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  1. dan_189

    Door Striker Plate - rusty bolts - help!

    Hurmm, not too sure. Might be worth a try?
  2. dan_189

    Door Striker Plate - rusty bolts - help!

    Have used this with great results (i.e. no damage and the bolt came out easily): https://www.bunnings.com.au/sutton-tools-2-piece-extractor-bolt-grabit-set_p6360085 https://www.bunnings.com.au/sutton-tools-4-piece-extractor-bolt-grabit-set_p6360086 Basically drills itself into the broken bolt and reverses it out, keep us posted! Edit: Added the Grabit for bolts as well - the first link I posted is for smaller screws.
  3. dan_189

    Front nose scraps 986 boxster

    Welcome, personally I would wait until the entire thing needs a re-spray. It will just get scratched again and again. When it does get repainted you could xpel it (plastic film) so there is a bit of protection. Just wait until you get it on some runs, the chips start multiplying... As for touch up paint you can check your service manual - the colour code will be in it. You can buy it from the dealership ~$40 or have it made up by Autobarn or a local paint shop.
  4. Its the one in this car but they haven't listed it for sale. Link is to a light they are selling but you can see the wing in the pic.
  5. Let's talk 😛 You should check out that carrera wing in NSW
  6. dan_189

    996.1 Coolant Dump Issue

    Diagnostic steps are usually: - Pressurise system + find leak - Drain coolant + fix leak - Vacuum re-fill (best way to go and ensures no air gets trapped in the system) I had my coolant bottle replaced on my 996 - had a pinhole leak from a tiny split in the seam. I'd recommend a genuine tank as well, have read a lot on rennlist about failed aftermarket ones.
  7. dan_189

    Portable 2 Post Hoist

    Don't have one but I do want one! I'd prefer a 4 post lift so you can store a car on it and under it easily. There is another company that sells them called Tufflift. I think you can get them from AutoBarn.
  8. I'm keen! I'm a very strong maybe on signing up, if not ill be there to spectate! Great video too! @Andy73 and @Simonk
  9. Not hanging onto it? GLWS Great looking car
  10. dan_189

    Wanted to hire/borrow: 996 transmission mount tool

    This is to press out the transmission mount on a manual gearbox in a 996 with the gearbox in the car. Actually wish PCM had one because they advised they couldnt replace the mount on my car - preventative maintenance for me anyway so it can wait.
  11. FYI 997/987 key blank part number is: 997 538 531 00
  12. dan_189

    Pic request: 996 passenger footwell

    Sorted!! Thanks @TwoHeadsTas its mounted as it should be, just missing a few screws. If anyone needs the part numbers: 3 x 1H0819943 (vw part number same for the 997) - Plastic screws 7 x 999 073 169 07 - Glove box retaining screw
  13. Hi all, Could someone please post me a pic of the passenger foot well of a 996.2? Trying to figure out where the insulation foam sits, currently mine looks like this: Not sure if its correct though and I'm also missing 2 of the 3 plastic screws. Thanks in advance