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  1. It was a 76 sporto 911 with a seized engine & had been through a flood..
  2. You are correct its 2/2i Same as my 2004 Carrera Cup log book
  3. Thanks but I'm not on FB so how do i get the sellers number?
  4. Category 2i for circuit racing Rally Cars 324 FED for targa tas etc
  5. Im looking for a black engine lid grill to suit a 911 SC in usable condition.. Let me know what you have, James o417 369 649
  6. The cars started as stock in the first year with all interior as standard, as the category expanded to include more exotic cars they introduced freedoms to make certain cars more competitive, things like power upgrades, aftermarket ECU's, weight reduction, aero & air jacks were allowed that was the start of the down fall of nations cup but it was inevitable as new makes & models became available. Nations cup turned into Aus GT eventually For me the 2 first years were the best, almost standard cars having a crack on a race track
  7. Same factory fitted seats in my 996 C2, sports seats are far superior in ride comfort than standard ones
  8. I’m looking for one also.. can you pm me the details?
  9. 👍 glad it worked out.. I was at it again this week a mate needed a particular 911 I knew of one & made it happen, he is happy
  10. Maybe it was good value but had no way to verify its condition & was a distraction from my gt3 hunt
  11. It will be the same tactic that most of the auction houses use let people bid pass it in then try an ask for a silly selling price
  12. For sale is a set of Cup 1 replica wheels in good condition with tyres that have about 80% tread All wheels are 17x7.5 date stamps are early 90's, not sure what the off sets are but they do fit a standard 911 SC nicely make me an offer any reasonable offer Located in Melbourne James 0 417 369 649
  13. Unfortunately it was common practice many decades ago a thief would steal & strip a car leaving only the traceable components then buy it back at auction & reassemble it ready for sale. Many high end sports cars of the 80's & 90's suffered this fate, this is why the written off vehicle register (WOVA) was put in place. This 944 being over 15 years old the WOVA does not apply so hypothetically the thief or his buddies may have bought it to put it back together & sell it.. Sad..
  14. Not sure if the sellers (not the auction house) are playing games as i don't think they ever had intentions of selling it at auction, on the first auction that i was the highest bidder at $102k they came back to me asking for $120k, i said no 102 is my max, then half hour later another call saying they will take 110 i gave them the same answer 102, the next morning another call saying they will accept 105 if i do a same day transfer.. Maybe its a very good car but no one can verify its condition for the last 3 years even after talking to PR Tech. Todays auction result was $120,500 +2.5% & i bet they asked for more & maybe found a buyer..
  15. 997.1 GT3 prices are becoming more reasonable, thats 2 cars in the $160k bracket in a month or so from dealers https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2007/OAG-AD-17193250/?Cr=20
  16. looks like a very sad end for this car.. https://www.manheim.com.au/damaged-vehicles/5515026/1986-porsche-944-coupé?referringPage=SearchResults
  17. So what do you think its worth as a normal sale..? I've spoken to PR & they haven't seen it for 3 years or so but apparently a very good car with a fresh engine when it left PR but now unknown
  18. Anyone know this car?? & what it may be worth?? 1975 Carrera MFI 2.7 (rest of world) group S race car raced by Anthony Comptom Im seeking any info on it, history or who looked after it in Sydney @Skidmarks @dipstick
  19. Ill look through some of the old photos & try work it out, can't be sure what colour they were when delivered new tho @MR901 Regarding the first delivered cars i was talking with Fitzy last week & he tells me that his & Jim's car were the first delivered but technically that they were not delivered through PCM dealership physically, Fitzy & Jim went to the shipping wharf picked them up & drove away on trade plates.. the rest of the cars went through PCM then onto the customers. Your car may have been the first delivered in Sydney as the TNT team was from Sydney.. the main team i was working in had the first 2 SA cars then sent them across to the Fitzy workshop to get roll cages & suspension etc.. A photo from the 2001 Sandown 500
  20. That's 997.1 gt3 money, i know what i'd rather drive

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