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  1. Agreed - I dislike the black wheels too. Lights are reversible but I don't mind them on a black car.
  2. Unless i'm missing something its only the wheels that have been painted black and it has clear lights in place of the original amber ones - I cant see any other modifications.
  3. dan_189

    Cheap Cayennes

    I hope not, I too HATE oil leaks! Or any leaks of any kind really
  4. dan_189

    Cheap Cayennes

    I'm beginning my hunt for a Cayenne S 957 now. From my research the 2007 models seem to be well priced
  5. dan_189

    Wanted: 2007-2008 Cayenne S 957

    Thanks Tips, unfortunately a Macan is out of reach but the 2007 Cayenne S fits the budget on bang for buck! GLWTS!
  6. dan_189

    Wanted: 2007-2008 Cayenne S 957

    Thanks Edgy! There are a few around but I'd like non metallic black. One from a dealer in Sydney that suits but its a hassle so I think ill just wait for one in Vic - not in a rush and i'm after a deal.
  7. dan_189

    Wanted: 2007-2008 Cayenne S 957

    Ideally i'd prefer a Macan but i've set a budget which doesn't stretch into Macan or Cayenne 92A territory, if I didn't have the 911 i'd buy a Macan :(
  8. dan_189

    Wanted: 2007-2008 Cayenne S 957

    Hey all, Looking at buying a 2007-2008 Cayenne S if anyone is selling or thinking of selling. FYI the new Macan comes out on Saturday! 2007-2008 Cayenne S (957/9PA) Colour: black (non-metallic only) Interior: black Options wanted: tow package, cruise control (did they all have cruise control??) Preferred options: 21-inch GTS wheels, reverse camera Kms: <140,000 Must be open to PPI at PCM PM me if you're thinking about selling! Cheers!
  9. dan_189

    Porsche Connect PCM

    No worries! Basically you download that package and hit install - you might need to adjust your Android security settings to allow you to install apps that aren't from the Play Store. Quick google search should help with that or just reply here and i'll try and help further. Also general IT rules apply... make sure everything is backed up!
  10. dan_189

    Porsche Connect PCM

    Maybe try and download it from here (not affiliated try at your own risk) I just google Porsche Connect APK which is the android app package. https://apkpure.com/porsche-connect/com.porsche.connect Might be worth a shot - just because the Google Play Store doesn't have it - doesn't mean you cant download and install it from elsewhere
  11. Nice Cargraphic wheels, most don't have that much dish on the front - looks excellent
  12. Their Cayenne's are overpriced as well...
  13. Interesting 2014 GT3 salvage: https://www.pickles.com.au/damaged-salvage/item/-/details/CP-01-14--Porsche--911--991-MY14-GT3-PDK--Coupe--2-Doors/2252490953 Wonder if it belonged to anyone on here?
  14. dan_189

    Service for my 997 Carrera S

    $495 is a good deal for a Porsche dealership service! It's usually $695

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