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  1. Those twists are perfect on that 996
  2. dan_189

    996 nearly

    @Tintin Audio nice pic! Is that a factory delete rear wiper or a plug?
  3. indeed! Haven't sourced a failed set as yet - the ones I removed are too good to cut up! Hopefully a pair will turn up soon
  4. Unfortunately! Some things I didn't list: O2 sensors, coils, coolant flush, trans/dif flush and of course brake fluid every two years! Ugh never ends - but I do love it... Had the major done at PCM a few weeks ago too. Could have easily done it myself but wanted to keep the book up to date.
  5. Same as me, as easy as my old 92' Mercedes. I've done a few jobs on my 996: shifter, interior parts, engine mounts, starter, exhaust, suspension parts, AOS to bank 1 hose, interior, dension install, front bumper clean out & starter cable (on a fellow PFA-ers car). All straight forward and plenty of info in the factory manual or online too. Somethings I gave up on or didn't even try and had the dealership do: slave & master cylinders, clutch assistance spring (absolute PITA), new clutch kit, water pump & coolant tank.
  6. Looks nice on those wheels, although 190k i'd say there are components that would be tired. +996 on the mounts they need to be changed - they are probably the originals
  7. dan_189

    2005 987 Boxster S manual

    Nice one Peter - GLWTS
  8. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    The 996 is the same, it doesn't like being in the wrong gear. Anyway good luck keep us posted - sounds like you're close!
  9. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    Have a Numeric Racing shifter in my 996 its the bees knees with an adjustable throw
  10. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    Cheap short shifters can be horrible, luckily they are easy to replace and a fairly inexpensive DIY upgrade.
  11. dan_189

    Wanted - old worn engine mounts - 996/993/964

    Thanks!! 964 ones work but I need that extra part just for piece of mind.
  12. dan_189

    Wanted - old worn engine mounts - 996/993/964

    Haha good question, well! I bought 964RS engine mounts but because of the design and lack of locating square nut on the bottom of them they allow the main bolt to tilt forward when they are done up. So my plan is to cut off a section of the standard 993/996 mount and replace the bottom 5mm washer with 5mm of the 993/996 mount Shaft with the square locating nut! If that doesn't make sense I'll put together a diagram I was waiting for someone to ask!
  13. dan_189

    Wanted - old worn engine mounts - 996/993/964

    Quick update, @poli84 kindlely gave me his old 964 mounts but they are unfortunately unusable for what I'm doing so back on the hunt for any old 993/996 mounts. Please let me know if anyone has an old pair that are destined for the bin!
  14. LOVE IT!! Such a awesome video Andy, brilliant work!