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  1. Note me and @Q1w2e34r shop with the same tuner. I didnt mention all the suspension bits, but yes red bit is tarrett and the lower control arm is adjustable 996gt3 and theres a rear adjustable 996gt3 rear sway bar out of shot Just wait a few months on the olhins if going the R and T kit or ask is that kit with the redesigned front strut setup. But q1w2e3r4 has the much better lung capacity. The magic is the combination of bullet point #4 and kevin @ uwm' s tune. Or did Fraz bite the bullet. Is the factory short shift a gembella? That was the only part that was not stock on my car when I got it. Way too short so went for 997 stock factory shifter.
  2. Driving Seat Time first 30 min's - Don't subscribe need to try before you buy. Desktop review is good enough for me. First drive great handling, braking, not too shabby above certain rpm, unimpressed below certain rpm, engine note , what engine note? Plus good to be able to hand the keys back to yourself after your first drive. Drive seat time 30 to 60 min's, - same as above but heading of to my mechanics Driving seat time, 1 hr to 2hr stage 1 - OTS tune (COBB unit with loaded OTS - great bang for buck) and exhaust ( 100 cell HJS cats) - What a difference (huge smile on the dial) . What does stage 1 do? = Makes both your own rear end and the cars rear end get a bit twitchy when you are on it and light and day boost hit shove in the seat vs stock.. In terms of bang for modded buck - 996 tt stage 1 = stage 3 b5 s4 (you know these cars) think hybrid turbo's, 24 psi of boost and lots of b5 rs4 fruit where it counts. Plus stock clutch setup on the 996 with 25% less pedal effort than the single mass flywheel setup on the B5 RS4. BUT also compare the pair. 2.5 hrs workshop time plus three boxes of parts on the 996 vs over circa 50 boxes of parts and over a year in a workshop on the stage 3 B5 S4. Ownership time, 1 month to one year. Think circa 30 boxes of parts delivered (think stage 3 b5s4 parts, just strictly Porsche genuine stamped parts with a few exceptions. Think bits with 964rs's, 996 gt3, 997 turbo, 997 gt2, 997 gt3, 997 part numbers ) plus lots off yellow 996gt3 bits for extra stopping and a bit more yellow (Ohlins R&T coilovers) . Goal is to have 996 spooling from the high 1000's instead of 3500+ rpm without bending a rod . Everything bagged, tagged with reference part drawings / install instructions and all boxed. After one year , Too much talk on here that stock is best and mods affect resale scared me. Just kidding. Why one would buy a boosted 996 and not run a tune and exhaust has got me beat. Night and day driveability difference. Night and day exhaust note difference above 5000rpm. Night and day driving experience. Also swapped a gembella shortshifter to a 997 stock shifter mechanism Year 1 to Year 4 - Hardly drove it and time poor. Year 4 - why not whack some yellow brakes on and whilst at it get the suspension sorted. All installed and ready to get geometry sorted a few days before Christmas and my mechanic gets an email saying urgent recall on 996 turbo Ohlins R&T coilovers. Do not drive your car. Took me 9 months to source them four years ago, get motivated to organise the parts to be installed, wheel alignment all booked in an then the recall note. So back into that part don't work quite right, need to wait for another one to come from overseas (4 weeks into waiting for ohlins to supply the UK supplier who then needs to ship to me newly redesigned struts and mounts . So another 2 months waiting for those parts with the car laid up. Don't miss that side of modding at all. As I get a few more grey hairs, reckon limit the mods on a 996 to exhaust, tune (think throttle response not extra power), any variant of a 997 shifter mechanism , 997 engine and tranny mounts, and replace a lot of stock suspension bits with oem / genuine bits( particularly bits with rubber) michi tyres and your done. PS. I thought a 996 turbo with tune and exhaust represents optimum bang for buck, But reckon I have found my next project which may exceed the bang for buck a modded 996 turbo offers. eg project limited to a start to finish duration of 4 weeks (3 weeks waitng for a box from the US) to take a stock 4 door with 6 cylinders and with a mod budget of 5k. ( 2k of that is set aside for a tune) you need to get a curve that shows max chp that has a 6 out front and the total time in the workshop is a mere 2 days and may squeeze it all in with a total budget included mods for 5 figures.
  3. So how much extra was the Apple all wheel steering option?
  4. The combi is obviously the poorer cousin. Sits behind the drum kit in terms of pecking order.
  5. Re novated lease, Totally unconvinced fbt is not a cost. On my novated package reports and fortnightly deduction estimates done on a few cars, , fbt is one of the biggest line items .Just a view but that commentary appears to be bulltish or you must work for a very generous employer or one that doesn't think much of complying with Fbt legislation. Surely a tax abiding employer has a fbt liability as soon as they sign a novation agreement with you. Who pays for that fbt tax liability created under a generic novated lease agreement. Here's a another view, most companies aren't that generous. i.e don't you enter into an agreement with your employer that they flow down that fbt liabily ( aka as a COST) to you, but you may elect to fund it in pretax dollars) Ps I funded my p car on one year sale and lease back. Bought a lemon ( thats what some on here opined before I got the keys). After a good detail, i thought more of a peach and so did the person that did the ppi) The car spent a lot of time in the worshop.( no fbt cost impost ( prorated) whilst on a hoist right? ) and let's just say the invoices exponentially increased prior to the end of the lease compared to the start . ( well and truly covered my FBT AFTER TAX COST paying those back ended invoices in pre tax dollars ).
  6. Well Murphy's law has struck. Had an issue with the right rear brake pads ( rear gt3 pads ex 4 porsche dealers was circa 2-3 weeks ex germany and price ranged from 675 to 895. Mechanic landed some textars delivered to his garage in three hours for less than a third of the cheapest quote from the dealers., but I missed my slot at the wheel aligners just before Chrissy after the Ohlins sat in a box for a couple of years. However perhaps missing the slot was a good thing as the next day in my mechanics junk box was an email that Ohlins are doing a world wide recall on their coilovers for 996 /997 ( certain model batch). I have lucked out and have the dodgy struts and mount components. Now waste of time doing any geometry work to dial in the alignment. If I had got the slot just before Chrissy, would not have driven the car anyway and pissed away the cost of the geoemetry work as the front shocks need to be be ripped out and replaced with ohlins supplied replacements. However parts are at least 4 weeks off ex Uk ( need to come via original supplier) and who knows deliveries under covid. I have asked the question on consequentials and be interesting to see what if any contribution ohlins make to the consequentials ( I'm thinking Tata airbag style on my m3 as a baseline) eg labour to rip out the existing ones and replace, labour to box up the defective ones that's seen 20m of travel on them and sending them back to Ohlins and what about the required front wheel re alignment costs. As I am on a yellow binge, could be an opportunity to attach a couple of smaller boxes to the replacement shocks. Eg genuine yellow 997 front seat belts or is that going further erode the resale value. Too much of a bitsa with the yellow parts.
  7. Interesting you mentioned that. That's exactly what the old fella mentioned. Eg can give away 20 to 30km/hr on the straight if you don't get 11 and 12 right.
  8. Had a random chat with an old fella in his 70's at a cars and coffee meet on the weekend after us both eyeing off a super clean 993 turbo. ( refer below) The PI race track came up in the discussion along with gt3's. Not practical logistical wise, but I reckon he would have that RS covered on on the straight at PI in his road car. Note, I would not of picked in a million years when I asked him whats your main squeeze and did you bring it today. Yeah mines parked up there, the red one. ( left out probably the quickest and most expensive car at the meet) Wasn't expecting to take the pic below from the drivers seat. Also he told me the majority of k's to date in it have been track k's. He broke the code for me on the 812 superfast logo on the right of the pic as well. Happened to cost me over $100k per 100hp ( over 800k that icluded 160k in extras) for over 800hp with 12 cylinders and its indeed superfast down any race straight.
  9. Easy up on red book prices. They are useful, just depends on what end of the transaction you are looking at. So you would use car sales pricing for stamp duty / fbt valuations instead of red book if buying privately.
  10. -some yellow stuff finally out of boxes and seeing some daylight. Some matching yellow bits to go with the bigger discs. Fills out the space behind the stock 18 inch sportivo's nicely. Goes harder than a gt3 so deserves some similar stopping power. Looking forward to reducing the 4x4 stock look.
  11. +1 I'll put my hand up and say my crystal ball posts were way off. Looking in the rear vision mirror, I underestimated the amount of disposal income that those who kept their jobs / business owners who didn't need job keeper, had assigned to holidays precovid. When your not spending that holiday money combined with lock downs exacerbating what else you can spend you disposable income, that pot grows. With extra time under lockdowns that previous little sideline itch with more cash available on the sidelines that would of got off blown on holidays, becomes a rash that needs treatment. That stockpile is clearly evident to ministers of finance whilst the next holiday bucket is still being amassed and is covered when that is a possibility. . Others also develop that same rash that perhaps have a higher level of disposable income stockpiled and want something tangible for their hard earned whereby there is alignment with ministers of finance on funding. That has created the demand in the opposite direction to what I was crystal balling and appears to have kept pricing at or above pre covid levels in the second hand market.
  12. Sure about that? You post with forked index fingers. Manuel 996 Australian delivered turbo's that you say were available recently for 90k that have only averaged circa 5k a year to me is last decade pricing and a very small window at that price last decade. Show me a 996 Australian delivered stock manual turbo that has less than circa 85k and is being advertised at $ 90k and it's running /not a WOVR and I'll EFT you dollars for a carton of piss. I will predict over the next few months you won't be outing me and saying I've sent my banking details to you via PM.
  13. In terms of memory failing, where were these have it on good authority circa $90k series 2, manual, Australian delivered, less than 5k annually a year, well looked after turbo's that were up for grabs a couple of months ago that you posted . eg you shut down a view that 110-125k based on condition for @Thommo66 car was a bit rich value wise. Are you sure you got your wide body rear end pricing around the right way around. So you see absolutely zero premium on 4s vs a turbo. Interesting take on what a turbo's worth. My 2 cents is I don't see it much differently than a previous post that 110k-125k depending on condition is on the mark based on condition for @Thommo66 car (based purely on description) that you poo pooed . I ran the virtual ruler over than blue hill climber 5 years back and a few others . With due respect on your opinion on what there worth I reckon your got your fruits arse about in terms of sweetness. eg sure your not associating examples of peaches and applying lemon pricing against them. Or you in the market for one and wishfully trash talking them down.
  14. Upgrading to the next model up in same colour with no boost? I.e 997gt3 itch
  15. How many manual turbos were going for around 90k. Were they in good condition from a far or far from good and need decent cash injections to sort them out. So series 2 with lowish k's in good Nick for near 4s pricing. Not convinced. Biased but if 4s's pushing 90k , cafe racer is on the mark with 110 to 125 pending condition

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