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  1. James P

    BBS E88 for 996

    So what’s a reasonable price then for any of the above mentioned wheels?
  2. James P

    BBS E88 for 996

    I have a near new set of ADVAN Racing wheels to suit a 996 GT3 if anyone is interested after Cam of course
  3. Sorry just seen this post @Cam Arnott I'm after a system with cats what do you have? Here is a photo of my system its all stainless i believe, sounds awesome but i need cats
  4. Hi Matt have you dug up any more info or found any more Nations Cup cars?
  5. My offer was not accepted after my inspection on the engine
  6. I've got 2 different types of GT3 lock nut keys, has yours got splines or strange round head with small indents? Spotted you yesterday in the 912
  7. No breakdown of colours that i have, the numbers are all variants, coupe, targa cab, wide body
  8. Aus delivered numbers for all variants of the 3.2 G50 but not including Clubsport or Speedster 1987 = 81 1988 = 102 1989 = 163
  9. Did you buy it Stuart? Congrats if you did...
  10. James P

    Wanted 996 Turbo

    Hi @EZEE are you interested in a 2005 996 Turbo S, one of 16 delivered to Australia?
  11. I have an after market exhaust system that sounds awesome will sell it but I'm after a standard or near standard system if anyone has one to replace it with
  12. Yes I inspected it, put a camera down the cylinders & made an offer
  13. Anyone got a set of 996.1 GT3 stock (OEM) springs?

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