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  1. Having spent too much time on Rennlist I wouldn't go near any 996s in the US - they seem to be riddled with issues - bore scoring, near misses with IMS failures, lack of maintenance... the list goes on. They aren't treated very nicely over there IMO.
  2. Unless you had a donor car and did all the work yourself I'd imagine it's not worth the time and effort.
  3. Hi all, For sale: Cargraphic 200CEL X-Pipe cats for 997 Purchased for my 996 discovered they are only for a 997 and have since purchased the 996 version. Like new condition - had them on my 996 for a few hundred kms - inspection welcome in Essendon. Can help fit them if you're in Melbourne. RRP is: $2950 + shipping ($500) + taxes + GST ($560) - around $4000+ Price is $3750 including assistance with installation Cargraphic link: https://www.cargraphicts.com/en/brands/for-porsche/911/997-mk-1/c2c2-s-325ps-381ps/exhaust-systems/manifolds-catalytic-converters/ CARGRAPHIC Sport catalytic converter set "X" pipe version for Porsche 997.1 Carrera 3,6l and Carrera S 3,8l Precision lasercut stainless steel flanges connect into the catalytic converter inlet cones with 2x Tri-metal big volume 200cell highflow HD catalytic converters, fully OBD2 compliant (No CEL and no DME/ECU programming required) Outlet cone to "X"- pipe is spring loaded to absorb vibrations thus preventing stress cracking and allowing thermal expansion. "X"-pipe construction with open pipework and gas stream collision improves mid range and top end power and torque significantly. PERFORMANCE 10kW (13PS) more power and 18Nm additional torque Made from T-304L "lightweight" stainless steel and developed for maximum flow this unique CARGRAPHIC part creates the following further advantages: - Reduced backpressure - Reduced temperature - Maximized performance - Enhanced sound - Weight reduction - Lasercut machined stainless steel flanges for accurate plain fit Thanks
  4. For anyone interested i've got a near new 997 Cargraphic X-pipe with 200CEL cats for sale
  5. Welcome, super low kms that's where the premium comes from. Just depends on what you're after.
  6. Highly recommend this unit - its no ordinary $5 one you can get on ebay... In my 996 with this unit and and Dension 500 I can change the track with the headunit when im streaming bluetooth audio. GLWTS
  7. I have heard of this happening - IMO if you're there just replace it 95% of the labour is done if the flange is taken off.
  8. The ones I sold were shipped to Switzerland from memory.
  9. It's basically not worth installing a replacement bearing in an M97 due to cost and as the failure rate is so low - they are more prone to bore scoring. I concur - in my opinion EPS are the followers and LN are the leaders in this space. However all fixes aside from the LN IMS solution have a shelf life. Check out Jake Raby's (FSI) videos on IMS bearings - he developed the IMS solution with Charles at LN.
  10. This is true, Porsche replaced the M96 with the M97 under warranty when there were engine issues or IMS failure etc. Ask for the engine number - it will start with M97 instead of the usual M96 if its a replacement with the larger non serviceable IMS bearing. Non serviceable being an entire engine tear down is required to replace it.
  11. Peter you might have better luck having this answered over in the 996 section of Rennlist
  12. I think the last set of 295s and 285s in PS2 I got were $480 each from memory or around $1400 for all 4 with a $100 Michelin cash back.
  13. Most likely - needs to handle the additional rear weight of the roof bits
  14. I looked this up the other day - cab and coupe have different part numbers. Would probably be due to the additional weight of the cab.
  15. Good value at that price! Interesting comment: "IMS bearing has been attended to by Porsche factory solution" there was an IMS replacement bearing offered by Porsche but they stopped selling it. It's also the same design as the original bearing - sealed with "lifetime grease".

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