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  1. I received a few calls making sure I wasn’t the cause of our power outage last night. Not me! Hope they’re ok. Top effort to split that pole.
  2. Congrats on the 996. Love the story. Love a road trip too. I pumped petrol at the Shell Servo you pulled into for 3 years while I was at Uni. (Back in my V8 Holden Ute days!) ...and I lived directly opposite with a bunch of mis-fits
  3. I had this wandering on uneven surfaces in my 997 when I bought it with P Zeros. Alignment didn’t help. I moved to Michelin’s and haven’t had any problem since. Pilot Sport 2 and now Pilot Sport 4S. The PS4S is the best all round road tyre I’ve ever had. Much quieter also if that is important to you. Not a very good idea to mix tyre types also. Sounds like you need to get those clunks checked out in any case.
  4. To my knowledge, no modern car would have been able to be complianced in Aus if the rear seats weren't capable of fixing child seats. You don't need ISOFIX to fit child car seats. You may need to expose the anchor points behind your rear seats to correctly install child seats. (You may need to point this out to an installer that they are under the carpet.) (Porsche sell ISOFIX seats in other countries, but they haven't been approved for use here) Completely irrelevant for 997. Such a boring topic, but I feel your pain. You'll have the interior destroyers in the rear v soon.
  5. Porsche should be making something like this.
  6. I Pm’d this to you earlier... I’ve got a new set of these I haven’t used in Matt Black...Tasty ? http://car-bone.pl/shop/911r-stripes/
  7. For me 3 things make it a miss: Rear Reflector delete, 911 logo and headlights. Soooo close. Hope I don’t get spotted....
  8. Overfilled with oil...low oil pressure....and a broken tacho....?
  9. Sorry I don’t have a link. I put it together from what you had mentioned. I’ve done most of this route, but yet to make in on the track at Spa. I’ve done the day at Lotus as I married a Norfolk girl and spend most summers there. You would really have to be a huge Lotus fan to steal a couple of days off your euro road trip... My advice is rent a lefty, plan out the main points you want to hit, get up in the morning each day and decide which way you want to get there. Eat Schnitzel...lots of it...and beer too...
  10. Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.31.56 PM by Luke Armstrong, on Flickr
  11. It sounds like you need to talk to 2 parties. Import Agent: Dominic personalimport.com.au Dominic offers fantastic service and will most likely point you to Blake for Compliance/Registration. Blake: http://arrowspe.wixsite.com/arrowspe
  12. B&S Balls!! Been to my fair share as a country boy from NSW. I was well known for my circle work in my 62 Beetle!
  13. Learn to fly a single rotor first...Great for your flying skills, except it is extremely addictive and will cost you thousands...Go with the DJI which virtually flies itself. Get some training if you can, and be very cautious where you fly it. Not too long ago before multi rotors changed everything... https://vimeo.com/18115419
  14. Hey Symsy, I've got a set of H&R to sell. Identical to these without the Cargraphic branding... Luke

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