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  1. Perfectly understated sleeper, nothing shouty until you give it the beans. The best kind of car imo. It’ll be awesome round town 👍😎
  2. The look and stance of it’s stunning Tom. Worth the very long wait?
  3. I’m in, back from the UK so I’ll see you Satdee 👍
  4. You would be surprised at what really good ones are changing hands for offmarket, but I agree it’s not worth what he’ll have spent. Bear in mind a decent spec Sherwood or Millington engine will be £35k+, really good Millington is £50k complete, we have a full Gp4 kit for a Mk2 that was about $7k just for the fabrications and it’s not hard to see where the money goes. Buying a fully built Mk1 or Mk2 Gp4 car is waaay cheaper than building one....
  5. Knowing how much it cost a friend of mine to build his Mk1 rally RS1600 and the level of engineering details in this car, I can’t see much change from £250-300k. Possibly more.
  6. Genius, thanks. I couldn’t find anything but was convinced I’d registered, now I know I had 😁
  7. Yeah the Targa roof seals are damned expensive 😕
  8. Pretty sure I saw that GT3 earlier today near Brighton, nice looking car
  9. Bought 4 from Total Tools a couple of months ago, some deal they had on at the time. $119 each, ended up with 4 for less than $350.... Great for moving the Spitfire around, haven’t tried them under the 911 yet but they’ll fit.
  10. Mike-S

    Mick Schumacher

    Just the help of his Uncle Ralf....

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