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  1. 7.15 tonight live stream above Nurburgring 24hr never disappoints ....
  2. changed my 997 C2 S engine mounts out to semi solid made by Torque Solutions .. Very Easy DIY took a relaxing hour to change over and I gave the airbox a clean and the areas on the chassis that are under the airbox some TLC also .. I have to say at first impressions I really like the extra NVA above 3000rpm ,shifting has become more direct and less knotchy ,the car is more Raw and if anything more 911 the mechanical noises have also increased more from the rear. My only negative point is that I have small buzz coming from were the seat belt goes into the interior plastic cover just under the rear right hand quarter window . This seems to happen on rev matching when down shifting , i may have to remove the panel and see if I can figure out what is vibrating in there ,it is not a terrible buzz and only happens when you are on it hard ,,still something I think I may see if I can fix in the near future ... considerable size difference final instal pic

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