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  1. tazzieman

    Door Striker Plate - rusty bolts - help!

    Good result, and we've all been to the village of last resort no matter how German the car! And why did the door "drop" in the first place? New door , hinges off , frame damage?
  2. tazzieman

    MW drives a gullwing

    Narrow call , but I would take a Gullwing over a 4 cam 356 , but that's just me. Wonder how they'd go 1 on 1? Very different mechanically. Having sat in both I am a bit famous (in my own mind)
  3. tazzieman

    W166 ML63

    Performance Automobiles, they are the P car dealer FWIW It has been FS for a year , certainly much discounted. No reason to doubt it's a true bargain.
  4. tazzieman

    W166 ML63

    There is a cheap one available in Hobart. ~$50k , 75000km. I was tempted but "she" wanted more modern electronics (& less fuel $) & FYI The first three letters and numbers of the VIN are the World Manufacturer Identifier.Position 1The very first letter or number of the VIN tells you in what region of the world your vehicle was made. Match the letter or number below to the first number or letter of your VIN to find out in what region of the world your VIN was made.A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are made in AfricaJ, K, L, M, N, P, and R are made Asia S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z are made in Europe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are made in North America 6 and 7 are made in Oceania 8 and 9 are made in South America
  5. tazzieman

    MW drives a gullwing

    He was in the Silvretta rally 2018 just finished. Driving a '61 MB roadster , phew not a Gullwing with its swing axle. But they allowed him in a gullwing for the sticker promo , with speed limiter on 65km/hr. & 147/168 in the rallye if you need to know.
  6. tazzieman

    W166 ML63

    As long as it comes with the petrol tanker/trailer option , it's all good!
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/thai-cave-rescue-elon-musk-mini-submarine-british-driver-tham-luang-vern-unsworth-a8447166.html
  8. tazzieman


    Attention seekers. You've no doubt caught up with this : " BILLIONAIRE Elon Musk has labelled a British diver involved in the dramatic rescue of 12 trapped Thai soccer players and their coach a “pedo”. The Tesla and SpaceX founder brought a mini submarine to Thailand, which he suggested could be used to get the boys out, but the idea was rejected by officials as “not practical”.British diver Vern Unsworth, 63, a key member of the rescue team, shot down Mr Musk’s idea in an interview about the ordeal with CNN.“He can stick his submarine where it hurts,” Mr Unsworth said.“It had absolutely no chance of working. He had no conception of what the cave passage was like.“The submarine, I believe, was about five foot six long, rigid, so it wouldn’t have gone round corners or round any obstacles.“It wouldn’t have made the first 50 metres into the cave from the dive start point. Just a PR stunt.”Mr Unsworth, who lives in Thailand and regularly explores the Tham Luang caverns in Chiang Rai where the boys and their coach became trapped, said he was not impressed when the tech billionaire showed up at the site, adding he was “asked to leave very quickly”.“And so he should have been.”
  9. tazzieman

    Porsche in Tennis

    My most memorable final victory was against Chris Evert in 1988. Perhaps I played my best tennis then. I still remember that afterwards, I raced along the autobahn in my winner's car and the speedometer showed 285 kilometres an hour. Martina Navratilova and
  10. tazzieman

    Car industry hiding faults

    I think the Takata airbag issue , Dieselgate and the Ford ignition switch fail that's caused 120 deaths will have the industry on alert. If not , they will just have pitbulls like you & me to try and shoo away. Best of luck I say, big dogs get nervous around little dogs ;<)
  11. tazzieman

    Car industry hiding faults

    Many of us know this has gone on since the dawn of time , but the media are picking up on it. Much as the brands like to polish the turd of their "lemons" (and I admit the definition is rubbery) the issues won't go away with the social and other media we have nowadays. People know their rights. Or should. Reference link here - and I'm sure many can chime in with their past and current woes. The actual cost of having faults fixed is in time/inconvenience and often worry (safety issue) terms much higher than the actual cost of fixing a known fault. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/secret-documents-reveal-true-extent-of-mechanical-faults-with-some-of-australias-topselling-utes/news-story/dd102c2efe2967596c48954b3b51e234 "As News Corp’s motoring feature story reveals this week, there are widespread faults with most of Australia’s top-selling brands. However the information is kept secret and next to impossible for potential buyers to discover without a friend in the trade.The car industry collects data on quality, reliability and faults to compare with rivals — but that information is not shared with the public, unlike in the US.Most brands won’t release their internal quality figures, citing confidentiality agreements.Two brands in the Top 10 said they are open to the idea of opening their books — but will only share the comparative quality data if other manufacturers do so."
  12. tazzieman

    911SC Space Saver Wheel Nut “thingy”

    The demographic hasn't changed down this way. Nothing wrong with cloth caps. Far more stylish than baseball caps. That said , I wear neither.
  13. tazzieman

    911SC Space Saver Wheel Nut “thingy”

    Was there a lot of cloth cap waving and chasing with sticks?
  14. tazzieman

    911SC Space Saver Wheel Nut “thingy”

    Why did they even touch the spare wheel?
  15. tazzieman

    Nurburgring lap record smashed

    I am probably in the minority in that I follow obscure MS events such as the East African Safari Rally. Money helps , but there are variables beyond the control of the mighty $.