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  1. Well done! What doesn't kill you...makes you stronger...
  2. The torque spec. for the slotted nut on the ball joint is 250 Nm = 184 ft-lb About 3 large bashes with the screwdriver and sledgehammer sounds about right
  3. Edd China "Never give up!" Only once in the past can't remember it's been so long that I have given up and taken something to someone (who also cursed++)> More than once an experienced mechanic has told me "nah that's young man's work" Sleep on it. Controlled frustration short of anger always works!
  4. Cut down (grinder) a cheap air tool socket of the same diameter and use a breaker bar. You can use a jack to keep the tool in place whilst you twist (if it's still attached to the car). Which in your case it's not! Anyway where there's a will and a can of spinach , there's a way.
  5. Not enough resistance for massive biceps. You have to backdate to a series Land Rover for that benefit
  6. A nicely sorted and keenly priced car. Someone will get a ripper classic.
  7. After the vac line checks which you need to do anyway (splits can be hard to diagnose , sometimes wiggling/pushing on each hose can affect the idle by opening up a split). There are some awkward to get at spots. Fuel pressure regulator? What about your ECU? Intermittent problems are often electrical. The soldered joints get brittle after all these years + vibrations. They can be reflowed. Easy to pull and inspect the board for obvious burns etc. Can you borrow an ECU - quick efficient way to test if your is faulty? Bloody annoying all of this , but at the end of the day you will have a fine car that runs as nature intended.
  8. Are you sure you haven't got a split vacuum hose somewhere?
  9. Bilstein sport. Not much noticeable difference bw Polybronze and new rubber though on a track the lack of deflection would help precision. When you pull out the old bushings you may get a shock at how distorted they are. Polybronze do need greasing but it's no bg deal. John Bowe recommended a strut brace , even for street/country driving. Overall the car is a bit tighter than stock , but they aren't soft roaders so you can endure a little bit of what makes the car handle better!
  10. Bilsteins all round ER polybronze front bushings Stock torsion bars and sway bar ER rubber rear spring plate bushings New ball joints + turbo tie rods Front strut brace I did not want my enthusiastically driven car leaping off road imperfections . 8 years on , mostly street car , no issues. Obviously for track or billiard table smooth canyon carving you could beef things up a bit. The car would be harder to sell on I suspect.
  11. Getting the thick skins out of them rad strakes would be a pain
  12. If I had to drive one through Hobart I'd choose red , as the tomatoes wouldn't be as noticeable.
  13. Deviance is not a crime. I'd keep it hush though!
  14. Must be rad cos it sez so on the back and everywhere Guards rad?

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