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  1. God I hate Traffic Police (as an entity).
  2. great advice, much appreciated. My car is currently charging on my new CTEK MXS 5.0 - should be great.
  3. Great, I have one on hold at my local Kedron store. I'll hook my car up this morning as soon as I get home. Cheers Lads, to all who responded with advice, I appreciate it. cheers
  4. is this overkill ?? https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/ctek/ctek-battery-charger-12v-5a/p/A9512219
  5. Cheers All, As my 944 is no longer my daily I just need to work out which model CTEK will keep the battery in optimal condition. I suppose the CTEK site may have some info on which model is best for the battery perhaps.
  6. Apologies - I know this has been discussed before - I want to buy a trickle charger for my 944S2. The battery was flat today as I haven't driven it for about a month. I was told CTEK is the go by 'a bloke in the know'. Just thought I'd see if anyone has one they are using on their 944 & can recommend same. cheers, Jason
  7. I'm inspired Tingy, i'll contact you this week to discuss organising another drive long weekend. Boom........ Sorry Ian re the thread drift.....
  8. For me it was a Honeydew melon. I named her Linda.
  9. Hey man I don't judge. I say take it any way you can get it.
  10. Gadzooks!!! Well I am going to organise a drive asap just to get down there & try the pie that made Pete M sigh !!!! You're absolutely right Peter, there a 2 things that I am an expert in, sampling delectable pies & pleasuring women. (not necessarily in that order).
  11. Is it a good pie? I love a good pie. Please tell me there is solid actual meat rather than that dysenteric "gravy" that seems ubiquitous in "pies" these days. I'm not bitter or anything.
  12. This was the route I was talking about. Was terrific.
  13. Get on to WOKA he took me a great way via the Waterfall Way. Was a cracker of a route.

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