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  1. stock on k16 turbo's = 0.7 stock on k24's =0.9 off the shelf tune tune - k16's with exhaust = circa 1.0bar custom tune -with exhaust - circa 1.2 bar depending on tuner non factory tune vs stock back to back is night and day difference in terms of throttle response across the rev range based on what I experienced. Third gear pull is the most noticeable butt dyno smile on your dial go to gear change. Back to back the other notable change was a bit more movement in the rear end when one it and caught me out initially.
  2. You haven't seen 0.7 on your boost gauge yet?
  3. Figured out the most important dash setting yet? After the novelty wears off, If its not tuned, get it tuned. As a boost junky, these cars are next level when you see >= 1.0 on that boost gauge. A turbo's a turbo perhaps, but not convinced doing a third gear pull at WOT using predominately your thumb with last century tech is as satisfying as going even older school tech and having to engage your left leg.
  4. I have a set of Sport Techno's on my turbo. If contemplating for a turbo, I would DYOR as some consider my car to be non roadworthy (the techno's are accompanied with factory spacers). On a C4S, I understood direct bolton with no spacers.
  5. Whats the price of a mustang these days. From afar, I saw an article in WA recently with a banged up newish orange mustang after a shoot out near a Northern beaches pub between rival bikies / bikie gangs?. Is a mustang the next best thing to a harley on wheels. eg under the 65k limit and who needs insurance? Group discount perhaps to ensure they are under 65k Mod it using cash after the initial purchase. But then I saw an article shortly after reflecting a handful of boffins around a few computers at police Hq have done more damage from behind their screens than teams of detectives in taskforces have achieved over many years in terms of starting to make some in roads into hurting their business model. Eg They just follow the end of the cash trail when it goes digital in some form. Start with tax evasion, where did these asset comes from , a few not so random targeted search warrants at some legitimate registered businesses and employees homes and what do we have here. (Guns, drugs, money , assets with no receipts or evidence of payment through the business bank account or lease agreement or an personnel asset transfer can't be explained except proceeds of Crime perhaps. Combine with digital mobile phone tracing / tracking and a bit of digital footprint to join the dots if there are any slips of a conversation or text or sim card wasn't where it should of been.
  6. Reminds me of when I was in India, had a bunch of 1000 rupiah notes in my wallet that were f'n basically useless overnight. Indian government hit the black economy right between the eyes with a baseball bat. Illegal to accept 1000 rupiah notes anywhere for payment of goods. Only way to get credit for them was deposit them into a bank account and swap them for 500 notes. Couldn't get cash for 6 weeks. Huge queues at the bank and many banks couldn't get cash or the daily truck had that did the cash drop had the drop wiped out within the hour of opening. ATM's were useless. Huge police presence around banks for weeks . Then then boffins at the tax office were ramping up their bots cross checking off bank accounts and tax returns and serial note numbers from the reserve bank. Reckon a lot of cash undisclosed on property sales and hoarded had many see a sizable net worth dint to their balance sheet. The masses had no clue that was coming. I thought stoke of genius government policy executed at the highest level. Can you imagine Joshy pulling that. Has a nation wide press conference . Your pineapples and up are useless as of today. Go cash them in for 20's and 10's. If any businesses accept them (well give them by the end of the week to deposit existing pineapples and up in their business accounts), will fine them and lock the owners / directors up for accepting them. Would of been interesting to see the ratio of what was returned against what was issued If I didnt have a credit card, would have been screwed.
  7. Increase community confidence in the intregrity of the tax system. Bit a dichotomy. Easy fix, get rid of the volumes of tax legislation and make it simple based on common sense principles in plain english. Ooops, but then the legalised defacto mafia organisations (collective of accounting groups that require you to pay a fee for membership (self interest protection money from the worker bees) , tax lawyers and ATO staff would be up s$%^ creek and would need to look for a new racket to earn a living.
  8. Whats the definition of expensive given our turbo's have probably up 20-30% on paper. each to their own on where you get your part from, but if you that spend a bit of time playing around with cart and getting a shipping price ( refer to link below, (I given you 50% of the lead and done the hard work for you) and throw in genuine air filters, cabin, oil etc , until the shipping cost bumps up to the next volumetric charge rate you reckon thats expensive as a package for GENUINE porsche parts even allowing for usd fx and shipping. My experience is the premium for genuine porsche parts if you know where to purchase, can be had nearly for circa 10-15% more than local OE stuff. ( aboun 30%-40 difference delear pricing) You just need to dollar cost average your shipping . eg yeah buying that coolant standalone may be expensive, but chuck in you other service parts and that changes the equation https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/porsche-engine-coolant-antifreeze-97143001001
  9. How much you insuring that 996 turbo for? Or is not good because you plan on paying for it in cash via a private courier?
  10. Any chance you can share on where you can get one for $400 (996 stamped part numbered one)
  11. I like your forgot to ask response on whether it s an import or not. Your obviously going to be drive it and not worry too much about polishing it with that response PS the only thing missing on that advertised list is a tune as I see it. Who knows but, if the boost gauge goes over 0.7bar (more than stock and most probably tuned) your in for a bonus treat. If not, I reckon thats the only thing to do after your sort out the PPI reported stuff and you won't be disappointed with your decision of not snoozing with whacking that deposit down
  12. I'm biased but it if checks out, much more car over a c4s plus that pricing is less/ not far off than what some are c4s''s are asking. Yeh not the same km's / maybe condition but whats potentially many more smiles per more miles driven worth to you. DHM doing the PPI??? Is it local delivered?
  13. Yeah but a 2 second look at the first pic and its running non turbo parts like that front splitter . So the pool of buyers deminished by about 90% not withstanding whichever way you go with those from splitters eg c4s vs turbo vs non p car part number) they are truly a consumable. But I can fully understand why that splitter is being used given the other non factory parts advertised on it (much better by the way as I see it)
  14. Who goes and drives the model, let alone sits behind the wheel or drives the car you purchase in advance of getting a PPI done and handing over the cash. After a desktop review and a call and a couple of emails, isn't that enough if you have done your homework and selected you PPI indi wisely irrespective of state the car is in.
  15. Try fcpeuro in the US . Best in the businss / reliable / cheap shipping / accurate shiping estimates if they ave your parts. if they do, put in a cart and save it, but don't proceed. after 24 hours they will send a reminder email nd give you a 5% discount. Helps offset some shipping costs. I would dollar cost average on the shipping, eg buy you next genuine porsche service parts

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