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  1. On the 7.1 when you press the button they stay open all the time, both of my 7.1 gt3's did this
  2. James P

    3.2 Carrera x 2

    What's cooking? coupe or?
  3. Freshly painted & back to yellow just like 2003, almost had to put on shades to look at it... time for reassembly soon
  4. Progress.. in yellow primer
  5. The factory colour for all cups of the era & now is B9A Porsche Carrera white, this cup was painted Enjo yellow by Fitzy’s team upon delivery & prior to any racing.. all the stickers/livery will be restored as it was new in 2003
  6. Sent to the paint shop to be painted Enjo yellow
  7. I don't have a problem with gumtree or eBay, I've bought some ripper p-cars & others on both, plenty of difficult sellers on all selling platforms including Carsales
  8. I worked in that shed as part of his race team, it had some amazing cars in it.. most of the 65 or so cars are now in a new location.
  9. I have a few sets of 996 cup wheels & would probably let one set go but as you say they won't fit CL on a road car
  10. ^^ Yes thats the one.. note the wax coating under the car & chin spoiler thrown in the back as delivered
  11. I was chatting with Rusty last year & he was mentioning selling some cars off, 2X 996 GT3 CS's were bought for nations cup racing but he decided to run Vipers instead (I was part of the Viper team) 1 of the 996 GT3's was never registered or driven & I'm not sure if he still has the other one. The 997,s look very nice
  12. Hi Jason, can't send you a message on here.. can you sms me with the details & photos James 0417369649
  13. Im after a 996 cup front bumper or a 996 MK2 GT3 front bumper, any one know where i can find one in Australia? Like this one..

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