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  1. UK price is probably ~$90k, range is £45-55k for a 3.8 2012 S. Interested to know the Porsche warranty is worldwide? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201906068736065?transmission=Automatic&minimum-badge-engine-size=3.5&radius=1500&year-to=2013&maximum-mileage=60000&model=911&year-from=2011&postcode=sk96lj&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=sponsored&keywords=S&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=PORSCHE&page=1 Dove House are a good benchmark, friends have bought several cars from there (Fezza’s & Astons)
  2. I currently have the Phillips Extreme 130’s, many have commented how bright they are in the mirror. About to try LED’s to see if they’re any different.
  3. Standard for any rally car, pretty much the only original parts are likely to be the VIN tags and registration number. Even the VIN tags can be remade. Our family rally car was a Mk1 Escort VIN & registration, in a Mk2 1300 Popular shell with a GM engine. That shell was the 4th one we’d used with those tags & reg, lost count of how many engines we’d used (one was in my road car!) yet it was still the same car as far as the authorities were concerned. Triggers broom 👍 I know of a current rally driver who runs 2 Mk2 Escorts with the same registration number and VIN, one has a Millington engine, the other a GM. One goes to overseas events, the other stays relatively local. Normal practice, even the factory did it back in the day.
  4. I plan on finding a few over the next couple of years for sending to the UK, a mate of mine there is a Land Rover specialist (looked after my Rangie’s for years) and he wants them to restore himself, he also has customers wanting them. Really, you need to have someone there to receive them as many people won’t buy sight unseen. Same as here really.
  5. Just do a few YouTube searches and you’ll see his cars on events, they really are stunning.
  6. Jeff, I assume you’ve made contact with Andy Burton in the UK about such conversions? He’s a farmer in Herefordshire, but also a very successful rally driver / car builder who built the legendary Alferrari rally car in the late 90’s/ early naughties, followed by the 306 Cosworth. Incredibly successful cars and all built by him, if anyone can give you some assistance or guidance, Andy’s your man. I used to watch him back in the day, his cars are incredible. https://rallysportmag.com/andy-burton-a-local-legend/ Also have a chat to the guys at Retropower, the builders of Gordon Murray’s Escort covered elsewhere on here. The Millington engined 105 they’ve done is a monster.
  7. Same here, great all rounder for the car and I’ve driven mine pretty hard in all weathers, really can’t complain. 4 for the price of 3 offers are quite frequent at Bridgestone dealers at ~$500 a set.
  8. Back in the day, my best mate’s brother was bought one of these brand new for his 21st birthday. Phone call from his Dad, your present is on the drive. I just remember him (and us as 16 year olds) tearing around Wilmslow in the UK where we lived in it, one of us stuffed in the back despite it having no seats, yet to him and his Dad it was ‘just another 911 that was cheaper than the rest’ (his old man had a 930 at the time). Think he lasted less than a year with it. If only we’d realised at the time what it represented.
  9. Yeah saw the announcement as it was posted, properly pissed off about that as it’s been a fantastic event for the last couple of times I’ve been over. Without the Victoria Park area I can see the whole rally event being a flop as well, where the hell will they park all the cars up safely?
  10. John Orchard (polorot) is your man for local knowledge, we did a fantastic run around that area last Sunday. Perfect roads for our cars that’s for sure.
  11. Perfectly understated sleeper, nothing shouty until you give it the beans. The best kind of car imo. It’ll be awesome round town 👍😎
  12. The look and stance of it’s stunning Tom. Worth the very long wait?
  13. I’m in, back from the UK so I’ll see you Satdee 👍

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