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  1. What do folks think about potential future values of the current gt4 vs a 991.1 GT3?Guessing the 911 pedigree will be a clear winner but interested in people's thoughts.
  2. Good feedback. Thanks all. Had been tossing up a used gt3 vs the new cayman gt4. Be interesting to see where it all finally lands, if at all. Agree the video sounds nothing like any gt3 I've heard!
  3. Gday everyone I know there's been a bit of talk on the threads re the potential new GT4 for 2019. Got a deposit down but very interested in views on what engine people think is going to power the car. I've read a few sites and talked to people supposedly in the know that suggest the new engine could well be a de-tuned version of the current 991.2 gt3 4.0l. Supposed testing videos on youtube (see below) leave me wondering though - split exhaust layout looks very much like the layout for the current 991.2 911s. Exhaust note also doesn't sound flat 6... What do you all think? Anything other than a 4.0l flat fix would be a deal breaker for me!
  4. Took my 997 Turbo to Winton yesterday and had an absolute whale of a time. Constantly amazed by Porsche cars. Drove mine to Winton loaded with everything I needed - fuel canisters, racing gear, chair for the garage etc. Then drove it home after 6 hours of thrashing like it was nothing. Car never missed a beat whatever I asked it to do. Nobody makes cars like Porsche. A privilege to own and drive!
  5. I've recently sold a 987 Cayman S after 10 years of ownership. If maintained, they are bullet proof and cost effective to run. Mine was driven daily, on weekend runs and at the track. So balanced in the corners which is handy because they rely on straight linear momentum to build speed. Must get the S over a standard Cayman. If it's shared driving go a PDK. Get the sports chrono package and sports exhaust. Exhaust option does nothing for performance but sounds great. Go a 981 for the more contemporary interior and PCM system. Enjoy the Cayman... they are amazing!
  6. Drove to Bunnings and bought some octopus straps. Boring but always smiling after a drive even after a dull run to the shops!
  7. Left field topic for light contemplation on a Thursday evening. Whilst Porsche these days is a 4wd manufacturer that just happens to make sports cars, I have been pondering lately whether despite this they may also be experiencing their best ever period of excellence in sports car manufacturing. Since the introduction of the 997/987 generation cars have they ever continuously built a series of such capable/brilliant sports cars? What do people think? What's your favourite generation of Porsche sports car production?
  8. Feeling a little more relaxed now and laughing hard at the locked in the boot story. Hilarious. Have a great weekend all.
  9. Inane topic but had to laugh at risk of crying yesterday when I backed my Turbo into a concrete parking delineator. The moment was made worse by two key factors: it was at a child care centre and all the kids playing out in the yard came out to see the car just before the scrape happened (stopped me from swearing at least)only recently had a reverse camera installed but didn't have the infotainment system switched on so missed it (should have seen it anyway with my own eyes!)Got me thinking as to what other stupid things people had done with their Porsche - either by accident or on purpose and only after the fact you thought to yourself, now why did I just do that?!!! For example....https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/culture/commuting/globe-journalists-son-crashes-180000-porsche/article4320602/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&
  10. 2 waves in 2 days from 2 different porsche owners. On a roll!!!
  11. Thanks all. A few recommendations to check out. Will kill a bit of Sunday afternoon!
  12. Hi all Recently purchased a 997 Turbo and loving the car. It's the third time I've bought a porsche though with pirelli p zeros fitted and i can't get past how much i hate these tyres - itrespective of what vehicle they're fitted too. Find the pirelli tyres noisy, lack traction off the line, lack group when cornering and constantly need rebalancing. My perverted tyre for a balance of day to day, spirited weekend and some track use is a Michelon pilot sport . Wanted to get an idea of what folks out there are using rubber wise. Be great to hear from you all. Cheers Dave
  13. Top of lake mountain - low lying cloud made visibility poor and a bit of drizzle made ford some fun corners. Fantastic fun. Time for a good wash and polish this afternoon!!! Tweet
  14. Each to their own but thought the alternative options looked comparatively cheap and nasty. Like the idea of wearing an old 911 around as a watch. Design elements are quite cool too in terms of leveraging 911 features.
  15. Hi all Not sure if anyone else has ordered one of these watches from REC? Built from materials directly sourced off old air cooled 911s. Really cool concept I reckon. https://www.recwatches.com/collections/901 I jumped on early during the kickstarter funding campaign. Supposed to receive the watch in the mail in the coming weeks. Will let everyone know how it looks/ performs when it does. Cheers Dave

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