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  1. I can only guess the days the RSR races the DB limits are lifted? Cause that thing is proper loud. Sounds amazing. So free revving. Phillip Island has a capped number of “race days” where the DB limit is higher than its regular limit to accomodate moto GP, v8 Supercars and other sanctioned PIARC days. Having just moved to QLD I have come across it for the first time at Lakeside. Same old story. A noisy one or two neighbours affecting the amenity of thousands. Car failed on the first day out. Went and increased the muffler size and added some “lakeside special” tips. I have since run it with and without the tips, and the tips are the secret sauce. It’s still over the limit without them. They are V banded so a 5 min job to fit at the track.
  2. ^^^yeah wow. That bonnet gap. And that under hood shot really isn’t doing it any favours given the state of it under there. Is “outlaw” the new “barnfind” to justify these prices ? Given I have something that might be described as an outlaw I am all for it
  3. I am with you Reggie. I would still be sitting tight waiting for the dust to settle but I think the 991.1 will be a performance bargain given that Porsche is standing behind the shortcomings. That said, I think the 991.2 would be the one I would like to have and hold.
  4. So been indulging in a bit of motorpsort here in QLD. Managed to get up to Noosa for the winter hill climb. Cracking little section of tarmac. Had mixed conditions over the weekend with the track being wet to drying damp most of the weekend making it extra treacherous. Great bunch of people up there and a great mix of cars. Came away with a class win and 6th outright and drove it to and from the event. Made for a great weekend away. Bit of incar on a drying track. Have also been trying to improve the 915. Found the shifting got a bit notchy after a hard session at the track. Sourced an external cooler kit out of Germany and fitted it up last week. Had a solid session at Lakeside yesterday. Shift quality doesn't seem to have deteriorated afterwards. On that note, my new mufflers were a success in dropping the dB levels. To be sure we got there I also added some v banded interchangeable tips so I could do some "Lakeside Specials". 5 minute job to put them on at the track. Cooler Kit New exhaust with interchangeable tips And some incar of some lakeside laps. Got down to a 56.7 which I am pretty happy with. You sure know you are alive coming through that back section into Hungry. Am still fluffling some changes with the old 1970's VW spec 915. Just need to be more patient with it. Hard to shake the habits of years driving sweet shifting proper synchro boxes.
  5. Yeah, totally respect the noise challenges. Usual story in that it sounds like a noisy minority. Not something I have had to deal with in the past. Hopefully the new mufflers get it where it needs to be.
  6. Thanks Timm, it was my first visit and sadly got black flagged in the first session. So un finished business there for sure. Looking forward to getting the revised exhaust on and get back out there. It’s a cracking track.
  7. Cheers Jason, yeah, feel I got sold a puppy on the weather. 😁. Sounds like you have a bit of work in front of you. No doubt see you trackside. Some Lakeside flybys a photog captured. Might be a bit loud but sings a good song IMHO.
  8. There are some updates. Myself and the car have moved to QLD. Essentially it’s gone back home. 😁. Has had one outing to Lakeside which was cut short due to it being too loud. Some new mufflers incoming. Is off to Noosa Hillclimb this weekend. The usual ongoing development. Have a cooler kit coming for the 915. I find the shift quality seems to deteriorate after a high speed track day (not so much rally sprint) so figure the oil is getting hammered. Also found the shifting was off a bit and was thinking it might be time for a 915 refresh. But took a close look at it and there was some very slight freeplay between shifter and transmission. Replaced the cup bushing at bottom of shifter (main culprit) and also replaced the wevo PSJ with a Stomski one. Kind of had lost track of time and hadn’t realised they hadn’t been replaced for 2 odd years. Spent a bit of time setting up the new joint and the shifting is now better than it has ever been. Much cheaper than getting the box out. So plan to have new muffs on in time to join PCQ at Lakeside later in June. It’s. Cracking little track. Keen to get more than a few laps this time. Clutch, if it’s Adam we are talking about the same guy. He has a sickness for rotaries. 😁
  9. I know gear oils can be a hotly debated topic. I have tried most in my 915 including Swepco. Have currently landed on Castrol Syntrax. It meets all the technical requirements for the 915 and the box is shifting the best it ever has. Gets lots of street and track use. Its also priced right (approx $30/L) and readily available. Definitely worth a try. https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/gear-oils/castrol-syntrax-universal-plus-75w-90-1l/p/A9458809
  10. Guess I should have read the ad Qld you would probably get road reg as it. Might need the front half of the cage cut out elsewhere.
  11. The blue car is a WA car. Have seen it out at club events. Has been largely parked up the last couple of years. Has set some cracking lap times. Is a very well put together car. Very clean and tidy. Could easily make a great weekend hot rod, track day car or more serious racer. It has reg plates on it. Just aren’t sure if it’s rally reg or full road reg. They get the same number plates in WA.
  12. This guy. PIARC run some great days. They also have the noise restriction lifted so if you are on the loud side you don't have any issues.
  13. Nicely specced GT2RS. Weissach Pack. 4362kms. $768k. Doesn't seem the GT2RS play has worked for the flippers. Maybe Porshe Aust. reached the upper limit of what people were willing to pay for a GT car? I know a of a couple who turned down their allocation prior to inking the final docs. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-Porsche-911-GT2-RS-991-Auto-MY18/SSE-AD-5669214
  14. Look forward to seeing more of this....
  15. Devastating. That's my worst nightmare right there. A crash you will recover something, Fire, it generally all goes in the bin. Long drive there for the WA boys to see it end like that. Time to fit that fire bomb i keep talking about....although this seems like it kicked off very quickly. Not sure anything would have saved it. Fibreglass body parts don't help.

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