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  1. Add states real head turner and one of a kind ................I am laughing the Rocket Bunny is hideous
  2. Raven

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Yes I also spoke to Parra and South Sydney Dealer and they also told me same thing 30 allocations and all were taken , but still put my name down for the inevitable drop outs ...
  3. Raven

    Cayman GT4 RS

    For me I am currently tossing up if I buy a new 718 GT4 or a used 991.2 GT3 , I dont plan on tracking either car as I have dedicated open wheeled race cars . for me it is just a weekend toy for spirited driving in up the mountains between my race and sprint weekends once a month and to just have something Nice as a special toy . I have driven both cars and just love both cars and am torn between the two ..GT4 has less power than GT3 but the GT3 realistically has too much power , but the power is addictive , and I just love everything about the GT3 , accept the fact you have to be careful with it as it is just to fast for a public roads .. GT4 has less power but more than enough power for a public road and has that Chassis that I felt more confident in , not taking anything away from the GT3 chassis as it is without doubt , just as amazing , for me the GT4 feels more gokart like and similar or familiar to my race cars and I do prefer the smaller cabin in the GT4 over the GT3 . My problem like all of us who own these cars is being able to use the cars performance capabilities on a public road and not get locked up for it , my previous 997 C2 S had more than enough power , but just lacked that raw feel of the two GT cars , something I want in this next purchase GT4 RS yeh would be nice if you could get one ,no doubt will appreciate in value , due to low number coming to Aus. I am on the waiting list and spec one on the Configurator for $349 K so similar asking price for used 991.2 GT3 and as we know the same power to weight and performance as it bigger GT3 brother and if the current GT4 is anything to go by it should be an amazing drive. At the moment a new 718 GT4 with my spec is $270K ,,,, so $80K saving and kinda feel I dont need anything more than that for the driving I plan to do , but as I said in my previous post I am still curious as to how track focused the GT4 RS will be and if that in anyway compromises its use on public road , will be interesting to see a real world review on it and not just sliding it around a track , some mountain road and B road blasting , the type of Driving most who own these cars realistically do .. I know its a first world problem feel free to laugh
  4. Raven

    Cayman GT4 RS

    I am waiting to see a real world driving test on a public road , I am curious if the GT4RS will be as compliant on road as the GT4 is or have Porsche made damper and spring rate adjustments for a more track focused setup . The standard GT4 has a fantastic dampener and spring set up it just works perfectly on a public road and on track will the RS retain that ....???
  5. Raven

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Racing yellow GT silver , with the bonnet stripe .

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