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  1. Yep. Immaculate little thing is that.
  2. Great little 912 on our VIC run today, they really are a pretty little thing. Shame the horse has bolted now.
  3. Yes, same car, immaculately presented. Seems good cars are changing hands with an indication of the market picking up sales wise after the relatively fallow recent period.
  4. If that’s the car at Nineauto then I believe it’s sold, was in there today.
  5. I bought another car this week as my daily dogwagen, after very briefly mentioning it in conversation a few weeks ago. That makes it 5 cars at home all registered. Wife said last night “how did this BMW happen, I really don’t remember us agreeing to that” closely followed by “that’s quite a shopping trip I’m now owed” 😁
  6. Duty & GST are payable on the importation, simple as that. LCT also if the threshold is exceeded. Valuations will need to be obtained from a local valuer, on which the duties etc will be calculated + import costs and insurances. You don’t have to use a receipt unless the car was bought within the 12 months and could be argued was specifically for importation. These valuers are sensible, they realise that sat on the docks unregistered and essentially unable to be registered until they’ve gone through compliance the values are much lower. Take the bottom trade value in the country of origin, drop it a bit and that’s what they’ll use. That valuation can then also be used for stamp duty purposes, even though VicRoads didn’t like it much. I imported my RRS 6 years ago, valuation was bottom book UK and less than 30% of the Oz delivered value. All legitimately obtained and accepted by customs here. Suggest you email Gerry, the guy I used and ask him the questions. http://motorvaluers.com.au/
  7. Mike-S

    991.2 GT3rs faster than a 918!!

    That’s what you call a win it or bin it lap Interesting how it’s very rarely below 7000rpm, quite the peaky engine....
  8. Mike-S

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    Ace 👍😉
  9. Mike-S

    Tyre Racks & Trolley Jacks

    Brand name made me chuckle, shift the i across 2 spaces and it’s a comedy name...
  10. Mike-S

    Porsche dieselgate raid

    I think you’ll find most of the European car manufacturers will, diesels are being taxed out of existence now over there. JLR announced 1000 jobs to be lost last week, sales are down 25% and it’s the diesel market that’s suffering the most.
  11. The enthusiasm and the way both the head dude and the rest of his crew are so in awe of Gordon Murray is palpable in the videos, which is really great to see. It comes across that they can’t believe he’s asked them to build it for him. 👍😎 Love some of the other cars. Alfa with a 2.7 Millington 😍😍😍😍
  12. Mike-S

    When to settle???

    I wanted a good condition air cooled coupe, definitely didn’t want a Targa or cab or a project. I’d been looking / waiting for about 2 years before the weekend we found the non running Targa that would eventually become mine, in a warehouse covered in dust having not moved for 20 years. Despite it being everything I wasn’t looking for and being a huge risk financially, something about it just struck a chord and the buy in was affordable. Haven’t looked back, that was nearly 3 years ago now. I think it’s possibly a case of you’ll know it when you see it / drive it, bit like Fraz with his turbot when you’re looking around like you are.
  13. Yep, something we’re all agreed on.
  14. Eddie actually sold his Ducati road bike to go racing a few years ago, in his view the roads were getting too dangerous. He’s had many a crash and broken bones since while racing, but it hasn’t put him off wanting to do the TT
  15. My BiL races bikes back in the UK, has won the championship he competes in 3 times (I think) in the last few years on a 600cc Kawasaki thing. They came over here for Christmas a couple of years ago so we got him a day at PI as it’s one of his dream tracks to do, watching him on a rental bike was humbling, I didn’t realise it was possible to keep them on the black stuff at the angles he got that to, even the instructors were impressed. One of them went out to pace him after he went round the outside of 3 other known fast riders on the long final left hander onto the straight, apparently 285 under the bridge is quite quick. 3 laps and he’d lost the instructor....