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  1. Not quite. It’s 1 second faster than the .2 RS. They now do a full lap of the ring that’s circa 5 secs longer. That was the 992s published time. They also mentioned the time to compare to the old official ring times and it was a 55? The .2 RS did a 56 ?? So yeah, they have their work cut out to make the RS make a further leap forward.
  2. Great lap, well driven, sweet car, but it’s not a production car lap record if you are comparing it to the AMG that Bernt pedalled round there. It’s a GT2RS, but not one that’s just rolled out of the showroom. It’s had improvements. But take nothing away from Jeff, it’s an epic lap for anything with numberplates and road legal tyres.
  3. ^^^ that’s interesting feedback. You never really know how good their promises are until you claim. That’s disappointing re choice of repairer as it’s an important consideration for me with a special vehicle. Have a number of cars and bikes with Shannon’s. The bulk discount seems decent. Happy to ensure modified cars and cover the mods. And on the odd occasion I have had to claim they have been very good to deal with. Although that would have been close to 10 years ago so not sure if that side of the business has changed in that time.
  4. Yeah, but even for parts. A lot of big ticket items missing or busted. Tragic to see such an awesome car turned to scrap.
  5. Indeed. And rear wing/deck lid. Assume a half ti cage. I guess as a stat write off it’s just a parts car ?
  6. Don Munro (Ex T and D) and now DHM Auto Solutions would be worth a call.
  7. ^^^. That’s a nice thing but quite a price for a hot rod that’s more track car interior than singer daily drive finish. Could do without the padding on the half cage. Sincerely hope he gets it as it gives me hope for the value of my car. Thumbsuck says maybe 50-80 over market.
  8. ^^^^. Sorry. Can’t place any value on the opinion of someone who wears knit driving gloves.
  9. I am really keen to sort some bbs for my car, but the offfset won’t work. So would be new barrels etc which kind of blows the budget. Sweet set of wheels though.
  10. ^^^^ I think you are on the path to righteousness. And you got me thinking. one of my favourite paths to follow is “adding lightness”. Seems there is a full suite of lightweight pieces like doors, hatches and bonnets to shave some kg out. Half cage. Some race seats. Add some power. Shed some weight and you could have an epic weekend corner carver and track toy. As said. At 200k you wouldn’t. But at 100k... and be reversible mods... what’s not to like. Have a mate with a GT4 that had a similar view to you. The dynamics of the mid engine suited him more than the full rear engine experience.
  11. Yup. Highly unlikely. Huge amount of work to get them to work on a non turbo body. if you can get some comfort that it’s mechanically sound it could be a really good thing. If the bones are good you could put your own touches on it over time and smash as many kms into it as you please without feeling precious about preserving value. Modern ECU. Flex fuel. E85. More boost. Would be a bullet. Has the transmission to handle it.
  12. I guess it’s the usual whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I have To declare I have some skin in the game as I have a 964 3.8 RSR replica/tribute so the perceived value is of interest. Main difference is I have gone down the path of putting a RSR spec 3.8 in it as opposed to the turbo motor trying to stay closer to the genuine item and the rest of the build is higher spec from a technical aspect. I like the g50 in it. Personal view is this would be a better tribute with a 3.8 in it. The turbo motor with the RSR 3.8 bodywork makes it a bit of a mis match. But would be a fun thing to pedal.
  13. ^^^ erm. Nope. But to meet new emissions standards the petrol Porsche engine have particulate filters. Apparently took quite some work to avoid them hurting the engine output but they did come with an unavoidable weight penalty and may have compromised the engine note. https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/technology/porsche-gasoline-particulate-filter-engines-particulate-matter-engineer-martin-werner-christophorus-388-16349.html
  14. Curious as to what the non Porsche parts are. Some of the body parts may not have come from the Porsche factory but seem to be faithful reproductions. Other than the Simmons wheels it seems like a pretty decent 964 tribute.

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