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  1. Nothing new about it there are proper after market kits you can buy of ebay that work in a similar way and are claimed to deliver HP gains via a electric fan motor pushing air in the airbox ,,,,,,some of these silly things are as much as $300 for the kit and are generally aimed at the japanese performance market ...torque amp is one brand I remember Lots of Video on you tube also great entertainment
  2. I dont think you would be running in those silly things either .............. They are bizarre footwear
  3. To funny ,,I am thinking this is the Nurburgring as I can see the Castle in the background That over looks the circuit ,,,could even be part of the old south Circuit ....
  4. Yes its well done and I think Ashbaxster has a fantastic car to build off and create any of the cars pictured above ,Imagine a red version of epilots silver car WoW ,,look forward to seeing him going a head with this sort of build ..
  5. Agree with what others have said go for a R or outlaw look ,,,,,HP mods to engine and everything else to go with it,,, and enjoy her ,,,if I purchased a car like that ,,I would go down that route ,,,make it your personal ride ... I must say I like what this guy has done ,its not over the top and goes with the cars vintage ..All about having fun in my mind . https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1969-porsche-911-t-manual/SSE-AD-5729663/?Cr=0
  6. I have a Girls a P car folder with over 900 images in it I have to post them some were ..........

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