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  1. Its been changed to a stat write off so parts only now
  2. The best in the 997 range in my books, full respect 🤘@Skidmarks
  3. I tow my cup car & other cars with my Mercedes Valente van 2.1 turbo diesel 2 ton towing capacity & its just an awesome van to tow with, my trailer is a single axel tilt custom made for the cup car but works well with all P cars If I'm not wrong did that cup car go to heaven about 2 years ago
  4. who forgot to eat their sandwich? (next to the vin)
  5. The Australian design rules plate looks like it's been remanufactured?? I've never seen one like that has anyone??
  6. Your estimates are about right.. I've seen worse getting repaired some may be surprised at whats on the road with history like this one, it will probably go for silly money anyway
  7. Excellent result @Tips & good value as we spoke about.. congrats on the purchase 👏 More photos when you have time
  8. Good value cars don't last long on the market simple.. sellers have various reasons for pricing cars high maybe they don't know the market or the true value of the car
  9. Just wondering how you will be able to drive a LHD modern car on the road or is it different regulations where you are?
  10. Yes i have spoken to him he sounds reasonable, he has 2 offers at $24k, IMS not done that he knows about but has full service history. if you want it get on it & give him a deposit once you see the car but what do you do about a PPI if everyone is throwing him offers with no PPI?
  11. I've heard it was about $12k upwards to do a conversion
  12. Nostalgia isn't that the reason everyone over pays for AC cars.. saying that i just found my old 993 on gumtree we have history
  13. My first SC was a Jap sporto i liked it but had to spend a ton of money to get the sporto box right, it was good when working correctly but something in me always wanted a manual box.. they are slower also, eventually when i got a 5 speed manual SC (different car) it was so much better. They are harder to sell also but saying that if you pass on it let me know the details as i wouldn't mind one again (not sure why)
  14. The fronts are not slotted or cross drilled & the rears are cross drilled To me it makes no difference in looks or performance
  15. Welcome aboard.. nice choice of car For the pads & rotors it all depends on what your intended use is? I'll guess just normal A to B driving like i do in my 996 C2 TRW Cotec GDB1395 front pads TRW Cotec GDB1742 rear pads RDA 7756 front rotors RDA 8241 rear rotors
  16. Surely people can't be that dumb when buying an item of that value
  17. Ok understood.. so if someone wins it on eBay for $54k how will it play out
  18. Anyone know this 964 Cab? Not sure why I'm looking at it or why i dig it https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-911/153427899612?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  19. Old Gunter is back https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hahndorf/collectables/1974-porsche-carrera-targa-australian-delivered-matching-no-s/1213641430

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