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  1. I have a full CS or RS cage sitting around so what do you think its worth?
  2. No way as i really don't see much if any mechanical difference in RS to CS or even to Touring in the 7.1 GT3
  3. I should put up some photos of the Greg Keene original 993 supercup (yellow & black) seen in the middle photo above, it was the Porsche Supercup show car for the 1994 F1 season & never raced until it got to Australia, raced in Porsche cup from 1995 to 1999
  4. Not sure they were allowed in from 2003 onwards..
  5. Its at https://www.theporschaden.com.au Also check out the other silver 996.1 gt3 on carsales
  6. Yes my old 993 tip is on CS at 70k & yes it’s on the wovr
  7. What's considered dirt cheap & where can @Arnage find it? How about this one, same colour as my old 993 http://www.pcnsw.com.au/PorscheClubs/pc_nsw/pc_main.nsf/web/8525D95987F116ABC125846400241C2C#pagetop
  8. I didn't get a notification, just renewed my membership also.. A 993 manual can be hard to find at times, seems people hold onto them forever or ask unrealistic prices
  9. That's because you are not a financial member at the moment
  10. I'm sure Froude only competed in Porsche Cup first in a 993RSCS then a 996.1 GT3, not in Nations Cup
  11. Yes i think the facelift started in 2002 for the cup cars but some of the cup's were older with 02 upgrades The good ones ended up in Aust Carrera cup in 2003 with 03 upgrades, you wont see many cup's in the next lot of photos i upload from 2003. 2003 Nations Cup photos (most of the cup cars from 2002 went to Carrera Cup in 2003)
  12. 2002 Nations Cup photos (early cup cars were allowed in)
  13. 2001 Nations Cup photos (2000 & 2001 were the best years) I worked on some of the Porsche GT3's & Rusty's Viper @tonysticks @MR901 @Harold996tt @Jason A
  14. It’s Richard Greens car (pro golfer) he races a 996 cup in Europe & has done here also, car is a touring well looked after by PCM. If i didn’t recently buy 997GT3 I would be looking at this for sure..

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