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  1. Surprised by that? I’m not, the whole country has been in total lockdown since the end of March so everyone’s been at home. In my family other than my 2 sisters who are a nurse and teacher respectively (and have both had COVID-19 for the pleasure of doing such jobs), they’ve barely left the house. Buying a car is the least of anyone’s requirements. I read somewhere last week that new car sales here were only being propped up by manufacturers registering demo and management cars, BMW registered over 400 cars just to keep the numbers up. Otherwise sales are down ~50%, which stands to reason really. I’m guessing there will be some cheap demo cars to be had.
  2. I’ll have traded my 911 and GolfR for it if it does 😂
  3. One in QLD with an Akrapovic already for ~$150k, it’s part way there.
  4. With the ANPR in cop cars these days I’ve no idea why the standard plates can’t stay on. Yes I know they want ‘easy’ identification of cars with historic plates, but if they can do it effectively in the UK (car retains its original plate on historic tax) I’m sure they can here.
  5. Friend here in Melbourne also has an Aus delivered 76 Sporto in Arrow Blue, fully restored several years ago and barely used since. Has been sat on a hoist in his man cave for the last 3 years.
  6. Given this was a max power muppet with a bog standard 90’s 1.3 litre Barina (Vauxhall Nova), I doubt the lowering of said seats was going to make an appreciable difference.....
  7. Put the back seats down and lower the CofG as well, that’ll make it more stable 😜 Some numpty on a Max Power forum wrote that back in the noughties, oh how we laughed at him (he was genuinely serious) 🙄
  8. Unless he’s bought another one in the last year, that black touring was written off after some clown did a u bolt on a blind bend near his house. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-46193783
  9. His chat with Richard Porter was quite amusing when they talked of his early days. RP was at the same school as me, couple of years below and even then I can remember him being quite sparky
  10. Chris Harris’s Collecting Cars podcasts are pretty good, we’ve just listened to the whole lot on our drive to / from WA. Well worth downloading.
  11. I was only thinking that as I drove round Toorak earlier 😂 Extra width required. At this rate I’ll be building a 4 car 1 bed garage
  12. $8k for a double, hmmmm https://tufflift.com.au/product/parking-hoist-4-post-4-0-ton-total/
  13. That’s great, thanks. How do you go with the up and over door? Can it be opened over the top of the car or does the car need to come down a bit? I guess it’s down to the available length of the garage and siting of the 2 poster....
  14. Thanks Hugh 👍 Much as I would like them all indoors or undercover, I think the Ranga will be forever outdoors unfortunately. I’d need to take up whatever room is at the front on the first floor as well to get that in 😂 We’re talking normal cars here, Spitfire and Porsche on the top with the Flog and MINI underneath. The ability to stand underneath whatever is on the top to be able to work on it is what got me to the ~3.5m internal height That sir, is a proper shed 😍 I’d build something like that in the country, couldn’t fit it where we are. Nice Mini, one of those is on the want list 👍

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