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    Raven got a reaction from Mik001 in 997 Carrera S farewell   
    Saw the car at the classic throttle shop .......beautiful example 
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    Raven reacted to Mik001 in 997 Carrera S farewell   
    I just traded in my black 2005 c2s for a manual R8. My 997 just turned up at classic throttle shop for $115k. I owned the 997 for 2 years but rarely took it out. It’s a nice clean example with a few over revs. 
    After the initial excitement of owning my first Porsche the feeling faded and my love for the car was gone completely after 6 months. The car wasn’t nice to drive sure it handled well but the ride was poor and I just didn’t enjoy driving it at all.   I know performance cars ride hard but the car was very underwhelming.  I still own an Evo 6.5 tommi , rx7 spirit r , 2 door V5 sti and mk1 mx5. Out of all the cars I had the Porsche was the least pleasurable.
    I’ll buy another Porsche one day probably a 964 or 997 gt3 rs. These should feel more special. 
    The R8 rocks its a 2008 manual , sounds great and goes hard  much nicer than the Carrera.  Anyways that’s my ownership review of the 997.1 
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    Raven reacted to Peter John in 997 Carrera S farewell   
    Ouch but honest. I fluttered with a 997.1S for a brief amount of time.
    I am not well experienced at all with performance cars so have nothing to compare to.
    Prior i was in an SC.
    The 997 was more comfy, faster, handled better but had the same DNA as the oldie.
    I did feel it had two driving styles- one below 4k rpm and second was above. You could definitely nurse it like a daily and wring its neck come early sunday. 
    Would be nice to taste a GT3 and Turbo to compare. 
    Thanks for sharing your dud root experience. :)
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    Raven got a reaction from Niko in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
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    Raven got a reaction from wilson59 in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
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    Raven got a reaction from Niko in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
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    Raven reacted to CarreraG50 in SuperCars go to 1:52 if you cant wait   
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    Raven reacted to Troubleshooter in VENT!   
    Well finally some bastard got the better of me. Stole my beautiful Matchless 500 single from my shed on my property. Angle ground the locks off and it disappeared. Can't work out how they got it past the 996, must have carried it so the wide handle bars were above the window line. Just as well I'm definately a glass half full kinda guy and there was no damage to the Porsche and no other bikes stolen, hahahha the others are worth more. Of course all bikes and Porsche are now removed from the shed and I hope they come back for another one and then cop the surprise of their lives I'm counting my blessings overall but don't get me wrong, they'll pay. The word is around and will turn something up, it's a well known bike ... Put an ad on Scumtree which may help a little....

    Sizeable REWARD for location or return of complete bike, or better still, address, names or bodies of scum thieves whose days are numbered - Dead or alive but better alive so I can deliver the deadly beating they've got coming.


    Chrome tank, red panels and stripe, black frame and guards. All original totally restored and a well known bike. REPORTED TO POLICE.

    Frame No: 74330 -- Engine No: 52G80S20136

    Try and sell it you bastards, I dare you to raise your heads - best for you if you return it and leave it out the front of my house if you want to stay upright
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    Raven reacted to wilson59 in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
    Weekend cars and coffee

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    Raven reacted to rafikdous in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    You would think for a $300k car, the dealer would put more description of the car and shouldn’t worry about paying few $$s to Carsales.com.au!!
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    Raven got a reaction from 3legs in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
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    Raven got a reaction from MFX in John Lemon '71 Beetle For Sale   
    Good luck with the sale  I love that colour ....great cars 
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    Raven reacted to MFX in John Lemon '71 Beetle For Sale   
    Hey guys,
    Many of you may know John Lemon, my '71 Beetle. I have gone over the car and made it into a nice reliable, car that looks great. It is not a concours restoration by any means, but it stands out in a crowd and puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. I have too many projects to keep them all, so John is for sale. Asking $15k.
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    Raven got a reaction from Oggie in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
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    Raven reacted to edgy in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    For that kind of money, there really isn't a better road going 911 available... 
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    Raven reacted to TINGY996 in My Gundo Hack   
    I finished the exhaust and after doing a 3 day road trip i can say i am pleased with the result, it's not exactly what i thought it would be and i am happy to say it's not droney sitting at freeway speed. It's only when you lean on the loud pedal that it gets more of a bark to the exhaust and up over 4000rpm the flat 6 sound is very pronounced.
    I ended up using tube with a 42mm id because i got them given to me, not that i was afraid to spend some money but i was happy to take a donation

    My son helped me with the mod and we were allowed to borrow a brand new plasma cutter from where he works to try out, it has a built in air compressor so no outside tank is needed, it's a Chinese jobbie and i thought it worked very well compared to some i have used in the past.

    The holes were cleaned up with a tungsten rotary burr on a die grinder after the holes were cut to make the holes a bit bigger and keep a smooth finish.
    It's a finicky job getting the tube to shape and some of the welding was a bit tricky to get into some areas, this is the finished job.

    In the end i had to take off the rear bumper just to get a bit more room to work, it wasn't an overly hard job but getting the mufflers off is very time consuming.
    Shaping the tube to fit as snug as possible is also very time consuming, this makes it easier to weld though so your not filling big gaps with too much weld. I also used a MIG welder as we could not get a TIG unit.
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    Raven got a reaction from Morpheus in Gratuitous Porsche Pics   
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    Raven reacted to Tips in Richmonds...   
    Spoke to my mate last night that purchased his 996.2GT3RS through Richmond’s. Same as uncle great experience organised transport etc. he has also purchased through Dutton’s and said that Richmond’s were certainly streets ahead and would deal with them again.
    Kurt If they treat their buyers well I’m sure they would look after sellers just as well. Im was told by Dutton’s they have a high repeat customer where they often sell the same car a few years later. Its often a revolving door at this kind of level.
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    Raven reacted to Andy73 in Chris Harris drives 992   
    Interesting to see Harris driving the 992. Sounds positive but doesn't exactly gush...

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