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  1. I didn't want to break the forum rules by asking if anyone had a Porsche 914 Side Shift Gearbox for sale. ?
  2. Thanks, I assumed that was just if I was selling. Appreciate the response. Luke
  3. Can someone please advise how to post in the wanted forum? It is greyed out when I select 'Create Content'. Assume this is because I haven't hit a certain number of posts? Luke
  4. I see that you now have this for sale on Carsales? Change of plans? Luke
  5. Nick, I also daily my 993. It’s a sister car to Chris’s - mine is midnight blue and only 20 vin numbers after his. Has been supremely reliable! They need to be maintained but are bulletproof so you can spread the maintenance out if needed. I’ve been working through mine from stem to stern replacing consumables like spark plug leads, engine mounts etc. Parts are available and reasonable! Oh, and they don’t leak oil unlike my 1970 911T! Luke
  6. lukejenner

    Macan feedback?

    Doug. I agree. I had a Macan in order once the list price was published but pulled out when they revealed the dealer delivery was $7k. Absolute BS. With audi giving $10k discounts on new base model q5s and bmw doing $8k on the x3 the real world price difference in substantial. Then new glc pricing is amazing - although the big power engines are not released yet. Anyway, I bought a 993 instead and am VERY happy with that! Luke
  7. I'm also using the Penrite hpr30 20w60 in my 1970 911t 2.2. Seems like this is the oil of choice on this forum! Available at Supercheap. Paid $50 for two filters and four sump washers including shipping in express post bag from Autohaus Hamilton. Included a free caramello koala and arrived in port macquarie day after I ordered it. Luke
  8. Peter, mine is November 93 build and an earlier vin. Bizarrely, my adr compliance plate states 2/94 compliance whereas this one is 1/94 compliance. Chris, is yours Nov build and what compliance date?
  9. It's a tiptronic coupe, midnight blue on black leather.
  10. I'll have to defer to others on that - only had mine 3 weeks!
  11. Sandy, have owned BMWs and Mercedes (post 2003 models) and the build quality of the 993 is 10 times better. Similar I would say to the early to mid 90s Mercs - super high quality materials. I can't see you going backwards on the 993 cab at that price, provided the engine check out. Weltmeister will do a PPI for $550, a minor sevice for $930, major service for $2000 and tip service for an additional $500.
  12. Sandy, If it helps my wife decided to take the 993 on the school run today for a bit of fun. I got a text to say I wasn't getting the car back...... She loves it! Luke
  13. Sandy, Bought my 993 coupe 3 weeks ago from Melbourne and yes it's a tip, however no varioram. Compared to current manuals for sale I saved $50k-$60k compared to a manual varioram. Goes like stink and is in amazing condition. Has had the engine rebuild done so I've got a very fresh engine. My advice, get a PPI and if it checks out - do it. I bought for similar reasons - no depreciation!
  14. Ad on Gumtree States "Im open to any 911 however i would prefer 997 with low kms and black or white"???

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