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  1. You guys are mad !! What a work of art. Tasteful, subtle, sublime..... it's a technical tour de force. All the grace of a Rolls & all the power of a Holden 202 auto. Plus with GM just announcing Holden's demise the value of this Mona Lisa (Moaning Lisa) will absolutely skyrocket. I for one am ready to start the bidding well above the sellers paltry reserve. I'm going to add this investment to my Super Portfolio along with my Nokia & Kodak stocks. So long suckers, this'll be bigger than Bitcoin.........
  2. If the replicas don't go I'd be interested in hearing what your chasing for them. Cheers.
  3. I FUCKING LOVED GYRUSS. I fed enough 20 cent pieces to cover a 1970's mortgage into the Gyruss machine at the Belara Prawn Co-Op on Bribie Island in the early Eighties. I was the King of that Bitch & all that dared play me where my vassals (least that's how it felt at the time till the teenagers came & pushed me off - then I just cried).
  4. Yes, I'd like to Brian but I don't feel like I've poured enough money into it yet to achieve a truly diminished return. If the right buyer came along....wellllllll......until that time I'll keep loving it.
  5. Hi Sean, just the original 16's. I think they'd look a bit Rad on the S2. Hi Marty, not sure if the car was from Brisbane. 3k is well & truly steep IMHO 😊. That'd be the 17's right?
  6. 968 Wheels - what are they worth in reasonable condition? I've been offered (to purchase) a set of original 968 wheels to go on my 944S2. (I haven't got the requested pics yet) Seller states they are not mint but in good condition. They are in Vic so I have to factor in freight to Brisbane. Thoughts / wisdom / musings / criticism - all welcome....
  7. Amazing how good the interior came up. With the right tools & know how you can get 'em sparkling. Would cost a bomb to have a shop bring the mechanics up though. Least mine didn't have rats nests at the start. Compared to this mine looked like a well loved Family Heirloom.........
  8. This is my big concern. I generally drive my car once a month to Coffee & Cars, once every 2 months on a "spirited day drive". Every 6 mths on a 2 day or 3 day drive interstate. The odd other meet up. So it's not getting a lot of value out of a years standard rego however reading the rules the drives you go on must be club sanctioned & posted on the club website. Now I know most cops wont check that (some will God damn them) but most wont. It would only be if you found a particularly zealous RPU officer & he had the shits with you. Sigh.......
  9. It's actually pretty brilliant. $500 is a fair bit of coin to a scammer, a good days payout for an advert (that costs nothing, a few emails & maybe a phone call or 2. $500 is just enough that some people will write it off either as "I'm too embarrassed to go to the cops", or "Fuch it, it's only $500, I won't waste more time/ money chasing it". There'll be a lot more people than we know of who have sent him "deposits" & a lot of the fraud matters I've investigated (some years ago now) are complex & take a lot of time invested chasing down evidence for little return. Quite a few people who make a pretty good living look at the cost/ benefit/ time equation/ chance of actually retrieving their money & withdraw the complaint once the passion has cooled. That's what a lot of these fellows rely on. When the Piggers finally catch up with them the money is all gone, they head off to Court & get a light sentence within the community any fines go to SPER & the roundabout begins again.
  10. Sucks that you got burnt. Have you thought about using a payment system like PayPal? That way you have a fallback if you get scammed. Certainly this is what I do when buying or selling predominately. Certainly when selling I have a bank account with nothing in it that I can give the details out for deposits but they can get nothing from as it never has anything in it. Hope the Police find old mate.
  11. My 944 is up for registration ($745 for 12 mths). I only drive my car 2 or 3 times per month (if that sadly). Just wondering if anyone has club rego ? Is it worth it or a pain in the arse? My car turns 30 in 2020 so it will be an option. cheers in advance for any info.
  12. As stated - red 944 sunroof - paint needs a cut & polish otherwise in very reasonable condition. Interior colour is Marine Blue. As per photo very minor tear in leatherette. What's it worth? Can post at your cost, pickup in Kedron, Brisbane.

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