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  1. Following this with interest. The lights in my 944S2 are a bit dull & I'd like something brighter without blinding other drivers.
  2. Hello All, I have a new & unused/ fitted set of cup holders that I ordered from Only 944. They're great but I accidentally ordered 2 sets so one has to go. They are the "soft" type that slip under the centre console & sit either side. Five minute install. Fold flat & unobtrusive when not in use. I use the set in my car all the time. Holds various size types of receptacles. I used it today on a very spirited drive for several takeaway coffee cups - perfect. Happy to text you some photo's. I'll try & attach some here - (stock photos off web). I think they were about $30US when I bought them plus postage. Only 944 aren't reflecting the price on their website at the moment. Let's say $30 AUD plus $5 postage. cheers, Jason
  3. I must admit to being a bit disappointed in the way the leads are attached to the battery on my own charger. I fitted the permanent leads last weekend & they don't fit neatly at all really - they cause the terminal covers to sit up high & don't allow the carpet flat to sit neatly. Not the best design for the poor ol' Porsche.
  4. Agreed, anything Porsche in Brisbane is a little difficult. Only several players & their service can leave a lot to be desired.
  5. I wrote a post related to this only recently. I bought my S2 in Dec 2016 & you couldn't get one for Love nor Money. I must've been snaked on at least 4 cars over the time I was looking. They literally wouldn't last 5 hours on carsales before they were sold & all were in the late 30's early 40's. Now of course much, much cheaper (of course now that I'm thinking of moving mine on the market would flood). I wonder if is just a coincidence or is it just people needing cash & moving toys on (as stated). I love to live by the old adage - "Buy at the top of the market & sell when it's low - no-one like too much cash".
  6. I was going to say that (local purchase) is important if there is a problem with a part that you've purchased that needs returning or replacing, however the few times I've had a problem with parts purchased from say Paragon or Pelican Parts they've always just sent me new parts sight unseen. Nothing shits me more than having to send a faulty item back internationally at my cost so that the seller of said faulty item can confirm that the part is indeed faulty. I get it - it just shits me.
  7. So, given these additional charges etc is it just easier purchasing direct via your local Porsche Centre? Is the Aus Porsche tax still so much greater than what you pay through the US/ UK or is it still worth bargain hunting O/S? I've purchased in the past from the UK & the US when the dollar was better & it was certainly worth the savings but now I'm not so sure.
  8. What year did he retire? I came across a few 'ordinary' cops in the late 80s & early 90s so I know what you're saying. Hopefully they were the minority.
  9. Hey there Legs, Bit before my time i'm afraid. I didn't march into the Academy until '98. Was born in '71 so missed out on the "Golden Era" of Queensland Policing under Adolf Bjelke-Petersen by quite a ways. Certainly worked with a few of the old timers in the first few years who remembered that time fondly...
  10. So, I can tell you that (here in QLD) it all depends on who the Cop is that pulls you over & where he works (RPU/ State traffic Support/ General Station, etc). As to margins of error +/- 10% etc. If you are doing 1 kph over the speed limit when targeted on a Lider/TruCam etc, etc you are technically speeding. Some Cops will pin you at 5kph situationaly dependent (General Duties Police generally work on 10% over before considering a ticket. If you get pulled by Traffic/ RPU/ State Traffic - expect no mercy - they have unwritten quotas to fill & need to justify their cushy existence & enormous budget support from the State Gov. So the more tickets they write the more Gov O/T is supplied. The more speed camera tickets/ detection's - the more O/T shifts/ Specials supplied by the Gov for the traffic officers to fatten their pay packets. Vicious circle. I was talking to an RPU Sgt recently. Nice enough bloke but one of those fellows who would literally ticket his own mother. I know this because he was telling me he once wrote a speeding ticket out for his brother! He is a traffic zealot. Truly believes that he is fighting the good fight. I was whinging about a ticket that I had received & he gently admonished me & said, "Do what I do. Drive everywhere at 10kph under the speed limit - no matter what. Leave 15mins earlier than you need to so that you've no need to speed. There's no excuse for speeding Jason. Speed kills". I invited him to fuck off. General Duties Police - it's a lottery. Most dislike traffic work/ some love it. Some are nice blokes/ some are dirty Keith's. Some are having a good day/ some are having a shitter. Depends whether you are being a mouthy douche/ or being reasonable & tolerant. Depends whether the Station OIC has received a Ministerial Complaint from a resident whinging about Hoons doing burnouts in their street. The Boss must respond so the Boss makes you go write tickets so he can respond to the Minister/ Councilor & say we immediately did patrols of the area & wrote 19 infringements. (of course these infringements invariably target Mum, Dad & the kids doing 11kph over in a hurry to get to the movies. Collateral damage. When I was a real Policeman I had strict criteria for who I would only write a ticket for - If you were a grub with real criminal history - fuck you - you get a ticket (maybe 3 - depends how tired my writing hand got). Hoons always got a ticket because they make it worse for everyone. They never do burnouts or drag race in their own street. Pricks. If you were a normal person & I pulled you over to give you a warning & you started mouthing off you'd always get one polite warning to pull your head in then all bets were off if you wanted to keep exercising your tongue - always regrettable. If you were a normal person, responded to my politeness with equal politeness then you'd get a warning & a wave on your way & everyone's happy. Community Policing at it's finest. Alas those days are long gone. These days it's all about statistics. People say on one hand why can't Police be like they used to be a just give a warning or a cuff around the ears & on the other demand statistics to evidence the fact the Piggers are earning their tax dollars. In summary - Avoiding a speeding ticket these days is less likely than receiving one. Be polite in the first instance (even if you want to tell him what he can do with his mother). He may just be a GD's cop that hates traffic & likes warnings - you might get lucky/ flies & honey.
  11. Same here in QLD. Speeding is considered a LEO (life endangering offence) & officers are instructed to show no leniency. You will get a definitely get a ticket if you are dealing with the Traffic Branch (RPU now) or a traffic oriented General Officer (Knob). Many General Officers will still give a warning for under 20k's or so over. This is becoming harder though as they may face disciplinary action for providing an "unofficial warning" & not taking action to enforce a LEO. Sigh.............
  12. Well yes this is true. Of course my jacuzzi isn't working so I'm a little stressed out right now. (i'm kidding I don't have a jacuzzi. It would take up valuable garage space).
  13. I'll see your Sydney Market & raise you the fact that I had to sell 2 investment properties in the same financial year (last year) to finish the house we've just built. There's a pretty good 2nd hand 1st Gen Cayman in this years Tax Bill. I. Really. Suck.

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