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  1. I think you have to scroll about half way down the facebook page to find them.
  2. Damn - they got there first - I was going to say "Don't let her in then you won't have to pry her out". But it'd be superfluous now so I won't say anything.....oh wait.......
  3. Consider becoming a financial member. The $25 pays for itself a thousand times over in information, assistance & humour (at least in my case it's saved me thousands). Plus it contributes to keeping this resource up & running. Cheers Jason.
  4. Tge market certainly is flat atm. If your car is above average it will sell for reasonable money. My advice would be to throw some photos up here & some detailed info for a more informed response. Cheers.
  5. I hear you brother however there's only so much hair you can lose & arteries you can harden worrying about the arseholery of the world & it's nefarious denizens. Let the Insurers do their job & just get out & drive with the wind in your luxurious bouffant, eating Pork scratchings ('cause you can).
  6. All this should be handled by your Insurance company & completely out of your hands I would think. You simply give the other driver your details & Insurance details & let your Insurance company work out if they want to challenge the other driver/ insurance company's version of events or repair estimates. Other than the, "they're being Arseholes" factor what do you care? They can claim a million bucks - it's up to your insurer now. That's what you pay the expensive yearly premium for. "I've had an accident, it was my fault, please fix my car & their car (preferably in that order). Thank you very much"". Unless I'm missing something.
  7. Righto @WOKA for that kinda money I want one. I need to talk to you at the next C&C so you can point me in the right direction.
  8. cheers for this, I will hit @woka up when I see him.
  9. I loved his game in the early eighties. I won't brag & reveal that I was almost semi- professional at playing it. Holy Fuck... From those in the know @WOKA @sleazius what would a table top GYRUSS machine cost these days?
  10. Haha, I figured a padded soft cover might be the best of both worlds & discourage the worst of scratched & knocks whilst still easy to use.
  11. Just looking for a soft cover recommendation for my 944 whilst in the garage. Protection from dust & 4 year olds in mind.
  12. I'm no expert but the IMS issue I believe was rectified in the 2009 model year.
  13. Do you need a back seat for the 944? I have one here in my shed - split rear in Marine Blue.

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