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  1. Hi Sven, thanks, thats certainly worth a try! Reckon I must have left it off after checking level and it’s fallen through a gap! Would you be happy to post it and if it doesn’t fit I could post it back? Otherwise happy to pay you up front and risk it! I’m sitting in the passenger seat of the ex sally Haines turbo in targa next weekend! Cheers steve
  2. Does anyone have a spare oil filler cap for a '76 2.7? Otherwise suggestions where to source one?
  3. If you know of someone looking for an entry level well sorted aircooled targa feel free to get in contact.Like many others I'm reluctant to go down the CS path and would prefer to field offers from genuine buyers.
  4. Looking to move my Targa on. Plenty of work completed during my custodianship, it is a drivers car and definitely not concourse. Puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it, suspect at some point there have been some engine mods as it feels "punchier" than my 3.0SC. Finished in white with black trim, i believe the whale tail and front lip spoiler really suit it. Imported from California and I believe converted to RHD in Adelaide, before spending time in QLD prior to coming to Victoria. Havent been able to upload pics here, but happy to supply if needed. Will be listing for $75K on carsales but happy to negotiate for a hassle free sale.
  5. Can you tell me what size the 996 rims are? thanks
  6. Looking for an oil filler cap for an air cooled 2.7 - 3.0
  7. Sounds like some fun roads, hope it included Eildon-Jamieson and mansfield-whitfield!
  8. Air cooled Targa, beats air con any day and you get to hear the music from the rear! I get that ac might be useful as a daily but who really uses an Air cooled as a daily?
  9. Adrenalin62

    Race Harness

    Does anyone have expired 5/6 point harnesses? Sprint series events allow harnesses 5 years past their expiry date.
  10. Just saying clearly these TOG guys considered it safe/appropriate to drive at 104, we all know the rules, doesn't make them right or in need of review! Don't think it matters what uniform/title you're wearing when you have to deliver traumatic news.
  11. Headed out to give car a run this afternoon, 8km out of town unmarked new land cruiser, lights go on... Normal question, any reason for speeding? "Coz I didn't expect you to be out" comes to mind!! But I think better of it and say "does it change anything?" 115 in a 100 zone, so I go and look at reading. What's the green 104 I ask, "that was our speed when we detected you!" WTF, I'd like to know the stopping distance of a land cruiser travelling at 104kmh, compared to a targa travelling at 115!! Has anyone gone to court and copped a worse penalty for their efforts? If they want to raise revenue( let's face it what else are they doing on a quiet country road?) why not give us 30 points instead of 12 and be done with it!! Vent over!
  12. I've removed heat exchangers from 2.7 but struggling to get oil pipe off, any advice?
  13. can anyone tell me where the hoist pads should go to lift my targa? Cheers

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