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  1. That steering wheel - cleanse it with fire.........
  2. Welcome, (& you're welcome). You'll have a blast.
  3. I know what you mean, can be daunting. I've only ever put small deposits down & then gone to the bank with the interstate seller on arrival in the State (obviously pre Covid). I'm pretty sure Paypal has some type of insurance re purchases - not sure of the limits.
  4. Jason E

    Wheel Kicking...

    Fair call, I just love the look of the Cups on these cars. You can get them in 17's - it's just expensive sadly. I did get a quote from Classic Wheels Australia re a set of the modern Fuchs for about $2700 delivered. They do look the business.
  5. Jason E

    Wheel Kicking...

    Would you be interested in a set of 16 inch Cups from a 968? They are the same offset/ sizes as the staggered set off the S2. In good condition but not refurbished. Bought them for my S2 just prior to making the decision to sell.
  6. 944S2, 944 (924/ 968) parts for sale. This is what's left/ updated list. At least half are new genuine parts, unopened & still in original packaging from either Porsche Centre Brisbane, Pelican Parts, Paragon or similar OEM resellers etc. Many of the used parts are in excellent condition & some are "normal" condition used parts I have acquired over the last 4 years. Happy to provide further info or photos by PM, email or text to interested inquirers. Can definitely post parts to you for better than standard Auspost rates. I have based prices either on near what I paid or on what ebay or other resellers are asking. I will supply photos of parts & part numbers so you can see what you are getting on request. Located Kedron, Brisbane, Northside. 0410439764 ....................................................................................... pending - Interior 3/4 trim panel (x2 left & right side) with speaker & speaker cover (for 85.5 to 91). Used but in outstanding condition. Marine Blue. $570. Interior arm rest/ door handles (x2 left & right side) excellent condition, Maine Blue. $200. pending - Sunroof interior trim panel, excellent condition (tiny defect - photos supplied.) Marine Blue $200. Sunroof interior sacrificial plastic trim clips (required to secure interior trim panel to the exterior panel) - new from PCB - $3.00 each - I have 15. Sunroof hinge latch mount (924/944/968) 477 871 219 - $10 Hatch area Light switch/ Cover. Used but in excellent condition - $20. Wheel nuts x 24 - reasonable - $40. 968 genuine Cup wheel set (4) 16 inch (staggered 7s & 8s). $999.00 - good condition. Not refurbished. Mirror housing & motors x 3. Varying conditions from very good to reasonable. from $50 Door lock linkage, drop link reverse lever - 944/968 - $10 (944 537 262 02) Door trigger handle Interior trim piece (L or R) - Marine Blue - $30. (94453722900) Door trim speaker tweeter mount (944 645 431 00 left side) - $25 HVAC unit trim/ switch pieces/ face plate/ screw & decal plate etc - 944 653 021 01 - 944 653 203 00 - I am unsure if the unit itself works however all the switch gear (except one missing slider knob) is in excellent condition. Clear plastic screw plate is also excellent. Complete - $200. Face trim plate - $50, individual switches $50, knobs $30 each, inner clear screw plate with decals $60. HVAC aftermarket 3D printed screw plate (new, unused- unfitted) - this was recommended by Buchanan's as a great replacement for the original clear screw plate as the media is much more resilient. Comes from a Canadian company. You will need to remove your current decals & add them to this plate. - $100. Door lock rod clips Genuine Porsche New 99353156300 - $4.00 each. ( I have 10 in total) Retainer spring - Shift lever retainer clip & 2 x circle clips - $10 Turn signal assembly - Front 944 (86-91) Bosch 0311319002 (left & right) - in excellent/ mint condition - $200 each. Fog light lens trim Right side 1301 0990 48 - $40 Torque Tube/ bell housing Polyurethane Rubber inspection covers (large rectangle -used & small round- new) (477 521 277 C & 931 116 117 00) - $35 for both. Reference Sensor/ Engine crank position sensor bracket x 2 - 1 new/ unused in packaging, 1 used - excellent condition. $100 for new/ $75 for used. (944 101 321 07) Grommet fuel filler drain - $12 (94420146100) Centre Console switch buttons x 2. All working with refreshed decals. 1x central locking, 1 x door mirrors, $30 each Center console & dash decals for refreshing faded switch decals - various $3 each tail light nuts & washers x 4 (free if anyone needs them). Window slot seal (left side) new but slightly damaged - it has a small kink in it - photos would be supplied - it still looks like it would fit & work as normal. - $35. Central locking mechanisms for both doors & hatch $100. Seat belts x 4. 2 complete rear seat, 2 with just the shoulder straps & retractors. 944 climate AC heater blower motor assembly. 944 573 015 00. As you can see the outer case is cracked however the inner parts & peripherals seem to be in good order. $50. Headlight pop up complete lift linkage pivot bar assembly -H4 globes, light pods, actuator, motor, brackets. $400. Happy to sell complete or in pieces. Altitude correction sensor 94460615100 - $69. Power steering return line - metal tubing only - $50. Shift Linkage arm (944 424 141 00) , intermediate shift lever (944 424 013 02) - $65. Torque tube Bearings x3, Bearing carriers x4 average condition. $20 each. Drivers window, has tint attached - tint is in poor condition, glass is scratched & would need a polish - $60.
  7. Thanks Lads, appreciate the support & kind words. As Tingy said, hopefully someone might come along, pick it up & continue the slow rolling resto love affair. As for me I'm already dreaming of cheating with a Cayman.
  8. He was a first time Porsche owner ...............
  9. I've just sent the buyer an email. I feel terrible (& a bit mortified) that he is unhappy. I feel like someone's been insulting my child (to be fair though at times I liked the car more than my 5 year old). He was pretty good in his email & wasn't wishing a pox on me. I suppose this outlines the perils of buying a car sight unseen. Sigh......................
  10. Hi, I was a bit flabbergasted early this morning when another PFAer contacted me re the car being advertised. On checking my email I saw that the purchaser had sent me an email explaining that he just wasn't in love with the car & had decided to look at something else (thankfully he doesn't seem to be cursing my name). I was pretty shocked though. I'll have to give him a call over the next few days. Didn't see that coming.

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