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  1. Seems like big bucks to me, but how do you quantify the cost of them, considering what it would cost to make a good one out of a bad or mediocre one? Looking forward to a full driving report!
  2. Advertised prices have little to do with the selling prices....that's my experience.
  3. Possible...there's a sucker born every minute. Good luck to him!! I tried and tried and got offered MUCH less than I finally got.
  4. I firmly disagree with 9 and 10. I've never had any interest in any of the others. Also, the prices vary by a huge amount depending on mileage. My personal experience is buying a close to immaculate 996.2 with 140,000km for $42,000 3 years ago and selling it one year ago with 165,000km for $44,000. Needed a clutch and IMS, but mileage made it hard to sell. Perfect history though. But, regardless of mileage, $60k+ for any 996 is dreamland IMO ...that's approaching 997.1 territory.
  5. I'd be expecting to buy a 3.6 for that money, and even then I'd consider it expensive.
  6. I went to PCM in the end. It was just a minor service... What could go wrong?.... And nothing did. After all that, I think I'll sell it. I'm not using it. Anyone know what I should ask for it? 39000km now.
  7. But after commission, what did the seller actually end up with? It's not just the story of what the buyer ended up paying, but what the seller accepted, and at auctions, there's a huge gap.
  8. you're right....i always forget about the buyer's premium.....I expected about the $200k mark too.
  9. I have no interest in buying another one
  10. Of course all colours are subjective, and I like rosewood. But the car wasn't rosewood L474 despite that being the original colour. The car had been repainted quite poorly in what appears to be similar to Mercedes-Benz Milan brown. If you open the drivers door you can see evidence of the original colour about 1cm inwards on the door jamb panel/B pillar where the paint shop was too lazy to prepare properly (Or instructed not to do so by the owner). Rosewood metallic has a light wine tint of which this car lacked. The paint colour and the quality really let the car down, notice the shrinkage under the passenger headlight and the thin and dry paint behind the rear windows for example which is not evident in the pics. The bonnet had dreadful shut lines and the data plaque was missing on the underside, evidence of something more major perhaps? Did we look at the same car? Excellent records.........seriously? The car comes with just one receipt over its 36 year life! That being for an oil change and front wheel bearing work last December 2017. The rest consists of stamps in the service book of which the period from 2004 to 2017 contains NOTHING! Not even an owners log book of oil changes. Bizarre. Incidentally, I owned a sister car to this in the 80s. Liked the colour, and had no trouble selling it for a good price at the time. http://pless.com.au/cars/new/porsche930brown/index.htm

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