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  1. Thanks slknv, I haven’t done much with the 996 for a while, now looking again at getting the roof sorted. Still have a problem with the DS flap and the front locking mechanism. I’ll keep battling till I get it sorted? Peter
  2. Hi all, I’m having trouble with drivers side cabriolet flap not cycling correctly when I open/close the roof. it seems like the electric motor is struggling to open & close it?? Any suggestions?? Peter
  3. Slknv, I pulled everything out again today and reinstalled with the potentiometer connected this time🙄🤷🏼‍♂️ Thanks for that info, as a general comment the roof is better but not 100%.The issue now is the front locking mechanism doesn’t engage correctly and tries to cycle thru, I can hear some whirring noises from the rear. The other minor issue is the right flap doesn’t come up in the first try, the roof goes into fault, I then push to open again and it slowly sets into place and the clamshell closes correctly. As I said, it’s at least working better. Now to sort the last couple of minor issues, the flap and the locking mechanism. Any further thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Regards Peter
  4. Hi slknv, Specifically I replaced the rams, reconnected everything, filled the oil reserve up and tried to open the roof but it was making noises as tho it had a lot of air in the system. I then checked the oil reserve and noticed it empty, so I guessed that the rams and lines where empty. I filled the oil tank again, thinking all would be good but alas still no good. The clamshell is closing at a different rate to the roof and the roof is also not closing correctly, the front lock keeps cycling thru, as tho somethings not locking in?? I’ve added a photo of the roof when it’s clashing with the clamshell. Not sure what else to say Any thoughts would be appreciated. also not sure how to move the topic??🙄🤔 Peter
  5. Hi all, does anybody no someone who can repair the mechanics on a 996 cabriolet roof. I’ve replaced the rams, now the roof isn’t working properly many help would be appreciated regards PETER

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