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  1. Impossible to miss the gst component with reference to the bid screen in front of you, but having a hard time reconciling that comment with reference to you math example to allow for the gst at a bid price of 220k. Ha ha. The formulae for total amount is winning bid price x 1.055x 1.1. @DJM straigtened up the 5.5% vs your 5% for buyers premium. So circa $267,500 for the keys based on a winning bid price of $ 230500 ( excludes on roads as@ lucky Phil is one of the few that talks all in garaged cost) I was taking the piss on your math as you had an indirect crack at some others on theirs. eg your math was short 10k ( gst misstep) and I note you went back and edited your orginal post to fix that misstep, 🤑 (at luzzo my bad, but was giving you the wrong formulae to work out the final price based on the winning bid which you seemed interested in) All that bullshit aside if you are a private buyer and odometer bias for low km's, why do you think the winning bidder will pull out based on a winning bid of $230,500 ( circa 267,500 all in for the keys)? Is that not a fair price / leaning to the good buy side, considering a little bit of inherent risk( lack of being able to get a ppi done to see if the car is indeed comensurate with the odometer reading and the buyer having a better line of sight on how much contingency money needs to be allowed for over and above a major service)?
  2. As I did nearly all my primary and secondary schooling in maths at public schools in Seaford where the car is on show, whats wrong with my math? Is cash price not based on winning bid x1.05 ( bad assumption for buyers premium of 5%?) x 1.1 ( bad assumption that gst is 10%). If your winning bid is $220,000 and you turn up with $243,100, good luck with that buying strategy if you want the keys me thinks. Unless of coarse you turn up with some muscle from a club house close by to where the car could be viewed and re negotiate the buying premium down to $1000 ex gst.
  3. I worked on a project which had two plants with a road down the middle and each plant was basically a mirror image. Left side was called dta ( domestic tariffs for tax )and right side was SEZ ( special economic zone). SEZ basically paid no tax ( inputs and outputs). Is Seaford where the car is garaged part of a new covid special ecomomic zone for gst tax purposes, i.e you sure you got your maths right?
  4. I get the rarity of a x51 /x50 when it left the factory, but when your behind the wheel, straighten me out on how the rarity of a X51 /x50 trumps a clean stock 3.6 example in the hands of a new owner whose not a purist and has ventured into having some ones and zero's tweaked by someone in the know along with dropping a few kg's with a well selected exhaust to replace the factory setup.
  5. Owner is perhaps not into the detail. I'm with you on a bit of a clean up and effort when selling a circa 6 figure car. I was skeptical on the seat covers like you but that's been debunked with a have it on good authority they actually peaked at the bolsters and they only have the wear of a car thats travelled half the k's. Like you, my eyes were drawn to the gutter rash, particularly front drivers side which sticks out like the proverbial. In terms of additional observations interesting position of the car in some of the pics across the 4 different locations and would think about 20 minutes more in the pic department may help. Unorthodox marketing to have the porsche badge in one of pics 90 degrees off center. Speaking of unorthodox, how's the infotainment setup?. Is that a hedge for potential buyers with both last century tech combined with this century tech? With the 115k call, (is there that big a premium on that blue factory paint when its as shiny as the car two posts above) as I'm not convinced of a $1300 an hour return for a bit of a clean / more time on pics plus 2k in parts / subcontracting out some work on the paint correction and gutter rash) I am assuming the old school tech doesn't have sticky buttons and is fully functional. Seems odd (following are assumptions based on the115k call) that all the mechanicals are in tip top shape, great compression and leak down numbers with new spark plugs and all rubber bits like engine and tranny mounts and tyres ( Pirelli's or michi ps2's) are all sorted, but exterior is neglected. How hard is it take a pic of the underside of the frunk to see the sticker so you can zoom in on it and check out what it left the factory with ( were those seat covers listed.) At the opposite end of the car, can't pop the lid and spend 5 minutes with a damp old rag and an old paint brush and use a bit of black stuff of your choice to get the black engine bits a little bit shiny before taking a snap.
  6. Circa 233k for a auto 4s back in the day vs 187k for a 996.2 manual ( 2003 vintage
  7. Just curious, hypothetically if you rip the door cards off the 996.1 clubsport vs 996.1 touring, are the doors exactly the same? . Eg Just a wisetail that they are slightly different and a bit of strengthening in the clubsport doors vs touring, as their was a design consideration tweak given to the clubsport to allow for the cage along with the differing anchor points for a six point harness vs lapslash belt anchoring setup in the touring that would then make retrofitting a gt3.1 touring side airbag kit on a clubsport , somewhat more challenging ( mechanical install only) compared to replacing the airbag kit on a touring.
  8. Why would you be concerned on rego If thats a vic car. That seems priced to me exactly on the wrong side of stamp duty crossover point if your a buyer and a sneaky bear trap for some who doesnt read the fine print. Your 55k include on roads ( or at least stamp stamp duty right) . Even if you were willing to pay full retail plus surely you would insist on only paying 66k excluding stamp duty but with a current roadworthy. Different rate is it not and the saving would cover the rego.
  9. smit2100

    AUDI B5 S4 avant

    That R on the badge is probably a 6 plus multiplier on his advant budget.
  10. I was curious on any misleading leading and deceptive conduct with respect to the Terms and Conditions based on the bad press comments. Anyone really read the fine print on LIoyds auctions for cars. Just a view but I see it as not much different to how I purchased my current house. i.e May as well call it accepting online expressions of interest by a set date. Except unlike when I expressed an interest with an offer on my property, you have transparency on the highest bid within that set date via an online portal. Eg you put your offer in and if your the highest at the advertised end date and if doesnt meet the reserve ( owner and agent ( Lloyds) only know that), you get in a further pissing match with the seller through the agent on what its worth. No agreement on what its worth, they move to the second highest offeror and off they go. If there's no reserve, it's a traditional auction. What's all the fuss about?
  11. It was 250k when I first sighted it. Your not talking crap on that initial price
  12. Was the 200k worked 996 turbo running factory epoxy on the cooling lines. Or is that just a watch how much boost your running issue. I hear bugger all about pissing coolant on tracks in 997 gt3's but a bit of noise on worked 996 turbo's. Did the chemistry improve for the 997.1 gt3.
  13. Not all are getting away with it. In relation to Faulty Towers, appears the masses with subscriptions aren't aligned with their service provider caving in to the minorities. Not a wise business decision and premature misstep in misreading the majority of the customers. I suspect a ground swell of pissed off subscribers protested peacefully and safely indoors and voiced their opposition on their phones via a flood of online trending queries asking where is the unsubscribe button again so we can collectively turn the credit card tap off. Probably didn't take long for the bots to get a sniff of that with the marketing dashboard flashing red with a note to management that best they reinstate that content back ASAP if they care about the top line on the P&L forecast going forward.
  14. Thats a pretty good price and perhaps at a discount for the interior and perhaps a bit of covert 19 cash crunch creeping in as well for all involved. I was expecting to see UK import in the ad relative to the price. Not convinced it would cost a bomb to sort out that interior whilst keeping an eye out on originality. I reckon a RWB style forward date interior project for that car on a 12k budget is doable. Originality sorted by taking the front seats out and rear seat pads out and a decent detail before bubble wrapping them and only bringing them out to see the light of day when offloading the car. RWB interior style means flaired out seats and wider hip support and reckon 996gt2/gt3 black leather recaro buckets and factory rails fit that bill for $8.5k, plus custom seat rail adapters to suit a 993 ( drop the seat height $750) would all tie in well with the black steering wheel. Second hand 993 rear seat pads reskined in period correct factory black and a set of 993 turbo black mats all round and installation/ bit of resto on the recaros for about 2.75k would round out the RWB forward date interior project. On the theme of 996 gt3/ gt2, some period correct replacement turbo's ( tweaked compressor wheel behind the scenes) and a tune and a part swap and a port / polish here and there to eliminate lag to give it more / equal go than a 996gt3 / gt2 would also be a must. Then for a backdate project, spend up to the next 5 years with an eye out on a set of 993 turbo front seats ( colour agnostic) and bundle it up with a black reskin kit or have the seats restored and dyed in black. That should be a free kick offset by flogging off the 996 gt2/gt3 seats to bring it back to original looking.

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