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  1. Some dealerships don't know how to do it. You don't need a CD changer installed to turn it on. If anyone in Melbourne needs it activated PM me.
  2. Dension is the best quality but the most expensive and complicated. It's digital direct into the MOST system.
  3. Depends on where you go will dictate cost. Also there is a way to measure the voltage drop from the cable but really if you're getting the symptoms then just pull the trigger and get the cable and starter done. Cable is from memory $120+ starters vary based on brand and if it's new or refurbished. Bosch is the OEM.
  4. Replace starter cable and starter. Most likely only the cable but replacing the starter won't hurt. It's a fairly in depth DIY but completely doable.
  5. No headlight washer just means they are halogen lights rather than bi-xenon which must by law have a headlight washer.
  6. I have genuine 964 RS mounts (semi solid) in my 996 - highly recommended if you do any SMT like driving. I haven't found any added NHV. If you just do regular driving I would stick with OEM
  7. Most if not all the Michelins i've bought over the years have been made in France. I've only ever bought the N rated Michelins.
  8. Got three sets for a 996: 18" Carrera 5 spokes in black with PZero in black Front:18" x 8 - 225 / 30 / 18 Pirelli P-ZeroRear:18" x 10 - 285 / 40 / 18 Pirelli P-Zero The same but in chrome without tyres and a set of Vertini 19" concave
  9. Hi Marty, I'll check as the 911 had a factory aerokit but the bumper and wing are sold. Think the 986 ones might be different to the 996 ones
  10. Yes I do I've got both sides working - in black.
  11. Non existent - I had the very rare Dension Bluetooth module but it only worked with the PCM not CDR so I sold it - I only have music streaming. Another option is the new Classic PCM for the 996 - not cheap but looks great. There are some MOST boxes that will do what the Dension does but I haven't tried them as I like my setup and i've retained my CDR-23 and didn't need to cut, splice or damage anything. It just sits on a bracket I made neatly in the frunk. It can be done - they might tell you otherwise (either because they don't want to or don't know how). Its in PIWIS2/PIWIS3 - PCM > Maintenance Repairs > MOST expected units. I can get you a screenshot of it if you need one.
  12. My car didn't have a CD changer and for my dension to work I had to tell my car it had a CD changer. Not sure if that's why they state it won't work. The MOST system is not the most simple system as you're dealing with fibre optic cable.

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