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  1. Just call Steve Varasso in Ringwood, SV Autoelectrical. He’ll sort it in no time.
  2. Yep, the key is being able to inspect and know what you’re getting into. I already own 2 cars I brought with us from the U.K. 11 years ago, I’m well aware of what they can look like and need. I’m in the middle of restoring 2 Range Rover’s that have spent their life in Oz, the rust repairs have been extensive. To say that Oz delivered cars of any manufacture are rust free is false, I’ve seen 911’s here that are just as rusty because of the environment in which they’ve lived. The flip side is my 87 Targa doesn’t have a pick of rust anywhere, but then it was a country car then was stored in a warehouse for 20 years. You pays your money and takes your chance.
  3. It makes the U.K. ones quite tempting. I’ve had the details of a couple of tidy restored ones sent to me in the last few weeks (I’m heading back to the U.K. for a month soon), the prices are high, but nowhere near what’s needed here.
  4. My 87 Oz delivered has the black case compressor. Previous owner (from 5 years old) had used it many a time in his workshop and confirmed it as being the original.
  5. Looked much better with bike racks on the roof and 3 kid seats in it 😉
  6. They can advertise it for what they like I guess, but $275k is strong money…
  7. If I do sell it @LeeM there will be a set of 7&8 Minilites up for grabs as well 😉 In fact to be honest I should just list them anyway as I’m unlikely to put them back on the car, they’re just gathering dust in their boxes in the shed. Along with the original 6&7” Fuchs…
  8. Shed clear out. I have a couple of brand new OEM Aerokit front bumpers with the holes for washer jets. These are new old stock, just scuffed from storage, nothing that wouldn’t come out when being prepped for paint. The aerokit bumper is basically the same as the GT3 bar without the vent cut into the top face. The GT3 vent can be fitted to it by cutting out the slot and installing the frame, the kits can be had from numerous aftermarket suppliers or Porsche direct if you so desire. Couple of photos are attached of what they look like finished in standard aero and GT3. These are stupidly expensive for GT3’s ($10k+) so it’s a much cheaper option. $2k each. These will have to be collected either by the buyer or a courier from the Mornington Peninsula, they’re massive! Zero 421 nine 41 seven 88 Cheers Mike
  9. A pair of OEM 997 Xenon headlights, one side has a damaged lens which might be able to be replaced, both are complete plug & play with ballasts and bulbs. These have been sat gathering dust in my shed for yonks, new they’re about $2k each just for the unit minus ballasts and bulbs. I’m having a clear out so make me an offer around $2k for the pair. Pickup from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria or post at your expense. They’re pretty big so the box would be sizeable. Zero 421 nine 41 seven 88 Cheers Mike
  10. That’s what it’s insured for Lee, Shannon’s had no issue with that but it’s likely on the low side if I went out to replace it like for like. Market has obviously softened, but if someone wants the G50 and Aus delivered, the choice isn’t exactly thick on the ground.
  11. Yes and yes. The comparison thing is the ‘problem’ so to speak, I’ve not seen an Oz delivered G50 Targa sold for years. Given that from the info I got from Porsche Australia a few years ago that mine was potentially the only Targa sold in 1987, that would be why! Shannon’s had an 85 Targa in the last auction, plenty more k’s but still Oz delivered and matching numbers, went for about $130k with fees if I recall correctly.
  12. So, with the values of these all over the show, what’s the collective view on a value for the 87 Targa in silver with 135k on the clock? 4 owners from new, stored in a warehouse from about 1995-2015 before being fully recommissioned, used and enjoyed since then. Very much a driver car and the better for it (ie, plenty of stonechips on the front), but well maintained. SSI’s, all new Bilsteins, 7’s & 8’s (genuine), roof redone a few years back and a complete AC rebuild 2 years ago by Steve Varasso (which means that it works). Just an idea at the moment….

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