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  1. Typo I think. Eg. But it, tinker with it, drive it and enjoy it. Tinkered with yours yet. E.g exhaust and tune, new engine and tranny mounts as a minimum.. Much better than out of the box, eg throttle response and mezger note. Haven't driven a tip and don't plan on doing so. Seems @1q2w3e4r's algo makes a lot of sense eg <pdk = manual. Does that mean. =IF("996turbo" or "997turbo"and"mezger", "manual", "997.2turbo=pdk") Just out of interest Is "997.2turbo and Pdk> 997.2turbo and manual.
  2. NQR or not into the detail with the ad. Perhaps a tad disappointing , eg extra tweaking in terms of gt2 spoiler, turbo upgrades, exhaust that when combined yields a net sum gain of a 0 to 100km/hr time of zero. I.e no better or worse off than a stock tipper in the 5 digit price range. Could it be that some of those goodies just work soooo much better with a tweaked tune file than the stock factory ECU file.
  3. PolyGTcaramory = Oxford dictionary worthy or time to perhaps replace the tyre kicker cap with that printed (porsche red font of course) with a home brew pic of x2 gt3 model versions of a big arse rear end and oversized wing underneath the red front.
  4. I haven't sighted in the flesh my last three cars of which two aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Eg scratch is itched. Took two years to find my 996. Never driven a p car car before until the Mrs handed me over the keys to it. But definitely not purchased to scratch an itch eg more like a boost addiction, but plenty of research done on what to buy, look out for and more importantly what to mod cost effectively and what preventative parts to have on my shelf for the long haul. Eg stock exhaust gone within 30 minutes of total seat time in my 996 and tune not so long after that. Just a view but need to jump in quick when the 80/20 rule applies on something in terms of ticking the boxes spec and colour wise and condition from pics and initial advertised price, but should ideally ask for a PPi to have as a price negotiation tool to try and get you closer to wholesale pricing as well as a little bit of quality assurance and know what your up for on your in terms of service costs and items that need addressing.
  5. Surely your suspension is old and worn and leaking, the exhaust has pin holes and a shot high cel (not high flow yet) cat and your air intake system has a blockage. Surely maintenance items that need addressing to make the boxster trackworthy (oops roadworthy) in accordance with provisions of the lease that all need to be replaced and claimed just before you buy the lease out. What about the tyres and the gutter rashed rims Eg replacement semi slicks with a buy now invoice me please and will get those installed later and a set of replacement rims (used with a new set of wheel studs) were far more economical that gutter rash repairs. Me thinks why is not getting it boxed rodded before the lease is up noteworthy for consideration. Eg what's gst and pretax dollars worth on those required maintenance parts to you.
  6. Me too on what it brings, but I think your spot on. eg what's a possible high revved possibly over revved mezger engine worth. 20k wholesale ( possibly some extra bolton's (much grass underneath ???)and 7.5k for the rest of the car to part out on gumtree or ebay pick a part style. Me thinks the cost of a quick gerni to remove the grass stains ( looks like tall grass) on the driver side rims would have returned an incremental 100 banger return on investment or is that part of the patina. The grass had me zooming in on the drivers side rear wheel that looks the goods for some scrap metal and theorising.
  7. Went for a lap around the block in my first aircooled p car as a passenger. For a circa 39 year old car, absolutely no problem keeping up with modern traffic going around the block. From a roll reckon it would do 9/10 cars with enough road. Was very impressed with a povo spec 930 turbo. Reckon an exhaust would bring it up from povo spec but.
  8. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/wavell-heights/cars-vans-utes/1955-porsche-550-spyder-replica/1186843243 What's it worth?
  9. It took a while but I now have a set of those zero clearance turbos with the new wheel. Bit of a waste at 1 bar but thinking closer to x2 stock and circa 1.3 bar to get the best out of them.
  10. smit2100

    WTB - 997S manual

    Seems a lot of autos being advertised currently (996tt) but perhaps a lot of far away princesses. What's wrong with this one. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2001-Porsche-911-Turbo-996-Auto-AWD-MY01/SSE-AD-4887412?pageSource=details&amp;id=SSE-AD-4887412
  11. smit2100

    WTB - 997S manual

    The tip is last centuries lower tech and ain't no dct or pdk with factory paddle shifter and rev matching, but apparently very good in its day and learns from your right foot tendencies. Is their a reason why like for like condition the manuals are at a circa 20k plus premium currenly Just a view but something very satisfying and engaging about driving a tweaked 996 turbo particularly doing second and third gear pulls when you are dictating the rpms with your left side of your body ( I,m a lefty) as opposed to a button on a steering wheel ( or non factory makeshift paffleshifters if your into tweaking) and glancing at the boost gauge go past the stock 0.7bar of boost and being thrown back in your seat. 20k of sheer driving pleasure right their for me. Probably not relevant for many but also what mod on the tip allows you to bypass third gear on a downshift. PS I do have a older school slightly weaked NA bmw m3 with a bit of this centuries tech and that car is similiar to the 996 turbo as its all about 2nd and 3rd gear, BUT on the down shift with paddle shifters and not the upshift .(not convinced can be replicated in a manual in that model.) Both are very highly addictive in those two gears but completely different cars to drive. But if your into autos certainly appears to be a bit of stock currently to look at that don't appear to be moving that quickly for five figures. For me the 996 turbo is about the engagement of driving a manual and best bang for buck p car that responds to tweaking for not a big outlay.. These cars are getting older so need to allow a bit extra in the kitty to replace aging rubber and plastic bits and that goes for ones that appear to be in good condition. Eg how many say engine and tranny mounts and boost valves and hoses and , plastic tanks recently replaced with factory genuine parts.
  12. smit2100

    WTB - 997S manual

    Hmm 997s or a 996tt. Just remember that if you go for a drive in Fraz's it is very very well tweeked. Just need to make sure their slightly messed with and give an auto a wide berth. Exhaust and a tune as a minimum. The extra circa 50hp is nice but it's all about the extra boost hit, throttle response and engine note over a stock one.
  13. +1. I walked into a perth p car workshop during the week and asked the owner hows business after seeing not a stacker or lift unused and cars out the front. How many were watercooled? He said with prices increasing in recent times in the AC market, seeing a fair few aircooled cars coming out of the woodwork and owners are spending money sprucing them. Are they doing that to sell in a soft market? Speaking of soft markets. 80k for a UK 996 turbo auto with 109k.
  14. smit2100

    964 RS Engine Mounts

    That's pretty good. I got the following from Sonnen ex delivery for 370USD . There is also a diagram to show the order and placements of the washers an seats 43 Porsche 996 GT3RS (aka 964 RS semi engine mounts) 1 set #2 SonP5 96437504381 Sonnen 2.00 146.59 ` Porsche 996 GT3RS (aka 964 RS semi engine mounts) Top Bolt SonP4 90008211801 Sonnen 2.00 2.78 44 Porsche 996 GT3RS (aka 964 RS semi engine mounts) Hex Bolt 8X60 SonP4 90037815901 Sonnen 4.00 0.60 45 Porsche 996 GT3RS (aka 964 RS semi engine mounts) Washers #4 SonP4 99902513402 Sonnen 4.00 1.40 46 Porsche 996 GT3RS (aka 964 RS semi engine mounts) Seats SonP4 90130531100 Sonnen 4.00 4.85 47 Porsche 996 GT3RS (aka 964 RS semi engine mounts) Washers SonP4 99902507401 Sonnen 4.00 7.27 45 Porsche 996 GT3RS (aka 964 RS semi engine mounts) Nuts SonP4 99908421501 Sonnen 2.00 1.50
  15. The new standard for dirtless, rustless and dustless barn finds. The patina is factory finish duco and the restowork could be done toollessly by bare hand if you are handy and patient.