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  1. The fire team that were the first responders to Lauda,s terrible crash at the ring https://petrolicious.com/articles/vintage-friday-the-fire-engine-porsche-911-that-saved-niki-laudas-life
  2. Raven

    Niki Lauda RIP

    That is terrible news of his passing ,,,,certainly a man who did things at a extraordinary high level ,,,one of the greats ...
  3. Sounds good to me ,,not overly loud and a refined sound ........
  4. Agree with the comments about Musk he will be gone when the major manufacturers focus on EV ,s
  5. Norway also has cheap Hydro electric power in abundance that is substantially less than power here .. Makes sense to have EV ... They are also substantially cheaper in Norway as the government there has made it financially attractive to the consumer to purchase and EV ,,,example no VAT and free use of the motorways ,,no tolls and free parking in city .. can anyone see our Useless Politicians doing that ........???
  6. I am certain Elon Musk ,Al Gore ,Bill Shorten and ever other Wanker with some Eco agenda will save us all from our wicked ways ..............

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