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  1. Racing drivers / track day heroes book of excuses is thicker than War & Peace, everyone knows that 😁
  2. Nah, I’ve just sold the ‘disposable’ track car, Winton’s got too many concrete walls close to the track for me. Last time I was there a certain orange IROC had some interface issues with one of them !
  3. Wayne the owner is on here, all the questions you ask he asked himself while buying it. Turns out to have been a peach of a car.
  4. Form submitted. Might bring my hemlit and grab a passenger ride or 2. 😁
  5. First 911 I ‘eva’ drove was a 2003 C4S, back when I lived in rural England. Stunningly capable cross country machine, would buy one as a daily in a heartbeat, then try and hang onto my licence 🤣 Enjoy, looks amazing 👍
  6. I’m sure I’ve seen that Miura SV at the Mornington classic car show at the racecourse....
  7. Thanks, they look great. You really wouldn’t notice the difference. P7’s as well, perfect 👍 You also make the point well that drives me to new wheels. Sellers here want drug money for 2ndhand Fuchs, most have had the anodised finish polished off and need a refurb, so factoring in that cost just to get original old date stamped wheels doesn’t make sense. Feedback from friends who’ve had them refurbed here is mixed, especially when the anodising needs to be redone.
  8. Some pictures would be great. I would assume your eyes have now stopped watering from the price? I know what Porsche Classic GB wanted for them so I dread to think what they are here.
  9. Yes, it surprised me when I easily managed Melbourne to Adelaide on a tank, with plenty left.
  10. So my financial membership payment went through at the end of May, I have the receipt from PayPal for it, but my account doesn’t show it anymore and my PM’s are going unresponded to. What’s the situation guys?
  11. Appearance. My wheels are the originals and although the anodising is perfect the black is faded so new wheels will stand out. I’m after silver petals as well, so if I look at the cost of properly painting my 7’s I can have new wheels for not much more. I can then sell my original wheels and the Minilites I’ve been running on it for the last few years and probably break even. I’m not wedded to the originality and keeping the original wheels with the car. It’s a 33 year old Targa, has seen some paint and has plenty of stonechips. Yes it has relatively low k’s, It’s well looked after and doesn’t want for anything but it’s a driver and we treat it as such. These are genuine Fuchs, not copies. For the price I think they’re a bargain.
  12. Yes. I’d seen them on Rose Passion’s website for about €500 but they were also out of stock, so went direct to Fuchsfelge. While they’re not listed in their shop, an email to them confirmed they are available direct, just on back order. It’s more a case of playing the exchange rates and delivery costs to get them for the right price. Pelican charge too much for delivery, plus the exchange rate is poor so it made sense to go direct. Originally I was just going to get a pair of 8’s and use my existing 7’s, but in the end it’s cheaper in the long run to get a full set that match and sell my existing wheels.
  13. I’m after the same size wheels and haven’t turned up a 2ndhand set so reached out to Fuchsfelge direct, Porsche Classic want ridiculous money for them so that drives the 2ndhand price into the stratosphere. Fuchsfelge sell the “Evolution” wheel to to general public, it’s the exact same wheel as sold by Porsche Classic only without a Porsche logo, they have the Fox on the back instead. I’ve been emailing them over the last few days, a full set of 7’s & 8’s is $3900. 8’s are €520 each. Theyre currently out of stock until the end of this month due to the COVID shutdowns in Germany, but they’re happy to put you on a list for immediate delivery once available.
  14. Take the lowest trade price of the car in the UK, convert that to AUD and then drop it some more for the landed value here. Sat on the docks with just import approval paperwork the car is essentially unroadworthy and that’s how it’s valued. I lucked out years ago with my Range Rover Sport. Aus delivered value was $75k, UK bottom trade was £13k (which is why I boxed it up and brought it with me) which equated to $19kAUD. That’s the valuation I paid duty on, it’s also the valuation I paid stamp duty on when I registered it even though VicRoads didn’t like that. I had customs documentation though so they couldn’t argue. As soon as it was registered and therefore legal, the value increased. Still got it 10 years later.
  15. Surprised by that? I’m not, the whole country has been in total lockdown since the end of March so everyone’s been at home. In my family other than my 2 sisters who are a nurse and teacher respectively (and have both had COVID-19 for the pleasure of doing such jobs), they’ve barely left the house. Buying a car is the least of anyone’s requirements. I read somewhere last week that new car sales here were only being propped up by manufacturers registering demo and management cars, BMW registered over 400 cars just to keep the numbers up. Otherwise sales are down ~50%, which stands to reason really. I’m guessing there will be some cheap demo cars to be had.

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