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  1. Thinking outside the box these two .............. I like the snorkel ......................Scuba Steve
  2. Not until one of the Defence personnel get it then it will be full Bio Nuclear MOPP 4 and S10 gas mask with scrub down decontamination chambers ,to cover the army,s ass And make sure that AD260 is filed out or your not covered
  3. That clearly needs a good buff ...............
  4. Watch call of wild last night ,,,good film feel good kids move ,,but I liked it ..
  5. Yeh Matt Campbell is an awesome talent ,,he dominated cup car racing here in Oz then got to drive the international version and was also very much the top guy ,,Now Porsche factory driver ,,well deserved
  6. I dont thinks it is any better here in the big city Mate ,,lot of mixed and miss information ,,just think that store should be looking after those who clearly need it,if they have the product and some one needs it ,,then sell it to them especially the elderly , fair enough limit the items to stop greedy people that s why government implemented the dedicated hour to the elderly ,,,there are a lot of people in community that need help you would think stores would have the common sense to do that ..
  7. watched Bloodshot with Vin Diesel wasn,t as bad as I thought it would be ,,,was actually good for him . and Underwater ,,,This was like a under water vision of Aliens didn,t mind it some suspense and a half decent story line .. Both worth a watch if your stuck at home ..
  8. WoW That,s terrible why deny the elderly of toilet paper ,,,,,if anything they should be given more ,,,,Why because they have payed tax,s and contributed to nation for a longer period and Deserve it .........Disgraceful shame on that supermarket chain I do feel for the employees and can under stand their heartache ..

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