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  1. Booked. Paid. Will be in the 911, but if it’s pissing down, I’ll possibly bring the BMW Dogwagen hotrod, just for shits and giggles.
  2. That looks like Matt Stoupas’ place
  3. Does one need a CAMS licence for this little event?
  4. Saw it at the Adelaide Festival Rally, very quick car.
  5. Mike-S


    Chopped that tree down to pay for Porsche parts 😉
  6. Only a flying visit to DakDak for me mate, dropping off some pistons/barrels. Next weekend for the trip to Shannon’s 👍
  7. Mike-S

    Two interesting Landrovers

    Hi Gavin Theyre both pretty narrow market vehicles, 101’s especially (from my limited experience) are a really acquired taste that tend to change hands between those in the know. I’d suggest dropping Anthony Johnson an email, he’s the got to guy in Aus for anyone wanting a 101, he regularly imports them and all the spares to go with them. http://www.101spares.com/Contact.htm Good guy, been to his place a few times. His 101 goes like a rocket.... Cheers Mike
  8. Mike-S


    Yep, our pool is just a bloody expensive hole in the ground. Wife loves it...
  9. If I get chance this weekend I’ll trundle up the road for a look at that Targa, might make for an interesting night out when the auction’s on.
  10. Ask Wayne, he bought it 😉
  11. Mike-S

    Knock down rebuild

    We’ve looked at a couple of their builds locally as I’m a real fan of offsite manufacture (was involved in it back in the U.K.), unfortunately these ones were nothing to write home about. Reminded me of the static caravan we had in North Wales as a kid. 😕
  12. Mike-S

    Knock down rebuild

    Yeah the premium of the modular build is often outweighed by the rent and other costs, certainly something we’ve been considering. 6 months end to end is attractive. We could easily split our block and build side by side, it’s one of our options for the future.
  13. Mike-S

    Knock down rebuild

    We have a rep from someone on here coming round this arvo to start the conveersations off....
  14. Yep. Immaculate little thing is that.