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  1. The Vin is a 1976 U.S. The engine is a '74 ROW, it's for sale on various fb websites. Listed at $75k and a genuine sale. I am unaware of what mods have been done to the engine but it is certainly punchy. I would like to think it is pretty well sorted, and a fun weekend car to enjoy.
  2. Up for discussion, this 1976 U.S delivered Targa now has a '74 ROW 2.7 engine. The seat dyno suggests the engine isnt standard, but short of pulling it down there is no concrete/documented evidence of modifications. 915 gearbox shifts fluently, suspension upgrades and drilled slotted rotors makes it a responsive car to drive. Thoughts!!
  3. interested in seatbelts and window motors. pm sent
  4. '76 Targa, i have a U.S import RHD Targa for sale. I lack the tech skills to upload pics here, during my custodianship there has been a considerable amount of work completed to make this car a truly drivers car.This car is a 2.7 and has surprised many with its performance, reco gearbox matched to a strong engine provides a visceral driving experience. Paint presents really well. Ideal entry into the A/C market.
  5. The original cdi unit on my 3.0sc was replaced with a crane cams unit. Since then I’ve gone through 4 rotor buttons in less than 5000kms! Ideas? Settings? Original availability? Haven’t worked out how to load pics!!Thanks
  6. Hi there, keen to see which rotor buttons other owners have on their 3.0 motors. I've fried 5 so far, prior to a new wiring loom etc just thought I'd ask for pics! cheers steve
  7. Hi Sven, thanks, thats certainly worth a try! Reckon I must have left it off after checking level and it’s fallen through a gap! Would you be happy to post it and if it doesn’t fit I could post it back? Otherwise happy to pay you up front and risk it! I’m sitting in the passenger seat of the ex sally Haines turbo in targa next weekend! Cheers steve
  8. Does anyone have a spare oil filler cap for a '76 2.7? Otherwise suggestions where to source one?
  9. If you know of someone looking for an entry level well sorted aircooled targa feel free to get in contact.Like many others I'm reluctant to go down the CS path and would prefer to field offers from genuine buyers.
  10. Looking to move my Targa on. Plenty of work completed during my custodianship, it is a drivers car and definitely not concourse. Puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it, suspect at some point there have been some engine mods as it feels "punchier" than my 3.0SC. Finished in white with black trim, i believe the whale tail and front lip spoiler really suit it. Imported from California and I believe converted to RHD in Adelaide, before spending time in QLD prior to coming to Victoria. Havent been able to upload pics here, but happy to supply if needed. Will be listing for $75K on carsales but happy to negotiate for a hassle free sale.
  11. Can you tell me what size the 996 rims are? thanks
  12. Looking for an oil filler cap for an air cooled 2.7 - 3.0
  13. Sounds like some fun roads, hope it included Eildon-Jamieson and mansfield-whitfield!

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