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  1. @bear924 don't be ridiculous Wayne. You've no need to be insecure around me & my 996.2. I always adjust my expectations accordingly when we're together & thus am never disappointed. 😀. Ps - I've ordered several different breeds of cupholder & will be flaunting them shortly in a post designed to make me seem even more superior to the rest of the 996.1 community. You're welcome.
  2. @Diclofenac @bear924 Well, well well.....there's a lot to unpack here. Firstly wise words re the 924T from a longterm owner. Secondly a somewhat savage burn on one of the nicest PFA members that has ever graced this electronic medium (ie - me). I wouldn't have thought you had it in you Bear, it made me LOL. So much so that my wife asked me to share the joke - she thinks you're mean. Long term you'll spend the cost of a good 996 & a great Boxster bringing a transaxle back to spec (depending on your taste of course).
  3. Yes, that's right, however they still need an appropriate booster/ child seat or restraint system until they fit the standard front seat belt. Then the problem with boosters etc in front seats is it takes the child inside the deployment envelope of the airbag. This is highly dangerous hence the deactivation of the airbag. I'm just not sure if it is legal in Australia to deactivate them.
  4. You'll need to look into your States Law re airbag deactivation ( I think it's illegal in Australia). If your car has back seats then children must sit in the back until they fit correctly in the seatbelt at the front. Airbags make a mess of small kids in accidents.
  5. Cheers mate. Much appreciated.
  6. Hello @ML13, you wouldn't happen to have a photo of it installed would you? cheers, Jason
  7. Plus 1 for @Port 911. Nice car, nice bloke.
  8. Try Grinder .........
  9. You did say you were open to try new things ............
  10. I'll throw in my 2c worth here (much to Dreamers chagrin.....). Having recently sold my 944S2 & purchased a 996, I find myself missing my 944 quite a bit. I miss the handling most of all which was sublime. I still think selling it was a good idea as I don't have enough mechanical ability (or time to aquire same) & no really trusted indy mechanics here in Brisbane with a passion for this branch of the Porsche family. Like any Porsche expensive or cheap - they all cost Porsche money for parts & labour if you don't plan to spin the spanners yourself. Absolutely wait till you find one that has had a previous owner that has cared for it in the appropriate way & you'll be a long way ahead. Touch base with @bear924 as he's had a 924 turbo for 20years or so - he should know what they need to make long term ownership a realistic prospect. I can't say enough good things about the S2 overall. Less work required than the Turbo for almost as much power & far more everyday usability. Unless you are looking for a project they are dear to put right. The mechanicals are probably the cheaper end of a rolling resto. I found sourcing good quality interior bits the hardest as it is all becoming rarer these days. Whichever way you go they are a great machine.
  11. I'll send you the part numbers so you can check for fit.
  12. Hi Wardy, this is what I have left in the seatbelts. I can send you more detailed photos when I get home.

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