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  1. tazzieman

    Fastest shed

    When you die , people remember what you were like - and what you did. He will be that eccentric (i.e. interesting) guy who built the world's fastest shed. As we say in athletics, "no-one remembers second" 😄 Cheers to pioneers!
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-44054814 " Owner Kevin Nicks said it was "marvellous" to hit 101mph (160 km/h) in what he said was the only road legal motorised shed in the world. "It couldn't have gone better, I'm so happy," said the 53-year-old gardener. Mr Nicks, from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, spent more than £13,000 creating his bespoke shed on wheels, which now boasts a turbo-charged 400 brake horsepower engine that is more powerful than many sports cars." Handling? Meh.
  3. We had a glorious sunny day driving down from Fort William to Stirling. Harry Potter steam train trip up there , the famous castle down here and can see the large hilltop William Wallace monument from our B&B. The Skyfall road side trip was well worth it , even though it is a remote one car width lane (with some passing bays). Her indoors had to be cajoled to even do the little bit of off piste , but held my camera for the clip below . She has the Bond themed one on her phone. So sit back and enjoy the best of Scottish scenery , to the tune of the Italian Job! (I had sneakily planned this with Spotify). Also , to wash down the pizza in the little town 20mins walk from our B&B
  4. I have 6 registered classics , and one almost regoed. They do the job as dailies and grocery getters . My wife told me yesterday I "needed" a small sporty runabout eg MB AMG. But I'm not convinced I really need another car! btw there was certainly no talk of me reducing the fleet. Tom to be the local Maharajah you just need more land 😁
  5. I'm holidaying on the main island of Orkney. Today I found this for you 🤗 btw there are quite a few redheads in Scotland , diluted by Norse blood in the Orkney region.
  6. Actually today is going to be a record May heat day for parts of Britain. But not up here , around 10C, not far off some autumn Tassy days. Yes it's very reminiscent of home (Scotland in general). I have my own home built stone circle (as ANF will confirm) but it lacks the scale, majesty & mystery of this one! Soon we are off to visit a vaulted tomb Maes Howe, that predates the pyramids. The Orkneys were the neolithic capital of Europe; it was a bit warmer back then. I suffer the curse of megalithomania, but it takes me to some interesting spots , with few tourists 😊
  7. I'm at 59 deg latitude north on the Orkney Islands. If you look one way you can almost see the north pole. The horizon is angled but that's the beer! If you turn 180 deg you can see the local Arthur Daley There is an Orkney vintage vehicle/machinery society apparently. The odds of seeing a Porsche here are minimal but I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  8. Maintenance and recommissioning of rarely used cars will cost a bomb over that period. Who knows if the factory will support the old cars into the future? Will petrol cars even be allowed on the roads? But inland property , install a private track and have fun with your remaining years Just a suggestion...
  9. tazzieman

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/tesla-driver-busted-in-the-passenger-seat-testing-autopilot-on-a-freeway/news-story/9ac5bf9bf6f979d7335fe632005ab7fc I saw Lano & Woodley at the theatre last night. The word F**kwit was used over & over, aptly describing this turkey
  10. tazzieman

    Aston love

    Loud pipes save lives!
  11. tazzieman

    944 rear hatch locking mechanism

    Agree entirely. Also , over time with the shocks pushing against the hatch and hammering each time you hit a bump , is it any wonder the frame/seal loosens? That's without considering the effect of heat and UV light on the glue. Now , a 928 hatch is just "right" , like Goldilock's porridge! And it's all a wonder these cars have lasted so long and so well.
  12. tazzieman

    944 rear hatch locking mechanism

    944 hatch weight 25.2kg , add a couple kg for struts/wiper https://www.porscheclubgb.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=441581#441581 It's heavy!