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  1. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    I'd you can stretch the 987 would be a good option. Quick carsales search says they start at 34k for a manual S
  2. Avalanche of ugly IMO, not a fan. If only they had just done work to the engine and nothing else.
  3. dan_189

    All things insurance

    Well good to hear you're alright, it was minor and you got to keep some bits. I remember you inquiring about the under bonnet sticker, if you can get the old bonnet back duck off to bunnings and get some un-do it sticker removal fluid and give that a shot Also was the brake fluid fresh? The manual calls for it to be flushed every two years.
  4. dan_189

    All things insurance

    Sorry to hear! Hope you're alright. Which car? Assuming 996 as your manual boxster wouldn't have a 3rd rad but the tip would? All good if you're not keen on discussing.
  5. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    Wasn't meant to be...
  6. dan_189

    Which Porsche GT car?

    You can read all about it here: https://rennlist.com/forums/996-gt2-gt3-forum/766705-2004-996-gt3-3-6l-engine-into-a-1998-996-c2-3-4l-body-shell-2.html 996 Cup cars are awesome, because race car!
  7. dan_189

    986 2.5L Boxster standard Flywheel wanted

    I actually thought a 996 and 986 shared a flywheel but alas upon cross referencing the parts the 986 has its own flywheel
  8. Almost everything you need to make your 996 MK1 "Aero Kit Cup" optioned! Just missing the final trifecta part of the taco wing!! GLWTS
  9. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    Good luck!
  10. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    Fair enough! Good luck you sound pretty keen on this one! Hopefully the PPI doesn't come up with anything
  11. In fact its so recognisable its a registered trademark! Read that on a model car box, ill see if I can find the exact wording that was on it.
  12. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    You're welcome, if you cant find them let me know ill post them. Who's doing the PPI? $850 is expensive, I think Porsche only charge $500 (that was awhile back through)
  13. I find the mix of black and "tan" (let's call it 😛) interesting as well. I'd like to know if it was delivered like that, I suspect most likely it was as changing the dash is a big job.
  14. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    Unfortunately i'm no 986 model or price expert but what I can help with is anything that overlaps with the 996! Which is actually quite a bit. In terms of the search I did, I considered age vs. kms vs. options (e.g. colour and interior colour) really comes down to what you're wanting to spend and what you want. My advice is keep 5k aside for maintenance items - clutch, IMS, water pump, coolant tank, starter motor, engine mounts etc. all the things you may start to possibly find post-purchase. Get a PPI done and also watch the videos that have been made by PCNA on Youtube about buying a 996 (even though you're looking at a 986) you'll get some great tips out of it. I posted them somewhere on here once, ill see if I can find them.
  15. You could make the baby poo more subtle by at least changing a few interior trim bits if you're not precious about complete build sheet originality (or you could just keep the replaced bits too). You could easily source: side and upper dash vents, door panels, seats and console. Everything else would be much harder to find (like the rear panels) as they are specific to the Targa...