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  1. Bit late on this restoration project but can't wait to see the final outcome! Paint job looks awesome.
  2. This is spot on advice. GT4 is a lot of car for the money.
  3. lazydave

    992 C2S lap times

    They look menacing those Hellcats. Shared a hack day at Phillip Island last summer with one. Very quick in a straight line. Almost off the track at every corner!!! New corvette might also be shaping up as an interesting proposition.
  4. How about those GT1 pics? Amazing! So what Ferrari would people park in their garage? 458 Speciale for me. Not one of the big 5, but a fairly special piece of kit!
  5. Hello everyone, Was watching Carl Hartley on YouTube discussing the Ferrari F50 (see below). During his review of the F50 he named the top 5 road going Ferrari's as follows: - 288 GTO - F40 - F50 - Enzo - La Ferrari. Got me thinking about what might be the Porsche big 5. My top 5 Porsche road car dream garage: - 73 Carrera RS - 959 Sport - 997.2 GT3 RS 4L - Carrera GT - 918 Other thoughts from the PFA?
  6. Same fella on YouTube has now uploaded some air cooled 911 rally sounds. Amazing!
  7. I'm good - thankfully family all healthy and well. How about at your end?
  8. Missing the actual driving experience a fair bit with this fuggin' pandemic so thought I'd share this little gem on YouTube I just stumbled across.... https://youtu.be/JQAoBBcDnLk Near enough to 10 minutes of Porsche eye and ear porn!
  9. Lake Mountain yesterday thinking roads will be quiet due to COVID-19. WRONG! Cars and cyclists everywhere. Had a blast anyway.
  10. Congrats. You won't regret the purchase. A huge amount of car for the money!
  11. I've been a Porsche tragic since I first heard the sound of a flat 6 air cooled 911 back in the 1970s. I bought my first Porsche, a 987 Cayman S, when I got made redundant about 10 years ago. It was either do something sensible with the money or something for me. I've never looked back and since have moved through a 997 Turbo, a Cayenne GTS and now a 991 GT3. All my P cars have been driven hard and regularly. After all, they were made to drive. Every trip is an experience, enriched further by sharing with friends or other Porsche enthusiasts. Can't stand the market shift to investors treating these amazing machines as assets. Kills it for the real enthusiasts!

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