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  1. Not sure, i remember it in the same colours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6viZkYk4no
  2. This is super cool with a lot of history would love to own it.. was privileged to see it racing for many years & still looks the same http://www.my105.com/ListingDetails/p/1/k/porsche/id/22150
  3. For hill climbs i would use a fresh set of Yokohama A050 in soft compound.. I don't know any other R spec tyre that is softer or has more grip from cold
  4. Good work @edgy will this registry be open to the public like this one ? https://carrera3.wordpress.com/carrera-3-0-registry/
  5. No way that will be economical to repair for the track, just buy a cup car
  6. Cobalt Blue^ Just like my old one, must be something about Cobalt Blue 997 GT3's hitting things
  7. It's over on the 997 GT3 market watch thread but not sure it has the CS v Touring numbers just total numbers
  8. Nice.. so whats your view when you compare the 2 cars?
  9. Its the .1 for me all the way.. just make an offer (i know the owner)
  10. This 6.1 looks good https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2000-porsche-911-gt3-996-manual/SSE-AD-5783803/?Cr=0
  11. Is this the 997 model that requires the engine case to be split to replace the IMS?
  12. My laptop Carsales says on hold? the app on my phone says sold?
  13. @TwoHeadsTas I was going to ask the same thing... with those road kms i'd be very surprised if you have any issues at all, a lot of people really don't understand just how robust the Mezger engine is

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