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  1. Sorry to hear that John. Glad to hear it was more a scare than anything more sinister. There'll be a run or something else that you can join in and enjoy soon enough!
  2. This is cruel but I struggle to hear how the 718s sound much different than a WRX...My 987 Cayman S was a beautiful thing. Only 295HP but man that engine note was something else... ...
  3. I agree. Speed down the road is one thing. How it feels and sounds on the journey. 718 handles beautifully but the noise is so un-Porsche. A step ahead of e cars though!!!!
  4. Based on a bit of healthy skepticism on the GT4RS, this news should be fairly interesting too! https://www.topgear.com/car-news/motorsport/porsche-has-made-stripy-718-cayman-gt4-special
  5. First world problem but I can't afford to keep both unfortunately. Love the GT3 and quite honestly feel really torn about the decision. Have owned a Cayman S and loved it, but always had that nagging feeling that it wasn't a 911! What's swinging me towards the GT4 is the mid engine layout. Ultimately, I think it will come down to how much HP they pack the thing with.
  6. Hear what you're both saying but not sure the logic entirely holds up. I track my 991 GT3 regularly and sometimes come in with lap times sitting behind GTRs etc that have had some work done (tyres, brakes, suspension, aero). It doesn't phase me in the least. Nobody stops to look or listen to the GTR, whereas everyone stops to look and listen to the GT3 because its a track ready Porsche that looks and sounds amazing! At the end of the day that Porsche badge, model designation and driving experience are what you're paying for. I'd personally take the engine note of any NA flat six Porsche ever produced (air or water cooled) over a turbo charged four cylinder 718 (irrespective of lap times), where with your eyes closed the sound is comparable to a Subaru WRX. 4pot 718s and WRXs are great cars, but the visceral/noise experience is lacking. For me, it's the entire package of driving a car that matters, not simply lap times. From a financial perspective, future values of a GT4 / RS will also hold up far better than a 718 boxster with some work done. The whole question of "how much is the badge worth" is subjective and you only need to look at how the price of old Porsche 911s has appreciated to know that a crude economic rationalist view doesn't tend to apply when it comes to purchases of the heart!!!
  7. Good question. I had an allocation for a 718GT4 that came in at $270K on road. Cancelled order and rolled deposit over to an RS. I'm thinking north of $300K. Ouch!
  8. Great job by everyone involved. You've built a real community for the Porsche enthusiast. Congrats on the 10 years.
  9. I've got my deposit down!
  10. My wife (AlleyCat) and I (Lazydave) are in and paid up. Looking forward to testing myself and the GT3 out on a hill climb circuit!
  11. Quick question - if 2 people intend to drive the same car alternating throughout the day, is it $190 or $380? Assume the latter but be great to hear back. Cheers!

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