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  1. Yes, I saw the video comparing both models and even with the stock exhaust I was surprised how much better the 981 sounded. As a 981 GT4 owner for the past 3 years, I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the 718 model in terms of many of things listed above. Pricing seems to have gone up a lot. 50k more then what I paid... and with some simple bolt ons and ECU remap can fix the low end torque issue, which has again come up in the new model. 0-100km per hour not under 4 seconds, heavier, prefer the rear of the 981, exhaust note on 981 far suprerior.. I might as well buy a DeLorean instead and go back in time and buy a 981 again. In saying that there are some good 981 GT4s with all the right options at 172-190k. Big savings compared to a new 718. Granted from reading reviews and watching vids the 718 sounds like a great car, but I am surprised with the small amount of "improvements" for the price tag and can't imagine many 981 owners flocking to it. Certainly looking forward in seeing a gt4rs, but feel this won't happen until the gt3 and gt3rs models are far superior, as the gt4rs will slaughter them if they actually put PDK and a 4.0L gt3 engine into it right now.
  2. Love my gt4, however like posts above, it needs to be tracked to really enjoy the car.. I love tracking it, so no drama. I wouldn't daily it, and I also go on occasional sunday drives with friends and club runs. But its easy to lose your license, so need to drive well below the cars limits.
  3. GT4 gearbox is now officially recalled. Spoke to the dealer yesterday. Mine is getting replaced in 1-2 weeks.
  4. @LeeM you were probably recommended to turn data off when data was extremely expensive. Its a lot cheaper now and 9gb for a phone for every day use is generally ample.
  5. Maybe in Singapore. How about a GT4 and a carton of beer?
  6. The old sob story and the price well above rrp.? Looks awesome! Good luck with the sale.
  7. Yeh it definitely needs the PSE upg minimum, I agreeeeeee!
  8. Fabspeed GT450 upgrade on my GT4.. love it! Good HP increase and amazing sound! Sounds similar to a cup car i find. I wouldnt install any after exhaust if its your daily driver. If its a weekend car or track car well worth it.
  9. Can't wait to see it at The Bend next time!
  10. Good topic... I agree with the posts above.. i also think the new GT4 will be a lot more $$$ then the previous.. 20% increase at least. If you are interested in a GT4 I would suggest snapping up some of the current bargins sub 190k. There is one for 188k with full CS pack with low kms. Seems like a great deal to me. If you are interesting in tracking in particular the car is an absolute beast and so enjoyable to drive. In terms of value for money I believe nothing is better.. especially when you talk about reliability of all the parts. If you want more power its very inexpensive to get another 50hp with simple bolt ons. Such as the fabspeed gt450 pack. I also feel the current GT3 cars are very large cars and the GT4 is a real sports car in terms of size.... I do love the GT3 997 series for this reason over the 991 series. I was contemplating upgrading to the new GT4, but thinking about what I paid, and the amount of enjoyment I get from the sound, speed and handling of the car, I can't see the point.
  11. I dont get what the point is owning a GT4 if you're not tracking it?!
  12. Agree with what most people are saying here. If its got a GT infront of the number, its very hard to get any discount, if any. I reckon you could get 1% max. Demand exceeds supply. If the car is in the lot and been their a while, and a non GT car, you can normally get a good discount up to 10%.
  13. http://www.caradvice.com.au/601996/2018-porsche-718-cayman-gt4-spied/

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