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  1. Thanks Guys, puts my mind at lease a bit. Yes, i have seen that car too, but the km's are too high for me. I dont mind a car thats been well used, but just a few too many there, and the colour does nothing for me. Silver, dark blue or black.
  2. HI All, So as a bit of history, i have a RHD 914 that due to autoimmune back and hip issues, is becoming hard to drive because of the pedal offset to the left. The person i bought her off about 6 years ago is wanting to buy her back ( and ship to the UK ), so all things going ok with import approval at his end, she will soon be off to Old Blighty. Now i need to find a replacement, one that has a more central driving position. And is RHD, just to answer that question And also an auto sadly..... Price wise, my ceiling is 50k, but i would like to spend less if possible. So ive been looking at the idea of a 996, or a 987 or later Boxster., and even 928's and 968's . The most likely purchase though, would be a Boxster at the moment. Ive googled, searched in here and most other forums, and im still a bit confused. Can someone please let me know if i will have issues with either of those choices, and if there was a shift of pedal position, when did it occur. Im not going to start physically looking at cars until Violet is on the boat, but i dont want to spend the next month or so wasting time researching something that just wont suit me in the end. Cheers Dale
  3. Yes, must say, we had a great day. The film was very well produced and looked great . Lots of nice driving scenes I'm sure you are very happy and proud of what you have accomplished Chern . the meet and greet signing session was a nice bonus too , I have my posters at the picture framer . They will go next to the one I have from Magnus Walker . And my son Nicholas was pretty impressed with being able to sign your car Chern Nick. A Right in the middle great to meet you and Sean too Rod , see you around the traps somewhere. Cheers Dale
  4. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155106320329253&id=736264252&ref=bookmarks
  5. Who is going this weekend ?? Keen to say hello and meet a few more of you. While i'd love to bring the 914, practicality says ill make it there if i drive the Cayenne. Black 955 CTT, PFA sticker on the back window. Ill be on the hill somewhere in the Shannons Walk area . At this stage i am probably there both days, but definitely Sunday. Come and say hello https://www.visitphillipisland.com/event/phillip-island-classic-car-festival-of-motorsport/
  6. Hey, I dont know many of you yet, but if you see me ( probably the only one dragging a 12 year old to the event, my son Nicholas is coming ), come and say hi. This is me
  7. I ended up buying a Magnus Walker wheeel for the 914, fitted to a solid boss. As much as my 914 wheel was in mint condition, i wanted something a bit sportier ( less bus like ) It's padded and wrapped a bit thicker than normal, and feels quite good to use.
  8. Ive bought a deluxe pack for myself, and a PCV discounted earlybird ticket for my 12 year old son Nicholas. Looking forward to the event !! Was just thinking about it, if i wanted to buy a shirt for my son, are they available on the day ??
  9. My son Nicholas and i turned up and had a great time. Caught up with some old mates and met a few more. I wanted to bring the teener, but ended up driving the pig down ( thankfully we werent the only lowly Cayenne that showed up ) . Great to see the variety of cars on display, those bacon and egg toasties from the shop were pretty good too
  10. Dirty Butt shot of the bush pig And Violet
  11. Sorry, havent been on here for a while. Have been unwell unfortunately yeah , we get odd looks too. Strange really, i paid 48k for my CTT ( 2005 with 96k odd on the clock ), and our van was 52k. People in 180k+ motorhomes etc commenting on going camping or 4wd'ing with a 'Porsche.. ' ummm, yeah, ok.... Suits us though, a very comfortable tow vehicle Your doing well eccomomy wise, i get between 19 and 22 l/100km depending on the hills and head wind ... having said that , our dual cab Colorado ute only managed 17l/100km. Curse you right foot, your costing me money !!!
  12. Congrats on your purchase. Ive always liked the look of that one ( actually pretty much all of his toys )
  13. I like the 944. Looks great . You should have no problem selling it. It's exactly what was on my wish list a couple of years ago. Cheers Dale
  14. thanks. Thinking I might take the family for an outing to a couple of dealerships soon for a sit test Nicholas always has a 'device' with him......
  15. Hi , Yes, 928's are something I have looked at, 968's too !! The first Porsche I was ever a passenger in was actually an early 928. It made an impact And value wise, yes they do seem a good prospect. My only concern is I would have to make a prudent purchase to make sure I had something that would hold or appreciate in value if possible. Im thinking very soon ill be hounding you guys with questions Cheers Dale Thanks for the tip. The teener is the same , especially as my bum sits about 4 inches off the ground I reckon. Might have to find one somewhere and see how my wife goes getting in and out. Not a huge deal though, it wont be very often, and I can assist her. Thanks

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