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  1. Thanks I’ll contact you next week 👍
  2. Anything cup car related I’ll grab..
  3. Go to back to the first posts in this thread that I put up & look at the century batteries sticker at the top is the windscreen for Nation’s cup or Pirelli for Porsche cup
  4. I would run with just a windscreen sticker as we did in the day when driving race cars on the road
  5. On song! Nice work 👌 the 996 Cup is a fantastic car to drive, really involving once you ring it’s neck... but equally enjoyed when at 95%
  6. Some more photos of the Jim Richards 944 Turbo Cup rep
  7. 944 Turbo cup replica built & raced by Jim Richards Richards secured multiple podium places in this 944 Turbo Cup rep in the Classic Adelaide Rally, Rally Tasmania & other tarmac rallies, he even finished second outright in rally Tasmania from the classic class. 1988 Australian Delivered sunroof delete 944 Turbo, cams approved bolt in roll cage to allow full road registration, race seats & all rally safety equipment, new battery, Bilstein shocks & Eibach springs, carbon bonnet... Rebuilt engine & gearbox with all plastic & rubber components replaced under bonnet, ECU re-mapped in Germany with extra boost. A professionally build quick tarmac rally car that is extremely well set up in exceptional mechanical condition driven by one of the best drivers with a long history with Porsche. $110k Contact James 0417369649
  8. Any mobile Porsche PPI guys in Sydney or any Porsche shops in western Sydney? for a water-cooled car
  9. James P

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    Very nice... Was that an ex race car?

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