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  1. I’m leaving Port Melbourne approx 5:15 to try and meet the Shell Bunker Hill group at 6am.
  2. On my way to my ‘exercise point’ in the 997.1 GT3 this afternoon along Beaconsfield Pde in Middle Park, out pulls a red 997.1 GT3 CS. Never seen it before, nor the driver. Quick bit of side-by-side exhaust appreciation before I need to u-turn before the 5km limit expires. Pretty sure it wasn’t an apparition....
  3. 2015 911 Carrera GTS Advertising on behalf of my Brother-In-Law... Black/Black, PDK 23,000kms Full PCM service history. South Melbourne. Another P-Car entering the stable. Hoping not to go to CarSales... Asking $205,000 for quick sale. Inspections welcomed. Please PM for contact details. Thank you.
  4. A project I've been involved in has just gone live today. I thought this would be of interest to all of you. Please check it out give it a subscribe and follow and help us to keep this going. We started late last year, and for obvious reasons, we've been held back in making as many episodes as we'd planned. More to come. We hope you enjoy. https://themotorists.com.au https://www.instagram.com/themotorists/
  5. Thanks! One for each car now....and another for a xmas gift. These are the best xmas/birthday gifts...
  6. 997.1 GT3 ‘Touring’ 4 seats on compliance plate.
  7. That would be amazing. Thanks Steve.
  8. Could I please ask for more information? There’s now 3 websites selling this same set of seats...
  9. Does anyone have a set of 997 Carbon Folding Bucket seats I can try for size in Melbourne and/or for sale?? Thanks! Luke
  10. Is there any interest to form a syndicate to try and win this upcoming Powerball $150mill??? I’m proposing 10 shares of a Powerhit System 10, total cost $2,911.90. (911...how can we not win) Each share obviously $291.19 We would need to discuss how we chose numbers. It looks like I create the syndicate with TheLott then you go and pay for your own share at a lottery agent Any takers?
  11. I stopped by an had a sit in it last week. It seemed fantastic from surface level. I am only very new to them though, and wasn't looking at it too critically. I fell in love with the seats...probably shouldn't have sat in it. I don't think you'd be disappointed on its appearance.
  12. Supercheap Auto I’ve got 2 of these. Nice and soft. Very happy with them. Priced very well. Small/medium size fits 964/997 Carrera S, tight fit on 997 GT3.

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