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  1. Another 4 weeks in and it's another boxster if you kept those csl shares (even allows for cap gains tax. Maybe at the end of next month its a free carry of an aircooled on paper.
  2. Old school Tipper for track??? RECKON ITS WA.
  3. Cheap bitsa panels off donors and cheap arse wrap job???? Fit for purpose
  4. A redesigned front end. Any need to be sceptic on why?
  5. How much of an issue is that if its hardly driven?.
  6. With limited garage spots, and looking at raw sports cars on A budget where the depreciation is done and they respond to tweaking like few others, I recently landed (this week brought back my car off a novated lease) on complementing a manual 996 turbo with a 4 door dct E90 M3 (purchase price not much more than that 996 auto for 40k) Both respond well to the right selection of exhaust setup and tuner (sleepers) and do everything well. Went to the dark side and who would of thought as a manual guy that the 3rd to 2nd gear paddle shifted rev matched down shift blip in the E90 m3 is a standout and just as addictive to manually brought on boost in the tweaked 996 turbo. Both cars off the factory floor coincidently had 420hp, but completely different cars to drive and tweaking them brings much more smile on the dial than stock. A $100 dct gts tune is standout value for what it delivers when your behind the wheel compared to stock in the M3. Just a view but a pair of iconic motors eg 3.6l boosted mezger and a s65 4.0l NA V8.
  7. Bit of disclosure on turbos and tuner goes a long way. I have no doubt that car has 850hp eg tial alpha gt a28 turbos and protomotive tune ( probably Cobb based) equals big boost, probably boosts at 30psi. That said big power curve to the left and bit of lag me thinks. I reckon K16 stock turbo setup is laggy so K16 frames turbo is plentyi, plus i,m a lefty and prefer to move the power curve to the left. That car would do ok at the snowy 1000.
  8. Movie Trailer Version. Weapon in a boss suit per @skidmarks line, but its been re-tailored to account for some aging and a few more kegs (hp) and enlarged prostate (more boost) developed over the years Missing the credits on who tuned the car, was the engine rebuilt with carillo rods and were the 7 coolant pipes welded and are the boost lines and valves been replaced within the last decade. Perhaps need to get access to the script invoices to confirm. Certainty got the dolby surround sound right with the boltons to get to a solid 500 plus decibels (hp) with the right producer tuner and turbo's (or are they stock factory) Not convinced on the credits on focusing on no oil leaks (given), no boost leaks would of been more appropriate for the targeted audience. Why are aircooled hotrods with rebuilt engines sought after, but concerns with rebuilt mezgers that aren't sitting in a 996gt3 and concerns they have been overworked and perhaps too many type 1 overevs. Do you need to over rev a boosted mezger with a respected tuner? Cheap thrills compared to a modded aircooled or stock 996turbo. Eg Stick it third, put the foot down and compare the pair / pairs. Engine can possibly take double the factory boost at minimal incremental cost to a similiarly aged stock one. Box office hit me thinks over an original one at similar ticketed seat pricing.
  9. Once a boost junky always a boost junky. So did you settle on a 8 speed instead of the 6 with 129kw/l, (only 2.9l instead of 3.6l) gone up to 19 inch rims on the front from those 18 inch in thw pic, smaller steering wheel and maintained colour combo of the gt4 but a bit more carbon fibre?
  10. Back to twin turbo boost for the road car?
  11. Just checking in. 4 weeks in and if you pumped the 600k into csl per call above reckon your up pre capital gains a clean 50k net of borrowing if you bailed today. Nearly a boxster each for your Mrs and daughter after capital gains tax. Merc and Mazda issues sorted.
  12. Misread the price listing EG one row off. Cost price used before dealer markup was for a silver 996 turbo. What happens when you insist they they install the factory satnav. Looks like a cdr-23 radio or is it on steroids. Also wondering if they forgot to order a new right radio knob Looks a bit shiny and gooey.
  13. 850k back in 2008? 997gt2 = 426k and 997gt3 = 257k. And 50k left to house them. Eg for a new garage / garage roof lift for a car lift
  14. Dave Curious to see where your research landed with on days unavailable for a novated lease ( one year sale and lease back) in the Fbt space when your cars on a hoist and say needs springs and shocks replaced and the cheapest option is 4 weeks delivery from an overseas supplier for the parts. IF your a valued customer with your workshop can't you negotiate a cheap hoist rate whilst your waiting for the parts and the invoice states car was in the workshop from day x to day y mainly waiting for parts delivery from overseas and you've been whacked a hoist rate as you wait.. Be interested in a tax accountants view on how the heck you can be receiving a benefit from the car when the keys are at the workshop and its 2m in the air. on a hoist. If can't get a dispensation for that what constitutes a dispensation. Comon sense would perhaps sugges 27 OR 28/365 X FBT VALUE OF LEASE X 20% is perhaps a crack of the calc for a possible deduct. Also what's the delivery on a replacement exhaust ( say cats are at the of their useful life and signs of pitting in stainless could lead to pinholes. Economical shipping and getting through customs takes how long these days to clear. 🤔