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  1. Looking for these parts: 1. 91161302903 2. Carpet Kit for 84 3.2 Targa 3. CocoMats; if anyone has them 4. Seals for Targa
  2. Car is now back in Hobart. Looks great and am very happy (she was bought sight unseen without a PPI from a Porsche Collector up in Qld). She was better than described and drove very well! The interior is not as bad as i envisioned it to be but it would need some work done soon. I have removed the Momo Corsa steering which will be on sale soon and instead fitted a Prototipo and kept the original at home. Only issue I have is when I put it into 5th gear, it rubs against my lower left knee. Car is due to be detailed soon as well. Things which my OCD self needs to get sorted are; 1. New carpets. Looking for recommendations. What was original then? I need to dig my options list. https://www.design911.co.uk/pages/imageGallery.aspx?gallery=0&igid=164# 2. New targa seals on R and L. 3. Removal of wing and painting spare engine lid and fitting it on the car for a wingless clean look. 4. Painting of the Targa hoop. And @TwoHeadsTas the stereo does go duff duff 😛
  3. That is superbly cheap if its a G50 coupe. I paid about there for an Aust delivered matching numbers 84 Targa.
  4. Thank you for that. I am eagerly awaiting car to be regoed!
  5. Does anyone have pics of how an 84/85 with sports seats as an option?
  6. Congrats mate,it was sharply priced. If i had not just got my 3.2, that would have been the car I would have gone for!! Cannot wait to see the next car!
  7. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kariong/cars-vans-utes/1981-porsche-911-sc-manual-coupe/1251500934 Non sunroof Aussie coupe.
  8. Thank you! I have just messaged him.
  9. Yes I think i also need to wait for the car to arrive here. I am just getting too itchy and wanting to do a million things to her.
  10. I had too, I also just got a momo prototip just in case. Interesting journey, I first bought a steering for a carrera, only to find that the first year of the carrera had the same steering as an SC. That will be going up for sale soon. These were pre purchase photos Peter ha. Rain here is horrendous! Yes the speakers and sound system were uprated by a previous owner to David and apparently pack a punch. (also has an amp if i am not mistaken). I am not sure I like them but given they cost a fair bit apparently, I may just keep them and paint the silver surrounds black. Thanks mate. I may consider that. Maybe it just needs a good detail too. However, if i did go with tartans am unsure were they just the front seats? I may just need to redo the centres 😜
  11. I will post pics of my car once I do decide where I am headed. I am thinking tartan inserts...and keeping the original leather and getting it re foamed. As some of you who know me will know, I am a very confused individual. I took 15 mths to decide on a car. Anyone else have any inspiration for me, please do kindly post pics. The steering wheel is gone, and I have purchased a period correct 84 steering. Next on my list is a wooden knob. (anyone have one for sale?)
  12. Ha thanks everyone, I will have some difficult decisions to make. I just emailed Harry A to find out the interior options for the car when delivered to Chateau. I will keep you all posted.
  13. Gee thanks guys! I am wondering was leather ever an option then?
  14. @crsedge incoming PM!
  15. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. I am looking for seat options for a Carrera made in OCT 83. Was tartan ever a period correct option in 83/84. What other options were there for cars of that era? Pictures is the car currently and I want to spruce it up. I am toying between tartan/pinstripe/plain old nappa leather? Was leather even an option? If pinstripe was what I wanted, where would one sort this in Oz? Thank you all!

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