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  1. Perhaps add the screenshot attached and note that pricing ( tradein) is for unWOVR for a bit more substance. But from a fellow patient bottom feeder that has the occasional dip as well based on a desktop review and a few calls and doesn't subscribe to test driving the model or the car in question let alone sight it, nothing wrong with cherry picking pricing guides like the one below to assess a potential bargain as I see it if you work on the bottom of the range wholesale numbers to start the ball rolling on a quick no nonsense cash based EFT / no major issues on a ppi based transaction after an initial conversation with the bullshit meter finely calibrated. At that offer price, perhaps it would well and truly cross you off the sellers contingency plan down the track based purely on their principles. That is they could potentially tap you for 120k with a bit of backpedaling / eating some humble pie to test which of your principles come out on top especially with that Scottish genery if they get super desparate and market realisation hits. ( its not a lemon, but more of an orange than a peach) A very astute previous post shedded light on a view that put forward even bottom feeder licensed traders are unlikey to waste a call when they see WOVR. However, at a circa 50% discount to what appears to be consensus recommended retail asking from the brains trust, that's indeed taking the piss even for a WOVR. Or is that offer for 95k minus the drivetrain.? ( did seem to swing the other way with respect to low ball if that was the case but have to ask just to confirm).
  2. I am going to mention the orange peach / peril but merely to support your valuation on what its worth. You forgot to mention the what looked to be a very clean 997.1 gt3 in white that I posted to you about 3 months ago in Perth that was initially asking 150k that I offered to test pilot on your behalf in the Perth hills. I thought what's the catch at the time and super zoomed in on every photo and it looked a much cleaner car than the red one at circa 165k at Richmonds in SA that took a while to sell and everyone was banging on about how cheap it was and surprised it had left the building at that price much earlier.. The Perth car apparently had all dealer stamps, major service just done at dealer circa 50k on the clock and fully detailed. If I recall, correctly, owner was very forward in the ad saying bring on any ppi. Appeared to very a clean car even for polishers and to me it indeed was very well polished for the photo shoot for the car sales ad. Reckon that car sold in around a week or two. With that as a reecent reference point, ( been tracking prices at the low end as well) to me, a bit puzzled a few opined your view of circa 120k for the white / orange peril / previous WOVR / jig saw puzzle of a history was a low ball market talking down insulting view of whats it worth. For me relative to that Perth car, even if that had been previously written off ( pretty sure it wasn't) a much cleaner car and reckon 120 max is spot on for the white / orange peril and like you, a WOVR would not be an issue to own if priced right. Each to their own what they are worth, but surely a WOVR is not a mere 5k discount on a non WOVR using the Perth car ( 150k asking) . as a good car to compare against with both cars being similiar build years and base colour. Did anyone on here pick up that Perth outlier ( way too cheap if your already vested?) and been silent so they can flip it down the track with some upside or was it a bucket of crap in terms of drive train or had some panel damage that was repaired really well but avoided being put on a WOVR, i.e a far away princess. PS If some think 120k is a low ball insultation offer on that white / orange peril, look up what what glass's guide consider the trade in range on 997.1 gt2 is worth, noting they have no views on a 997.1 gt3. But surely a gt2 is worth more than a gt3 ( gt3 rs's excepted)
  3. Yeh but that ones a light weight compared to yours to the tune of about 100hp/ 100ftlb of tq and a few psi of boost less
  4. https://rennlist.com/forums/996-forum/609594-red-trunk-latch-cover.html For me, part of the patina.
  5. Nothing wrong with those tweaks if your not into just polishing. But you make a good point on the coilovers ( but would you cheap out on a set of coilovers with no dampening adjustibility?) @Leshe car nut. Just out of interest when were the spark plugs done last. I would of thought if your going to drop that coin on a compression and leak test, if not done recently, may as well throw a new set of spark plugs in the car when they bolt it all back up (perhaps haggle on who pays for them if you don't end up buying it in advance) . PS, reckon the quote from the dealer does indeed have the apprentice working on that. More hours perhaps but no discount on the hourly rate?
  6. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-Porsche-911-GT2-996-Manual-MY02/OAG-AD-18326124?pageSource=details&id=OAG-AD-18326124 Gt2 996 with circa 1500km . That's not easy to do, circa average of 80km a year I reckon. Annual spin to the dealer for a stamp and a weekly milk run with the engine left idling whilst parked at best. Looking forward to seeing the font size on the custom plates or is that just a bit of puffery Whats the odds of a boost leak after a couple of 0.9 bar high revving third gear pulls in succession for the next owner or will they just settle for the annual routine and leave it in vacuum only mode.
  7. Congratulations. As you have probably found out, lots of smiles when see over 0.5 on the boost gauge.
  8. Did you notice the headlight shape much in your 996TT's / boxster when behind the wheel (put aside function over form and they turned on when needed) or if you reversed the cars in your garage so your first sight was the rear end( better view IMHO than the frunk)? Not quite as good as the rear end in the pic below I sighted in the flesh yesterday, but a 996TT definitely has shades of it for a fraction of the cost.
  9. And that aerial ! Plenty of patina on the combi on the right as well
  10. What's you view on what constitutes the best driving experience? Not many go there, but in my view the 996 turbo is one of the best P car models that responds to tweaking. Rationale wise, the surprisingly heavy for its size stock exhaust handcuffs a 996 turbo performance wise in terms of mezger engine note and pitch and it strangles the stock k16 turbos to make them laggy. Also 0.7 bar of boost isn't exactly pushing the limits of k16 turbo's or the mezger motor. Spend circa $6.5k on selecting the right exhaust setup ( kline or europipe) with 100 cell hjs cats along with a custom tune( one of three US specialist tuners), 964 RS engine mount and 997 tranny mounts and replace the 996 shifter mechanism(manual 😁 )with any 997 variant ( stock, short shifter, gt3) and plenty of upside driving experience in most gears across the rev range ( a lot more area under tq/hp dyno curve and huge difference in throttle response) with a 3rd gear pull at WOT being the smile on your dial gear shift.
  11. But whats to work out if your laps don't involve corners and what if faster costs comparatively bugger all and can perhaps deliver improved throttle response across some of the rev range to your liking. Sighted this example in the flesh last week. ( refer to snap). Had laneway presence for sure. In terms of working out what point is fast enough, I reckon to answer that question need to look at what lens are you are seeing the car through. Your likely thinking how would that yellow beast corner around a track. I'm thinking how brutal are pdk up shifts at WOT and full boost in each gear in terms of pinning you in the seat. Perhaps some boost junkies with a gt2rs with also like to drive purely in straight lines at WOT for more than 10 secs for something different and like to see data snapshots of their straight line WOT efforts. If I had a gt2 rs, I'm thinking something involving a helmet that rates would be an extended long weekend Alpine cruise from say Melboune to Sydney with some helmet usage in the middle of that cruise via a detour through the snowy mountains and a few runs in the snowy 1000. I'm not convinced the factory boost of 22.5psi is going to get the job done after one run ( some v max's in shitters are north of 300km /hr and perhaps a bit of extra braking assistance in the form of parachutes to slow them up) . For a relatively small outlay compared to the cost of the car, for that specific extended weekend cruise would you not dip your toe in the water prior to the event and for a compatatively measley usd $2500 headline cost, invest in a cobb assesport to test out assertions of circa 18%/ 14% extra peak hp /tq from the preloaded OTS 93 (98 ron ) tune. In terms of dollar cost averaging, may as well at the same time pay a couple of grand for a cobb custom 100 octane tune to be loaded on the assessport as well ( do some logs at a track to dial in the tune) with ideally a shift to the left and up in terms of area under a factory hp/tq gt2 curve for the big day. If your into headline numbers along with butt dyno experience, i'm thinking three runs ideally assuming you can sort your fuel out. Stock factory tune on 98 Ron and see where the stock circa 22.5 psi gets you. ( disappointed /embarassed?) OTS stage 2 tune on 98 Ron with some timing and probably a bit of boost dialed up. ( did you waste your money? ) Then 100 % octane run with more boost and timing and compare the numbers (hopefully respectable?) . Can compare results against tunes and other entrants. All the tunes are switchable with bugger all effort and no laptop in sight. Fueling perhaps a bigger issue. May get shown up by lesser cars( old shitters as referenced by others) but wouldn't phase me, as not convinced many of those lesser cars that put up better numbers will be used to drive into Sydney the next day with a factory tune loaded. In terms of bang for buck, what would you get from Manthrey for Usd $2.5k. (Circa 15% upper in peak hp/ tq ?) That cobb accessport can double up as extra digital gauges as well or record some run data on the day if you can be stuffed reading the instructions beyond how to load tunes. My gut feel would be even on a track, the Ots tune,, could give you a better throttle response feel across the rev range. @mr901. Wouldn't the potential of an extra 15% hp/tq in this case be a cheap solution to maintain overall power to weight if your overweight friend jumped in one for a run. I.e two sides to the numerator and denominator equation in terms of power to weight ratio. Most focus on the denominator as reduction of weight is generally cheaper than extra horse power. Me thinks for a gt2rs, from a practical perspective, just leave the air guns, wrenches and sockets in the toolbox and just dial up the timing and boost via the push of a few buttons for not a huge outlay and no need to touch a nut on the car.
  12. @hwy. Seem very quick to dismiss 964RS mounts that aren't exactly your standard model production line based rubber factory mounts. I would describe them equally as a semi solid mount compared to a semi solid wevo mount but come with a factory part number . Application wise,subject to correct ordering and placement of washers, they can work across 911models i.e and function just as well on a watercooled 996 turbo as they do on an aircooled 964rs. I would also recommend doing tranny mount at the same time.
  13. Friday night snap. Richmond supporter? Anyone make out the autograph on the windscreen top passenger side?
  14. @9eleven, good point raised above regarding intended use. Something to consider If you want extra boost compared to the pedestrian 0.7 bar of factory boost. A school of thought in tuning circles is a tipper box even with new clutch packs and a tcu tune is good for holding only around 550 US hp ( co-incidently around the limit of mezger rods) along with shifts at WOT being slow. With a manual box, an upgraded clutch such as single mass flywheeled gt3rs based clutch kit will do the job for more than 550hp at a cheaper cost compared to upgrading a tipper box.
  15. Ok, I am not convinced you should be referencing a tipper gearbox setup and Pdk gearbox in connection to a 996 turbo. ( you also appear to talk about PDK). I have a view they are different units and have different performance characteristics and for those who are coming up to speed with the 996 turbo (@9eleven) perhaps best not to mention pdk unless you reference it with newer generation p cars, given my understanding was the first turbo porsche that went into full production with pdk gearboxes was a series 2 997. Happy to pay for a slab if you find advertisements for the sale of three ( covers advertising mistruths) 996 turbo's that mentions pdk from any location on the planet. With respect to your retrofit question, the first hit from google in terms of meaning of retrofit is "add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured." Therefore , if the factory didn't install pdk units into a 996 turbo, how else do you get a post generation (997 series 2 gearbox into a prior generation 996 turbo with a tipper unit unless you retrofit one. Based on my readings of numerous 996 turbo posts across a few 996 turbo forums over the years from a small population of dino's who are likely to have more dollars than sense to embark on such a project, although a couple of posts reference dropping a pdk into a 996 turbo, I am not convinced that project has been taken on and if it was, unlikey to have been successful without a lot of dollars dropped. ( just buy a series 2 997 pdk turbo).

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