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  1. Your GMP&A Would be worth some serious coin these days , I did the same with my L34 purchased it for $15000 unfinished project the owner had repainted 2 pak in white with gold stripes body was sound and flawless paint work but all the running gear eg Engine ,trans, Diff, bushes etc needed redoing ,,,did all that don,t recall what I spent,,, tracked the car regularly for 4 years then sold it for $50,000 in 2004 when the Aussie muscle cars started to climb ,,had two guys come up to me at the track and made an offer gave them my ph number and said if you are serious call me ,,next day they did , I thought I did well back then at that sales price, but who new they would climb to the crazy prices we see these days ...
  2. https://www.instagram.com/laurennalexandria/?hl=en
  3. looks terribly cold were she is poor thing What a girl
  4. Good mate of mine owns this genuine A9X in Ultra Blue he paid $260K for it and rarely drives it car does concourse shows and has won many was fully restored to a ridiculous Original Standard , I do love this colour
  5. Buddy mine has this 500 + CID C3 that he spent a huge lump of money on ..

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