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  1. tazzieman

    Random Funnies Thread

    Great name for a boat!
  2. tazzieman

    Service history

    That would be over twice the factory recommended. Previous owner is a bit lax IMO. I'd be cautious.
  3. As the car evolves, the small changes help on track , elsewhere - well we aren't exactly drifting on our public roads are we? Wherein lies the problem ; the new cars are just too capable but vastly overbuilt for general driving , even spirited driving. The problem with getting old is that adrenaline just doesn't flow as easily. Maybe that's why oldies go skydiving? That said , no doubt many will love this iteration of the 911.
  4. tazzieman

    Monty Muffler Required - Dyno Testing

    Is the guy who makes Montys still around? I suspect he would know , which would save you some effort!
  5. tazzieman

    Carport design...

    make sure you sign it. My brother just rebuilt the kitchen in his house. Under the old floorboards was: “This house built by JM Lucas for himself 1954.. Menzies is just a barstard”.
  6. tazzieman

    Scratched leather seat

    Looks like someone's put a (Christmas?) box on the seat. Are they rub marks or is it a little dented? Personally , I would get used to it because there will be more!
  7. TBH the real Kman is what tickles my inner coiffeur. I don't want gravel in my scalp during the viewing if I flip it.
  8. Better. I'd need a manual g'box and solid roof to be happy. But that's just me.
  9. Boxsters would look much better with deep dish mags. I'm sorta from that era.
  10. It took 9 years to convert my SC from daily (which it ceased to be after the first 3 years) to club rego. Mind you , club rego doesn't really require a club here. True club rego is really cheap (classed as VC). Something like 12 events a year as opposed to 104 days usage.
  11. tazzieman

    Home brewing knowledges

    I did try the search function. My wife has started experimenting with botanicals to make gin variants. Christmas day she was ordering stuff from o'seas to put in the pressure cooker. Bless her!
  12. OK I've been making beers from kits for 25+ years The easy way. Now I'm gathering equipment to do it the proper way. Mash lauter tun , sparging - the whole works. It should be fun , and get the neurones out of bed. I'd be interested to hear of others' experiences and setups. Of course , technology is always making things easier. If you are part of the latte set or need to impress the Jones's, this may appeal. Until the check engine light comes on. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6566275/Meet-LGs-beer-making-machine-Smart-beer-uses-Keurig-style-pods-brew-IPAs.html But I like to get my hands dirty! I am also going to grow hops. One already in the ground.
  13. tazzieman

    Cayman in Hobart

    You will fit, and a Cayman is an awesome forgiving performance bargain. Disclaimer : I do not own one , but have pushed them to the limit.
  14. tazzieman

    Pedalling to power the home

    Worthwhile physical activity? Are you mad? We are a First World Country now! The sheep's back has provided! And everyone's so happy with their connected, sexy hip lifestyles. Aren't they? Very Old Men In Tights should know better , but at least they probably walked to school.
  15. tazzieman

    Pedalling to power the home

    Technological development and refinement is unlimited. Imagine 50 years ago if we were talking about electric Porsche sports cars. The room would be covered in barf and larfter! Read a little deeper , it's an interesting topic. https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2011/05/pedal-powered-farms-and-factories.html Also , wouldn't it be great reducing the number of MAMILs and VOMITs on our sporting roads? The majority of PFAers live in a hothouse , and are addicted to smartphones. Here's an idea https://www.laboratoryequipment.com/article/2017/10/power-sweat

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