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  1. Hi Stuart, I started a thread on Nations Cup that you will be interested in https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/13762-nations-cup-gt3s/page/7/#comments
  2. Haha very funny... i guess I've sold a few cars to PFA members & helped a few buy the right car
  3. I've done countless deals interstate, my approach is to make sure I'm comfortable with the seller first then get his or hers license & rego papers & make sure they match & the car details match. Getting a PPI is nice or just talk to the workshop that services the car to verify the car & seller is real, if you can get a second person or workshop to verify the car & seller everything should work out fine. Also always get a PPSR
  4. Ill fit the passenger seat to the Cup Car... hang on are race cars allowed it's a race track its a GT3?
  5. Hard to say what the values are at the moment... what are they asking for them?
  6. The coverage is only live when cars are on the track, I find it easier to view it on a laptop.. not the easiest app to use
  7. 2 GT3's were purchased for GTP nations cup racing but he decided to run Dodge vipers instead, one of the GT3's was left in the shed no big deal... i was part of the team & a few other GTP teams that had 2 cars
  8. You can stream the race on the FIA WEC website or app it will cost 10 euros i do it every year i'm home Log into the members area create an account, then in members area where your account name is go to live & replay subscriptions https://members.fiawec.com/en/login
  9. James P

    New car day

    Very nice congrats...
  10. Not that urgent but would like to get it out of the way, 1 less job to do on the car
  11. Thanks but the 986 filler neck won't work but the C4 one should work if you can make contact with him that would be appreciated Im after the complete tube setup, fuel cap & the rubber bit inside the fuel door
  12. Would anyone know where I could find a fuel filler neck for a 996 GT3 / turbo / C4? (in Australia) Im after the complete tube as per photos

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