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  1. Lake Mountain yesterday thinking roads will be quiet due to COVID-19. WRONG! Cars and cyclists everywhere. Had a blast anyway.
  2. Congrats. You won't regret the purchase. A huge amount of car for the money!
  3. I've been a Porsche tragic since I first heard the sound of a flat 6 air cooled 911 back in the 1970s. I bought my first Porsche, a 987 Cayman S, when I got made redundant about 10 years ago. It was either do something sensible with the money or something for me. I've never looked back and since have moved through a 997 Turbo, a Cayenne GTS and now a 991 GT3. All my P cars have been driven hard and regularly. After all, they were made to drive. Every trip is an experience, enriched further by sharing with friends or other Porsche enthusiasts. Can't stand the market shift to investors treating these amazing machines as assets. Kills it for the real enthusiasts!
  4. Volkswagen chief warns ‘sacred cows’ need slaughtering Herbert Diess tells top managers that radical change is needed to survive industry upheaval. Be interesting to see whether changes extend into Porsche. From an article in the Financial Times online:https://www.ft.com/content/8ba1dde4-3869-11ea-a6d3-9a26f8c3cba4
  5. Agree re PS4S...I tried a set of Pirelli P Zeros a few sets back just for a change and immediately regretted it. Found them noisy with nowhere near as much lateral grip.
  6. I really miss Chris Harris's online content pre Top Gear. A real car enthusiast and not afraid to express an opinion. He's a massive Porsche fan too which helps...
  7. First GT2RS in Australia kitted out in Manthey Racing spec. Yes please!!!
  8. Attended the Manthey Racing launch at Doncaster Porsche this evening. Thought I'd share a few photos from the slide show. Envious of anyone in a position to install some of these products on their beloved GT car!
  9. Amazing shots Niko! Thanks for capturing the on and sometimes off track moments so well!
  10. Sorry to hear that John. Glad to hear it was more a scare than anything more sinister. There'll be a run or something else that you can join in and enjoy soon enough!
  11. This is cruel but I struggle to hear how the 718s sound much different than a WRX...My 987 Cayman S was a beautiful thing. Only 295HP but man that engine note was something else... ...
  12. I agree. Speed down the road is one thing. How it feels and sounds on the journey. 718 handles beautifully but the noise is so un-Porsche. A step ahead of e cars though!!!!
  13. Based on a bit of healthy skepticism on the GT4RS, this news should be fairly interesting too! https://www.topgear.com/car-news/motorsport/porsche-has-made-stripy-718-cayman-gt4-special

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