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  1. I'm torn I must admit but I'd let it go for a good 996 or Cayman tipper.
  2. Man, if someone would buy my S2 we'd be in business...
  3. Hey mate, what have you got left in the 944 gear? Cheers Jason.
  4. The scratches on the original window are horrendous - $300 to get polished out by a local company. A new genuine window was $550. I bought a used window for $200 which has some shallow scratches but I want it to be as scratch free as possible before I fit it.
  5. Can anyone recommend a good quality kit to polish scratches out of glass? I've purchased a used drivers door glass that has a few scratches that I'd like to remove before fitting. Any hints, tips, magic or skills greatly appreciated...
  6. I would suggest (or almost guarantee) given that the front right tyre is blown out & there is right side front fender damage, the driver has had a prang somewhere close by, fled the scene & are now trying to get the car stashed away before the Piggers patrol by. Most likely the prang was caused by to much Sake given the erratic behavior ...
  7. cheers, I wonder if they're as good as the modern FUCHS that you can get here through a few distributors. At a thousand US per wheel plus freight they'd want to be as good as they look.
  8. As an aside VIN can I ask what type of wheels they are? I'm going to assume FUCHS but they are not like the others I've seen. They're cool.
  9. Thanks Mike 737, will do. (sorry mike just realised - many thanks.) The wife seemed strangely amenable to the idea of this one.
  10. Just interested if anyone has any info on this VIC 996. cheers Jason https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-porsche-911-carrera-996-auto/SSE-AD-5882106/?_ga=2.130349263.195400265.1552724592-811751400.1491996130
  11. FYI - images didn't come through...
  12. Great idea, buy that whale tail & sell me your bridge spoiler. Glad we've got that sorted😁

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