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  1. Love it! Not quite the same but Kmart were selling a white/red Carrera RS a few years back for $5! Best $5 i've ever spent
  2. IMO I think this could go one of two ways - either people will absolutely hate petrol earth destroyers or only the special petrol cars will survive and people will appreciate seeing and hearing them on the odd occasion... I am hoping for the latter. Petrol for fun - electric for everyday
  3. Very wishful thinking! :-p Looking forward to the write up though
  4. Incidentally that actually did sell on sgumtree! Although that silver taco has your name all over it... 😛
  5. To pet his python perhaps?... I declined. Although in the words of jerry Seinfeld "Not that there's anything wrong with that!". Haha
  6. I believe occasionally it's pronounced "ScumTree" Was selling something once and got offered in trade for a python, yeah no thanks (no offence to the reptile collectors on PFA - just not my thing and an odd thing to be offered IMO)
  7. Its not too difficult to get to the motor its just time consuming - A and B pillars need to come off as do the sun visors - that gets the headliner off and its straightforward from there.
  8. Awhile back last year a PFA member sold their silver MK1 aero low km manual for around 70k (IIRC)
  9. That's a really good price for a low km aero 996
  10. Phil why stop at the seat - get an interior of a 986 Boxster like this guy! https://www.isrtv.com/pc-racing/wil-mayaman-tosados-mind-blowing-porsche-motion-rig/ Epic!

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