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  1. The catS are out of the bag now, ripper of a car the Cup S is to replace the turbo with... the new owner of the turbo is very happy with it!
  2. James P

    WANTED 997

    Does that mean the GT3 will be for sale? i may have a buyer
  3. Hi Mate, i only have 996.2 cup splitters, i have 2 brand new OEM splitters & 1 used OEM splitter
  4. Ok @RVL check out this video at 7:30 min in, looks like Maher Algadri (car 70) is the driver & car owner i would say, Stuart Kostera (car 48) also drove it that year. Thats my best guess
  5. Had a chat with @RVL & it looks like he has a Nations cup car, we are just trying to work out who drove it
  6. I remember this car being for sale a while ago... I have a white & a yellow CS, well maybe not the yellow one anymore after today 😎
  7. Plenty of 996 GT3's are selling off market
  8. I have about 6 of them what's the going rate for one of these now days?
  9. I have FOR SALE this stunning rare 997.1 GT3 RS with $70k of options, Aust delivered, Books, Serviced every 3000kms 30,000kms, PCCB, Full Carbon Package, Xenon's, Nav & more, Get in touch... James 0417369649
  10. This is the JR 03 Cupcar above & the 04 JR Cupcar that i sold last year is in Qld also
  11. The livery was done by the car owner, the windscreen banner is not correct as this car is the 2002 championship winning Nations cup car for Jim Richards. It then went on to compete in Carrera cup in private hands from 03 onwards
  12. Yes we had an air jack failure on Saturday, as the car was being jacked up the top part of the rear air jack cylinder failed sending the top cap off into the roof, it did NOT go through the roof or the cylinder out the bottom of the car, after an inspection of the air jack we noticed it had been pulled apart & put back together with some binding on the threads so it looks like it was only a matter of time before it failed... I'm so grateful no one was injured as i was standing right next to it as it went off. I picked up new air jacks today & the repair to the roof will be completed tomorrow.
  13. Grate photos @Niko I was contacted by the owner of the Jim Richards 2002 Cupcar a few months ago & given the task to organise preparation of this car for the Phillip Island Classic, I sent the car to my good mate Andy Hall at Cupcar Engineering & he did a fantastic job of recommissioning it after 8 years of not being used, we tested it the week prior at Sandown & everything went perfect. The Phillip Island event went really well for us with Tim Blanchard driving finishing 3rd in the field of mostly V8 Supercars, It was great to be garaged with Larry & Jack Perkins & the boys from Eggleston Motorsport

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