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  1. I watched all his videos - we should be thankful for resources like this.
  2. I've got the C-tek charger and was able to get by until I figured out the cable was the problem. If the cable is toast the car wont charge the battery properly.
  3. Here is the thread on the replacement cable - the procedure to the 996 is similar but not exactly the same for the 997
  4. @Francois on here tackled it himself on his 997 - new starter and cable. Think there is a thread about it floating around here somewhere.
  5. As Mike mentioned I'd vote alternator to starter cable - also prevents the car from charging the battery properly.
  6. Unfortunately they are one unit - no bushing. Can only be purchased as one.
  7. I'd vote "tuning arm" forks for the clunk - definitely a DIY job but i'd recommend having a rattle gun to undo the bolts and a good torque wrench to do them back up. The engine mounts IMO should be changed if they are original - they can make a big difference to handing and NHV.
  8. You can disconnect the battery to assist the learning process and reset the values stored.
  9. Some fabric tape can help eliminate rattles as well. Inexpensive too.
  10. I have 964 RS engine mounts in my 996 would highly recommend them - they are the same design as WEVO and RSS etc. although these are factory parts. I'd recommend a longer bolt if you're installing them on a 996. I have the details if you need them.
  11. dan_189

    Wanted CDR220 Stereo

    Hey Rod are you after a CDR220 unit? If so I have one - think the face as an issue but the unit itself should work (but I can't try it because the face is broken). Drop me a PM - cheers!
  12. I have a set of cargraphic TUV sound mufflers if you're interested - PM me
  13. Some of the better work i've seen - nice one

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