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  1. Speed yellow 996.2 GT3, a black 991 and a black McLaren (I think) on the back of a tilt tray & trailer heading south on Peninsula Link near Somerville yesterday. Anyone on here?
  2. @hugh each to their own on the overtaking preferences, but then you’re a racing driver so overtaking round corners and under brakes is normal 😉 I for one would never do that, I’ve seen too many overtakers be clobbered by the overtakee as one or the other understeers or oversteers into oblivion. Keep that for test days when it’s a bunch of race drivers, not the fun days. Mentioning in the briefing to back off down the straights if there’s a car in your mirrors that wasn’t there a few corners ago, or has been behind for a few corners is a great idea.
  3. I think I said it somewhere about how the day reminded me very much of the secret squirrel days I used to partake in with a bunch of mates back in the early 2000’s, one ran the track day company we all used to help him out with. When that got to a size where the sheer number of events and punters meant that the ‘hardcore’ group from 20 or so of us barely got any track time while helping out, we started taking spare days offered by Anglesey circuit and not advertising them, hence the ‘squirrel days’ moniker. We would pony up the readies to Bookatrack (the business) so it broke even or made him a few quid and we could all have some fun, often making a weekend of it much like Sven’s suggesting and booking a massive country house nearby for us all to crash in. Meant that all the wives and girlfriends who also used to come along to the events could be involved as well, they could also have some track time if they so desired, but it became a regular thing. We didn’t run them as sessions per se all day, it was more of a start with the 20 minute sessions as you did, but then take an open pit approach from about mid morning onwards once everyone had been out a couple of times, which is similar to what happened in the late afternoon of Saturday as people got tired or had had enough anyway. 20 minute sessions are the perfect length though. That relaxed vibe is what you managed to create and I’d caution on having too many people or different groups of wildly differing speeds booked for each day. If it’s at all possible I’d try to keep it to the dozen or so cars per session, then maybe let the sessions drop in the afternoon and go open pit as people naturally go off chatting / get tired / blow a water hose Jed / want to take the kids out / do some social meejya etc. The whole purpose should be about fun and being able to fling the cars around with a level of carefree abandon that isn’t allowed on traditional trackdays, where deliberately pushing on into oversteer to learn the car and drivers ability often leads to the dreaded black flag 🏴 For the love of god though don’t open it up to the great unwashed or make it competitive in any way other than you did, otherwise that level of respect being demonstrated will be gone. It was fun watching Sven & Rohan not racing at all in any way shape or form for that session, but to add in more ‘competitive’ sessions would take away from it for many. The last thing I (and probably many others) want if I’m out on track is to be divebombed under the brakes into a corner by some racing hero, I have to drive my car home. Respect has to be the over riding feature of the event, as it was on the day. Theres one thing I would change about the event briefing though, as a spectator I noticed it caused a few issues in the first couple of sessions for a few drivers. Overtaking rules were asked by someone, the response wasn’t so clear and was left to everyone to use ‘common sense’. As we all know, common sense isn’t that common, so I really would advise on some clarity on that issue. Straights only, by consent / indication only, on the left only and NEVER under brakes into a corner were our rules back in the day. Takes 5 seconds to say, is clear to everyone and in the 70+ trackdays I helped out at not once did we have any car to car contact or conflict. Reagrdless of what flavour of 911 I have next year, I’ll give it a crack on the day. I know I said this year that my current one isn’t for use on track anymore but I think Saturday changed my opinion 😁
  4. It’s certainly something I’ve considered in the last few weeks, even though my 87 is the oft derided Targa it’s also a genuine Aussie delivered G50 with only 132k on it. When I see coupes of a similar vintage / kms going for $150+ it makes me think about what I’d ‘need’ to have it insured for, I would struggle to replace it for what it’s currently insured for, even though Shannon’s upped that last year. I’ve been tempted to run it past one of the local specialist dealers for an appraisal, see what they say. Trouble with that is I’d probably get even more tempted to sell it and join the massed hordes chasing GT3’s 😂
  5. Same here. Left home at 4.30am, got back at 7.30pm and know how tired I was without the track driving element! Great day out though, huge fun as a passenger and I had nothing to do with Nick Diggens spinning 😂
  6. 👍 Or should that be, 👎 No matter, I’ll find a Maccas on the way.
  7. I will do my best to get there for dark o’clock... Does it have a Maccas? I’ll need coffee 😂
  8. Yes, had I not been travelling through to New Jersey shipping it to him would’ve been costly, so I’d have just ordered a full kit from him to be done here. In talking to him at his house it also transpired just how many spares he had accumulated from over the years, which meant a fair bit of extra stuff came back in the shipping box...
  9. I had my roof rebuilt by Dan a few years ago, complete refurb. His seals are excellent as is the headliner he uses, he also fixed up one of the side gutters rather than replace it. Highly recommend taking his advice tbh, the roof came back absolutely perfect. Carting the roof there in my luggage was a challenge....
  10. I know that route, it’s a belter isn’t it 👍😎 Looks like a great day out
  11. Did that a couple of months ago when I sold the GolfR, buyer was being a bit of a knob so I wanted it off my responsibility ASAP.
  12. We are out Saturday night (the joy of being allowed out!) but I’ll see what I can do. 👍
  13. After 4 weeks of watching everyone else do trips out in their cars, I finally got my 911 back yesterday from having a load of ‘updates’, the last one being at Steve Varasso’s having the entire AC system replaced / refurbished. Drove it back yesterday, first proper drive since I fitted new Bilsteins all round, new set of Fuchs, new brakes, NineAuto lowered it from 4x4 height, SV Auto fixed the speaker wiring so I can now hear the Blaupunkt SQR46 I fitted just before lockdown, so generally a proper little tidy up. With the modified / refurbed AC system Steve got it down to 4.6 degrees out of the vents 😎 Bloody hell it’s good now, time to get out and actually drive it 😁
  14. I really don’t think that turbot is big enough 😂

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