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  1. Millenial ricer heaven this EV sound business. A whole new level of cringe!
  2. This is so lame , but the new horses just don't clop like they should. Actually it will be hilarious listening to what tradies select for their big utes, let alone granny. https://jalopnik.com/the-feds-want-you-to-be-able-to-pick-the-fake-sounds-yo-1838176834?utm_medium=socialflow&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook "The long-delayed rules, which were first demanded by Congress in 2010, require automakers like Tesla Inc, Nissan Motor Co and General Motors Co to add sounds to vehicles when they are moving at speeds of up to 18.6 miles per hour (30 kph) to help prevent injuries among pedestrians, cyclists and the blind."
  3. Because many people, a number of whom are truly stupid , lack the basic rudiments of parking a car.
  4. We haven't been brave/stupid enough to trust the self parking function our our Merc. Americans are stupid though. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/hitech/tesla-owners-post-videos-after-new-selfparking-tech-fails/news-story/c629f94c22b0ca1e31dbb8c3849cbafd
  5. "Highway patrol officer Inspector ......the Tesla is “the fastest car in our fleet”." But when everyone else has Teslas , or better-than-Tesla Benzes etc... Just more high speed accidents I suspect. Although the EVs will avoid intuitively accidents, won't they? Do the police turn off EV collision avoidance slow/control measures? It's interesting spectating all these wonderful techno changes!
  6. For those cannonball runners out there, you just have to keep going for long enough https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/police-tesla-goes-flat-during-pursuit/news-story/255842026a532a06ffaa90de53ddc66e
  7. The kids here won't understand that and I don't think I do! Personally I don't have the anatomical equipment for bringing life into the world. But I have delivered a number of babies.
  8. High heels are stupid in any setting. It always ends in bunions and scratches.
  9. After several years of a leaky headlight (tried ti fix by resealing the lens) I gave up and bought a whole replacement unit. You can't just buy a used lamp it seems. 928s aren't Holdens. Pus , the halogen globe had shattered by the time I got back from 5 weeks O/S but I got the 130%+ Narva set for 35% off at old mate Repco. And of course didn't have to pay some numpty to change them. Man maths says more money for next year's holidays!
  10. Your 991 story is most unfortunate and as for the BMW, once EVs take hold (& even if not ) I suspect many reputable brand cars will soon end up at the crusher. because labour is 1. too hard and 2 it's too expensive to fix stuff. Let's just make new stuff and "save the planet". Of course driving a bevy of 35+year old cars is my solution to the 1st world problem.
  11. This is what I find so upsetting and objectionable
  12. She's all over red rover! https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/porsches-boxster-and-cayman-replacements-will-be-electric https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-49567197 Them dirty electrons!
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-49567197 "but what about SF6?" you should retort to any "green" smugness

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