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  1. Found some new colors from Porsche ,,,apparently these have been floating around for some time now ,,,not certain if these are available yet ,,,but from what I gather they are modern interpretations of older colors from the past.... Frozen Berry metallic ..........looks very much like Cassis ..? Black pepper ............toga ? Mamba green metallic
  2. found a few more greens on weekend . Willow green Golden green Mayan green Golden green again Reseda green Sambesi green Sebring green Speedway green
  3. Well at least they got the image right on that one ......................😀
  4. I see on car sales some one got the images mixed up between the 2018 GT2 RS and GT3 for sale at AutoHaus ..............You can get a new GT2 RS for price of a GT3 ...................... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2018/OAG-AD-16827968/?Cr=1 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2018/OAG-AD-16827960/?Cr=5
  5. Good luck with the sale I love that colour ....great cars
  6. Classic 356 colors Black Turkish Red Silver Dunkel blue Light ivory Royal blue Sand beige Radium green Seafoam Auratium green Aetna blue Azure blue Champagne yellow Condor yellow Dolphin gray Fashion gray Fish silver grey Glacier white Graphite metallic Heron gray Irish green Jade green metallic Logo green metallic Maroon Oslo blue Palm green Pasha red Pearl gray Signal red Sky blue Auratium green Ivory Reutter white Slate gray Strawberry red Orange Adria blue metallic Artic Blue Fjord green Gold Aquamarine blue Meissen blue Merlot Oslo blue Terracotta Elfenbein Bali blue Light yellow Ruby red Silver Smyrna green Stone gray Toga brown
  7. Raven

    My Gundo Hack

    Nice work glad you are happy with the results ,,,certainly give the cars a better sporty sound ..
  8. Browns Sepia Brown Bitter chocolate Copper Bronze metallic Nutmeg Brown Sienna brown metallic copper brown metallic Anthracite brown metallic Bitter Chocolate again Caramel Champagne metallic Chestnut brown metallic Cockney brown Coffee brown Espresso brown metallic Gazella metallic Togo brown Light bronze metallic Luxor brown metallic Macadamia brown metallic Mahogany metallic Mocha brown Cocoa brown Nougat brown metallic Opal metallic Platinum Metallic Weissach edition Brown copper diamond Tobacco brown Cognac brown metallic Rauch quartz metallic Rosewood metallic Sable brown metallic Tobacco brown metallic Copper Metallic Topaz brown metallic Umber metallic
  9. Gold Lido Gold White Gold Lido gold again Gold Metallic Gold Mica metallic African queen metallic Lime gold metallic Nordic gold Platinum Diamond metallic brown Pearl yellow gold White gold again

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