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  1. The perfect Jack-Stand for raising your Porsche! Adjustable height. Flat heavy-duty rubber pads are a great match with 911 jackpoints. Available: 2 pairs (4 stands) of Esco 3000kg stands. Rated 3000kg *per* stand! Never used.$200 per pair Pickup preferred but shipment is also possible. Thanks!!
  2. Francois

    FS: Esco 3000kg Jack Stands

    Thanks mate. They are now sold. Once again, sold through PFA!
  3. Whilst trying to de-clutter my front-end... Is it legal to install my license plate lower than what is expected on this model? Searched VicRoads websites and I only see a 45 degree rule visibility from top. Also when I see the old 911s with the plate angled down and very low near the ground, I think this could work. Any thoughts?
  4. And for the end result... So far no issues with coppazz :-)
  5. Francois

    FS: Esco 3000kg Jack Stands

    Negotiable - these babies need to go!
  6. Still available for sale! Can be posted interstate.
  7. Up for sale this complete 997S bumper bar in good condition, with fog lights and light sprinklers (black).Will provide more pictures shortly.Selling because I fitted an 997.2 bumper. Priced at $1,250 for a quick sale. Thanks
  8. Francois

    OEM Porsche 997 "Turbo" Wheels

    Sold through PFA. Thanks to all!
  9. Up for sale these beautiful Turbo-look Carrera S Wheels with colour centre crests.OEM - Original Porsche Wheels - "Made in Germany" forged in Specs:19 inchfront: 235rear: 295The front reads: 8 ET 57, Porsche Part Number: 997.362.156.02The rear reads: 11 ET 67, Porsche Part Number: 997.362.162.09Rear tyres are new (less than 2000 km on them): Michelin PS2 (worth close to $1000 alone).Front tyres are Pirelli P-Zeros with still some life in them.Some signs of wear (shown on pictures).Fits Porsche 911 997 Carrera and Carrera S (2005-2012) Priced at $1,700 for a quick sale. Thanks
  10. Again it is unclear... it says "that could interfere". Does that mean that if they don't, then they can be used? Or that any plate cover is not legal?
  11. Yeah I remember as well. Thx for recalling. Let’s read through it again 🙂
  12. Yeah, sorry I meant in VIC. But probably similar in SA?? I agree that it is tempting (would have been my #1 preference). Still happy with my new setup
  13. Yeah, well that it is clearly non compliant in Australia. All plates must be issued by VicRoads. But it’s your decision in the end
  14. I’d love to keep it but don’t have the room long term. If I ever sell I’ll argue that it’s kinda stock and looks heaps better imo 😊
  15. Thanks Philbee. All I found was that it needs to be below 1.30 metre 😂 I’ll assume it’s OK and hope for the best 😜
  16. Thanks for your input. Initially I had a 997.1 bumper with no openings there. Also I don’t have a 3rd radiator. So i have indeed considered the thermo/aerodynamic aspects. Legality is my main concern. I can remove it for track-days if overheating becomes a concern.
  17. St Kilda West, 3182
  18. Francois

    OEM Porsche 997 "Turbo" Wheels

    Thanks mate 👍
  19. missed out... thanks @dan_189 for mentioning :-)
  20. Francois

    997 Slow Crank (worse when hot)

    Double satisfaction: - having done it yourself - much faster and authoritative cranking Well done!! Really glad that it worked out well for you.
  21. Hi all, I seem to have the symptoms of a bad alternator-battery cable. Seems to be a recurring problem on 997... Typical consequences are a slow crank getting worse when hot. It's not that bad, but it clearly doesn't sound good and if it gets worse over time, then I'll start having issues to start. According to what I read, the culprit is the cable harness connecting the battery to the alternator and starter motor. It's a $100ish part, but needs a lot of labour i.e. removing air-box, throttle-box, plenum, AOS tubes, etc... My battery voltage upon idle is approx 13.7V, which seems to be low - any opinions here? What is your battery voltage on idle? Any one experience this problem? Thanks!
  22. Francois

    997 Slow Crank (worse when hot)

    Sounds good! Hold on tight for the first ignition!
  23. Francois

    997 Slow Crank (worse when hot)

    You can do it - just be patient and be ready if you need a second day. As the power-steering reservoir needs to come off, you may need to top it up prior to restarting the car (unless you carefully empty it with a syringe before removing it and refill once replaced). Operating the power-steering pump empty will damage it! Best of luck mate!
  24. Francois

    997.1 Starter Cable

    I paid over 1200 for a water pump on a Boxster at weltmeister. For less parts and less labour than what this job would be. I'd be interested to know how much they would quote for this particular job... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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