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  1. Its a marketing tool ,,,you would not believe the amount of fools I run into who can quote ring times and 0 to 100 times on car brands they seem to base their opinions on how good car is based on this data even though they have never driven the cars they speak off .. plenty of great cars out there with average performance numbers and no ring time that are great drivers car as we all know 😀
  2. Unofficially ,,,modified Tesla and timing done by Autoblog spies ...............????????????????
  3. I hope this one is not associated with the Jenner’s
  4. I am just thinking of Niko .........he liked it screw it leave it up its good for a laugh ..............
  5. No turning back now ,,,,the damage is done ..............
  6. Oh dear I take it that she or he is of the same orientation as Bruce ....."Caitlyn"..............??????
  7. Thats a great looking example ,,,some fun could be had with that ...........nice
  8. Mate I confidentially guess that the council is just out to screw as much money as the can out of the owners of Wakefield park why because that is far easier than actually doing anything productive to justify their large salaries
  9. These are the problems the grubs in Goulburn council have been causing ,,,all sorts of Dirty games and disgraceful behaviour as you would expect ... my apologies for getting of topic JV Legal battle over Goulburn's Wakefield Park noise Louise Thrower The council and operators of Wakefield Park are at loggerheads in the NSW Land and Environment Court over noise at the facility. Photo: Russell Colvin. Legal representatives for the council and Wakefield Park Raceway will meet later this year as part of a court case about noise at the facility. The council has taken the owners, Benalla Auto Club, to the NSW Land and Environment Court over alleged noise exceedance and other operational issues at the Braidwood Road circuit. It is one of two cases the council is fighting in this jurisdiction. Auto Club CEO Chris Lewis-Williams said he was yet to understand why a draft notice of operating conditions he believed had been agreed upon by both parties in December, had changed by February. "We agreed to those after many months of work. There were some restrictions put in but we (went along) with them," he said. "...That's the disappointing thing. We thought we had a way forward and then the rug was pulled from under us." Council representatives explained that they had consulted residents and other complainants in the two-month interim. However Mr Lewis Williams said he was surprised by this because the council had told him they had talked to these same people regarding the draft notice. The raceway is restricted to a 95 decibel limit within 30 metres of the tracks. Mr Lewis-Williams said his company had spent a great deal of money on abatement measures, including sound testing of vehicles before they hit the track. Wakefield's website also carries weather information and advises residents of anticipated noise levels in various conditions. On still days, for example, the noise carries further. "The challenge is that as noise leaves the venue, there are other regulations we need to comply with," he said. Mr Lewis Williams said the "six figure" sum the company was spending on legal costs would be better directed to noise mitigation measures. Likewise, ratepayers' money would be better directed elsewhere. He told The Post the council's requirements would make Wakefield's operation unviable. "We'd love to sit down with the council and go back to the original agreement but they don't want to negotiate on that," he said. Raceway manager Dean Chapman said the operation was abiding by the council guidelines to create a harmonious environment for every one but the owners would not invest in a future that was "hazy." "We operate every day," he said. "This weekend we have the Super Trucks, which bring in hundreds of people. That level of operation is only viable if we can find some common ground. "...What we want to do is move toward a stronger future. More cars are going electric and getting quieter but who is going to invest in the infrastructure? Will we even be here in 25 years?" The facility wanted to bring more people to Goulburn from Canberra, Sydney and the South Coast. A recent report estimated Wakefield Park generated $15 million for Goulburn's economy annually. Mr Chapman hoped negotiations would provide "a clear, definitive answer" on what Wakefield could and couldn't do. Both parties will file a statement of facts and contentions to the court in August and September, ahead of an October 22 conciliation conference. Environment and planning director Scott Martin said in April that the facility won approval 25 years ago for periodic racing of historic vehicles but operations and legislation had evolved since then. Complaints had come forward from immediate residents and those further afield over four to five years. "It is more than (about) the noise limits but the overall management of the facility in regard to the development consent," Mr Martin said "...We're the first to acknowledge Wakefield's positive economic impact but we have an obligation to ensure people's amenity is not negatively impacted. It's our job to strike the balance on what is acceptable," he said.
  10. Sydney Motorsport Park is 95dba at 30 meters ,,,not sure what Wakefield is currently ,,but I haven,t been pinged the last couple of times I was down there competing ,,,,sometimes on certain days it can be the wind blowing in the wrong direction ,towards the sound meter that can set it off and other days fine without any changes to car because the wind in blowing away from the meter ..

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