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  1. I also reckon the aurwhp vs usrwhp is gold. Not too hard to replicate those numbers on a 996tt with much much less effort Eg biggest effort is replacing the stock rods so they don't bend like bananna's and pinning / welding in the coolant pipes. Rest is bolt ons. As you know you dont always have to have the boost gauge above zero.
  2. 10k on Black carpet, wrap the yellow inserts black or red and tune and exhaust and it's a mid 2.5 sec 0 to 100km /hr car .
  3. smit2100

    The 996 search

    Also recommend stashing a bit of that 50k away to the side for some replacement bits eg mainly aged parts with rubber. Eg OEM tranny mounts from a 997 and engine mounts and a variant of an entire 997 shifter mechanism eg 997 stock, 997 short shifter or 997 gt3 short shifter based on what floats your boat. Recommend you do these early in the piece of taking ownership. Eg lots of bang for buck that is noticable when in the drivers seat.
  4. 330k for a 997gt2 pushing out 530/670. What's this worth based on the relative numbers. Yes nice to be able drop or ramp up the same hp ( or multiples of the output of a a watercooled targa on the fly .https://www.automotiveuploads.com/we-found-a-1000hp-porsche-911-turbo-where-youd-least-expect-it_f0eae3fce.html
  5. Performance increases aside with some minor tweaks the biggest contributor to the ROI / ROF for even some basic tweaks is the throttle response in every gear after 1st.
  6. @DJM. How about another gt2 just fast forward another six years. First time in the flesh that I have sighted a 997 My08 gt2 ( 23k on the odometer and a lazy 680Nm of torque) which was out of the corner of my eye ( headlights first and then spoiler) that looked well out of place stuck half way between Barbagello's Ferrari showroom and their Maserati showroom in Perth. Not much change from 340k in terms of sticker price.
  7. Isn't the value in a 996 turbo with the chassis dynamics, suspension and braking (even moving closer to 20 years on) being so mismatched with the stock factory power. Need another 150hp to balance it up. The real value is for those that are into tweaking and want three pedals. You can start by spending 6k wisely on the 996 turbo and get more power / similar power than any new bmw or Mercedes that is stock or tweaked ( tweaking rare because most scared of voiding the new car warranty). If you are into the science of tweaking and removing the factory handcuffs.on a 996 turbo theres at least 10 bolt on turbos that get you to all sorts of power / boost / torque and spool up combinations. Once tweaked smartly in a few other areas besides turbos, tune and exhaust they are a great alrounder for all occasions. Eg one weekend Smt, next weekend track, next weekend gate crash a bmw or Mercedes dyno day , next week end friday night lights with v8's and fast 4's and the next week is avoiding a divorce so a bit of a Sunday stroll down at the shops with the Mrs and kids in the back seats ( you can get a bit of the essential groceries stored in the frunk. Will deliver 9/10 on all 5 days when behind the wheel. Reckon a new bmw or Mercedes is going to be lucky to deliver 9/10 on 1 of those 5 days Eg handle the shopping run. Then if you want to sell, not a biggy to get it back to stock ( but why the heck would you do that because in stock guise the throttle response and turbo spool up and engine note is extremely underwhelming once your gone over to the value side and start tweaking. Ps just a view but best bank for buck car in 5 years time is an Alfa, 600 hp from stock with the right tuner and downpipe combo and waste of time doing anything else to it. Note its the one with the Ferrari twin turbo v8 engine that's been vertically gas axed to remove two cylinders so it fits in the front engine bay and it's got a bit of 996 turbo spoiler movement butt arse about. The front lip responds to changes in speed and moves in and out as opposed to up and down on the rear of 996 turbo. New bmw m3 manual pure coming out. , What's the appreciation again in three to 5 years time. Depreciation would probably be equivalent to paying cash for the Alfa. Ps if you dont give a toss about infotainment behind the wheel for the same price as a new Mercedes or bmw I would much rather float my boat with a 996 turbo and e90 m3 ( both tweaked of coarse) and much more value when behind the wheel of one of those cars let alone both. For infotainment in either of those cars just wind the window down. One car excels on the upshift via a gear stick when over 5000 rpm and the other on the downshift from 5000 rpm using paddle shifters. Nor convinced an impact bumper SC target will see 150k anytime soon. 996 turbo manual is trending back to the future ( can see 150k in 3 to 5 years for cars under 75k on the clock and not tweaked )
  8. Perhaps if not done so already, to answer your question you need to driven a stock manual 996 turbo back to back with a targa and then drive a tweaked 996 turboo whilst keeping the boost gauge at zero so it's a fair comparison with the targa performance wise whilst rowing through the gears but then stepping it up to see at least a 1 on the boost guage dial and then reflected on which one has the WOW factor and is the 6 figure car all day every day in normal economic conditions when your behind the wheel.
  9. My view contractually is you had and offer and acceptance even though the acceptance was verbal by the salesman. Under consumer law if the salesman lies and says he never agreed or Just a view but I'd disagree with that. My take in this situation is a counter off by buyer for the missed option after noting the dealers mistake on the paperwork and acceptance by the sales person / written agreement ( email is suffice ) from sales person acting for and behalf of the dealer for the missed option is a contract modification under contract law. Buyer followed up in writing so intent is clear eg must have that option. Better if in a formal contract but not essential. If the sale's person lies ( have an email) you could sue for misleading and deceptive conduct or misrepresentation under consumer law. So for me you could get out of the contact for non performance by the dealer if they dont provide the option even if the original contract had in fine print best endeavours to have correct options or insist on the option but as noted you may have to wait longer. If you can live with out it, ( cant live with the extra wait) I'd complain that the sales person made a misrepresentation and or engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct or screwed up. Which one is it. If they come back and said the salesman made a mistake then that's an opening for a negotiation say on a reduced price or a sweetener. ( I wouldn't settle for just the reduced option cost ( eg less cash or extended warranty as a starting point is a good call) or just threaten to walk away from the contract and say I reckon I have a very good case under consumer law for misrepresentation ( salesmanship mistake) or misleading or deceptive conduct. Ps I would be talking to the sales manager and not the sales person and nicely express the situation and chronology of events and that you are very pissed off ( i mean extremely disappointed with the situation and buying experience to date and expected a better experience buying a porsche from your dealership that what you have encountered to date compared to the stress endured to date) and what could be offered to rectify the current situation. ( besides reducing the price for the current option). Let them talk from that point and actively listen. But as as backup I would say to the sales manager if it was you in my shoes would you be interested in waiting an additional 3 to 4 months for a dealer screw up Then throw in if you are not happy with their offer, note if I ordered one today from the dealer in the next state this is their price delivered. ( i'd get that price based on principle and I would expect it to be lower that your current price.) PS I would try to not leave the dealership without having what's agreed in writing formally in a written contract or contract amendment to the original contract / and or formal acknowledgement that original contract is terminated and agreed in writing by both parties and then off to another dealer. Eg make a decision and move on.
  10. Or for boost junkies not far off a 996 gt2 and I note that 996 turbos in average condition were asking / getting more than gt3's.
  11. smit2100

    Porsche 991.2 911 carerra boost pressure

    Isn't 2 bar some very very very serious boost for any stock factory tuned car with turbos . Eg for a standard Carrera can you get a boost spike anywhere near 1.5 bar given a stock 991 gt2 rs I thought only has a max boost of circa 1.55 bar.
  12. Jump in a 996 tip urbo. Tips are unloved and good bang for buck
  13. Any chance you can shed some light on where that stretch of road is 45 min out of Perth
  14. smit2100


    Best bang for buck product even on leather is https://automotivesuperstore.com.au/meguiars-d10101?gclid=CjwKCAiAmO3gBRBBEiwA8d0Q4jiarq1T1p4qwC8U8PiPcw20bEsp2UuN-fj0pA_l7g8hmlfZ1hTuJhoCU8kQAvD_BwE
  15. smit2100

    Engine Clean by Chrisfix

    Once dry, then hit any black plastics with Stoners trim shine and apply it with a paint brush.

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