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  1. It will certainly be interesting to see the way they go ,,I am not a supercars fan either but there is a lot of money tie up in the supercars eg Teams , promoters ,sponsors alike and I suspect they will have to make some big decisions regarding their future soon. From my understanding they are very much against a GT4 format ,,,,I suspect because this is under the FIA and Supercars and its members with a vested financial interests do not wish to get involved with the FIA and lose any control over what the have.. Surely they must not be surprised by yesterdays announcement the writing has been on the wall for some time now ,,apart from Rolan Danes comments ,,there seems at the moment to be very little reaction on the V8 supercar site ... Interesting times ahead ..
  2. Red Bull Holden Racing Team boss Roland Dane will meet with General Motors officials this week, as planning begins for the squad’s post-Holden future. Parent company GM announced on Monday that Holden will cease operations by 2021, drawing the curtain on Australia’s iconic car brand. Dane currently runs Holden’s factory-backed Supercars effort in a deal that was last year extended through until the end of 2021. Asked at the BP Ultimate SuperTest if he expects his team will continue to race Commodores next season, Dane was non-committal. “I don't want to speculate on what we're doing next season at the moment,” he said. “The ongoing situation is that I'm meeting with GM this week and we'll discuss what happens. “Until then, there's nothing more to be said.” On Monday, GM hinted at plans to retain a presence in Australia through a GM Special Vehicles division, but is yet to elaborate on details. GM products such as the Chevrolet Camaro are currently imported into Australia by the Walkinshaw Group and sold as local right-hand-drive conversions. Supercars is slated to introduce new Gen3 rules in 2022, designed to welcome more coupes such as the Camaro into the series. Although not speculating on specifics, Dane said he will analyse the Gen3 plan – parts of which could be brought forward to 2021 - with Supercars in the coming weeks. Dane acknowledged that continuing with the current Commodore, introduced in 2018, is meanwhile “conceivably” an option for next year. “The homologation from Supercars will be valid for several more years, as it always is,” he said. “If you remember with the [Ford] Falcon, even after they stopped production of the car and its availability to the public it carried on racing for several years.” While Supercars has been planning for the exit of Holden from Australia for some time with its Gen3 project, Dane admitted he was surprised by the timing of the announcement. “Look, the timing of this was definitely a surprise,” he said. “As somebody who's very aware of the motoring industry on a larger platform, on a world basis, the lack of real plans going ahead was a concern, but there were some new models in the pipeline that gave us reassurance. “But it is what it is. We're a very small market in Australia competing for the attention against much bigger markets. “The decisions that affect the car industry on a wider basis are not made in Australia. They're made in Japan or they're made in Detroit or they're made in Germany.” Asked if he thinks Supercars will lose fan appeal without the Holden versus Ford rivalry, Dane added: “Not if we, collectively, as the category, do our homework properly. “I think that we can still provide the excitement and the show that people have come to expect over many years. “Unfortunately, and one of the issues is, that many of the people that have been barracking for the Holden brand over the last 10 years or so haven't actually been buying the product, for whatever reason. “It's a fact of life that people have been turning up to watch the races in other brands. It's something we're all aware of. Times change, and we have to change with them.”
  3. I thought I had my wifes glasses on for a second there mate ................ blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrie
  4. The V8 supercars need to adopt GT4 format ,,,,,,,,,you can buy a race ready GT4 spec Mustang or Camaro for $120K USD turn key ready to race ,thats half the cost of a V8 supercar and uses the production Chassis of the original car seam welded strengthened at key points and with FIA spec cage and safety gear . They could even run their current SB2 Chevs and Ford Motorsport engines in them if they wanted more power.. GT4 is far more relevant than the tube chassis spaceframe cars the currently run in the supercars ,with only a hand full of minor cosmetic parts shared with the production cars..
  5. That,s a good point you raised about the tax,s on foreign imports to protect our local manufactures ...........we dont have local manufactures and haven,t for several years now both Ford and Holden have been importing cars in not building locally ,,so have the grubs in planet Canberra still been collecting that tax .... And Lang Lang would make an excellent addition to the Australian motor racing community ..........
  6. Your probable 100% right about that ,,,,Ford also hit rock bottom a few years ago ,but managed to pull them selves out of the financial struggle they were in .. Mustang has been a top seller for them and the Ford Ranger has sold well also along with the hot hatch backs like ST Focus etc.. The head sheds at Holden should have followed a similar strategy ,,,it seems to have worked for Ford so far .. Holden really have not done anything exciting since the demise of the Commodores ,its a tough market and they seemed to not be interested ,perhaps they new all along this was coming as mentioned above as GM want to stop all right hand drive production .. I would say that is it ,,,just must not be financially viable ... Will be sad to see them go ,I am not a fan of the late model Holdens ,but do enjoy the classic Muscle from 60,s 70,s and the HDT years ..
  7. Saw that today ,,not certain either if its a complete exit from the Australian market or what ...Media are to interested in just the head lines Holden Gone ,,and not really explaining much as usual ... Did hear a rumor before Christmas from some ARDC officials that this was the reason for no Camaro in V8 supercars this year and the reason for sticking with the commodore bodied car .. Holden have been struggling with sales for some time now and the parent company GM are not prepared to input any extra funds to keep the going... Its a shame and sad to see them go ,but business is business ..
  8. I would start with checking the thermostat seeing if it is operating like you said and maybe flushing out the system ,to ensure no foreign materials in there ... Not a big fan of lower thermostat open temp ,reason for this is with the thermostat' opening early it dosnt give the water in the radiator sufficient time to cool before it enters the engine again ,,sometimes this can make things worse ,,,,but I do understand your thinking behind it .. I remember as a young man having a 1600 escort with no thermostat in it as the thermostat stuck closed one day ,,I pulled it out and it ran fine for years ,,but it was just a simple little stock engine with no power .. I dont know if I would risk it with a 944 motor ,,,but try the flush out and thermostat check and go from there ..
  9. I think she is from Texas ..................or she could be Dirty Harry's Daughter

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