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  1. wirthO

    Tech/phone geeks

    @LeeM you were probably recommended to turn data off when data was extremely expensive. Its a lot cheaper now and 9gb for a phone for every day use is generally ample.
  2. Maybe in Singapore. How about a GT4 and a carton of beer?
  3. The old sob story and the price well above rrp.? Looks awesome! Good luck with the sale.
  4. wirthO

    981 Aftermarket Exhaust Recommendations

    Yeh it definitely needs the PSE upg minimum, I agreeeeeee!
  5. wirthO

    981 Aftermarket Exhaust Recommendations

    Fabspeed GT450 upgrade on my GT4.. love it! Good HP increase and amazing sound! Sounds similar to a cup car i find. I wouldnt install any after exhaust if its your daily driver. If its a weekend car or track car well worth it.
  6. wirthO

    Project 77 - new build

    Can't wait to see it at The Bend next time!
  7. wirthO

    2019 GT4

    Good topic... I agree with the posts above.. i also think the new GT4 will be a lot more $$$ then the previous.. 20% increase at least. If you are interested in a GT4 I would suggest snapping up some of the current bargins sub 190k. There is one for 188k with full CS pack with low kms. Seems like a great deal to me. If you are interesting in tracking in particular the car is an absolute beast and so enjoyable to drive. In terms of value for money I believe nothing is better.. especially when you talk about reliability of all the parts. If you want more power its very inexpensive to get another 50hp with simple bolt ons. Such as the fabspeed gt450 pack. I also feel the current GT3 cars are very large cars and the GT4 is a real sports car in terms of size.... I do love the GT3 997 series for this reason over the 991 series. I was contemplating upgrading to the new GT4, but thinking about what I paid, and the amount of enjoyment I get from the sound, speed and handling of the car, I can't see the point.
  8. wirthO

    Which Porsche GT car?

    I dont get what the point is owning a GT4 if you're not tracking it?!
  9. Agree with what most people are saying here. If its got a GT infront of the number, its very hard to get any discount, if any. I reckon you could get 1% max. Demand exceeds supply. If the car is in the lot and been their a while, and a non GT car, you can normally get a good discount up to 10%.
  10. wirthO

    New 718 to have GT3 Motor

  11. agree. Defiantly needs the sport exhaust! And probably another 2 cylinders
  12. Where is the thumbs down button? I have lived in many states and find the same amount of things to do here as anywhere else in Australia. Except it doesn't take me 60mins to drive around the block and I can drive to the hills within a few minutes for a nice drive. Housing is affordable. Perhaps the job market could be better but. Also I guess maybe I am a hermit as I get older lol. Doom.and gloom over multiple threads mate not just this one. I believe what I have stated is accurate but was bored in the airport so certianly was trolling a little.

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