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  1. I reckon the 997 gt2 with a very high 2 out front will out out pace the 996 gt2 in 5 to 10 years time. That was a good buy especially if someone upgraded from a 993 turbo.
  2. How does that work with a private sale in this case. No consolation for the OP, but I brought my last three cars sight unseen but TRY to protect the deposit by my offer in writing being subject to a fully refundable deposit at the buyers (my) discretion should I elect not to go through with the purchase after a ppi is done.( can hide behind the ppi even if its pristine and change my mind or come across something like this). In relation to the divorce, as long as it is cleared financially doesnt the husband have to declare the sale of the asset to the pool ( probably already declared the car ) that gets put in the pot that is up for grabs. And then the lawyers have a pissing match if the wifey thinks he gave it away in terms of what it was sold for????.
  3. Aren't they in tip top nick. Eg subtle leather. My thinking was conpletely opposite. Eg passenger front seat is pristine.
  4. Maybe I'm a tight arse even when dreaming, but if I was to blow 1.2 million I'd be gunning for an equivalent of a full house . Eg 930 turbo 964 turbo 993 turbo 996 turbo and 997 turbo. I,m also not discriminatory either and a realist so perhaps one or two may be right hand driver foreigners. Ultimate suite of daily drivers me thinks if your a boost junky.
  5. Indeed a bit different, but me thinks so too is the overtop puffery in the ad. i.e special supercharged 997 front ended 996 pumping out a massive 450hp that also has other mods that has the performance that you need to spend 250k on a turbo to match it. Hmmmmmmm. Me thinks Fraz's car which / is/ was ??? up for grabs leaves you with a bit of petrol money left over compared to that 125k asking price. It has got at least 10% more go engine output wise and would out brake and handle better than that . Plus it's a real deal turbo to boot .(literally)
  6. So I am assuming thats a typo and 450awhp Eg What's so special about 450hp crank hp in that thing. If you buy an actual 996 turbo put a very decent exhaust on it wouldn't you get circa 450hp for less than that asking price.
  7. smit2100

    Nice weekend's work

    Surely you would lighten the wallet a little more than that and show off the the patina by investing in some clear coat.
  8. In general / 50k feet terms some food for thought is , on the 10k reported in Fringe benefit value on your Mrs group certificate, her company would stump up effectively 10k in FBT tax (approximately 2 x fringe benefit value x 50%.) That value of fringe benefit is effectively what taxable income at the highest taxable rate that would need to be added to your Mrs salary (gross taxable salary) to pay for those benefits in after tax dollars. Yes the businesses can generally claim the cost of providing that benefit, as a deduction, but get dinged the associated fbt. Unless your Mrs has say a novated lease, the company will cough up the fbt liability. If that 10k of fringe benefit value included fbt on a novated lease, her company would novated their fbt liability on the lease car to your Mrs who could pay for that in pre tax dollars (salary sacrifice). Yes the bean counters reading this will be saying what abount if not on the top marginal rate, can use after tax dollars to reduce the fbt liability, instead of salary sacrificing in pre tax dollars, but call that a wrinkle when giving a general view at 50,000 feet and not at 0 feet). In terms of indirect impact on that reportable fringe benefit value to you and your Mrs, that numbers gets used when assessing threshold limits such as medicare levies, super co - contirubtions, low income tax rebates, private health care rebates, HECS debt repayment levels, child care rebates, child maintenance for divorsee's. Been on the end of an unpleasant WTF call on a decent ding to a child maintenance adjustment for an employee that wasn't exactly small due to an increase in reportable Fringe benefits value. Now just a view, but fbt came in because of the baby boomers and a small minority of them earning bugger all in salary and paying bugger all in personnel income tax, but their businesses, businesses which employed them gave them access to largesse for nothing, eg fancy cars, holidays, long wined lunches, paid for kids private school fees that were free carries to the individuals and the companies were claiming those costs in full or partially against taxable income. So ATO , pollies got all bent out of shape and said to the businesses if you aren't going to put that stuff in individuals salaries that they would pay tax on and you want the deduction, we are going to ding you as if you did include those benefits in your employees salary packages and we will ding the company instead of the individual for the tax. Aside, what many businesses don't appreciate is there are circumstances where Company Z can provide a benefit to company X's employee and Company X will have a legal liability to pay the fbt, not withstanding company X didn't outlay a cent or claim a cent and company Z claimed the cost of providing the benefit in full or in part. At times, best to bring in the bean counter sitting in the corner at times to the table when tendering me thinks. eg better to go in eyes open than not. Those FBT bills can be nasty if not costed.
  9. http://www.ozaudi.com/forums/showthread.php/42320-PROJECT-(R)S2-More-Power?highlight=Rs2 some motivation to tweak it just a bit
  10. B5 RS4's were asking 70k but difference between asking and transacting. Only one in the last two years going forxanywhere near 70k ne thinks and that was one owner with about 15k. Don's was one of best examples you will see and he would of loved 70k but think he was a bit off bit that. 700HP one with with high k's asking 60k and an honest example currently up for grabs for 35k.
  11. Also Ring Kevin at umw ( ultimate motorworks) in the US. he has a repair hit and at the same time if not tuned, enquire about his tuning.
  12. Just curious. Agency contractor/ payg salaried/ own a business / abn number.
  13. I think you will find those ball park ratios are based on current ATO minimum guidelines for residual payout ratios for novated leases. Eg 1 year lease is 65.63% and 5years is 28.13 and in the middle at 3 its 46.88%.

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