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  1. Appears not with a lot of the guys selling, from most I've been in contact with they appear to have a figure in their head and won't budge. Even after the car has been in the marketplace for anything up to 12 months. Drama is there isn't a lot of Caymans for sale, whereas Boxsters are a dime a dozen, you can pick up a Boxter S for same cash as a standard Cayman.
  2. This guy is right into ICV's and this should be right up his alley. Treeve Andrew - 0429 450 222 - treeve@kernowengineering.com.au Can also get onto him via the ozclubbies.com.au forum
  3. Have you been invited to one of the drive days to the Hunter or the Southern Highlands yet? I went on one recently and it was a bloody good day out. Certainly a little eye opening driving the various models across the day. To me, you'd want to be getting a reasonable discount on a 718. Seems they aren't selling as quick as they should.
  4. It's a dilemma, although there's few very low km Caymans for less than 85k on carsales currently. Not much is selling though, seen a few ads put on hold not sold. I'd love an S also but paying northside of $100k puts me squarely into basically new 718 Cayman territory. There are a few Boxster and Boxster S bargains currently but hearts set on Cayman.
  5. There's also Barrel Bros in Sydney. Worth a phone call. http://www.barrel-bros.com
  6. Rotten news, my wife passed away early this year after a 6 month fight with an eye based cancer. I wouldn't sell the car yet, as you'll more than likely end up in the public system's cancer clinics. We paid nothing whatsoever out of our own pockets even though we have top private cover. Everything seemed to just go onto the medicare card. Support her, spend quality time with her and be positive, fight the illness together. Most people live a long healthy life after treatment nowadays, so the odds are with you.
  7. So to add to this thread..... Looking at 981 Caymans. Non-S 981 Caymans are eventually dropping list price to the 75-80k mark, most only have 40-60 000km on them. and there's a few higher km (80-90 000km) S versions being listed in the high $80k range. Is a high KM S worth taking a risk on?
  8. Yes, but less of a tourer than a Cayman/Boxster and you don't get the engine note of the Porsche. I've driven both and like both for completely different reasons, even though they are directly comparable when shopping. The Lotus I'd say will drop bugger all resale wise over a few years period and be very cheap as to own. With 981's already in the 80k range it's not looking good for the 987 series, then you get the Porsche tax on parts and repairs. Swings and roundabouts on both options. Alfa 4c costs more than both, has an awesome road presence, I've no idea of the drive.
  9. V6 is 100kish plus, Theres nothing wrong with Supercharged 4cyl this at I'd suggest lowish to mid 60k has the SSC upgrades giving 220hp at the wheels. Depreciation at those prices is basically over for a few years. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Lotus-Elise-2014/SSE-AD-4910908/?gts=SSE-AD-4910908&gtssaleid=SSE-AD-4910908&rankingType=Spotlight
  10. I'm similar. although after a hell of a lot of research think the 997.2 Cayman/Boxster is the sweet spot (shouldn't get scored bores like Jeff's old one or IMS worries) and would be very suitable for taking the wife on a weekend getaway/social drives/track days. Then see fairly new supercharged Elises for around the $60k mark. Cheap to maintain, go well, lots of upgrades plus a lack of depreciation on Lotus compared to the 987's and can't make any decision.
  11. Really interesting thread. If you're looking for something that will take it to a GT3 I can't see you happy with a Cayman unless you do engine swaps for a larger Porsche engine. Lotus is an option either V6 Exige or 2zz-ge Elise/Exige. SSC/Harrop do lots of upgrades for both. A 2zz-ge Elise more than took it to the Fitzgerald 997 Turbo in the Harrop Ultimate street challenge a few years ago. You don't have to do the Honda conversion anymore for a quick car. There are a lot of cars you can get and mod quite easily nowadays with a $50-100k budget. You just need to work out what type and brand of car you're happy with. For me it always comes down to the Porsche/Lotus decision. That said, I do see a lot of guys buying Mustang nowadays because of the plethora of performance parts you can get for them for reasonable cost, whilst I struggle with ownership of one they appear to be quite happy with cars in general.
  12. Fibreglass cars always look worse than they are in a crash though, the recent Grant Dennier crash case in point. The tub held up very well and he was really moving when he hit the tree. I know a lot of the guys in the Lotus world and the V6 Exige with all of the electronic aids is a real weapon, especially with some tuning added by SSC in Sydney. Seeing you're in Sydney, I can't see why you'd have too many issues with having the car looked after. SSC have an exceptional record with looking after owners and since the Toyota engines were fitted, Lotus have the kind of reliability that well, Toyotas have. I'd talk to SSC and ask about any weak points, the earlier S2's had issues with rear toe links once Rspecs were fitted and once upgraded became a non issue. I had a S2 Exige for a couple of years and it was a very pleasant experience.
  13. You really need to question your sanity when looking at a bargain basement Cayman for $40k with potentially $7-10k worth of maintenance, that still has the bore scoring and IMS issue (that needs the cases split to replace the IMS) hanging over its head. I'd be inclined to go for a $50-55k Boxster S with the later 'IMS free' engine and updated interior.
  14. Yep, agree with Plugger. After a lot of research, my take is either buy a M96 engined car and treat the IMS as a replaceable item. Get a M97 car, run it till it breaks, then go hunting for a 3.8 or 4.0 engine to swap or buy one of the later 2009 onward MA120/121 engined cars. The 2006-2009 Boxster/Caymans could be really exxy cars to own, compared to the cost of the initial buy-in.
  15. Sorry about your situation. However, wouldn't brakes and tyres be wear and tear items and therefore not covered by warranty? If the tyres weren't right down to the wear marks, I couldn't see any of this affecting a roadworthy.
  16. Thanks so much for that, makes it so easy to tell the two apart once its pointed out to you (why didn't I see that before!)
  17. Sounds like me. Was a Storm Titanium version, so more grey than silver. I've never warmed to the V6 Exige either and was quite surprised at how small, nimble and at home I felt when test driving a Boxster last weekend.
  18. I had same, peeved I sold the thing. So you're happy with the Cayman as it's replacement?
  19. Have been kicking myself I didn't jump into that one as it appeared to be well looked after (although the place it was at was bizarre) although, a lot happier now that you've suggested it might have been developing scored bore syndrome. Thanks for that, I've actually been tossing up whether I get another Elise/Exige or a Cayman/Boxster. Took a 3.4 Boxster for a test run last weekend and think I'm addicted to the Flat six. A gorgeous sounding engine.
  20. Hello, new here but have been looking into this very topic for a while now (I'm sure I looked over your car or one very similar MFX, at a wholesaler in Rosehill a while back). What's holding me back for the year models mentioned, is the IMS bearing that needs the engine torn down to replace. It's getting to the point, that I either buy an earlier Boxster that I can replace the IMS or stump up for a 2009 or newer version.

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