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  1. Jason E

    Looking to buy 944

    Auto? Are you specifically looking for just a commuter & not a corner carver?
  2. Or my email if easier is jasoneacott71@hotmail.com Cheers
  3. Could you PM some details & photos please? Where are you located? Cheers.
  4. I know where a 944S2 convertible is here in Brisbane sitting out on the road. The owner has 3 other Porsches sitting next to it in front of his house. A 924 Turbo & a 914. I've tried about 10 times to talk to him about selling. He won't even talk to me - & I have a very winning personality. It's a crying shame.
  5. If it sells at that price I will strangle myself.
  6. If I had your skills Jeff I'd be less concerned. ⚙🔧🛠
  7. Pretty serious coin for a decent S2000 now. I've always been partial to the Z3 roadster but for the money the Boxster seems the better buy.
  8. agreed, they don't call them greenhouses for nothing. Wait & get a good one. I did have mine professionally tinted with good clear heat retarding 3M film which made a big difference.
  9. haha, I like the earlier MR2's. Apparently these are terrible. I read a review -poop. There is one in my street. I have test driven a few MX5's in the last few days. Great cars but owners are asking silly money for them atm.
  10. that'd put a horn on a jellyfish.
  11. if the auto goes bung - thats it for the auto because you can not get parts for them. - That's a pretty good point. I remember Buchanan's saying the same thing. they maybe considered underwhelming, but in the corners they can upset guys with what they think are performance two door cars.- I went on a Porsche drive day once with a group of blokes I didn't really know. I had my old 944S2. I pulled up next to a bloke in a 997 and when I got out he said, "You don't see old clunkers like that around much anymore. Will you be able to keep up?". At the end of the day he came over & said that he was blown away by how the car kept up with the 'real Porsches'. I just smiled & said, "It's mostly the driver mate & I ain't much of a driver".
  12. There are some importants points here @Foolsbry. Always buy the best one you can afford with recent, professional mechanical history. Buying a loved car for more dollars is better than a neglected one that you need to "refresh/rebuild' (unless you're doing the work yourself). The Fish is right when he says they are "underwhelming" compared to a modern car. They are however lots of fun if you understand that you can drive the slow car fast. It'll feel fast as you wring it's neck, rowing through the gears & then you'll look down & see that you're only doing 80kph & a pensioner on a mobility scooter passes you with a middle finger Metamucil salute. I drove a manual 2008 2.0 litre MX5 yesterday & was amazed at the difference in power between it & any of the Porsches. My S2 had far more "punch" but a similar feel. You will have fun in the 944 (not an auto), just not speed, but they are all about handling & the corners. As Fishy states if you're looking for an 80's classic you won't go wrong. Don't discount a Boxster if 2 seats are all you need (& the auto will be far, far better if an auto is what you're chasing).
  13. Don't get an auto 944(especially a square dash model) unless you want the car strictly for commuting (you'd be better off with a Boxster if that's the case) They're terrible. I drove 2 of the 3 speed boxes. Truly terrible.

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