in Prosche specific bolt-in hardware (B43A), • T-bar adjustable Dual Sub-Strap, • Light-weight RFR Rotary Cam Lock release, • FIA 8853-2016
  12. Bit late on this restoration project but can't wait to see the final outcome! Paint job looks awesome.
  13. This is spot on advice. GT4 is a lot of car for the money.

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