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  1. Keep up the good work. eg 2.5 multiplier over the cars average weekly k's thus far.
  2. Hey @ Rick V not a x100 banger but it's not my first post on here with a reference to Csl. I did post on here about 18 months ago when I think @lucky phil got some wacky idea of buying a 964 turbo as an investment when they were trending circa 600k and up.. Screw that I thought and get on csl. Probably a lazy 40 ish percent (ex capital gains)since that post which isnt bad over the last 18months given current climate with little risk ( may be less risk averse than others and safer than houses me thought at the time if you had the cash) So don't see 964 turbos trending towards 800k, but 600k of csl at 40% less capital gains would of been a sizable freekick towards a 991.1 gt3 or flogging off his boxster plus that free kick would be not far off a bare bones 991.2 gt3 me thinks whilst preserving his initial 600k dare I say to leave in csl. Plus very very liquid asset eg lots of buyer vs how many really cashed up top end boosted aircooled junkies.
  3. Thats not bad being a 1 multiplier. However what about opportunity cost. Just imagine 25 years on and you had the foresight to forego that porsche and pumped it into Csl shares ( nice set of numbers today), stored the share certificate in a safe and pulled that out today. Instead of hunting around with a budget of 109k, Symsy could put together a decent line up of used p cars on your behalf on a retainer (997 turbo as upfront fee) whilst you sort out a decent shed down the road to house them with an equivalent lazy min cash in hand amount of 8 million after deducting circa 2.5 mill in capital gains tax.
  4. About 24 hrs too early me thinks I.e isnt it I 15th Aug 6pm est
  5. Not too late to drop this in instead and probably a good stopping point. Bonus is when you sell the car, take the wrenching hit and put your current engine back in. I am sure someone around the world be in need of one when the time comes
  6. @DJM. According to google maps I can be in Forrestfield in 32 minutes once I get off my couch. Be happy to take a look and test drive it up and around the Perth Hills if you haven't already brought it on your behalf. That said I wouldn't mind cold calling myself and seeing what the difference is compared to a turbo, ( could get a down the track itch to upgrade. -i.e swap NA/turbo engines.eg m3 S65 for a 997 gt3 mezger and a turbo 996 mezger to a turbo m5 s63 engine ) but not convinced I'd get the keys to that 997 gt3 as my current mode of transport is my ute which cost less than one of those consumable front spoilers on that 997 and has the looks to go with the cost. Ps just saw your response that it's too slow. In response to your crystal ball comment, I reckon Mezger engined Gt3's will see 993 current turbo prices within 5 years and buyers won't be local. Eg Will be put in sea containers and shipped ( asia bound). Will follow the same trajectory as nissan Gtr 34's
  7. Reckon Dak Dak need to kick in 30 and for that I assume there would be no objections to them getting at least the front number plate. Scrapped Crushed Worthless 3 5 6 Plus they get the leather bonnet straps so they can hang the plate from the cafe roof along with a before and after crushed photo.
  8. Is that for the black left handed hooker that a pommy pimp put a bit of extra lipstick and makeup on it, kept it for a bit and subsequently moved it on from his stable so it could turn tricks and fluant its wares interchanging between the clean boulevards of inner Sydney and the salt air filled streets around the eastern beaches.
  9. I am curious. How do you get amazing torque / pulling power on a N/A 996 which is non mezgered whilst keeping it reasonable on a cost of engine upgrade / quick sale price ratio in absence of forced induction. Can't you modulate higher tq / hp with your right foot if you do have it? I reckon James P is all over it and bang on. PS I received a text with that a link to that motor on the 23rd may with an asking price of 29.9k. Seems expensive to get high torque on these N/A 996's comparatively speaking. Someone last night was tempting me with an additional circa 30 % more tq/hp (130 Nm/130hp) via a blower on my daily for a mere 6.5k and claimed circa 5 hours of labour (skeptical) , and 1 hour on a laptop. Pulling the trigger on that would be all about addressing torque / pulling power down low.
  10. Coincidently after reading this post I received a text link of this bitsa of p part numbers. If you slipped in a roofy job and brought the engine back from being comatosed for the last 15 years, perhaps the closest thing you will see as a doppelganger on this side of the pond from a far on a 1/20th multiplier dollar wise of the real deal up for grabs https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1968-Porsche-911-T-Manual/SSE-AD-6075933?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-6075933
  11. Have been watching 996 turbos for a couple of years from circa 2014 to 2018 with interest waning somewhat after early 2016. Had to lol at your nothing appears to be happening in the 2 months you have been tracking them. You a millennial or a speculative stock market player by any chance? During 2015 it was 10 months between cars sales ads for a manual turbo to pop up and not all manuals are alike in condition. Bit of a difference when it comes to owners thinking what they have and their asking price if you are a serious buyer in the market. Turbos were a premium over 996 gt3's back in 2014 /15. But times have changed. Had a quick look at current pricing and appears a bump in ASKING prices currently on the whole. To answer your question, just some personnel views to note: Two months is nothing in 996 turbo land if you are asking retail and wanting to off load. You will get the odd wholesale price example that will go quick but probably wont see the light of carsales or this forum. Economic conditions aside I am of the view that used p car sales are generally cyclical within a year and based on the uv duco index. More likely to move when the duco's are absorbing and being exposed to higher levels of UV and you can put k's on the car and not touch the duco for those not OCD on duco glossiness i.e How many Vic Smt's will we see in the coming months where you would get to enjoy a newly purchased 996 turbo. On that 140k example, not snapped up quick means if you are a serious buyer best to low ball in offers and sit and wait , save rego insurance, etc for 3 months and see what else pops up. / what's moving what's not moving. I dont see any urgency. If someone did buy it, its likely to sit in someone's garage seeing little direct uv over the coming months Better to park your 140k and invest in whatever floats you boat for a few months more and avoid any ministers of finance at least in the next first 3 months saying you booted my daily out of the garage for that thing and it just sits their. 2 adelaide cars with mezger engines circa similar low k's that appear both in good nick in terms of condition based on pics. 140k for a 996 turbo and 169k for a 997 gt3. Assuming both cars have clean ppi's even at 120k for the 996 turbo, that's probably the smallest price gap between the those two cars ( similiar condition at least from pics) I have sighted in the last 5 years. I'm a boost junky, but if my circumstances were different I would of offloaded a 996 turbo for circa 120k along with a bunch load of butt dyno feel better parts and seriously gone hard at that red 997 gt3. Where is the value in that comparison. If potential price appreciation comes into the equation i'd take that 997gt3 all over the 996 turbo at that pricing. Haven't driven a 997gt3 and if pursuing it I would of brought it without driving if it passed a ppi to my liking. Plus wouldn't say a stock 996 turbo out of the box is anything sensational if your a boost junky aside from handling. But spend a bit of coin on it with some tweaks and totally different outcome. I reckon I wouldn't be disappointed in a 997 gt3 out of the box with the tachometer over 5000 rpm. No boost hit, but other areas that compensate particularly in the looks department. So with a 30k difference in asking price and if you can stump up the extra cash it's a 997gt3 every day of the week in terms of value particularly if you are going long speculatively in potential price appreciation. I reckon on watercooled, and mezgers , lower productions numbers (look at UK and oz combined) and a gt badge will appreciate over a turbo badge ( plenty in Uk) over the long term. Hence why the gt3 sold (but surprised how long that took) and the 996 turbo probably wont move at that price for another few months. In terms of initial maintenance on both cars if you have a heavy right foot, much more go faster aging rubber bits on the turbo and I would be stunned if that 996 turbo with low k's has had one of its hose clamps even touched from the factory on any of its boost or cooling lines or boost valves. In that average of 1500kms a year how often did the boost gauge see 0.7 bar. I'd be a bit nervous smashing that around in second and third up the black spur. ( I'd be doing more than a few freeway entrance boost hits and subsequent monitoring of potential boost leaks. More coin to be spent over initial asking on the turbo me thinks for those in the know on addition preventative maintence to protect your initial outlay if it's not a garage queen. That said I did come across a 997 gt3 on rennlist that retro fitted some rear seats if lack of rear seats was a concern. Not sure how that would fly in oz or the cost. Did you see the highly tweaked 996 turbo with an auto that is asking 30k less than a 997gt2. that sold a few months ago. Is that a typo in pricing. If not, highest 996 turbo badged vehicle in Oz in the last 5 years that I have come across and not even a manual. Bit like a heavily tweaked / rebuilt motored 996 turbo from perth that sat on car sales for 2 plus years for around the 110/120 mark. I suspect that might stay even longer at that price. Also wouldn't you drop circa 140k on a gt3 over a turbo if potential price appreciation is your primary driver. That all said, if you are into modding, a 996 turbo is one of the best bank for buck cars if you are seeking another 100 to 150 hp whereby the engine performance still trails the handling.( braking and non rubber suspension bits dont really need touching). In that case, leave the low km ones so they can continue to become garage queens and save 20 to 30k and put it towards reliability and much better butt dyno pleasure as an alrounder that does a lot of things well. Eg probably hold its price but not convinced of any sizable price appreciation bumps going forward compared to gt badged mezgers. In absence of 3 to 5 relatively low km 996 turbos flying off car sales within a week at circa at 140k, better off chasing gt watercooled cars if you have a fistful of cash around 140 to 175k buy price mark in the current economic climate me thinks over a 996 turbo for a speccy buy. Hence why that 140k will possible sit for a while at that price.
  12. Yes 115k plus the depreciation. Isnt that 115k plus a little bit extra on a gt3 much more bang for buck with a likely flattish depreciation curve if you keep it until you tempted to go to the dark side ( electric).
  13. I reckon the 997 gt2 with a very high 2 out front will out out pace the 996 gt2 in 5 to 10 years time. That was a good buy especially if someone upgraded from a 993 turbo.
  14. How does that work with a private sale in this case. No consolation for the OP, but I brought my last three cars sight unseen but TRY to protect the deposit by my offer in writing being subject to a fully refundable deposit at the buyers (my) discretion should I elect not to go through with the purchase after a ppi is done.( can hide behind the ppi even if its pristine and change my mind or come across something like this). In relation to the divorce, as long as it is cleared financially doesnt the husband have to declare the sale of the asset to the pool ( probably already declared the car ) that gets put in the pot that is up for grabs. And then the lawyers have a pissing match if the wifey thinks he gave it away in terms of what it was sold for????.
  15. Aren't they in tip top nick. Eg subtle leather. My thinking was conpletely opposite. Eg passenger front seat is pristine.

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