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  1. tazzieman

    GT3 RS purchase. What would u choose?

    "Both colours are very 'look at me'" Any colour is "look at me" with a GT3RS! I prefer orange. Though Alvin Purple has its appeal.
  2. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    Different brand of whale oil?
  3. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    Maybe build a bridge across the water so I don't have to use that bogan ship. Then again , we don't need more bogans...
  4. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    It can go underground. The floor in a cave in Waitomo NZ has a floor made out of printer cartridges from Victoria. We could build the "Big Cave" somewhere as a tourist attraction. Just not in Tassy!
  5. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    Locally I had to pay a wrecker $220 to junk my old Merc. It was totally stripped so all they had to do was crush it. In the old days you'd get some money for metal.
  6. I've read many companies don't cover 'ring & other track shenanigans. Unless he has some warranty cover , and even then Porsche may have a disclaimer. Ouch.
  7. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    Lots of our so called recyclables are in limbo land. What happens to the fake leather upholstery etc? Does the wiring go to African kiddies to be burnt? Maybe recyclable "in theory" but in practise? Leave it to the war on waste guy to investigate.
  8. Did he sign up for some hot laps?
  9. Unloved the lot of them? Nobody likes old Porsches anymore? Mortgage stress? https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2018-shannons-melbourne-spring-classic-auction/?intCMP=SHN:GI:PI:NPS:OSL:20180323:2440&?cmpid=SHN:GI:NPS1:NPS:EDM:20180426:6499
  10. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    Where will all the used ICE cars go? Many are built much better than in days gone by and it would be silly to dump them. There are a helluva lot of them to dispose of! And mosr aren't the slightest bit collectable.
  11. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    Oh they're like old 911s. last very well , at least 70% still alive today, indestructable!
  12. tazzieman

    Walter's view??

    Walter always spoke his mind. Porsche have a loose cannon now!
  13. tazzieman

    Texting whilst driving

    Yep sounds good Phil. What about people eating souvlakis and adjusting their frapuccinos?
  14. tazzieman

    2 door Range Rover values

    Interior screams well used cinema seats
  15. tazzieman

    Texting whilst driving

    But some poor carer has to turn them and change the nappy when they end up quadraplegic.