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  1. James P

    Track Days

    @WGA You are welcome to join us at the Porsche Club track days with similar minded people & similar driving talent & respect for each others cars on track.. as for Phillip Island its a track that is heavily booked through the year so you will have to book through several different organisers or car clubs. On the week and that just passed you could have been at Phillip Island for 4 days straight Friday to Monday with 4 different clubs / organisers. One of the guys i know did 3 days in a row, plenty of opportunities in the year for PI
  2. Hope its ok.. What happened?
  3. How are we all going to know who each other is? how do we put names to faces or cars?
  4. My registration is done.. looking forward to it
  5. Welcome abord @SSM It could be.. didn't sell anyway so it's up for auction again 22 Jan https://www.pickles.com.au/damaged-salvage/item/-/details/CP-01-14--Porsche--911--991-MY14-GT3-PDK--Coupe--2-Doors/2252490953 Anyone know what price it passed in at?
  6. I would think it has a 3.6 from a 964/993 I just don’t see how a watercooled 3.6 will fit under a standard C3 engine lid.. I could be wrong
  7. James P

    Brisbane unusual/track ppi

    The black car, that could be fun.. just call places that prep race cars like T&D Automotive
  8. So who's having a crack at this one on Tuesday? https://www.pickles.com.au/damaged-salvage/item/-/details/CP-01-14--Porsche--911--991-MY14-GT3-PDK--Coupe--2-Doors/252535413 Vehicle Repairs Evident, Incident Type: Impact. Please Note: We recommend an onsite inspection during viewing hours. Statutory Writeoff (Can not be registered in Australia) Maybe a previous repair was done poorly who knows, good for a track car I've done it before with a 997 GT3 from Pickles
  9. Do Porsche make any bad sports cars??? I don't think so they are all good & do things differently it just comes down to potential owners expectations... I was having this conversation yesterday with a guy thats looking to buy his first Porsche 911 as he is a Porsche nut but is on a budget, my advice was buy the Porsche you can afford now even if its a Boxster the worst thing you can do is not buy one at all & hoping you can afford a 911 one day. @edgy you have other P-cars that trump a Boxster any day but its refreshing to see you have respect for all the P-car lineup as i do
  10. Probably bore scoring in cylinder 4 or 5, do you know if the noise was just at idle or also whilst revving? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81hJmkpbQS0 this one sounds bad
  11. What was the deal breaker? I’ve got a guy that’s looking for a 996, maybe some negotiation is in order to make the car right
  12. Yep it was a close call wish i could slide the car at that speed like Webb did, i was talking to Reynolds about it 2 years ago when he was looking at my car at a track day. Most of the drives have a soft spot for the last manual cup cars
  13. James P

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

  14. James P

    Front Engine' Porsche's at Le Mans ( 1981 )

    Did a reg check on the stolen 924 GTS interesting that the VIN is unknown

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