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  1. Raven

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    looks amazing ..........credit to you for keeping it in such good condition and using the car on a regular basis to ...........out standing
  2. Raven

    Engine resurrection photo thread.

    looking forward to you kicking this over .............nice work
  3. The most disappointing thing about the event was that the weather was so bad there wasn,t any grid girls or women to be seen ,,,,every one was indoor or undercover ....
  4. Raven

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    some interesting GT3 figure here comparing the different models ..............all in MPH ...........from 997.2 GT3 RS and on wards the max speed in 3rd is certainly less than the previous models ..........I would suspect a shorter ratio on the later generation of gearbox,s
  5. Raven

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    My manual 997 S also gets around 175 KPH in 3rd with less RPM ,,,,,,,the thing we must all take into account is that the GT3 does this in a much quicker time frame ,,,,,it takes my car some 23 seconds to do a standing Klm the Gt3 does this several seconds quicker ..
  6. Raven

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    In this Video 166kph in 3rd at 8800K but have seen some other videos and 170 kph at 9000K in 3rd on the 991.2 GT3 with PDK ,,,not sure about manual ,,,gearing may be slightly different than PDK ...?
  7. Raven

    991 GTS Tyre Choice

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 are a good all rounder and wear better than the Cup 2s ,,,,but the Cup 2 is still a gripper tire than the PS 4 in the dry ,,it is softer than the PS 4 ... The PS 4 is similar to the P Zero Just depends on how you drive and what you are looking for in a tire etc Both Cup 2 and PS 4 are outstanding performance tires ... In regards to fitment Hamiltons Auto Haus If you are around Chatswood ............dedicated Porsche shop ,,,,and would look after you and your car ...
  8. The Ring safety rules are something like the Cams rules of the 1980,s ,,,,,,,,,the Germans are pretty easy going compared to our rules ...If you get a chance watch some of the race on you tube only local yellows and the odd zone 60 were they have a speed limit due to a accident and it is confined to the accident area only ,,,recovery trucks on the track with car at full noise some times ,,totally alien to what happens here ....The weather conditions that caused to red flag were appalling ,,,virtually zero visibility and they only stopped when flag marshal could not see each other ....brave stuff This is an in car of the pole position lap by the Manthey #911 that unfortunately crashed hard in the first half of the event after hitting oil from a previous accident ... Keep in mind this is the full Nurburgring including the GP circuit
  9. It was a good race I live streamed most of it up to the red flag due to the fog and no visibility .........then watched the closing hours the next day ,,,,,once the Manthley Porsche got around the Merc it just took off .....the lap times these guys were running in those conditions was truly amazing to say the least ......the 24hr at the ring is one of the worlds best races ..
  10. Raven

    Is this motorsport?

    I would love to see a field off say 15 autonomous car race at the same time.............then we will see how smart the machine is and how its decision making process works....
  11. Raven

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    2018 Nurburgring 24hr winner
  12. Raven

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    IT seems Green is the new red at Porsche these days ..............new GT3 Cup R
  13. Agree the Audi R8 owner is certainly not impressed you can hear him going off ,,,,this happened in Canada and was all over the local news the Press really shamed the Mc owner for his brain dead driving and got the most out of the story ,,,made the guy justifiably look like a Dick ....