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  1. It was originally a 1972 911 turned into a 959 them 993 GT2 with full 993 suspension When it was a pink 993 GT2 in the late 90's i remember when ED pulled it out for a run in Porsche cup at winton & smoked the field, it was not his regular ride at that stage as he was campaigning the RSCS in GTP I almost bought it in 2013 for $32k when it was a 550hp single turbo 993 GT2 in black located in Perth
  2. Any offers on the aftermarket early turbo / Carrera wing.. any??
  3. Stick this in it.. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/norwood/engine-engine-parts-transmission/porsche-996-3-6l-m96-530hp-modified-engine-gearbox/1223147489
  4. For sale is a early Carrera or Early turbo wing deck lid After market fibreglass construction in good usable condition with good soft rubber Some cracks evident on the under side $950 or best offer contact James 0 417 369 649
  5. Correct ^^ The only reply i give to text messages or emails is: Feel free to call me about my 9xx. I then ignore any further messages or emails
  6. One Zanzibar did race in Nations Cup.. i think its the one in Melbourne
  7. I've taken a pause from looking for a GT3 not sure i need one right now.. Zanzibar is very nice tho
  8. Half the time its people playing games with buyers.. put a low number on it & see who offers more
  9. Not sure if there is a difference between SC & 964 offset, the wheels were made for a 964 Back space on all 4 wheels is 130mm
  10. Due to track work no doubt.. has aftermarket LSD also
  11. It was a 76 sporto 911 with a seized engine & had been through a flood..
  12. You are correct its 2/2i Same as my 2004 Carrera Cup log book
  13. Category 2i for circuit racing Rally Cars 324 FED for targa tas etc

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