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  1. Don't be like that. (I thought your car was a dark blue interior). This is ok too. Nice, I like the red.
  2. Is this the "Savanah" beige? or the darker iteration? Photos Man, photos 😀
  3. Agreed. The only colour I can handle in the 986 interior is the darkish (Maritime?) blue or black. The other colours IMHO look naff.
  4. I can understand why this might be the case. The belt attachment points are a bit different from a standard rear seat setup. Hopefully Justin might be able to shed some light.
  5. @OzJustin has a child seat in his S2 & may be able to answer your questions. Professionally/ legally most Police probably wouldn't check your seats if you were pulled over. You'd be unlucky to find a traffic Nazi (or you may have failed the attitude test) & they may go through fully - this would be rare. The issues I can see if you are more concerned about the seat being safe is the condition of the belt itself & it's ability to function correctly in a prang. The belts in my S2 are in good condition but it doesn't stop me considering replacing them with new belts that aren't 30 years old. The tension mount fitting on most child seats just rely on the belt & the top tether holding the seat in place.
  6. Jason E

    968CS Refresh

    Where are we up to on this one @JND72? I'm keen to look at this bad boy.
  7. My advice would be to ring your local Porsche Centre & get the price new from them then work your way back. I've often been surprised at the low cost of some items new from Porsche when compared to buying second hand/ freight/ risk etc. I've ended up buying quite a bit from PCB for my S2. My 2 cents worth .... If all else fails give me a PM as I have some headlights & peripherals here in Bris.
  8. what year is this Michel? I do like a Targa...
  9. Hi, standby, it's probably because my Financial Member status came up for payment last week & I haven't yet paid it. I'll rectify that. You can message me meanwhile on jasoneacott71@hotmail.com Not sure how long it takes to update. I've paid so hopefully PFA messages should be available soon. Probably go with the email if you like for the moment - jasoneacott71@hotmail.com cheers, Jason
  10. Gliptone is great gear. Love tgat finish & smell.
  11. I think it's BM Leather something...
  12. It has been a long road (haha see what I did there?). Someone will get a reliable car (far from perfect but well on it's way) to have fun with. Thanks for the good vibes. cheers
  13. Cool, if he's interested he can leave a message & I'll get back as soon as I'm able. I've been seconded to a Covid response planning group so things are a bit hectic just now 😀. Thanks for the interest.

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